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The Curse of a Broken Bottle

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Gas streetlamps over an empty cobblestone street cast the silhouettes of two drunk, giggling young men over soot-blackened limestone buildings. One shop window proclaimed Arcturus’s Antiques and Artefacts in gold-leaf letters that curled over a display of bottled salamanders, a velvet bag of dead men’s knuckle bones, uncut crystal stones, ornate inkwells and quills, brass weight scales, and a curious set of leather-bound tomes. The window glass reflected the young men’s unbuttoned collars and open black robes as they stumbled to the shop’s emerald green front door. The shorter of the two men fumbled to fish his keys out of his pocket, too inebriated and eager to get inside. Grinning, he said, “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“You’re fucking insane, Kaz,” his partner said with a laugh. He leaned over Kaz’s shoulder, wrapping his arms around him and sneaking his hand between the buttons of his shirt. His fingers ran across Kaz’s top surgery scars and then pinched his nipple. Against his ear, he whispered, “I hope your master’s shop has thick walls.”

Kaz made a small sound of surprise and dropped his keys. “Rion!” He blushed and slipped out of his arms to get his keys. “Wait ’til we’re inside.”

Rion knelt down with Kaz. As Kaz picked up his keys, Rion’s large hand wrapped around Kaz’s willowy fingers. Rion bent to face Kaz with a mischievous smirk. “A little flirting never killed anyone.” He stood again and helped Kaz keep his hand steady as he unlocked the door. A bell jingled in the stale, dusty air as they stepped inside. Glass shelves and repurposed dining tables displayed hundreds of odd and old objects of all shapes and sizes, ranging from fine jewelry to taxidermy animals. Rion shut the door and relocked it.  “Now,” he said, pushing Kaz to the checkout counter, “where were we?”

“Ah!” Kaz fell backwards, grabbing a fistful of Rion’s robe and shirt as his other hand caught the counter to brace himself, but Rion had already caught Kaz’s back with a firm hand. With an embarrassed but pleased huff, Kaz rested his forehead against Rion’s chest. “Warn me before you manhandle me, dumbass.” Rion’s grey sweater smelled like eucalyptus and patchouli from the potion ingredients he dispensed all day at his apprenticeship down the street.

“Can you blame me for being excited?” Rion leaned forward, pressing his chest and waist against Kaz’s slender body, and continued to hold up Kaz with one hand. The shadows of window letters and the ochre light of the streetlamps rippled over their robes like tiger stripes. Rion’s other hand ran down Kaz’s back, but his robe and the counter stopped him from going further. He pulled back away from Kaz to look down at his dark bronze face, then tugged on the black fabric of his robe. “I think it’s time to get rid of this now.”

Kaz breathed a laugh. “Okay, but let’s go to the back before someone sees us through the window.”

Bending down to peck Kaz’s cheek, Rion asked, “Would that really be such a bad thing?”

Kaz reddened to his ears. He smacked Rion lightly and said, “You’re gonna get me fired.” His smile stubbornly remained even as he tried to sound serious. “We should’ve gone to your shop if we were gonna be this stupid.”

“Then we definitely would’ve had an audience,” Rion answered. “You know Lyra likes working late. Although,” he added, looking roguish, “she probably wouldn’t mind a distraction if—”

“No!” Kaz cleared his throat and repeated more calmly, “No, I just want it to be us. Okay?” He moved his hands to fold his arms against the small of Rion’s back.

Rion leaned back to study Kaz for a moment. He frowned slightly. “Okay then.” He pulled Kaz into a hug and kissed the top of his head, breathing deeply in the smell of sandalwood and aged paper that permeated the smaller man’s bronze skin and dyed garnet-red hair. Rion then stepped back again and pointed to a doorway with a curtain of amber beads. “You usually work back there, right?” One side of the doorway stood the wall of clouded jars behind the counter, and the other side had glass-door cabinets filled with ancient relics and intricate jewelry available for sale.

“Yeah.” Kaz led the way and parted the amber beads for Rion to step into a dark hallway. Kaz snapped his fingers to make a flame appear at the tip of his thumb, illuminating horrid floral wallpaper. They walked down to a wide storeroom full of open-sided shelves packed with boxes and crates of every size. The light of Kaz’s little flame over his thumb hardly reached the back of the room. Sawdust packing and mouse droppings gathered in dark corners and along the aisles. They turned round the corner where a small oak desk was pressed against the opposite wall of the hallway. Like an afterthought, it had been tucked into an easily overlooked corner. A faded map of the world was pinned on the wall above it. Kaz flicked his wrist to toss his flame into an oil lamp sitting on a stack of books on the desk.

“Well… this is it,” Kaz said, as he self-consciously straightened some of his notes and dusted pencil shavings off his desk. His earlier drunken confidence was quickly evaporating. On the ground beside his desk was an opened crate with an assortment of oddly shaped bottles with paper seals inscribed with magic runes. They supposedly contained the demons of cardinal sins, but may or may not have been just decorative. Kaz had yet to confirm it either way using his master’s books. The bottle he was working on identifying before he left to meet Rion for their date sat near the edge of his desk, all crimson-pink in a heart shape. “There isn’t really a whole lot to see.” Kaz’s arms fell to his sides with a halfhearted shrug. “Cataloguing all the stuff Arcturus finds is pretty boring.”

“I still think it’s interesting.” Rion lifted up Kaz’s chin and rubbed their noses together. “You might discover something really neat one day, like some long-lost spell scroll.”

“Or a really handsy guy?” Kaz asked, half-smiling as he arched an eyebrow.

Rion laughed. The two of them had met two months ago while Kaz was minding the store. “Yes.” He pulled Kaz against his chest and nuzzled his neck.

“Ah…” Kaz’s breath hitched as a shiver ran down his spine. His cheek and shoulder shied away from Rion’s face. “That tickles!”

“Does it now?” Rion continued nuzzling and nibbling on his dark skin while his arm snaked under Kaz’s robe. His strong hand braced Kaz’s back again as he hitched him up, pushed aside his chair, and sat him down on top of his desk. His other hand began pulling one side of Kaz’s robe off his shoulder.

“R-Rion,” Kaz breathed, squirming under the assault on his neck. “Please…” His hand clutched Rion’s sleeve while his knees pressed against either side of Rion’s hips.

“God, you’re so hot.” The little whine in Kaz’s soft voice made Rion roughly tug off the rest of Kaz’s sleeve. He moved to kiss other side of Kaz’s neck and pulled down the other half of his robe. It slid down, nudging the crimson-pink bottle closer to the edge of the desk.

Kaz bent back his head, making whimpering sounds of pleasure as Rion ventured lower to bite his sternum and collarbone. Kaz’s hands groped at Rion’s sweater. His nails dug into the pliant threads over his ribs and shoulder blades. He scooted forward on the desk to grind his crotch against Rion’s belt.

Rion pushed back with his growing bulge and slipped his fingers under Kaz’s shirt. Pressing his thumb against the bone of his pelvis, he smirked and said, “You’re sure getting eager now.”

“Shut up.” Kaz rolled his hips and tightened his legs around Rion’s to pull himself closer against the larger man. His face and neck burned with his blushing. “It’s your fault.”

“Oh really? How could that be?” Between kisses on his chin and cheeks, Rion said, “It’s not like I was doing this yet.” Rion slipped his hand down between Kaz’s legs and pushed up.

Kaz cried out with surprise and jerked up. The desk rattled, shaking the crimson-pink bottle. Rion curled up his fingers against Kaz’s needy nub of sensitive nerves, making Kaz bite down on Rion’s shoulder to suppress a moan.

“Hey, fuck!” Rion gave Kaz an exasperated smile. “Be gentle, kitten.”

In answer, Kaz bucked his hips against Rion’s waist again and bit the collar of his shirt instead. He growled impatiently as he tugged on it with his teeth.

“Okay, okay,” Rion said, laughing. “Be a little imp then. But,” he said, bringing up his hands, “two can play at that game.” His hands darted up Kaz’s shirt to tease his nipples. He resumed nuzzling and sucking on Kaz’s neck as his thumbs rubbed circles over Kaz’s chest and surgery scars.

Kaz squealed, clamping down his arms over Rion’s fingers before he could tickle his armpits. He clawed at Rion’s sleeves and dug his heels into the back of Rion’s legs. His breath came in shaky gasps as he moaned, “Rion, ah… N-no, please, more… Rion!”

“Keep begging, kitten,” Rion whispered against his skin. “You’ll make me come just whining like that.” He rubbed his hand up and down Kaz’s smooth chest and stomach as he slowly began unbuttoning his shirt. Each pass up and down brought him closer down into Kaz’s pants, yet his fingertips barely grazed the top of his underwear.

“You asshole, please… Stop teasing me and just… hurry up already.” Kaz yanked up on Rion’s sweater and fumbled with his belt.

Rion undid the last button on Kaz’s shirt and knelt down, moving his belt out of Kaz’s reach. He began peppering his chest with kisses that left faint red marks. Each faded away moments after each touch of his lips. Kaz wove his fingers through Rion’s short black hair as Rion moved farther down. When he stuck his tongue into Kaz’s belly button, Kaz yelped and half-choked Rion between his knees.

“Oof!” Rion pulled back his head to look up at Kaz’s flushed, strained expression. He grinned at the sight. “Had enough yet?”

Kaz swallowed hard as his chest rose and fell quickly. “Yes, just please, Rion… Put your thing inside me.”

“Hmm…” Rion inspected Kaz as if he hadn’t answered. “Looks like a no. Better fix that.” Rion pushed Kaz against the wall, knocking over a stack of papers into the crate beside his desk. He pulled down Kaz’s shirt to his elbows and gripped his bare back. He put one knee on his desk as he leaned over him, scraping his teeth against his shoulders and upper arms.

A high whine escaped Kaz. Pleasure bordered pain as Rion kept edging him on. His arms were trapped in his sleeves, unable to defend himself from the onslaught or help hold himself up. He was slipping down despite Rion’s grip on him, and the edge of the desk was cutting into his back. His body was a feeble doll in Rion’s hands. Kaz never wanted to be anything else again.

“Rion, please, please, I can’t…”

“Shit, you’re so damn sexy.” Rion pushed Kaz back up higher on the desk. “I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll wish I’d never stop.”

“Yes, do it! Please, I don’t care.”

“Okay, then get off my belt.” Rion pulled off one of Kaz’s sleeves the rest of the way off his arm and started unbuttoning his pants.

Kaz left his other arm in its sleeve as he undid the rest of Rion’s belt. As soon as he got it open, he unzipped his fly.

Rion pulled Kaz off the desk to slide his pants down to his ankles. The cool air rose goosebumps on Kaz’s bare ass and thighs. Rion shrugged off his robe onto the floor and yanked his sweater off over his head, leaving him in just his collared shirt. Dropping his sweater, he kissed Kaz on the lips. Rion cradled the back of Kaz’s neck to bring his face closer, breathing in his breath. Their tongues curled and teased each other while Rion pulled out his dick. He pulled Kaz forward and rubbed himself against Kaz’s swollen clit. Kaz moaned into Rion’s mouth and leaned farther onto his dick.

Breaking off their kissing for a moment to line up his dick with Kaz’s cunt, Rion squeezed Kaz’s ass and plunged himself inside. His balls hit Kaz’s entrance. The back of Kaz’s legs banged into the table, rattling the crimson-pink bottle.

Rion hooked one arm under one of Kaz’s legs and propped up his other leg on the seat of the desk chair. Bracing one hand against the wall behind the desk, Rion pulled out and forced himself back up into Kaz. The smaller man bounced up and down on top of the desk. The oil lamp flickered with the movement. In and out, the desk rocked with them. Kaz wrapped his arms around Rion’s neck and panted into his ear. Rion hit the tender spot in the deepest part of Kaz over and over.

Kaz clung onto Rion as he dug his heels into his back and behind his knee. Sweat gathered on his skin as his cunt slicked Rion’s dick. The desk knocked against the wall with each upward thrust, jarringly loud amidst their labored breaths. Kaz continued whimpering, “Rion… Rion, please… Ah!” He cried out as Rion bit his neck. He pressed his lips to Kaz’s pulse and sucked hard. “Ow! Yes, please, harder… Rion…”

Licking and sucking, drinking in the scent of Kaz’s skin, Rion pushed himself deeper and faster into Kaz’s tight cunt. He readjusted his hold on Kaz, shifting his weight more onto the desk. Holding up Kaz’s leg and ass was making his arms grow sore. He was getting closer and closer to the edge, trying to hold out long enough for Kaz to climax first.

Rion’s dick kept sliding in and out of Kaz’s cut, rubbing his clit and hitting his sweet spot. Kaz squeezed his legs around Rion. His knuckles paled with how he clutched the back of Rion’s shirt. Rising over the edge, Kaz bit the collar of Rion’s shirt. He grit his teeth on the fabric, stifling a scream. His knees pulled up to grip Rion’s chest while his toes curled in his shoes. Kaz rode out his climax as Rion kept rocking his body.

As Kaz grew limp, Rion lifted up Kaz’s ass to better feel his spasming inner walls clenching his dick. Then Rion came all too quickly. His hot cum filled Kaz’s cunt thick and fast. Rion set down Kaz’s leg and sat him back down on the desk, leaving his dick inside him as he lingered in his climax. Kaz kept his arms draped over Rion’s shoulders while Rion loosely held Kaz. Rion rested his forehead against Kaz’s as they caught their breath.

After a few moments, Rion pulled out and collapsed into Kaz’s desk chair. His dick dripped cum onto the floor. Kaz scooted back on the desk and rested against the wall. Growing cold because he still had his pants around his ankles and only one half of a shirt sleeve on, Kaz put his bare arm back into his shirt and pulled it up over his shoulders. He was too exhausted to rebutton it. He glanced down between his legs and began laughing. His cunt was leaking onto his robe, as he was still sitting on it. “Dammit,” Kaz said, too slap happy to stop snickering. “We forgot to get tissues first.”

Rion followed his gaze and then glanced at the floor. “Oops.” He laughed with Kaz. “Guess we’ll just have to fuck up the rest of your robe.”

“No way, just go get some toilet paper from the bathroom.” Kaz nodded to the dark corner of the storeroom. “It’s back there.”

“But I’m tired and it’s dark and scary back there,” Rion said, feinting fear.

“And I’m full of your cum. Do you want me to spill out everywhere?”

Rion grinned. “If I said yes, would you?”

Kaz tried ineffectively to kick Rion, hampered by his pants.

Laughing, Rion said, “Okay, I’ll be right back.” He leaned on his knees to push himself back up. He took the end of Kaz’s robe to wipe off his dick, earning himself another kick, before putting it back into his pants. Pointing to the oil lamp, Rion asked, “Do you have another lamp?”

Kaz lazily snapped a flame over his thumb. “I got this. Take the lamp.”

“All right.” Rion picked it up and slipped between the storeroom shelves. The lamplight bobbed with his footsteps in the spaces between boxes as Rion’s shadow followed him.

Kaz sighed in contentment as he held up his thumb flame. Though he was normally creeped out whenever he had to be in his master’s storeroom at night, as the shelves were packed with ancient and frequently dangerous relics, Kaz could only mentally repeat in pleased disbelief that his partner actually fucked him on his desk. He would have to return to this room tomorrow morning, face his master, and remember his crazy, spur of the moment idea. Kaz wasn’t sure if he would regret it or not. But, if the satisfying lethargy in his bones was anything to go by, Kaz figured he could live with it.

Rion soon returned and helped Kaz clean himself off enough to pull back on his pants. When Kaz got back onto his feet, his muscles felt like the electrocuted flesh of dissected frog legs. He pressed his face into Rion’s shirt for a moment, holding his waist while his legs remembered how to stay steady.

“You alright there?” Rion pet Kaz’s back as he smiled softly.

“Mhmm,” Kaz hummed, nodding against Rion’s chest. “Just sleepy.”

“Need me to carry you home?”

Kaz shook his head petulantly. “Nuh-uh. I can walk.”

“If you’re sure.” Rion playfully stepped back, catching Kaz off-guard. Kaz stumbled forward with a yelp. He caught himself on his desk, but his hand slipped on his robe. “Oh, shit!” Rion said, catching Kaz, but his robe knocked into the crimson-pink bottle. Both fell off the desk. The bottle shattered. “Fuck.”

Kaz’s eyes widened. From the broken bottle rose a thick, bright fuchsia vapor. It expanded like a splash of milk into rose tea, sparking slightly like a thundercloud. Two dark spots like eyes appeared for a second before the vapor suddenly imploded. It shot towards Kaz’s stomach like an arrow.

Crying out, Kaz would have fallen if Rion hadn’t been holding him. The fuchsia vapor bounced off his waist, seeming to be trying to fly away, but it was sucked back down to rush up between Kaz’s legs. A force like a vacuum pulled it through Kaz’s pants into his cunt. It flailed all the way in. Kaz tried to close his legs, yet it continued filling his womb and pressing against his inner walls. It writhed inside him, growing bigger and bigger. His pants seemed to tighten around his waist. His already overstimulated nerves went into overdrive under the assault. Kaz barely held onto Rion, crying from the mixing of panic and pleasure.

The last of the vapor disappeared inside Kaz. It continued wriggling and hitting his sensitive spots. Kaz felt it distend his stomach with each kick. Yet as moments passed into a minute, its thrashing began to slow and weaken until it seemed to fade completely. Kaz wanted to think it disappeared entirely, yet his pants still felt slightly tighter than normal, as if he had just eaten a large meal. It was almost a pleasant feeling, but it also left him still feeling aroused and unable to satisfy it.

“Kaz?” Rion asked cautiously, his voice taut with terror. “What the fuck just happened?”

Kaz let go of Rion to fall into his desk chair. He rubbed his hand over his stomach, baffled at its firmness. Pressing down, he flinched as he felt whatever was in the bottle spasmed inside him. It stilled again after a moment. Kaz slowly removed his hand and let his arms fall to his sides. Sardonically, he noted mentally that this proved the bottles he was identifying were the real thing. They really did contain demons of the seven sins. He just still didn’t know what their purpose was. As the horror of his situation sunk in, Kaz lifted his head to face Rion. “That thing just got stuck inside me.” Kaz sunk down further in his chair. He put his forehead in his hand. “My master’s gonna kill us.”