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It was truly unfair what Yosuke was doing to him. They hadn’t had alone time in almost a week and here they both were, stuck around all their friends in the middle of the downtown district trying to cool off during a heat wave by way of whatever frozen things they could find inside of Shiroku’s outdoor freezer. And Yosuke.

Yosuke had chosen a topsicle.

Yu knew that spending his summer vacation in Inaba when he and his partner were still a secret would be tricky. But mostly, he thought it would be difficult to avoid the loving stares and knowing glances, the urge to hold his hand, even the way they spoke to one another. He thought it would be difficult to mask his desire to be alone with him while their entire group was out traipsing the sunset-dusted streets of Okina or chowing down at a tiny table in Aiya’s and he was pressed so tightly up against Yosuke that he could feel the vibrations of his voice through his skin. And, so far, all of that had been difficult.

But this was a new level of hell. Yosuke mouthing that topsicle like he’d seen him do somewhat recently to a certain . . . appendage wasn’t a sight (or a reaction) he’d prepared himself to face today. It was because they hadn’t done it in awhile, Yu convinced himself. That had to be it. Ordinarily, Yu wouldn’t be staring slack-jawed like this, his ice cream stick running in a melted mess over his wrist, pants growing tighter the longer he watched Yosuke’s cheeks narrow and bulge as he sucked on the length in his mouth. It didn’t help that the glistening cream was running down his chin . . .

Yu tried to swallow but since his throat was dry, he coughed instead.

“You okay, senpai?” Rise asked up at him innocently (too innocently, in his opinion) through slurps of her own ice cream. She batted her eyes up at him adoringly which made him swallow again, though this time for an entirely different reason. “Oh! Your ice cream! Senpai!”

Yu blinked over at his wrist to find that half of his ice cream was gone. He’d only had a few licks, which meant that the sun had been taking advantage of the situation while he was distracted. Yosuke stopped sucking on his to look over at the commotion. After taking in Yu’s obvious distress, Yosuke’s initial confusion over what had Yu so distracted soon morphed into a very telling smirk - which Yu saw and pointedly ignored.

He cleared his throat and walked on suddenly shaky legs to the trash outside of Shiroku’s to toss the treat, flustered and a little deflated he’d let it go to waste because of his own libido.

“Are feeling okay, Yu-kun? Your stomach’s not upset, is it?” Yukiko had already finished hers and was standing as poised and as perfect as ever. She looked much more mature with her hair pulled up and it always gave Yu pause.

He smiled coolly at her, hoping the flush on his cheeks could be explained by the heat. “No, I’m fine, Yukiko, thanks. It’s just-” he glanced over to Yosuke who was staring point blank at him with only the tip of the treat in his mouth- “too hot, even for ice cream.”

“I don’t know. This is really hittin’ the spot if you ask me,” Yosuke drawled lazily as he continued giving long licks to the ever-shortening rod (rod?!) of frozen tofu. His tongue had to be cold by now and Yu was sure it would feel and taste amazing in his mouth, slick from the melting cream, his wet lips dragging over the topsicle’s length as Yu slowly removed it inch by inch and- wow, Yu really knew how to dig his own grave, didn’t he?

With great difficulty, he pulled his eyes away and stared at the sizzling concrete, counting the dozens of droplets of ice cream that littered it. Even still, with his eyes off his boyfriend, the image of Yosuke’s mouth taking a topiscle burned in the back of his mind like the sun on the back of his neck.

“I have an idea! Why don’t we go to Okina? We can watch a movie or something,” Rise offered after a long, loud slurp.

“Oooo that’s a good idea!” Chie chimed in. “Movie theaters are freezing. That would be way better than standing out in this.”

The others nodded in agreement and Teddie cheered.

A movie theater, Yu mused. He glanced over at Yosuke once more and watched helplessly as his boyfriend took the entire topsicle in his mouth, his eyes shooting into Yu’s as he drew it out. Yu whined in his throat. Movie theater, he thought again. Right now he’d prefer the alley five feet away, but honestly, just about anything was better than this.

“Sounds like a plan.”


As expected, the movie theater was freezing, a welcome change from the heat of Inaba’s summer sun. What was even better - Yosuke had finally finished his fucking topsicle. His lips were a deep red color from the ice and he kept licking them which was a fair bit distracting, but far preferable to what Yu had been avoiding for the past hour.

The eight of them sat together on an empty row of an even emptier theater. They’d deliberately picked an old movie so that they could talk during the film if they wanted and not disturb an audience. Their kohai had left to get snacks and Yukiko had followed Chie to the bathroom shortly afterwards, which left Yu and Yosuke sitting alone side by side.

As soon as he saw Chie’s brunette bob disappear around the banister towards the exit, Yu turned to Yosuke with intent. “Enjoyed yourself a little too much with that topsicle earlier, eh Yosuke?” he murmured, even though there was no one around to hear him.

Yosuke pulled a face and rolled his eyes, but he wore a pleased smile that couldn’t fool anyone. “You’re still on that? Come on, partner, it was just ice cream.”

Yu glared at him, the heat from earlier rising back into his blood. His lips were close, too close for Yu’s liking, and the smile that tugged his mouth was also tugging Yu in. Yu had to take a breath and consciously tell himself to lean back. “You know perfectly well what that looked like,” he hissed.

Yosuke shrugged in an attempt to appear nonchalant, but Yu could see the rosey color in his cheeks. “It was . . . phallic, I’ll give you that - but it’s still nothing to get worked up over,” he teased, voice dipping low between them.

Yu leaned in towards him again, finally failing against the incessant heat that had plagued him all afternoon. “I’ll give you something to get work-”

“-Here you go, Senpai,” Kanji grumbled, shoving his fountain drink in his face.

Yu had to adjust his posture, his clothes, and then he took the sweating drink from his kohai, a frown edging each end of his mouth. “Thanks, Kanji-kun,” he said through a locked jaw.

Beside him, Yosuke silently snickered in victory, and Yu, now surrounded by his friends once again, was unable to inform his unfortunate second half that it would indeed be short-lived.