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Tied with Blood

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Chuuya sat in his office with his table full of papers, some of them in well organized piles, some scattered around the surface. He was taking notes when he heard three short knocks on the door.
“Come in,” he answered.
Akutagawa came in without a sound. “You called for me, Nakahara-san.”
Chuuya didn’t look up from his work, just gestured the other man to come closer. With one hand he brushed through the files in front of him. When he found what he was looking for, he extended it out to Akutagawa. It was a thick pack of paper wrapped in a jet black cover with a silver ribbon holding it together. Chuuya’s eyes were still fixated on the notes he was writing. When the younger man didn’t move, he waved the files.
“Take it, look through it while I finish writing this.”
From the corner of his eyes he saw Akutagawa stiffen, like he did something wrong and was expecting punishment. Chuuya rolled his eyes, fortunately his hat covered his face just enough to leave the movement unnoticed. Akutagawa made a short bow and took the papers from his hand.
“You can sit down and make yourself comfortable,” Chuuya pointed in the direction of the armchair.
Akutagawa sat down, his legs crossed and started reading the files. His eyes skimmed through the pages, flipping back a few times to double check that he understood everything correctly. At one moment he scoffed, his face twisted with annoyance, but he immediately put on his poker face again. He was at his superior’s office, he couldn't let himself have such disrespectful reactions. He closed the file and glanced up. Chuuya was looking at him, elbows placed on the table, fingers laced together, examining him. Akutagawa jumped up and bowed his head.
“I apologize Nakahara-san-”
“There is no need,” Chuuya waved his hand dismissively “I’m just as annoyed with this as you are.”
“As you can see, there are disturbances in Yamato. Rumor is that their criminal organization got its hands on something rather valuable. If that wouldn't be enough to interest us, there is the little inconvenience of them deciding to stand up against the Mafia. They are bribing our smugglers and dealers, harassing our supply lines for weapons, and took hostages from the territories under our protection. Just to execute them and show people that the Port Mafia is weak and isn’t honest to its word.” He scratched the back of his head. “Which is even more troublesome because they seem to have inside information.”
“You mean that we have a traitor?” Akutagawa asked with disgust in this voice.
Chuuya leaned back in his seat and sighed.
“I’m afraid so.”
“Nakahara-san,” Akutagawa said quietly. “I didn’t read anything about looking for the traitor in the files. What’s going on? I thought that the first and utmost importance would be to get rid of the informant. After that, crushing their weak and ridiculous organization would be no problem for us. Isn’t Mori-san’s first priority the position of the mafia in Yokohama? If our business is disturbed, we can’t keep up our work. We can’t let some pest get in our way!” He clenched his hands into fists.
“We won’t look for the traitor.”
The thin lines of confusion could be seen on Akutagawa’s face, yet he didn’t say anything. He coughed, shoved his hands into his pockets, and waited for his superior to explain the situation. He tried to hide his nervousness, but the fact that he shifted his weight from one leg to another sold him out.
Chuuya gestured for him to give back the files. Once he had them, he flipped it open and when he found a certain page, he turned it on the table so Akutagawa could see it too. Chuuya leaned forward, one elbow on the desk again, chin resting in his palm. With his other hand, he pointed at a photo of a middle aged man.
“This guy, Tadashi, is the right hand of the boss there. He has most of the information about the whole organization. He orders everyone in the lower ranks. Basically all the power lies with this man. The boss only rules by name, he is nothing more than a puppet. He is a weak coward and Tadashi used it and now in control of everything.”

Akutagawa stepped closer to the desk to see the photo better.
“So this is the man who needs to be killed. This is a lot of fuss for an assassination mission. When do I depart?”
Chuuya shook his head.
“It’s not an assassination mission.”

“Then what is it Nakahara-san?” Akutagawa looked up, confused. ”I don’t understand, this man caused all of our problems, the easiest way to solve them is to kill him. The whole organization would collapse and we wouldn’t have any more problems.”
“First of all, their group has a bunch of powerful ability users. He is protected all the time by two of his most trusted men who are ability users of the worst kind. They are vicious and ready to kill without a second thought if they feel themselves or their boss are being threatened. It won’t be easy to assassinate him. He is also experimenting with an ability inhibitor drug. These two facts are more than enough for Mori-san not to let this organization go to waste.” Chuuya rubbed his forehead and massaged his temple to ease the stress from his body.
“For fucks sake I’m so not good at this.” He looked at Akutagawa. “It’s a coup d’etat mission.”
Akutagawa’s eyes rounded with surprise, his shoulders dropped.
“Nakahara-san, with all due respect, I don’t think I’m the best man for a mission like this.”
“Well,” Chuuya laughed “neither do I. But I guess we don’t have another choice.”
Akutagawa raised his brow.

Chuuya chuckled at his reaction.
“Yes, Akutagawa, we are going undercover.”
Akutagawa leaned against the wall at the meeting point. He crossed his arms in front of him and nervously patted his upper arm with his index finger.
“Oi, Akutagawa,” Chuuya appeared with a huge grin on his face. He was wearing black jeans with a white shirt, a burgundy jacket, white shoes, and of course, his hat.
“Nakahara-san.” Akutagawa nodded to greet him.
Chuuya ran his gaze over his clothing. Akutagawa chose black jeans too with a white pullover and a black jacket. The redhead hummed to give sound to his satisfaction.
“Good, we are not too much different from what we used to be, but it’s enough not to raise any suspicion among their members.”
“Nakahara-san, you are wearing white shoes with your set, it alone is suspicious.” Akutagawa coughed.
“What are you saying?” Chuuya put his hands on his hips and dropped his shoulders.

“Nothing, really, excuse me.” Akutagawa looked away.
“Oh come on.” Chuuya patted the other’s shoulder. “Also, I don’t want to hear Nakahara-san from you again. We are equals in this act so call me Chuuya.”
“Okay…” Chuuya pierced him with his bright blue eyes. Akutagawa felt tension building up inside him, he swallowed. “Ch-Chuuya.”
“That’s more like it!” The redhead flashed the brightest smile Akutagawa had ever seen from him. He turned away and coughed to cover his embarrassment.
Chuuya checked his phone.
“Our contact should be here soon. He is some kind of an errand boy from the lower ranks so it won’t raise questions that we bonded with him and got into the group with his help. It also means that we’ll be starting from the bottom.” He flashed serious eyes to Akutagawa. “You know what that means, right? No matter how hard it is, or how much it is against our nature or pride, we must obey anything they say. We must earn their trust as soon as possible. I know you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, but these are scums. They can find enjoyment in some sick ways. I want you to be prepared. Also, you can’t protect me as your superior. I’m your friend here, so don’t act like you are following orders. Do you understand me?”
Akutagawa nodded and pointed behind Chuuya.
“Is that our man?”
Chuuya looked over his shoulder.
“Yes, he is!” He put on a bright smile and waved to the young man.
He wasn’t older than Akutagawa yet he looked much healthier. Almost everyone looked healthier than Akutagawa. The man was tall, with short blonde hair and brown eyes. He wore a simple black jacket with black pants and a white shirt. Akutagawa had chosen his clothing well. Actually, Chuuya knew that the colours of the group were black and red. Night and blood. How cliche? That’s why he couldn’t bring himself to just wear white and black. His sense for fashion screamed for that touch of red for the complete picture.
“Hello, Ethan! This is my friend, Akutagawa. But I’m sure you already know, I talked a lot about him.” he patted the man on the back.
“Yes, you did. It’s nice to get to know you guys. We can always use some fresh energy. The old men can be really sour from time to time.” He brought his arm around Chuuya’s shoulder and squeezed him a bit. They looked like old friends.

Akutagawa could see all the work Chuuya had already put into this mission. He won this guy’s trust with ease, they looked like inseparable friends. He closed his eyes and chuckled. As long as Chuuya is here, everything will go according to plan. His personality will win over the organization’s key figures and Akutagawa will be there to support him and eliminate those individuals if he needs to. He coughed.
“Oh, right!” Chuuya slipped out of the hold and shoved his hands into his pockets. “Today is the big day. Show us the way! I’m excited!”
“My car is over there! Come with me, I’ll take you to the place.”
They walked to the car, the man was clearly in a chit-chat mood so he turned to Akutagawa.
“So, you are the silent one of the duo.”
“You can say that I guess. Without a doubt, he speaks much more than me.”
“Oi, are you picking a fight here?” Chuuya scoffed.
“Of course not. I’m just telling the facts.” Akutagawa raised his hands in surrender. “I don’t want to pick a fight with you, your punches are really heavy.”
“Hmmm,” Chuuya scratched his chin. “I guess you are right, I am powerful!” He raised his arm to show his biceps to the others. “See?”
“See what?” Ethan chuckled.
“You are already teaming up against me, it’s not fair!” Chuuya fumed.
“Don’t be angry with us,” the blonde man laughed. “Also, you guys are ability users. I’m sure that’s more useful than some invisible biceps.”

Akutagawa perfectly covered his escaping laugh with another cough. He was sure that one hurt Chuuya’s best martial artist in the Port Mafia pride. Yet he showed no sign of it.
“Abilities are useful.” Akutagawa nodded in acknowledgement.
“I’m sure the others counted on this when they decided about the meeting. We have a lot of powerful ability users, you know.” He opened the car’s door. “Get in!”
Chuuya and Akutagawa climbed into the back seats.
“Is there anything we should know about them before we meet with them?” Akutagawa asked.
The blonde man glanced at them in the rearview mirror.
“I mean,” Akutagawa coughed. “I don’t want to anger them if I can avoid that. It’s not a good impression for a first meeting.”
Ethan tore his gaze from the mirror to start the car.
“Well, I guess you will get to know everyone in time. Just make sure not to annoy them with obvious questions and do as they say, then everything will be ok.”
The engine revved to life, it was only a few minutes drive from the meeting point. Ethan was right about that. Although they took several turns and shortcuts, the driver’s intention was clear that he didn’t want Chuuya and Akutagawa to remember the exact route. Chuuya was relaxed the whole time, he leaned forward to have better access to the front of the car so he could chat with the blonde, and keep him occupied while Akutagawa could memorize the way. Every bit of information was valuable.
“We are here!” Ethan pulled the car over. They were at an abandoned warehouse.
Chuuya hopped out of the car and stretched his limbs.
“Are you coming with us?” Akutagawa looked at the blonde.
“Of course,” His face lightened up. “I have to introduce you to the others!”
He lead them into the building. There was an oil barrel, fire danced in its pits. There were lamps but they weren’t on. The only light came from the flames. It gave a mystic atmosphere to the whole place. Or the cheap flashy one. Akutagawa could see Chuuya rolling his eyes at the sight. He was clearly not amused by all the stage play they set up. The whole thing was only an unnecessary formality, a gift wrapping that nobody cared about except for the one who made it. It really was pathetic, showed how verdant the whole group was. If you are a powerful organization, you have no need for such settings. Two men stood next to the barrel. By the echoing sound of footsteps, they turned their attention towards the trio.
“Oh, Ethan! You got the fresh meat!” the man closest to them ‘greeted’, but it was more like a scoff.
“Yes, this is Chuuya and Akutagawa. They are good folks, both of them have abilities-”
“We know.” The other man interrupted the blonde. “Now, show us what you are made of.”
He pulled out his gun and handed it over to Chuuya.
“Shoot him!” he gestured at Ethan with his head.
Chuuya’s eyes rounded for a moment. He swallowed, looked the man in the eye for a long moment then he took the gun. He turned off the safety and pointed it at the blonde’s chest. He took a deep breath and narrowed his eyes. Ethan’s eyes widened with terror. He shook his head and mouthed soundlessly please don’t. Chuuya let out the breath he was holding and shot.
In a split second the blonde was on the ground and Akutagawa held his bleeding shoulder. He looked up at Chuuya, panting.
“Akutagawa!” Chuuya tossed the gun away and ran to him. He didn’t understand why Akutagawa didn’t use Rashomon to deflect the bullet. He reached out to Akutagawa to give him support. Their eyes met for a spare moment, Chuuya’s gaze reflected his disbelief.
Ethan stood up, laughing. Once he was on his feet he scratched the back of his head.
“You guys worth the money. You really were ready to shoot me. You are mean, I thought we had a bond or something?”
“Well,” Chuuya chuckled. “I’m sorry, but I really wanted to join.” He put on his brightest smile.
Akutagawa coughed. Blood was dripping on the ground from his wound.
“Hey, are you ok?” Ethan asked.
Akutagawa shoved Chuuya away and straightened up.
“I’m fine. It’s nothing I can’t handle. I was shot before.”
The man who gave Chuuya the gun started clapping.
“Good job! You are as much ready to kill on order as to protect some of your own unconditionally. You are the men we need in our organization. And on the top of that you both have abilities, it makes things even better.” His fat face brightened up.” I’m Kazuo and this, over here, is my partner Haru.”
The two of them really looked alike. The same cheap black and white clothes and a really similar fat face. Even Akutagawa could win over them in a running contest with his poor health. It was clear that these two didn’t spend much time in the field. They must run errands like the new recruits and bribe police officers. The only difference between them was their hair. Kazuo had a short spikey cut yet Haru left his brown locks to grow down all the way to his shoulders.
“There is only one thing left to do to make this official.” Haru stepped forward and pulled out his knife. “He already gave his blood, but you need to do it too.” He looked Chuuya in the eyes. He handed him the knife and gestured to his forearm with his gaze.
Chuuya pulled up the jacket from his left arm. He spinned the knife on his palm and smirked at the mafiosi. He made a deep cut on the white skin. Crimson liquid dripped on the ground. When the deed was done, he waved the knife but the long haired man didn’t take it back, he was looking at Akutagawa who was even paler than he usually was. Chuuya could see that he was holding himself together, but that bullet wound needed to be treated as soon as possible before he lost too much blood. He looked at the younger man with a slight worry in his eyes.
“But you said,” Chuuya protested.
“Sorry, buddy. We need to make this official.”
“Tsk,” the redhead scoffed.
Akutagawa swallowed and nodded to Haru. He reached out for the knife, made the same cut as Chuuya on his injured arm and tossed the weapon back to the thug.
Haru and Kazuo looked at each other. Then, in the most annoying and unnecessary way, they pulled up the sleeves of their jackets in full sync and made the same cuts. Chuuya sighed, they must have done this thousands of times, and he knew what was coming.
“Welcome to the family!” They said at the same time. “Now you are officially members of the Brotherhood of the Night”
Kazuo grabbed Chuuya’s arm just below the elbow, their forearms were touching as they shook hands. He patted Chuuya on the shoulder and smiled at him. Haru did the same with Akutagawa and then they switched. Now all of the blood was mixed and the pact was done. They became family, part of this flashy, disgustingly old-fashioned group.
Ethan clapped his hands together behind Chuuya and Akutagawa. He hit them on the back so hard in his exhilaration they almost lost balance. Akutagawa even stumbled forward so he didn’t fall. Chuuya looked at him from the corner of his eye. When his arm was about to move, Akutagawa shook his head. The movement was so slight, just the redhead could see it.
“Come! I will take you guys to your condo so you can rest after all this excitement.”
Chuuya looked back at him smiling.
“That would be great, thank you.”
Ethan helped Akutagawa get into the car and they drove to the flat. The younger man’s breathing was ragged and every time he coughed Chuuya snapped his head at him. Akutagawa raised his hand to show he was ok but Chuuya just didn’t believe him. His whole pullover was soaking wet with his blood, tainting the soft material with crimson.
“Say, Ethan, the place has some first aid supplies right? I don’t want this guy to die on me on our first day on our new job.” Chuuya tried to sound carefree but a slight hint of worry hid in his tone. The wound was still serious given Akutagawa’s poor health and Chuuya didn’t want him to bleed out on the first day of their mission because of these I will show you how awesome we are people.
“Here we are!” the blonde held the keys on his index finger.
“Thanks.” Chuuya snatched them, burst out of the car, and helped Akutagawa out. “We are okay from here! See you later!” He smiled and waved at Ethan.
“Yeah, see ya! Patch this fella up, he looks pretty bad.”
“Oh, I will, he will sleep a bit and it will be alright.” Chuuya nodded.
Ethan waved at them and drove away.
Chuuya sighed and brought Akutagawa's arm around his shoulder.
“Come, I need to see that wound.”
Akutagawa looked away.
“I’m weak, I’m sorry Nakahara-san.”
“I told you before, no Nakahara-san. Anyway a bullet wound is a bullet wound, you have every right to look and feel like shit.” They started walking towards the flat. Chuuya activated his ability to support the younger man.
“Say, Akutagawa, why did you lie?”
The other looked at him with confusion in his eyes.
“I didn’t.”
“You did. Because of Rashomon’s space devouring you were never shot.” Chuuya scoffed.
“I never said it actually hit, I just said that I was shot, which is true.” he murmured.
Chuuya laughed.
“I guess there is a first time for everything.”
“I guess there is.” A slight smile invaded Akutagawa’s always serious face.

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“Why did you take that bullet?” Chuuya asked.
“You said that we need to earn the Brotherhood’s trust,” Akutagawa grunted, he was paler than a wall painted white. “and this was the best, and most effective way to do it.”
Chuuya scoffed.
“The all mighty Brotherhood of the Night.” He grimaced and spat on the ground.
“Who the fuck names an organization like this nowadays? And that ridiculous joining ceremony, with the blood pact and everything? Please, I have to retch.” Chuuya whined as he adjusted his hold on Akutagawa.
“Nakahara-san? Can’t we just get inside?” Akutagawa whispered.
“Right, right, sorry. I need to patch up that nasty wound. Although I thought that you would use Rashomon to deflect the bullet. But you have a point. Now they think that we are as self sacrificial idiots as they are. Well played,” the redhead grinned at the younger one. “Ok, you won’t like this, but you are in no position to oppose me.”
Akutagawa opened his mouth to answer but the only sound that came out of his throat was an awkward yelp as he rose from the ground. Chuuya held his arm and literally floated him to the front door.
“Nakahara-san?” Akutagawa coughed and hid his blushing face with his fist. “Can you let me go now? It’s embarrassing.”
“Oh, right... sorry.” Chuuya scratched his face in his discomfort and lowered the younger one on the ground. He gave him a supporting shoulder, so Akutagawa could keep his balance.
They managed to get into the flat without any trouble. It was small and simple. From the entrance you could see the tiny kitchen and the living room. It was plain with a couch, two armchairs and a coffee table. No carpets or decoration, just the necessities and the minimal comfort. Yet it was clean which surprised Chuuya. He expected something worse for newcomers. The fact that the group gave them a flat to stay in and there weren’t cockroaches in every corner, nor did it smell like mold, showed that they cared for their members and have the money to maintain such places. This organization grew faster and faster with every passing day and had more and more territory. The duo should gain their trust to shut them down for good, with the least damage possible before they grew too strong.
“Okay,” Chuuya grunted and helped Akutagawa sit down on the couch. The younger one groaned as his injured shoulder hit the soft surface. He was sweating, his breathing ragged, and the wound was still bleeding badly.
“Let me see!” Chuuya placed his hand on Akutagawa’s shoulder but didn’t move till the other nodded for him to proceed. He carefully slid his palm to Akutagawa’s back, he sucked in a sharp breath when he found out that the back of the jacket was unscratched.
“There is no exit wound, I need to remove the bullet.” He shook his head. “Wait a minute I will pick up some equipment.”
Akutagawa nodded again. He was grabbing the side of his ribs to make the pain bearable. The tendrils of Rashomon writhed towards the injury and covered it to put pressure on the cells and stop the bleeding for now.
Chuuya looked at him with huge eyes.
“I didn't know you can do this. Why didn’t you do it earlier?” His tone was worried with a little mix of annoyance. When Akutagawa opened his mouth to answer Chuuya held up his hand to silence him.
“Hold it, I need to check something.” He stood up and ran his hands through the furnitures, looked into cabinets, popped down the light switches and sockets with his knife to check under them, and examined the lamps in every room. Before he got back to the living room he grabbed the first aid kit from the bathroom.
“Ok, I checked everything. There are no bugs.” He dropped the box on the couch with a bottle of painkillers “I’m surprised at their level of trust, or ignorance,“ he shook his head ”I don’t get it, are they overconfident in their power or simply idiots?”
He opened the box and prepared the silk thread with the hooked needle and the antiseptic. He gave Akutagawa two pills.
“I know it’s not the best, but at least it will help you sleep when we are done. Unfortunately it won’t kick in during this short period of time, but we need to do this quickly.” Akutagawa brought his palm to his mouth and swallowed the medicine without water.
“Good!” Chuuya pulled out his knife.
“I’m not fully aware what Rashomon can do with fabric, but I think it will be for the best if we just let your sweater go. There is no way you can wash out this amount of dried blood anyway.”
Akutagawa grimaced.
“I...didn’t… think... that ...I-” he swallowed in mid sentence, his whole body was shaking “I… would… ruin it… on my.... first… day.” His breathing was uneven yet he still managed to smirk. “Good thing… that… I have… spares,” he panted.
Chuuya chuckled.
“Oh my, stop talking already, you will pass out. Bite on this!” He handed Akutagawa a rolled up piece of cloth. “I will try to be quick but it will still hurt like hell.” He looked at the other with a concerned look, he was really worried. Akutagawa bit on the fabric, sucked in a sharp breath, and withdrew Rashomon from the wound. Blood started pouring again leaving fresh, red traces down Akutagawa’s chest.
Chuuya peeled off the younger one’s jacket and cut his sweater so he could have better access to the wound. It looked bad, the gunshot left a nasty mark on the porcelain skin, a ragged edge of crimson flesh. Akutagawa shivered under his touch. Chuuya put down his knife to grab the antiseptic.
“I will use my ability on you. It will be easier to remove the bullet and to keep you in place. If you move you will just make it worse. I’m sorry.” Akutagawa shut his eyes and bumped his head against the furniture. He made a single, determined nod. Chuuya held the younger one’s shoulder steady and both of them started glowing red as For the Tainted Sorrow rushed through the executive's system. He increased Akutagawa’s gravity so he couldn’t move anymore. Chuuya poured the antiseptic in the wound. Akutagawa cried out from the burning sensation.
“I will search for the bullet,” he showed the back of his hand to Akutagawa. “It sucks, but it’s still faster than using the tweezers.”
A flash of terror rushed through Akutagawa’s eyes. Chuuya could understand his feelings, he was completely helpless, exposed to someone else. No one should feel like this, being a member of the mafia just made the situation even worse. Being defenseless meant death. Chuuya didn't hesitate, he had no time for that. He pushed his index finger into the wound. Akutagawa screamed under him, but Chuuya held him tight, locked him in his own gravity. He reached the bullet, he let go of a huge sigh then extended his ability to the projectile. As he pulled out his finger, the piece of metal just followed it, like it was magnetized. When it was out he dropped it on the ground and applied some more antiseptic to the wound before he started stitching it up.
Akutagawa tilted his head sideways and watched the other work. Chuuya’s focused look gave away that he had done this many times. The redhead concentrated so much that his brows furrowed. Akutagawa would chuckle at the sight if he didn’t feel like crap at the moment. He panted heavily, the cloth was soaked with his saliva. His hair stuck to his face with sweat. He knew he was over the worst part but he was feeling every stitch, it was more bearable but still hurt like hell. He couldn’t move because of this increased gravity, he was locked in his own body while Chuuya worked on his injury. He was completely exposed, yet Chuuya was right, it was easier that way. He hated to admit that the executive had a point, he would be over it much faster like this. His head felt dizzy, the blood loss and the pain started to get the better of him. He caught Chuuya’s gaze when the redhead glanced up at him. The concerned look on the executive’s face didn’t make him feel sick like it did with others. There was no pity in those blue eyes, just pure concern about his well being. Chuuya tore his gaze away to finish closing up the wound. When he was done, he removed the cloth from Akutagawa's mouth and released him from his ability. With his gravity back to normal, Akutagawa sucked in a deep breath and let it go a few seconds later. His body still felt heavy, but it was because the painkillers finally hit him.
“I still need to cover the wound and bandage the cut on your arm. But you are over the worst part.” Chuuya patted Akutagawa’s healthy shoulder. “We will be finished in no time and you can sleep.”
He covered the bullet wound with a clean cloth and secured it with some medical tape. He helped Akutagawa remove his jacket to see the cut on his forearm. The younger one was grunting, not only because it hurt but he felt uncomfortable too. Chuuya could tell he was not used to being taken care of. The current situation must have annoyed him to hell.
“I get that you feel bad about this, but I want you to know that it’s okay to be weak sometimes.”
“Tsk,” Akutagawa scoffed. “Weakness is unforgivable, one must be strong to survive.”
“This is what your childhood taught you or is this the influence of that shitty Dazai?” Chuuya snorted.
Akutagawa was quiet for a moment. “I’m nothing but a burden right now.”
“No, you are not,” Chuuya said while he examined the cut on Akutagawa’s arm.
Chuuya shot him a gaze that made him swallow the rest of the sentence. Brilliant blue eyes sparkled with passion. It made Akutagawa’s stomach lift all the way up to his throat.
“One has comrades so they can watch each other's backs and help them when they are in a pinch.” He cleaned the wound earning a sharp hiss from Akutagawa. “This blood pact bullshit really gets on my nerves. It’s so old-fashioned and dumb. I can’t believe that there are organizations who still use this shitty method to become family ,“ he cried out.
He started wrapping the bandages around Akutagawa’s arm. He held the younger one steady by his elbow but the touch of his other hand was gentle, almost a caress. Chuuya couldn’t unsee the goosebumps on Akutagawa’s skin that the soft contact caused as he ran his fingers around the other’s arm.
“I hope you won’t get any nasty infections because of those idiots. The last thing we need with your health is some disgusting virus,” he spat.
“Nakahara-san, it’s ok really. I will be fine.” Akutagawa’s breathing was still uneven but he seemed more calm now that the meds had taken effect.
Chuuya finished bandaging the arm.
“Don’t move till I come back!” Chuuya hopped off the bed. Akutagawa raised one of his eyebrows and gave him a questioning look. Chuuya pointed his index finger at him as an answer and mouthed inaudibly don’t move! before he disappeared into another room.
Akutagawa bumped his head back against the couch again with a sigh.
Chuuya was back a few minutes later with a clean wet cloth and sat down next to Akutagawa. He reached out for the younger one’s face with the cloth but Akutagawa grabbed his wrist.
“You won’t let me?” the redhead whispered.
Akutagawa’s grip loosened but he didn’t let Chuuya go.
“Why are you doing this? Am I that pathetic?”
Chuuya’s eyes widened. He shifted his weight and pinned the other to the furniture with his free hand. Now he was towering above Akutagawa.
“Stop it.” Chuuya lowered his head to hide his face. “I don’t know exactly what Dazai did to you during your training, but there are other ways than his. You don’t need to humiliate your subordinates just to see results. You are strong, but you need to accept the help of others sometimes. There are times when you can’t solve things alone. Believe me, I know.” A slight tremor ran through his muscles. Akutagawa felt it too.
“Nakahara-san, that’s not it,” he swallowed and he leaned closer. “I just want to be strong and I want that man to acknowledge it.” They were only inches apart, their foreheads almost touching.
Chuuya chuckled. “You are already strong.” He looked up, their eyes linked together, steel blue with storm grey. He could feel Akutagawa’s warm, uneven breaths on his skin.
“I’m afraid Dazai won’t give you that pleasure, no matter how hard you try. It’s not because of you, it’s because he is an asshole.” He shook his head. ”Why don’t you try to gain accomplishments from people who will actually give it to you, hm?”
He smiled in the sweetest way, Akutagawa didn’t know it was even possible from someone who saw that many deaths and caused even more. Chuuya glanced at the cloth in his hand. Akutagawa barely touched his wrist.
“I just want to help. You worked hard, and took a bullet for the mission. You really deserve some care.” He winked.
Akutagawa closed his eyes and sighed. He released his hold on Chuuya and withdrew his hand.
When he opened one of his eyes he saw a huge grin spreading on Chuuya’s face. If he didn’t know his accomplishments, he would question whether or not this man suited the rank of an executive in the Port Mafia. Nakahara-san could be so childish sometimes, Akutagawa’s lips curved into a slight smile.
“What is so funny?” Chuuya asked with big round eyes.
The look made Akutagawa chuckle, which led to a coughing attack. Chuuya backed away, he held him by his upper arm to give him support.
“Oi, are you ok?”
Akutagawa nodded.
“Let’s clean your face so you can have some rest.” Chuuya started to wipe down the sweat from Akutagawa’s face. At one point he bit on his lower lip, grabbed Akutagawa’s chin to secure his head during the process. He was so into it he didn’t notice the faint blush on Akutagawa’s cheek nor his elevated heart rate. When he was satisfied with the result he sat back.
“You are done, was that so awful?”
Akutagawa turned away to hide his flushed face. He coughed.
“No. I guess I will sleep here.”
“Ok, then.” Chuuya stood up so Akutagawa could lie down.
The younger one turned his back to him and hid himself in the furniture. Chuuya smiled and made a quick trip to the bathroom to clean his own wound and bandage his arm. Fortunately it didn’t need stitches. He made sure not to cut himself too much so it would heal fast but convince those two idiots who insisted on that shitty blood pact. He tied a knot with his free hand and his teeth to secure the bandages. Before he headed back to the living room to check on Akutagawa, he made a quick visit to the bedroom and grabbed a blanket.
Akutagawa was already asleep, the quiet sound of tiny snores filled the room. Chuuya couldn’t help but smile. Like this Akutagawa looked so young and innocent. Like all those awful things never happened to him. Chuuya cursed Dazai for breaking this boy so badly. He also knew after today that there is a slight chance that he could get better. It would take a huge amount of effort and time, but he was sure that Akutagawa was able to trust people, he was just afraid to do so. It was no surprise given his background. Chuuya was able to open up despite all the crap in his past, and whatever it took he wanted to help Akutagawa to accomplish that too. The redhead was just two years older, but as he watched Akutagawa sleeping it felt much more and not just because of their ranks. Chuuya sighed. He stepped closer to the couch and covered Akutagawa with the blanket, careful not to wake him. The younger man’s face looked so peaceful, Chuuya reached out and caressed his cheek. Akutagawa furrowed his brows in his sleep but didn’t wake up under the touch. Chuuya chuckled to himself. He sat down on the armrest and started to play with the raven locks.
“You know... Sometimes, you can just let your guard down and nothing bad will happen to you,” he whispered.

Chapter Text

It has been weeks since Chuuya and Akutagawa joined the Brotherhood of the Night as undercover agents of the mafia. They have been through several humiliating situations. The higher ups made sure to break them in for their norms and gave them the most disgusting works. They started with disposing bodies and as they slowly gained trust they managed to move forward. They looked after cargo and took part in exchanges and businesses. It seemed like by the end of the month they will manage to get close to their goal and to the right hand man of the group. There was a bigger shipment of weapons arriving tonight and the duo needed to check the guns and deal with the traders. It was known that the other party this time was an opposing ability user group but somehow they managed to form some kind of a truce, at least for now. They even made negotiations, today’s deal was the key moment of those bargainings. Chuuya and Akutagawa needed to be ready, they needed to make this good. It was their ticket to the higher ups. They were preparing for days with the assigned team to make sure everything would go according to plan and they wouldn’t get caught in friendly fire.

“So, is everything clear?” Chuuya asked. The others nodded. “Good, then off you go, we will meet at the warehouse at seven. If any of you is late, I will make sure to have your ass kicked. This is an important business, we can’t screw it up, do you hear me?”
The small group was determined, he could see it in their eyes as they nodded again. It was a good point for all of them. If this deal went smoothly, they had a chance to climb ranks. Every one of them knew that. Chuuya stood up, pointing out that the meeting was over. The mafiosi bowed their heads and went to mind their business. Chuuya was left with Akutagawa.
“I thought we would never reach this point,” he sighed.

Akutagawa smiled. “Chuuya-san, everything will go according to plan.”
He shoved his hands into his pockets.
“It would be nice to see the city again,” he added.

Chuuya massaged his temple with his fingers.
“I know too well what you are feeling. I want to go back to my apartment and open the best bottle of wine I have. Do nothing for a whole day just to enjoy the taste of it and smoke some good quality cigarettes. Not some shit like this.” He waved the box of tobacco in front of Akutagawa. “Also, I’m glad that you stopped calling me Nakahara-san. One less thing to worry about if by any chance we screw this up today.” He pulled out a cigarette and put it in his mouth.
“Do you mind?” He looked at Akutagawa from the corner of his eye.

Akutagawa shook his head. “Do you think things will get out of control?”

Chuuya lit his cigarette. “I hope not. We will be in huge trouble if they do. Not to mention how much progress will be lost.” He took a long drag. “Oh my God, this stuff is really awful.”

Akutagawa smirked and coughed a bit.
“You are even more homesick than I am. But from the two of us, you are the one who takes more missions outside of city borders.”
Chuuya chuckled. “Yes, but they are usually big places, not some God forsaken shitholes where you can’t even buy a decent box of tobacco,” he whined.

“If we managed to get close to Tadashi, what then? We haven't discussed it yet. How do you want to make all these things work out? You can’t just go there and say ‘Everyone out. I’m the new boss.’” He shot a piercing look in Chuuya’s direction.

Chuuya took another deep drag before he tossed the cigarette on the ground and stomped on it. He exhaled the smoke and watched it fade away.
“If we are high enough in ranks, we can start to make disturbances. We will spread rumors. The small fries won’t know if they are true or not. We will be the ones who will be close enough to the fire to tell, but not them. The other high ranking members will be a little bit more tricky. We need to convince them that we are a better choice for them.”

“What if they are too loyal?”

“That’s their problem then,” Chuuya smiled. ”I’m sure some of them could be bribed, the others… will be silenced.”

“Wouldn’t that raise suspicion?”

“If we are playing our cards right, it won’t. I plan to have most of the organization in our pocket when we reach that point.”

Akutagawa coughed. “As expected from Chuuya-san”

Chuuya laughed, it came from deep, from the heart. “I guess I put something on the table to be an executive, eh?”

Akutagawa looked at him, confused.“Of course you did, I never questioned your-”

Chuuya raised his hand. “Don’t start apologizing for something so minor, we have been over this a thousand times already.”

Akutagawa nodded.
Chuuya stretched his muscles. “I guess we have a few spare hours before we start the operation. Want to drink something?”

“Tea would be nice.” Akutagawa looked away.

“Tea? Seriously?” Chuuya looked at him with disbelief in his eyes. The other one coughed, just to cover his face. It was so transparent Chuuya wanted to laugh. “The most important part of our mission and you want to drink tea before it?”

“It’s because it’s the most important moment. I can’t fail here.”

Chuuya sighed in surrender. “Then tea it is.”


“Is everyone ready?” Chuuya looked around. His small group was comprised of six other men. Each of them was a tried out thug. They knew their place and more importantly, their job. They nodded.
“Good, then let’s get this done.”
They moved into position, Akutagawa and Chuuya in the front, waiting for the other party to show up. Their team behind them by a few feet, armed with guns and knives. Minutes passed slow, it was irritating. When the trading partners showed up Chuuya let out a grunt.
“Finally, “ he whispered.

Four men approached them, two carried a huge crate with them, the others kept their distance. They dropped the cargo on the ground in front of Chuuya.
“Go on, take a sample. It’s first class, the guns and the ammo too.”
Chuuya stepped closer and ripped off the top of the box to reveal the machine guns inside. He hummed as he took one out and examined it. It was good quality, he wondered how they got their hands on such good stuff. He took out the ammunition and checked that too before he loaded the gun.
“Can I?” Chuuya looked at the man who spoke before.
The redhead pointed the gun at a barrel not so far and fired. The weapon worked smoothly and was accurate. The weight was also comfortable in his hands. He put it back into the crate.
“Nice, you really have the good quality stuff. Also, I’m sorry to say, but these are government property.”
“What?” the man’s face twitched.
Chuuya pointed at the firearm.
“You polished it just nicely, but these guns have serial numbers. The government agents are surely looking for them while we speak. You wanted to pass on the problematic cargo just to cover your ass and and get us into trouble. The deal is off.”
The man’s face turned purple with anger, he shook with rage.
“How dare you, you son of a bitch?” A shout could be heard from behind, the man turned in the direction. One of his comrades was pointing at Chuuya.
“That man! He is with the-”
A tendril of Rashomon burst out and raced towards the man just inches apart from Chuuya’s face to cut the poor fellow in half.

“Akutagawa!” Chuuya screamed at him, but he didn’t have time to scold his subordinate because the other party launched their attack on them.
“Everyone stand back, we will deal with this, go!” He sent the others away. He earned some confused looks.
“They have ability users. Go and get your ass out of here before you get caught in this!” Chuuya started glowing red as he activated For the Tainted Sorrow. “Take the money to safety, we can’t risk losing that too.” He turned his back to the team and looked Akutagawa in the eye. Rashomon’s tendrils danced around the younger man’s body. He nodded to Chuuya and they dashed forward.
“Kill them!” the smuggler shouted.
Two of the four men from the front stepped forward,as well as three other from the back lines. They were the ability users of the party. Chuuya whistled to Akutagawa. The younger man summoned his ability’s beast form and the redhead jumped on its forehead. With a quick turn Rashomon shot Chuuya out like a bullet. He flew towards the front lines and punched one of the ability users into the ground. Akutagawa landed just in front of him, black shield swirled around his torso.
“Ready?” Chuuya asked, laughing.
“Bring it on!” Akutagawa braced himself, then Chuuya punched his back where Rashomon protected him and sent him flying straight upwards. Akutagawa flipped in mid air and with his ability’s spikes he took out the two withdrawing men.
“That’s more like it! Let the fun begin!” Chuuya boxed into his palm and turned to the second gifted next to him. The man surrounded himself with huge rocks, they served as shields. Chuuya dashed forward. He punched the stones and chipped away most of them when he felt himself being electrocuted from behind. He lost his balance for a second and needed to twist his upper body to stay on his feet. He used up his momentum and kicked his second attacker in the stomach.


Akutagawa faced the three ranged ability users from above, standing on Rashomon’s tendrils. One of them was throwing projectiles at him with incredible strength so he needed to protect himself from the impacts. One of the other two could manipulate metal. He had a huge rod with him that he twisted and lengthened to stab Akutagawa to death. The third one wasn’t the brightest for his own bad luck. Before he could send his fireball on its way, Rashomon’s jaw ripped him in half. Akutagawa heard gunshots, his ability’s space devouring activated in an instant. It protected him from the bullets, but his attention was split, he couldn't keep it up for long. He glanced in Chuuya’s direction. The executive seemed to have a hard time with the electricity user. His gravity manipulation didn’t give him enough cover from the shocking touches. Every time he landed a hit his body twitched, his muscles slackened for a second.
“Chuuya-san! Switch!”

Chuuya looked up with a huge grin on his face. He jumped and grabbed the black tendril coming his way. He activated For the Tainted Sorrow on it and gave it a sudden pull. Akutagawa gained enough momentum to fly to the other side while he managed to maintain his shield. When the two of them met mid air Chuuya placed his palm on Akutagawa’s back and gave himself a push with his ability.

Akutagawa stabbed the electricity user with Rashomon’s spider thread before he landed. Rashomon swirled around him, his feet touched the ground with even more grace than the situation would allow to happen. He coughed, then shoved his hands into his pockets. He looked at the other man with malice in his eyes.
“The weak should die and give way to the strong.” His voice dripped with disgust.
The man screamed at him and pushed a huge rock in the young man’s direction to crush his head. Akutagawa’s eyes flashed.
Rashomon, Higanzakura!
The ability user screamed and twisted his body as he tried to free himself from the black tendrils, but the darkness closed up on him. Once the prison was complete several spikes stabbed through his body.

While Chuuya was in the air he shifted the gravitational field around himself to stop the bullets flying towards him. He smirked as he turned them around and shot the gunmen. Two of them died on spot. The third one dropped his weapon and tried to run away. Chuuya pulled out his knife and threw it in his back with enough force that it pinned the man to the ground. The redhead landed between the two standing gifted with the impact of a cannonball. They both lost their balance and dropped on their backs. He grabbed the metal rod and placed it casually on his owner’s chest. Chuuya sneered down at him and started increasing the weapons gravity. The other man screamed behind him, but his projectiles just bounced off from the redhead’s gravitational field. Once Chuuya heard the sound of the bone cracking under the rod he gave it a quick push and ended the man’s life. He turned to the last ability user. His gaze in itself could kill at that moment. The man started to back away. Chuuya shook his head. He dashed forward and grabbed the poor soul’s neck to crush him into the ground. His spine snapped under the executive’s fingers. It was over. Everything went silent.

Chuuya narrowed his eyes and charged in Akutagawa’s direction. The younger man shook his head and stepped backwards. The redhead grabbed him by the collar and shoved him against the wall of the warehouse.
“What have you done?!” He screamed into his face. “Huh?!” He hit him to the wall again.
“You ruined everything! How can you be this idiotic?! I told you this was important! And what did you do?! What?! You ruined everything. You…” Chuuya was shaking with rage.
“I wanted to protect our-”
“I don’t give a fuck what you wanted! Now we have to start everything from scratch because you refused to obey my orders!”
“Your orders were that we keep up our disguise!” Akutagawa shouted.
Something broke in Chuuya, his face twitched. He let out an animalistic growl and raised his hand for a punch. Before he could land it, his fist repelled from Rashomon’s space devouring barrier. Chuuya’s eyes widened when he faced the red energy shield. He released his grip on Akutagawa and looked away.
“Fuck,” he whispered. “Fuck, Akutagawa, I-” he raised his gaze to face the younger man. He was trembling with his whole body. He clenched his teeth together. “Tsk, I’m no better than that shithead, Dazai.”
“Don’t,” Chuuya shook his head. “You go on ahead. I will meet up with you later.”

Akutagawa straightened up and bowed. “Understood.” He coughed as he left his superior with his thoughts.

Chuuya punched the wall of the warehouse so hard he hit a ten foot diameter hole into it.


Chuuya and Akutagawa stood in front of the man who they knew was one of Tadashi’s most trusted subordinates. He played with a syringe as he spoke.
“So tell me, whose fault is this?”
Before Akutagawa could speak Chuuya stepped forward and pointed at himself with his thumb.
“Mine, I blew off the business. They tried to sell us government property and I mocked them. That’s why things got out of control.” He bore his eyes into the man’s.
“Right, and your little friend here?”
“He just helped me out when I was in trouble.”
The man smirked. “You know that even if you were right about the cargo, I can’t let this business go unpunished? It is a huge loss to us. You screwed up the trade and also our truce. Now we have another front to fight our war. I can say, the boss is not happy.”
“My deepest apologies!” Chuuya bowed his head, Akutagawa followed his lead.
The man handed Chuuya the syringe.
“I guess you know what happens now.”
Chuuya swallowed and took the tool. He bit his lower lip as he stabbed it into his vein. Akutagawa’s eyes widened. He wanted to interrupt, but Chuuya narrowed his eyes at him as a warning, not to interfere. The redhead squished the liquid into his blood stream then jerked the needle out of his skin and dropped it on the floor. The ability inhibitor took its effect almost immediately. Chuuya felt dizzy and nauseous, inside him, he only found a huge hole, where his gift was supposed to be. The man waved, by the movement two other people stepped out from the shadows.
“You,” he looked at Akutagawa. “don’t you dare flinch or you are next!”
Akutagawa swallowed.
One of the men grabbed Chuuya by his red locks, jerked his head back and twisted one of his arms behind his back. The other one stepped in front of Chuuya and swung his baton at him. The redhead squirmed under the burning sensation and hissed. The armed man beat him up badly with a wild smile on his face. It could be seen that he enjoyed it way too much. Chuuya grunted and groaned under the hits. His shirt ripped to pieces, the pouring blood from the fresh wounds tainted the fabric, and dripped on the floor gathering into a little pool under his knees. If the other man didn’t hold him, Chuuya would have collapsed by now. Akutagawa balled his hands into fists and clenched his teeth together. He despised torture. These lowly human beings took advantage of Chuuya’s weakened state and this made him sick. He wanted to retch, but he kept a straight face. He was sure if he acted against the order, not that he would be next, but Chuuya would be given even more severe punishments. The redhead’s screams became more quiet by the passing time as he slipped out of consciousness.
“That’s enough.”
The hitman landed one last hit, right on Chuuya’s face. The skin ripped apart near his mouth and his cheek turned deep purple moments later. They dropped the redhead on the ground with a loud thud.
“I hope both of you learned your lesson and won’t mess with us again.” The higher up turned to Akutagawa, who bowed his head in response.
“Yes sir!”
The three men turned to leave. The hitman spat on Chuuya as he left with a sadistic, disgusting laugh on his mouth.

When Akutagawa was sure they were gone, he dashed towards Chuuya and knelt down next to him.
“Chuuya-san,” he lifted him up to a half sitting position, giving one of Rashomon’s tendrils to support his back. Chuuya grunted in response.
“Why did you take the blame? I was the one who screwed it up!” he asked, his voice was shaking. He ran his fingers over the wounds. None of them was too serious but overall Chuuya had taken a pretty nasty beating. Akutagawa hoped that the ability inhibitor’s effect would wear off soon. Chuuya coughed and squeezed Akutagawa’s hand, the movement was weak, yet reassuring.
“How could I be a good superior if I didn’t cover for my subordinates sometimes?” He forced a weak smile on his face. He winced when the pain stroke him from his cheek injury.
Akutagawa shook his head.
“You are the most reckless executive in history, I hope you know that.”
“Hah,” Chuuya chuckled, he was out of energy. He let the darkness take over him as his consciousness faded away. “Chuuya-san, let me take care of you.” The last thing he felt was the numb sensation of Rashomon’s tendrils wrapping around his body. He never thought that the ability which tore apart hundreds could be this gentle.

Chapter Text

Two weeks have passed since Akutagawa and Chuuya had their incident with the higher ups. Chuuya’s cheek was still bruised where the baton hit him. He looked much better, but the scar on his pride didn’t heal that fast. Since their screw up, their last important mission for the Brotherhood of the Night, they only got small assignments. It didn’t help their mission as undercover agents for the Port Mafia.

Chuuya scratched the back of his head and sighed. “I think we will never get a real job again. I’m really tired of those dealer’s whining. If they were my men, I’m sure I would have kicked their ass a looong long time ago.”

Akutagawa coughed. “Chuuya-san, how do you want to do serious jobs when your face still looks like you are a 16 year old brat who was on the wrong side of the punch?”

Chuuya shot him a gaze that could pierce the younger man and pin him to the next tree, which was about three yards away from them. “You…”

Akutagawa glanced down at the redhead from the corner of his eye. “I apologize, Chuuya-san, that was inappropriate.”

Chuuya fumed. “How dare you play the height card against me?” A vein twitched on his forehead, his hand clenched into a fist. “Youuuuu…”

Akutagawa coughed again. “So, what do we need to know about this job?”

Chuuya sighed, he was defeated. “Well, we need to accompany another team in the slums. They have some business to attend to and we will be the backup. Nothing serious to be honest. They go in, do their job, come out, and we are as good as gone. Easy.”

“So, we are still stuck with the sidekick jobs?”

“It seems so,” Chuuya grunted. “but well, it’s better than digging graves for rotting, smelly bodies.”

Akutagawa hummed. “Next time if we need to get rid of a corpse I will feed it to Rashomon. Then, you don’t need to dig,” he smirked at Chuuya.

“You are unbelievable. I guess this job really did something with your attitude.” Chuuya shook his head in disbelief.

Akutagawa bowed his head. “I apologize if I was to informal.”

Chuuya scoffed, and waved dismissively with his right. “Don’t bother. Just remember, if we are done here I will still be your superior.”

“Of course, Chuuya-san.” Akutagawa held a little pause in his speech. “When do we depart?”
“As soon as those thugs manage to get their sorry asses here.” Chuuya whined.

As if summoned, the screeching sound of tires could be heard.

“Speak of the devil,” Chuuya murmured.

Two men sat in the car, the driver honked and waved at them. His movements were stiff and loaded with aggression.

“I guess we got the funny ones,” Chuuya whispered.

Akutagawa looked at him with a slight worry in his eyes. Since Chuuya took the beating in his place, something had broken inside the redhead. It was not about his pride, more like a disgust towards the members of the gang. Akutagawa understood his feelings well, he himself hated meaningless torture. In his opinion failure was a failure and punishment should be clean and quick. Yet he was somewhat relieved that the organization didn’t stick to the black and white rail of thought and both of them were still alive and kicking. Chuuya’s injuries healed just fine, and Akutagawa hoped that this setback wouldn’t affect their work much.

“Oi, Akutagawa, are you coming or what?” Chuuya looked back at him from the car and shouted.

“Yes, sorry!” Akutagawa paced to the vehicle and climbed into the back seat next to Chuuya.

The ride to the slums passed with uncomfortable silence. Chuuya was resting his elbow in the window looking at the passing buildings.

Akutagawa cleared his throat. “Is there anything we should specifically pay attention to?”

“For example, you can shut your fucking mouth and don’t you dare screw up again or I will gut you and that pretty friend of yours,” the driver barked.

Chuuya’s face twisted with anger.
Akutagawa bowed his head. He was more clever than to say his apologies out loud after a scold like that. After a few more minutes of driving, they stopped. The two men from the front got out of the car. The driver tapped his foot on the ground to show his frustration while he waited for the duo to get out of the vehicle.

“What are you? Little princesses? Move your asses so we can get the job done.”

Chuuya swallowed to fight the wave of anger that was rushing through his system. He took in a deep breath to keep himself from punching this jerk. He forced a smile on his face.
“After you.”

The driver scoffed then turned his back to Chuuya, who smirked at his little victory.

“We are going in, you wait for us outside. Don’t do anything unnecessary and only act when we order you to. Understood?” The other man pierced them with his eyes.
Chuuya and Akutagawa nodded at the same time. The thugs disappeared into a building to get the deed done.

Chuuya leaned against the wall and sighed.
“I hope everything will go according to plan and we can leave this place as soon as possible.”

“Yeah…” Akutagawa whispered. He shoved his hands into his pockets and ran his gaze over the street. It looked too familiar. It wasn’t the slums of Yokohama, but every slum looked the same. Nasty, disgusting, rotten.

The mafiosi took their time with the negotiations. One and a half hours later, Chuuya cried out in frustration.
“What the fu-” he was interrupted with laughter. His eyes widened with terror. Children’s laughter.
“Oi, Akutagawa…,” he whispered, his voice hid a hint of fear.

“I don’t see them, where are they?” Akutagawa looked around.

“We must find them before-” Chuuya was interrupted again. This time, by screams.
“Fuck!” he shouted and kicked the building’s door in. He charged in, Akutagawa at his heels.
The screaming continued and mixed with the roaring sound of the thugs.
“Please, let us be in time,” Chuuya murmured to himself. He punched down a wall and the scene that revealed in front of him sent shivers down his spine. The man who drove the car held a beat up kid and on the floor at his feet lay another one, motionless.
“You son of a bitch!” Chuuya screamed, he was ready to charge at the man when he felt a malicious aura behind him that made him freeze on spot.

Rashomon shot out next to him. A tendril curled around the child ripping him out of the man’s grip, the beast’s head stared at the mafioso who was frozen with fear. Akutagawa withdrew his ability and took the little boy in his arms. He was barely breathing.
“Hey,” Akutagawa whispered and caressed the child’s head. The boy reached out and his tiny hands touched Akutagawa’s face. He smiled, then his hand dropped and his body went limp. Akutagawa hugged him close to himself, his face twisted with pain, his whole body was shaking, Rashomon swirled around him. Chuuya watched him, with huge, rounded eyes and dropped mouth.
“Akutagawa…” he whispered.
The young man looked up with a will to kill in his eyes. His face twisted with the mixture of pain and anger. His eyes flashed.
Rashomon Gakumon Agito!” he screamed.
“Akutagawa!” Chuuya shouted and grabbed his subordinate’s shoulder just in time to stop the attack before it could tear the thug in half.
The man gazed into the beast’s maw. He trembled with fear, sweat dripped on the ground from his forehead. When he tried to back away, he tripped and landed on the floor.
Akutagawa’s breathing was ragged, his whole body shook, his muscles were in complete stress. He still locked the lifeless child in his tight embrace.
“Akutagawa,” Chuuya said in a smoothing tone. “Oi, listen to me!”
No answer.

Chuuya knelt down in front of him and looked him in the eye. He grabbed both of the younger man’s shoulders and shook him to knock him out of his panicked state.
“Akutagawa, let him go!” Only ragged breathing came as an answer. Rashomon still growled at the thug. Chuuya cupped Akutagawa’s face in his palms and forced him to look into his eyes.
“Look at me!” Akutagawa’s eyes were still unfocused.
“Hey, it’s me, Chuuya,” he smiled at him and talked in a quiet, reassuring tone.
“It’s okay, you can let him go.” Akutagawa blinked and looked at the redhead.
“That’s right, see? I’m right here.” Chuuya leaned forward so their foreheads touched.
“Just concentrate on my voice, okay? It will be alright.” Rashomon withdrew but did not disappear. It continued to swirl around Akutagawa. Chuuya continued to whisper to his subordinate, while with careful, slow movements, he pried his arms apart from the corpse. He hugged the kid and caressed Akutagawa’s hair.
“Look at me, will you?” Akutagawa’s breathing evened out a bit, he blinked a few times and looked at Chuuya.
“I-I’m-” he downcasted his eyes “I’m so sorry,” he whispered.
Chuuya patted him on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, everything is fine.”
He lied the body on the floor and stood up. The movement was slow, threatening. He turned towards the thug, glowing red as his ability activated.
“As I recall, you don’t have a gift.” His face twisted with a vicious grin as he cracked the joints in his hands.
The man tried to crawl away from him, terror in his eyes, shaking throughout his whole body. Chuuya stomped on the floor which sent fractures in the coward’s direction, making him fall onto his back. Chuuya jumped forward and landed above him.
“So, now, you go get your sorry friend who is hiding behind that pillar,” he pointed in the direction with his right. “you both get your shit together, and give these two poor kids a proper burial before I break every useful bone in your body one by one.” he smirked. “Not to mention that I might tell the higher ups about your little mis-step”, he spat on the ground.
The man held his hands in front of his face protectively.
“Please, anything. Just please don’t hurt us.”
Chuuya bowed down, his legs straight, now that he was closer to the man’s face he whispered.
“Then, I strongly advise to do as you were told.”
The thug swallowed and nodded. Chuuya thought his head would get torn off by the rapid movement.
“Good,” he whispered and straightened back up. He turned his back on the shaking man and walked to Akutagawa.
“Come on,” He slid his arm under Akutagawa’s and pulled him up. “let’s go.”
Akutagawa made a small nod and followed him outside.
“Are you okay?” Chuuya asked with a concerned look on his face.

Akutagawa took in some deep breath to gain back his composure.
“Yes, I’m fine.”

“That, back there?”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Akutagawa answered, his voice didn't show any emotion. He turned away and shoved his hands into his pockets.

“Right.” Chuuya murmured.

“Do we take the car?” Akutagawa asked.

Chuuya’s mood brightened up immediately. A huge grin spread on his face.
“Why not?” he jumped in the vehicle. “I will drive! Get in!”
Akutagawa smirked and got on the other side to climb into the passenger's seat. Chuuya occupied his well deserved place behind the wheel. He looked like a kid, who just got a new toy. He turned to Akutagawa his smile went from ear to ear.
“These idiots even left the key in the ignition.”

Akutagawa couldn’t help but chuckle at the redhead’s reaction.
“You are really fired up about this.”

“I fucking am, I cann’t even remember when the last time I drove a car was because of this shitty mission.” He turned back to the wheel and started the engine. “That’s it baby, you are a reeaaaally good girl.”
By the sound of the car, the two men ran out of the building. Chuuya glanced at them in the rear-view mirror. He laughed, then floored the pedal, covering the thugs with dust.
“That’s for your pretty faces ,” he shouted mockingly.


Chuuya woke up in the middle of the night by a rustling sound and soft grunting. He rubbed his eyes and blinked a few times. His head felt dizzy, he pressed the home button of his phone, it was 2 a.m. He grunted and tossed himself back onto the pillow. He was half asleep again when he heard a scream. He jumped out of the bed immediately, ready to take out any intruder. He looked around, no one was there except Akutagawa. He furrowed his brows and scratched the back of his head. The younger man tossed himself in the bed and growled.
“Akutaga-” a scream interrupted him.
Chuuya’s eyes widened. He dashed towards the furniture and jumped on it. He knelt above Akutagawa.
“This is not good,” he whispered.
Akutagawa wiggled under him, sweat covered his whole body, making his hair stick to his temples. His face twisted with pain, his muscles tense, hard as steel from the strain.
“Oi, Akutagawa,” Chuuya placed his hands on the younger man’s shoulders.
Rashomon’s tendrils rose from the bed.
“Fuck, this is bad,” he looked at Akutagawa, his eyes sparkled with worry. “This is really bad!”
He shook Akutagawa.
“Oi, you have to wake up! You hear me! Wake up!” he shouted.
Rashomon started to close up around Chuuya’s body.
“Fuck,” he grunted. “Don’t make me do this!”
The tendrils continued to whirl around him, closer and closer by every passing moment. Akutagawa was screaming, his whole body was shaking, it was fearful that his heart would give up under the stress. Chuuya had to wake him up from whatever nightmare he had before it happens. Or before the ability suffocates him, trying to protect it’s master. Chuuya sucked in a deep breath.
“I’m sorry, Akutagawa,” he whispered.
He curled his hand into a fist and before Rashomon could writhed around his wrist he punched Akutagawa in the face as hard as he dared. Rashomon disappeared and Akutagawa jerked up, he bumped his head against Chuuya’s chin.
“Arrrgg…” Chuuya grunted.
Akutagawa was looking around the room like a quarry. His eyes unfocused, his shoulders rose and dropped rapidly as he breathed. He clenched his sheets and shook his head. The vein on his neck pumped at an incredible speed.
“Akutagawa,” Chuuya whispered.
The younger man grabbed his own hair, leaned forward and pressed his fists against his head.
Chuuya sighed.
“I hope you won’t punch me for this later.” he brought Akutagawa into his embrace.
He caressed his back in circles and whispered into his ear. The whole situation was so strange, so odd. Chuuya never thought that he would see Akutagawa like this. This boy built up a shell which was so hard, it shut out any emotion. Yet he was here, shattered in Chuuya’s arms, like a child, trembling in every one of his cells. Chuuya knew too well the nature of these nightmares. He used to have them for years after he awakened. You couldn’t escape from your own mind, and that made it the most frightening.
“Akutagawa,” he caressed Akutagawa’s hair and with a soft stroke of his fingers, he closed the younger one’s hands in between his own. “Look at me, please.”
Akutagawa looked up, still distracted.
Chuuya smiled at him and nodded. “That’s right, it’s me.” He hugged Akutagawa again.
“It’s okay, you are safe.” Akutagawa shook throughout his whole body. Chuuya could feel something warm, and wet against his shoulder. “ Oh, my,” he thought and tightened his hold.
“Let it out, you will feel better after it.” he whispered.

Akutagawa sobbed, then screamed, he clinged onto Chuuya like his life depended on it. Years of bottled up pain and emotion surfaced. Chuuya was there to hold him, to calm him down, to protect him. He hummed to him as he caressed his back, reassured him countless times, that it would be alright. After the screams died out, the sob went quiet to give place to silent sniffs. Chuuya released his hold.
“Are you alright?”

Akutagawa nodded and backed away a bit to pull up his knees and hugged them with his arms.
“What happened in the slums?” Chuuya asked.
Akutagawa shook his head. “I’m sorry Chuuya-san. It shouldn’t get to me. It was so long ago.”
“It doesn’t matter how long ago it was. Today…” he didn’t finish the sentence. He wanted to give Akutagawa some space.
Akutagawa looked away.
“When I lived in the slums, there were eight of us, plus me and Gin. The orphans. They overheard the men of the Port Mafia talking about time and location of a shipment they were supposed to deliver to some low-level subordinates.” Chuuya’s face twitched, he knew the rest, yet he didn’t say a word. He let Akutagawa continue the story. “They sought out my friends and beat them to death. Gin and I barely escaped.”
Akutagawa looked up to Chuuya.
“Their only sin was that they were in the wrong place in the wrong time.” he shook his head. “When I saw that lowlife with the kid in his filthy hands I… I lost it. I don’t know what happened.” He rubbed his face with his palm. He sucked in a deep breath.
“I’m sorry if I caused any inconvenience with my actions. It won’t happen again I promise Nakahara-san.”

Chuuya chuckled “You are back to Nakahara-san again.” He smiled at Akutagawa.
“It's completely okay to be freaked out sometimes. Not to mention, those shitheads really earned what they got.”
His face twisted with disgust. He reached out and patted Akutagawa’s shoulder.
“The only reason I didn’t let you kill them on spot was because we are undercover. We already screwed up one time so we can’t allow any more incidents.” He gave Akutagawa a reassuring squeeze.
“You will be okay.” He stood up to leave but a soft tug on his shirt made him stop. He looked back with raised brows.
“Can you?” Akutagawa turned away to hide a blush. “Can you sit here, just till I manage to fall asleep again?”
Chuuya smiled. “Of course, give me some space.”
Akutagawa wiggled away and lied back. “I’m sorry, it’s really embarrassing.”
Chuuya chuckled. “Stop speaking, you won’t fall asleep while your mouth is working.”
“Right,” Akutagawa whispered and turned away from Chuuya.
The executive leaned against Akutagawa’s back.
“Good night, Akutagawa!”
“Good night, Chuuya-san!”

Chapter Text

After their incident in the slums, the members of the Brotherhood of the Night looked at Akutagawa and Chuuya with respect mixed with a hint of fear. They hadn’t even use their abilities at their full potential, but the altercation with the two men who turned out to be the duo with the biggest mouths in the organization had some positive after effects. This new development moved their mission forward. The only thugs between them and Tadashi, the underboss of the group, were Tadashi’s right hand men and their sidekicks. They didn’t need to wait long till they could start spreading rumours to secure their position and raise doubts among the low ranking members. Everything seemed to turn out well.

Chuuya yawned and stretched his muscles.
“Oh my God, how much I miss my own bed,” he murmured. He shuffled in the kitchen’s direction, too lazy to even lift his feet. He needed a coffee. That terrible coffee they had in this terrible apartment. There were better and worse days. His homesickness found him on the worse side this time. His back was sore, the bruise on his cheek was almost gone but was still sensitive to the touch and he had a nasty purple scar at the corner of his mouth where the baton ripped his skin. And what was maybe the worst, the tap on the shower broke. Making it almost impossible to bathe in a proper way.
“Naaaaaaahhh,” he cried out and scratched his head in his frustration while he waited for the coffee. He bumped his forehead against the counter. “No, I can’t take it anymore.”
A soft whistle signaled that the brew was ready to consume. Chuuya grunted and tossed himself off from the surface. He grabbed a mug and whacked it against the counter so hard it was surprising that it didn’t shatter to pieces. He filled half of it with the brown liquid and added some milk to soften the bitterness. He sighed and turned to lean against the cabinet. His waist didn’t even touch the surface when he noticed a box on the kitchen table and almost choked on his beverage. His body immediately turned to alarm mode. His eyes narrowed, his muscles tensed. He didn’t need the coffee anymore to feel awake.
“What the fuck?” he whispered. He tiptoed to the package and examined it from every side. The fact that something lied on the desk was suspicious but the box looked completely normal. Chuuya didn’t realize that he was holding his breath till now. He let it out with a long sigh.
“Well, I guess it won’t reveal itself.” He spoke to himself.
He grabbed the package, it was plain, wooden with a push down top. He activated his ability and started to slid the lid off slowly. If there was an explosive inside, he didn’t want to set it off and blow the whole condo to pieces, with him and the still sleeping Akutagawa inside of it. A familiar shape caught his gaze. Too familiar. He hitched the cover off. His eyes rounded, he ran his fingers on the cold surface. The touch was soft, full of love. He heard a quiet cough which made him jerk up, his eyes met Akutagawa’s.
“I thought you would like it.” he turned his head away. “You were so homesick lately, I thought that you might want something that can bring you a piece of Yokohama.”
Chuuya smiled and pulled out the bottle of Petrus from the box. He examined the label and traced down the letters with his finger.
“Where did you get this?”
“I found out that some of the boys went to do business in the outskirts of Yokohama. So I paid them a visit and convinced them to bring a bottle to me.” he coughed in a weak attempt to hide his embarrassment.
“I can imagine the negotiation’s,” Chuuya chuckled. “Thank you, Akutagawa. It really made me feel better.”
Akutagawa didn’t answer, just turned away.
“After everything you have done, that’s the least I can arrange.”
“Ahhh, I wish Mori-san would think the same way, “ he sighed.
Akutagawa looked back at him over his shoulder, his brow raised.
“What do you mean?”
Chuuya waved dismissively. “Nah, it’s fine, you can’t get drinks every time for doing your job.”
“Chuuya-san,” Akutagawa shook his head.
“Nothing,” he coughed.
“We should get ready, we have an errand to run.”
“Seriously?” Chuuya cried out. “You are already prepared and I still didn’t have my coffee.”
Akutagawa didn’t answer just looked at Chuuya from the corner of his eye.
“Fine!” Chuuya tossed his arms in the air and rolled his eyes. “I will get ready in five.”


It took at least 30 minutes for Chuuya to emerge from the bathroom as an almost proper human being.
Akutagawa sat on the couch, reading a book, his legs crossed. When he heard the noise of the door he looked up. Chuuya narrowed his eyes at him.
“Nothing,” Akutagawa returned to his book and flipped a page.
“Tsk,” Chuuya scoffed and went to the kitchen to grab his mug. The coffee was ice cold by that time. He growled, he was worse than a grumpy old lady and the freezing shower didn’t lighten his mood either. “We need to find someone to look at that tap. My legs will get frostbite if we don’t.”
“Mmhmm, “ Akutagawa hummed from his book.
Chuuya braced himself and emptied the mug in one go. He shivered in his whole body by the awful taste.
“Gaaarrrhhh, that was terrible.” He stuck his tongue out, grimacing at the empty cup.
Akutagawa closed the novel and stood up.
Chuuya shook his head to get rid off the rest of the bitterness in his system.
“We can go now,” he added.
Chuuya paced to the front door and tore it open.
“Alright, let’s-”
“Chuuya-san,” Akutagawa placed his hand on the redhead's shoulder, who stopped mid step.
“What?” Chuuya moaned.
Akutagawa gestured at the floor with his eyes. A withered bouquet lied in front of the door. Chuuya took a step back, his face serious and his eyes clouded with distress. Akutagawa used Rashomon’s tendrils to lift the flowers up.
“It wasn’t there when we got back yesterday and during one night it shouldn’t have dried out this much.” Akutagawa examined the plants. He turned to Chuuya.
“Chuuya-san, what does this mean?”
A dark shadow ran through Chuuya’s face.
“Death, Akutagawa.”
The younger one furrowed his brows.
“We got found out,” Chuuya said in a mournful tone.
Akutagawa’s expression darkened. Chuuya punched the door frame.
“Fuck, we were so close.” he glanced at the bouquet. “What is that?” He reached out and pulled out a little piece of paper from between the dry leaves.
“A note?” Akutagawa leaned forward and with a swing of Rashomon’s tendril he tossed the flowers far away.
“It seems so, there is a date and some coordinates on it.” Chuuya examined it.
“An invitation?” Akutagawa asked.
Chuuya let his head drop back and sighed.
“For fuck’s sake to all that is dear.”
Akutagawa blinked at him.
“It is an invitation.” Chuuya crumpled the paper in his fist. “These flashy idiots, they can’t even arrange an assassination. They need the show,” he spat.
Akutagawa hummed and smirked.


“We are here,” Chuuya said, checking the location on his phone.
“I don’t see anyone.” Akutagawa looked around, with his hands in his pockets.
“They threaten us then they make us wait. What is this, some fucking rendezvous?”
“Chuuya-san,” Akutagawa gestured with his eyes to his right. “someone is coming.”
Some slow, rhythmic clapping broke the silence. A man with short black hair and emerald eyes stepped forward.
“So, you got my present?”
“Right, you can’t be more of a show-off than to send some symbolic “puzzle” to solve.” Chuuya waved dismissively. “It was pretty obvious. So, what do you want exactly?”
“There is a traitor in our ranks, working for the Port Mafia.”
Chuuya’s eyes narrowed.
“For the Mafia?” he asked. Akutagawa tensed next to him.
“Yeah, pretty idiotic, huh?” the man pierced them with his eyes.
Chuuya chuckled. “And what do you want to do with that traitor?” he grinned wide.
“Isn’t that obvious? I will get rid of you,” he pulled out a syringe from his pocket. “I’m sure you wouldn't be so nice as to shoot yourself with this again.” He waved the equipment.
“Tsk,” Chuuya grunted. “So I am truly busted.”
Chuuya spread out his arms and leaned forward. “Tell me… Yoshiro, right? What sold me out?”
Akutagawa looked at the redhead with narrowed eyes. “Is he one of the right hand men of Tadashi?”
Chuuya laughed. “He is, this little shit is the best we could ask for before we get the big fish.”
Yoshiro shook his head. “At least you confess. I don’t need to torture you, nor have you beat up again to acknowledge it.”
Chuuya curled his hand into a fist and clenched his teeth.
“Come, fight me!” he shouted.
The man laughed, deep from the belly. “You can always try, little punk!”

Chuuya charged forward to puch Yoshiro, but the blow never landed, it slipped though the man. Chuuya’s eyes shot wide.
“Wha-” Yoshiro kicked him in the stomach, and sent him flying.
“Chuuya-san!” Akutagawa shouted. Rashomon shot out and went straight through the black haired man’s body without causing any harm.
Chuuya got up on his knees.
“What the fuck was that?” he spat on the ground. “You are slippery like a snake, is that your fucking ability?”
Yoshiro grinned at them. “Useful, isn’t it? I can go through any solid material. If you can’t hit me, how do you want to fight?”
“There must be some limit of that gift too.” Chuuya smirked. “Now it’s starting to get interesting.”
The rocks around Chuuya started glowing red. He shot them out like bullets. They only hit the thin air. Chuuya dashed forward, kicked the ground in front of the man so hard it sent cracks all around. Yoshiro didn’t even wince.
“What the fuck are you, a ghost?” Chuuya screamed and tried to grab the man’s shoulder to increase his gravity and crash him to the concrete, yet his hand slipped through him. The next moment Yoshiro grasped the back of Chuuya’s neck and kicked him in the face with his knee. Akutagawa used that moment and sent out Rashomon. For a split second, a spike made contact. A thin line of blood flowed down on the black haired man’s cheek.
Chuuya chuckled. “So you are not invincible. I thought so.”
He spun and kicked to get back on his feet again. Chuuya showered his opponent with punches and spat various curses in the other’s face. He didn’t care that his fist slipped through him, he just wanted to harass him. If Yoshiro wanted to fight back, he needed to disable his ability and then he was vulnerable. There was no need for Chuuya to use his gift. If he can’t extend it to his enemy, he can’t manipulate his gravity.
Yoshiro yawned. “You are boring, midget.”
Chuuya’s eyes flashed. “What did you say?”
“I have better things to do, than to play with you.” He glanced at Akutagawa, then slipped through the ground and disappeared.
“No,” Chuuya shook his head. “Akutagawa, look out!” He screamed and dashed in his subordinate’s direction.
Akutagawa tried to use Rashomon to rise higher in the air, to keep distance, but he was too late. Yoshiro appeared behind him and stuck the syringe in his neck. A tendril lashed out and cut down the man’s right hand. He screamed, grabbed his bleeding wrist and backed away from Akutagawa. Chuuya jump kicked him in the face, sent both of them flying. Akutagawa ripped out the needle from his skin.
“You son of a bitch!” Chuuya stood above the man and pushed him hard into the ground with For the Tainted Sorrow. “It’s two against one, you can’t win even with your dirty tricks!” Chuuya fumed, his face twisted with rage and disgust. “You die here!” His eyes flashed, but before he could send out the crushing wave Yoshiro slipped through the ground again.
He appeared behind Chuuya and whispered into his ear. “Is that so?” he stabbed Chuuya in the back with Chuuya’s own knife. The redhead fell on his knees.
“How?” He looked back over his shoulder panting.
Akutagawa lashed out Rashomon’s maw, but it was useless, the beast slipped through Yoshiro’s body. It was like fighting against smoke. Unless Yoshiro made a mistake, they weren’t able to land a hit. They could only play it safe and hope that the bastard would bleed to death soon. Akutagawa scoffed in annoyance.
Yoshiro laughed and pushed a gun against Chuuya’s temple, he didn’t seem to care about his injury. Akutagawa’s eyes widened.
“Chuuya-san!” he screamed. His body shook with powerless rage.
Chuuya chuckled.
“What’s so funny?” Yoshiro grimaced. “Do you want to die that badly?”
Chuuya closed his eyes. “Akutagawa, I hope you know how to use a syringe.”
Akutagawa shook his head in disbelief. “How could I? I can’t even hit him-”
Oh, grantors of dark disgrace ” Chuuya’s eyes shot open. “ do not wake me again!

The red markings ran through Chuuya’s body in an instant. Yoshiro was only one second late to fire his gun. The bullet floated in the red gravitational field, harmless. The man backed away.
“That can’t be, what are you?” He shook his head. Chuuya stood up, the movement was ragged, terrifying. He leaned forward and screamed into his opponent’s face, the voice hurt the ear-drums. It was high, animalistic. Chuuya tilted his head sideways. A feral grin spread on his face, his pupils just a thin line.
Akutagawa trembled in fear. He’d heard about Corruption before but never thought that it was like this. Listening to the stories and seeing it in person were two things that couldn’t be compared. Chuuya wasn’t recognizable at all. The creature was something else, something more vicious, something unearthly. A pure destructive force, that didn’t care about friend or foe, it just wanted to rip the world apart. Akutagawa tightened his hold on the syringe.
Red orbs formed in Chuuya’s palms.
Yoshiro laughed. “Is this another trick? Didn’t you learn from before? Just because you look scarier doesn’t mean you can’t hit me.”
Chuuya giggled to himself.
“Yoshiro,” Akutagawa said. “Those can hit you, even though you can go through solid material, you can’t evade a black hole.”
Yoshiro’s eyes widened. “Are you kidding me?”
Chuuya charged forward, holding one of his graviton orbs in front of him. The black haired man backed away but he wasn’t fast enough. Chuuya threw the ball at him which chipped away the man’s left arm. Yoshiro screamed, so did Chuuya. The terrified mixed with the insane.

Akutagawa couldn’t do anything except watch. He hoped that this would be over soon, and the ability inhibitor would work against Corruption. If it didn’t they would all be dead with the rest of the city before Chuuya collapsed dead.
“What is this monster? Make it stop!” Yoshiro pleaded. He fell on the ground. “Please, I won’t tell anyone about you, just please.”
Akutagawa’s face twisted.
“You are weak after all. Begging for your life. You should die too, to give place to the strong,” he said with a disgusted tone in his voice.

Blood dripped from Chuuya’s nose. He was standing above the black haired man, both his hands raised high in the air forming one huge graviton bomb. He never stopped his maniac laugh, not for a second. Yoshiro tried to slip into the ground to escape the inevitable, Chuuya wailed and threw the orb at him. It left a huge hole at impact, the man was nowhere to be seen.

Akutagawa moved immediately. Chuuya started to throw the bombs at random. The monster in his body wanted to destroy. Akutagawa lashed himself out with the help of Rashomon and got behind his superior. He didn’t hesitate, once he was close enough, he stabbed the syringe into Chuuya’s neck and pushed the ability inhibitor into his system. Chuuya turned back, the younger man saw the hit coming, he shielded himself with Rashomon. Chuuya punched him away. Akutagawa managed to land on his feet unscratched with the help of his ability. He clenched his hand into a fist.
“Come on! Work already!” he hissed through his teeth.
Chuuya took some wobbly steps, then fell on the ground, face forward. The laughter died out and gave way to the ragged breathing. The markings started to fade away from Chuuya’s skin. Akutagawa ran to Chuuya, he fell on his knees next to him.
“Chuuya-san!” He grabbed his shoulder.
Chuuya grunted.

“What are you doing here? Where is Yoshiro?” Akutagawa snapped at the familiar sound.
Ethan, the errand boy who helped them get into the organization stood in front of them with the same withered bouquet that they found in front of their door in the morning.
“Ethan-” Akutagawa whispered.
The screeching sound of tires interrupted them. A silver haired man and two others jumped out of the car.
“What the fuck happened here?” he asked as he looked around.
“We got into a little trouble,” Akutagawa said. “Yoshiro thought that we had a traitor among our lines.” He stood up and bore his eyes into Ethan’s. The blonde’s jaw dropped, he shook his head, the flowers slipped out of his hold.
“Ethan!” the silver haired man snapped at him. “Is that true? How could you?”
The blonde shifted his weight from one leg to the other, and looked around nervously for escape routes. Chuuya managed to push himself into a sitting position with a moan. He leaned against Akutagawa’s leg for support. The ability inhibitor and the blood loss made him dizzy.
“He started working for the Port Mafia,” Chuuya grunted.
Ethan clenched his hand into a fist.
“You are so pathetic! The Mafia is much more powerful than you think! They will destroy you! You have no chance!” he shouted.
The silver haired man sighed.
“Let’s get this over with,” he handed his gun to Akutagawa. “You found him, you do it. I hope you have the guts.” For a long moment he looked the raven haired boy in the eye.

Akutagawa nodded and took the firearm. He pointed it at Ethan’s head.
“You can’t do this! Of all people you just can’t.” The blonde shook his head with disbelief.
“I can’t take the bullet for you this time,” Akutagawa said in a cold tone.
Then, Ethan’s whole body trembled. He opened his mouth, but couldn’t say anything else because Akutagawa shot him in the forehead. His lifeless body dropped on the ground with a loud thud. Akutagawa lowered his head.
“Don’t ruin it with your begging,” he whispered.

“Can… someone… help… here?” Chuuya collapsed on the ground again, losing his consciousness.


“So, Ethan really started to work for the mafia?” Akutagawa asked.

“It seems so, poor fellow.” Chuuya grunted as he got up from the couch. Post-Corruption alone was terrible, now it was paired with a stab wound and the after effects of the ability inhibitor. He never wanted to take that stuff again even if it meant Arahabaki tearing him apart from the inside out.
“That’s why I hate being undercover. You get to know good people, and the only thing they gain from you is a bullet in the head,” a sad smile invaded his face. “I hope he didn’t actually know that we were with the mafia too.”

Chuuya disappeared into the kitchen without a word and came back only minutes later with two wine glass and the bottle of Petrus. He placed them on the coffee table and dropped back on the couch. He looked at Akutagawa with a determined look in his eyes.
“I know you don’t really drink, just share this one with me.”
Akutagawa let out a tiny sigh. “Okay.”
Chuuya uncorked the bottle and poured the crimson liquid into the glasses, he swirled each of them for a good minute to air the wine.
“Since I don’t have the proper equipment for this beauty I fear that the experience won’t be the same like at my place but I hope you will still enjoy it.” he handed one to Akutagawa.
Chuuya raised his own glass.
“To Ethan,” he said with a gloomy tone and sipped.
“Yeah,” Akutagawa hummed.

Chapter Text

After word got out that Ethan betrayed the Brotherhood of the Night for the Port Mafia and Akutagawa had been the one to execute him, his and Chuuya's reputations grew wings. The lower members trusted them almost unconditionally and their positions seemed to be secured once again. They were almost at the end of their mission. The only thing that stood between them and Tadashi, the most powerful man in the whole organization, was the silver haired executive, Rosco. He looked more trusting than his partner was, who mysteriously disappeared and was declared killed in action , after not showing up for weeks.

Chuuya yawned and leaned against the car.
“Where the fuck is that man? He said he would be here by seven. It’s already half past seven and he is nowhere to be seen,” he whined.
“Chuuya-san, be a little bit more patient. If Rosco says he will be somewhere at a certain time, it will only take one extra hour from then for him to show up. You shall know him better after all these upcoming weeks.” Akutagawa turned away and coughed.
“But, to the hell with him, I’m bored.” Chuuya kicked the dirt with his shoes.
“Are you complaining about me, midget?” Chuuya snapped in the direction of the voice to see the silver haired man laughing.
“You should get your ass here in time then I won’t wail about you being late,” Chuuya scoffed.
Rosco stepped to them and flipped Chuuya’s hat. The redhead had to catch it so it wouldn’t fall on the ground.
“What the-” Chuuya narrowed his eyes and put the garment back on his head to its rightful place.
“Rosco,” Akutagawa coughed again to gain their attention before they jumped at each other's throats. “What are your plans?”
“Hahhh!” The older man placed his hand on Akutagawa’s shoulder. “I have a surprise for you. Let’s go and grab a drink! Hey kid,” he turned to Chuuya. “want to drive?”
“Rosco, I swear to God, if you keep messing with me you will be the flattest executive in history.” Chuuya pierced him with a look.
The silver haired man laughed.
“I’m just teasing you! You know I like both of you, you are good lads.” He patted the redhead’s back reassuringly.
“Yeah,” Chuuya landed a weak punch on Rosco’s shoulder. “You big old greyhound.”
The older man laughed again, this time deep from the belly, even a tear escaped the corner of his eye.
“That means I’m still faster than you, right?” He winked at Chuuya then turned to Akutagawa. “Ok, get in the car and let’s go! I’m thirsty!”
Chuuya spinned the keys around his index finger with a huge grin on his face. Akutagawa sighed and climbed into the back seats. The redhead occupied the driver’s seat and started the engine. He smiled and ran his fingers across the instrument panel.
“Ohhh, you sound nice today, girl.”
Rosco slid in next to Akutagawa.
“Who are you talking to, lad?” he asked.
“Didn’t you know that cars have souls? If you are nice to them, they will be nice to you too.” Chuuya teased the older man.
“Bullshit,” Rosco waved his hand “Just drive!” He grinned at Chuuya.
“Oh, someone is impatient. You want a drink that much?”
“Ri-” Rosco couldn’t finish the sentence because Chuuya floored the pedal and the car shot out, almost making the man bit his tongue.
“You are a crazy lad!” he shook his head.
Chuuya only laughed as an answer and fixated his eyes on the road.


“We are here, pull over!” Rosco patted Chuuya’s shoulder and pointed to the building on the right.
The redhead nodded and stopped the car in front of the bar. They climbed out of the vehicle.
“So, this is where you spend most of your days.” Chuuya stretched his muscles.
Rosco lightly smacked the back of his head.
“Oi!” Chuuya grabbed his hat and hissed at the older man.
“Don’t bitch about it, it’s a good bar, and they have nice vodka.”
“I thought you would be more like a whiskey person.” Akutagawa said.
‘Well, I would, but they don’t have anything good here.” Rosco laughed. “Come on, get in.”
He gestured the other two to go in first. They settled at the small table in the back corner of the bar and Rosco ordered vodka for all of them.

“You will see, this is a good place. They have nice booze and most importantly, the bartender is discreet. As long as you don’t make a scene or stab someone to death, we will be alright,” he winked.
“So I can poke you with my knife as long as I don’t kill you?” Chuuya leaned closer and grinned.
“Lad, behave!” Rosco chuckled.
Chuuya snorted and dropped back in his seat.
“Why did you invite us? I would’ve guessed you had more than enough drinking buddies,” Akutagawa coughed.
“Oh,” Rosco’s face lightened up. “Because it’s a special occasion and we need to drink to this!” He slammed his palm on the table.
The drinks arrived but the silver haired man shook his hand, so Chuuya withdrew his hand from his glass.
“What now?” Chuuya grimaced.
“I said I have a surprise. Did you lads forget?” Rosco closed his eyes, smiling and shook his head.
Chuuya and Akutagawa looked at each other, they shared a few confused blinks.
“Come on, it’s nothing bad,” the older man laughed as he saw their puzzled expressions.
He reached into his inner pocket and placed a black box wrapped with a red ribbon in front of Akutagawa.
The raven haired boy looked at Rosco, then at the box. He reached out slowly to undo the bow. His muscles tensed a bit, he didn’t know what to expect. He lifted the lid and peeked inside. His eyes rounded.
“What is it Akutagawa?” Chuuya shifted his weight in his seat to see better.
Akutagawa removed the top to reveal the gun inside, there was a date engraved into the barrel. He glanced up, one brow raised. Rosco was smiling with a thousand watts.
“The protocol says ‘I shall kiss you on both of your cheeks as congratulations’, but I think we can let that part slip. I don’t think you would appreciate it anyway.”
Akutagawa blinked his eyes a few times, still not understanding what the other man wanted.
“Good job, you are now an executive of the Brotherhood of the Night!” he reached out, ruffled Akutagawa’s hair, and patted his shoulders.
Chuuya’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped.
“Oh, wow,” the redhead managed to say. It took a few minutes to process what he heard. “You hear that, Akutagawa? You are a miniboss now!” he grinned and brought his arm around Akutagawa's neck. “I’m so proud of you.” He mimicked that he wiped down a tear from the corner of his eye, he even sniffed.
Akutagawa smiled and lightly punched him in the stomach with his elbow.
“Stop it, everyone will look at us, it’s embarrassing,” he hid his face with his hand with the weak excuse of a cough.
“Oh,” Chuuya placed his hands on the table and leaned forward to have a better look at the weapon.
“It’s familiar,” he hummed. “Rosco, isn’t this your gun?”
“It is,” he swirled the liquor in his glass. “Akutagawa, do you remember it?”
“This is the gun I used to kill Ethan,” his tone dropped into a more serious one. “I guess the date also matches…”
Rosco nodded.
”That’s right. You killed a traitor and you achieved a rank of an executive. You are pretty young, but the others look up to you and they like your quiet nature, so I said a few good words for you. Also, with Yoshiro gone, we were in a need of a new… what did you say, lad?” he glanced at Chuuya. “Right, ‘miniboss’!” He raised his glass.
Chuuya chuckled and raised his glass too. He looked at Akutagawa from the corner of his eye. The boy hesitated a bit but followed them.
“Cheers!” they said then emptied their glasses.


After a few rounds of shots Rosco’s tongue seemed to loosen. He started talking about his comrades, about that ass Yorshiro, how stubborn he was, and how Tadashi liked him for being loyal, doing everything without question. He poured another portion of the liquor down his throat for his lost colleague. He gave up on ordering single shots a while ago so a full bottle stood on the table. He reached out to it and poured another round of the booze.
“So, tell us about Tadashi.” Chuuya circled his finger around the rim of his glass.
“He is crazy, dedicated to the last. But I say this to you lads, you better not make him angry. He can do ugly things.” Rosco hiccuped.
Akutagawa coughed. “I heard rumors about him.”
“Whatever you heard, that must be true!” The silver haired man hit the wooden surface with his palm.
Chuuya picked up his drink and leaned forward. “Tell me every dirty little detail,” he drank then dropped the glass back on the table.
“They say that he has something rather valuable in his hold.”
“I’m afraid you heard that right, Tadashi has this… drug. I don’t exactly know how it works, but it’s nasty stuff.” Rosco stared at his liquor.
“You mean the ability inhibitor?” Akutagawa leaned closer.
“No, not that,” Rosco waved dismissively. “Something bigger. It sends shivers down my spine just to think about it.” He clenched his hand around his drink.
“What is it old man?” Chuuya pressed his lips into a thin line, he was listening with his every nerve.
The silver haired man shook his head. “That man is sick.”
Akutagawa reached out above the table and gripped the man’s shoulder to gain his attention.
“Rosco, you have to tell us.”
The man chuckled. “I must sound like a coward.” He emptied his glass in one go and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.
“He has a method to make artificial abilities,” he spat.
“What?” Chuuya and Akutagawa asked at the same time, their eyes rounded.
“What do you mean by that?” Akutagawa pushed.
“He injects the stuff into non ability users. If the formula is ready it can cause a genetic mutation. The subjects will gain an ability. But it’s still unstable, none of the experiments succeeded yet.” He gestured to the bartender to bring him another bottle of vodka.
Chuuya balled his hand into a fist to suppress his anger.
“You know that this is incredibly serious. He can create an army of ability users if he manages to make this work.” Akutagawa said in a quiet tone.
“Yeah,” Rosco nodded. He sucked in a deep breath and forced a smile on his face. He patted Akutagawa on the back so hard the boy had to cough. “Anyway, we are here to celebrate your promotion! Come on, drink with me!”


“So this is it?” Akutagawa flipped a page of the file in his hands.
“Yeah,” Rosco looked around. There were only four of them in the basement. Akutagawa, Chuuya, Rosco, and one of his men. Still, the silver haired executive was nervous. He shouldn’t show the archives to the boys just yet, but god those two could be so convincing, especially after a few rounds of vodka. He scratched his neck. He was sure that he could drink the youngsters under the table anytime, but they somehow managed to stay sober the whole night. They must have tricked him and poured out their own drinks without even taking a sip. Rosco sighed, that really was a waste.
Chuuya tiptoed and peeked at the papers from over Akutagawa’s shoulder. He narrowed his eyes. Akutagawa skimmed through the rows. He flipped back at a certain page several times.
“It says there were,” he searched for the number with his index finger. “Thirty six experiments and all of them failed.”
Chuuya could feel his muscles tense. Thirty six sounded awfully familiar to him.
Akutagawa turned to Rosco and looked him in the eye.
“Rosco,” his tone was cold and demanding. “you didn’t stop the tests even when the casualties rose high and you didn’t continue the researches. It’s not professional testing it’s just using people as lab rats and seeing if any of them will come out on top from this.”
“I don’t agree either,” Rosco shook his head. “But Tadashi won’t listen to reason. He only wants this to work and doesn’t care about what will happen to those poor fellas.”
Chuuya could feel the tension crawling up all the way up his spine, digging its claws into the skin of his back. He clenched his hand into a fist and hissed through his teeth.
“Oi, what happened exactly?” He ripped the papers out of Akutagawa’s hand and waved it in front of the silver haired man. “This shit doesn’t say anything.” He tossed the file on the ground in front of the older man’s feet.

Akutagawa closed his eyes and placed a hand on Chuuya’s shoulder to keep his temper in check.
“He is right. All that the records say is that the tests failed after a few days. Or sometimes it mentions rejection, but there is more to it, isn’t there?”
Chuuya lowered his head to hide his face.
“Just tell us, alright, old man,” he bit on his lower lip.
Rosco looked at his man from the corner of his eye. The other one understood the signal and turned his back to them. The silver haired man rubbed his hands together nervously.
“The drug really does shit with people. You can’t trick nature, those who were born without an ability should stay that way. Artificial stuff does no good.” He looked at Chuuya. “I guess I don’t need to explain it to someone who already tasted the ability inhibitor and it’s nasty side effects.” Chuuya growled silently.
“Once they inject the people with it they go crazy. They scream and tear off their skin with their own nails because the pain is so unbearable.” His voice dropped. “Sometimes I can hear them in my sleep. It’s like poisoning them, giving them a toxin that slowly burns them from inside out.”
Akutagawa felt Chuuya shaking with rage under his hand. He gripped his shoulder tighter to hold him back.
“Sometimes they die shortly after.” Rosco continued as a painful smile rushed through his features. ”Sometimes they suffer for days, some of them killed themselves just to escape this hell.” He took in a deep breath and rubbed his face with his palm. “I say to you lads, the first option is the best.”
Chuuya’s anger bursted out, he stepped forward and screamed into Rosco’s face, the only reason he wasn’t above the man already was that Akutagawa was still holding onto him.
“THIRTY SIX! Thirty fucking six people!” His face was twitching and his eyes held the look that he could strangle anyone only with his gaze.
“Rosco, who were these people?” Akutagawa asked quietly.
The man sighed. “I wish I could tell you that they were volunteers, but I don’t want to lie.” he swallowed. ”They were citizens who opposed us from Port Mafia territory.”
The fuse that was set in Chuuya’s mind before burned down and his fury went off with a huge blow. Pure disgust spread on his face warping his delicate features into something dark. It wasn’t like Corruption’s madness, it was an unmistaken will to kill, to rip everything apart till his hand was soaking in the blood of the culprit, the sick mind who caused all this inhuman suffering. Something inside him moved, it came from deep, from his past. He lashed out with a growl tearing himself away from Akutagawa. He lifted the taller man by his collar.
“You bastard, you kidnapped people and tortured them to death with your gross games!” he spat. “You are a fucking executive damnit! You should have done something!” His hold was shaking along with his whole body.
Rosco looked down at him.
“I couldn’t, I’m just as angry as you are.” His voice was nothing more than a whisper.
“Don’t shit with me,” the redhead narrowed his eyes.
Akutagawa grabbed Chuuya by the shoulder, with a yank he turned him to look him in the eye, making him drop his hold on the silver haired man. Chuuya stared at him, the blue orbs dark grey with rage. Akutagawa didn’t wait for his retort, he slapped Chuuya on the face.
“Enough,” he hissed.
Chuuya’s eyes widened and he reached out for his reddened cheek. He inhaled deep, swallowed down his pride and bowed his head.
“I apologize.”

Rosco took a few steps back and readjusted his clothes. His man turned back by the sound of the hit. He raised his hand and slid knuckle duster on his fingers.
“You son of a bitch. I will beat the shit out of-”
Akutagawa’s eyes flashed. He pierced the man with his gaze, Rashomon swirled around his body. The thug gulped and took a step back.
“I will be the one to decide if he deserves more punishment, not you. You little piece of shit. Know your place!”
The man yowled and looked away.
“Rosco, I would be glad if you could keep your hunting dogs on a leash.”
“Ah, yes, sorry about that.” The silver haired man scratched his chin and waved to the hitman to stand back.
Akutagawa looked at Chuuya.
“Go, we will speak later.”
The redhead turned on his heels without another word, his eyes burned with powerless rage. He left in a rush, not looking back for a second.


Akutagawa found Chuuya sitting on the couch, his head dropped back and his elbows were resting on the top of the furniture. He was sure that Chuuya noticed him coming in yet he didn’t show any sign of it. He shoved his hands into his pockets and stopped before the redhead. Chuuya raised his head a bit and looked at him with one eye.
“What else did the bastard say?” his voice still held a hint of anger.
Akutagawa downcasted his eyes and sighed.
“Not much, are you sure you want to know the rest?”
Chuuya leaned forward, hiding his face with his laced his fingers, he placed his elbows on his knees.
Akutagawa took a deep breath and inhaled before he continued.
“It didn't make a difference who the subject was. It didn’t matter to them. Most of them were men, but they also had women and children too.” He could see Chuuya tense, but the redhead didn’t interrupt him. “They wanted to show an example. As you know, all the experiments failed.”
“The bodies?” Chuuya snapped.
“Got disposed in the junkyard.” Akutagawa looked at Chuuya, he could feel his stomach sink. What these men did was below him, he hated them for this. He was just as disgusted in these methods as Chuuya.
“Those shitheads.” Chuuya fisted the couch to let out some of the still boiling steam from his system. “Akutagawa, we need to stop this before anyone else gets captured.” He stared at his palm with empty eyes.
“No one deserves to be treated like that.” He balled his hand so hard his nails dug into the skin.
“Chuuya-san.” He sat down on the edge of the furniture next to Chuuya. “If we retrieve the research data and the drug, what happens then?”
Chuuya let out a huge sigh. “You are worried about Mori-san. I get it. He is a doctor and the boss of the mafia. I’m sure as hell that he would be interested in this stuff more than anyone. If he managed to make this work, he would have the most powerful organization in Japan, if not in the whole world,” he rubbed his face. “I can only hope that he can keep his right mind and act according to that.”
Akutagawa nodded.
“He gives the orders, we follow them and hope for the best.” Chuuya smiled sadly.
“Anyway, this is our job, we can’t help it,” he laughed but hissed when the sudden pain rushed through him from his bruised cheek.
“Fuck, your slap is hard man,” the redhead whined.

Akutagawa reached out and caressed Chuuya’s face where his hit landed earlier. The skin was still red and a bit swollen.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. I hope you know that. It was just to show them-” he couldn’t finish the sentence because Chuuya leaned forward and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. Akutagawa’s eyes rounded. He sucked in a sharp breath.
“I-” Chuuya tried to protest but the words died in his throat.
Akutagawa moved in a split second. He pinned Chuuya against the couch and devoured his lips. The movement was harsh, commanding and rushed. Months of built up stress escaped in this moment. Chuuya moaned and melted into the kiss. Akutagawa suddenly withdrew, his cheeks turned red with embarrassment.
“Chuuya-san. I-I’m sorry, I-”
“Oh, shut up!” Chuuya smiled and pulled him back by his collar. Their lips connected once again with a soft, feather like touch. Akutagawa’s tensed muscles relaxed as Chuuya lead him. The redhead pulled him close and caressed the raven locks as they took their time to explore each other’s mouths. Akutagawa started unbuttoning the redhead’s shirt while his lips trailed down Chuuya’s jawline and neck, sucking tiny bruises in his way. Chuuya whimpered and gripped the younger man’s hair. Akutagawa sighed against the white skin, his warm breath earned goosebumps from the executive. The younger man was impatient, he could feel his blood boiling in his system. Every kiss, every contact of their skin sent him to the edge, touching Chuuya like this, seeing his body react to the slightest gestures, hearing the pleasured sounds escaping his slightly parted lips, it was something new, something exciting. Akutagawa’s heart was racing against his ribs. He ripped the buttons he didn’t manage to undo by the first try. Chuuya sucked in a deep breath as the cold air sent shivers through his muscles now that his chest was completely exposed. Chuuya caressed Akutagawa’s face who leaned to the touch. Akutagawa glanced up to meet the redhead’s grinning face, cheeks slightly pink. He saw the desire in the sparkling blue eyes. The younger man smirked. He trailed his fingers along every muscle on Chuuya’s upper body. He stroked away a stray red lock from the other’s face and traced down his lips with his thumb. He leaned forward so their foreheads touched. They were both panting, skin hot with built up pleasure. Akutagawa sucked on Chuuya’s neck while his nails were lightly scraping his side. The executive’s back arched under the touch, his hands clenched the edge of the couch. Akutagawa slid his fingers under the redhead’s belt and moved to kiss all the way down to Chuuya’s abdomen, paying special attention to his now oversensitive nipples. Chuuya squeezed his eyes shut and a loud moan escaped his lips. Akutagawa reached up with his other hand behind the redhead’s back, and grabbed him to hold him steady, fingers gripping the soft skin of his waist.
“Akutagawa,” Chuuya whispered, his voice ragged from excitement, his face coloured with a red flush.
Loud, impatient banging interrupted them from the front door. Akutagawa growled, he dug his nails into Chuuya’s sides earning a soft sigh from the other. The banging continued.
“For fucks sake,” Chuuya hissed.
Akutagawa let out an angry sigh and stood up but was stopped in his tracks when the redhead caught his hand and placed a soft kiss on the inner side of his wrist.
“I will go. If you open it, you will kill them for sure.” Chuuya smiled mischievously. He stood up and pushed Akutagawa back onto the couch.
“Right,” the younger one murmured and looked away. His frustrated look told everything about how annoyed he was about the interruption.
“Just a minute.” Chuuya leaned down and pecked Akutagawa’s forehead before leaving.
Akutagawa slumped back into the cushions taking deep breaths to calm down. He rubbed his face with his palm. What has he done? He is such an idiot. He cursed himself.

A minute later, he heard the soft sound of the door closing. Chuuya appeared in the living room with a huge grin on his face. Akutagawa tilted his head to the side and raised one brow.
Chuuya chuckled. Akutagawa was way too sweet with this expression he couldn’t keep his good mood under check.
“They are rebelling!” the redhead stamped his foot in excitement.
Akutagawa leaned forward. “Seriously?” he asked in a surprised tone.
“Yes!” Chuuya stepped closer. “It seems like Rosco finally did something against that shithead Tadashi’s reign.”
Akutagawa chuckled. “It looks like things are progressing smoothly.”
“Yeah, finally!” Chuuya rolled his eyes. He looked at Akutagawa and bit on his lip.
“So now,” he whispered and climbed onto Akutagawa’s lap, trapping the younger man in between his thighs. He grabbed Akutagawa’s collar and pulled him close, their lips were only inches apart. Akutagawa could feel Chuuya’s warm, shaky breath against his skin, he shivered by the sensation.
“Where were we?” Chuuya closed the distance between them and gripped into the raven locks.