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The Power of Teamwork

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Allura was worried about the Paladins. They were having a hard time keeping up with all of the Galra attacks. They need the Blue Lion's Paladin soon in order to form Voltron. The only problem was that nobody knew where they were. Luckily, Allura overheard one of the locals at their last mission to find the Blue Paladin talking about the Shadow Archers. She wanted to find more people to help until the Blue Paladin was found. That's where she was right now with Coran, Shiro, Keith, Pidge, and Hunk.
"Coran, did you find the rebel group's signal?" Allura asked her royal adviser.
"Yes, would you like me to patch through a video transmission?" The orange haired man asked.
"Yes, thank you. Paladins, to your stations, and look professional," the Princess commanded.
The Paladins followed her orders and took a stance at their assigned stations before Coran sent a video transmission. The group held their breaths as they waited to see if the rebel group would answer.
Luckily, a couple seconds later, a figure with a blue cloak on that covered the top half of their face showed up on screen.
"State your name and business," the figure, man by the sound of his voice, instructed.
"I am Princess Allura of Altea, this is Coran, my royal advisor, and these are the Paladins of Voltron. I have called to see if we could meet with your leader about forming an alliance. We are both after the same goal and I think it would be beneficial for both of our groups," Allura answered in her royal like manner.
"If this is a trick of any sorts, we will not hesitate to attack. Meet us at these coordinates in 30 dobashes. If you are a dobash late, we will leave," the man stated then disconnected the transmission. A minute later, Coran pulled up the coordinates to a planet close by.
"Those guys mean business," the Yellow Paladin remarked.
"They are a rebel group constantly on the lookout of Galra that could attack, so yes, Hunk, they mean business," the Green Paladin deadpanned.
"Geez, Pidge, no need for the sarcasm," Hunk raised his hands in surrender.
"Shiro, make sure that you are all ready to land in 20 dobashes," the Princess ordered the Black Paladin.
"Yes, Princess," Shiro replied.
Like he said that he would, Shiro made sure that the rest of his team was ready to land by the time Allura called them back to the control room. Everyone looked at the planet as they descended. They all noticed that there was a lot of beaches around. They also noticed that there was a lot of blue on the planet. When the castleship landed, the Paladins could see a few of the rebels waiting with their blue hoods up, covering their faces, bows and quivers on their backs, and arms behind their backs. The leader was standing in front of them all.
"Okay, everyone down," Shiro instructed.
They all followed him as the doors opened up. They slowly approached the group.
"Hello, my name is Shiro, I'm the Paladin of the Black Lion. This is Keith, Paladin of the Red Lion, Pidge, Paladin of the Green Lion, and Hunk, Paladin of the Yellow Lion. You already met Princess Allura and her royal advisor, Coran," Shiro introduced team Voltron. "We wish to form an alliance with you."
"Yeah, you already said that. Let's get this going, I have to get back to HQ," the leader said. What surprised the Paladins was how young the leader sounded. "How does this thing usually go?"
"Well, is there any ritual or something that you guys have?" Allura asked.
"¿Tenemos algún ritual?" The leader said to the person to his right.
"No que yo sepa," the man answered.
The Paladins were even more shocked as they realized that they were speaking Spanish, a language only spoken on Earth.
"¿No podemos hacer algo? Esta alianza podría ser importante. Además, son humanos. No he visto a otro humano dentro, no sé cuánto tiempo," the leader spoke in rapid fire Spanish.
"¿Podemos confiar en ellos?" the other said in equally fast Spanish.
"Siento que podemos, ¿por qué?" The leader said.
"Yo digo que los traemos de vuelta a HQ y hacemos un ritual allí," the other man replied.
"Okay, we'll send you the coordinates and you're going to meet us at HQ. We'll finish out this process there," the leader spoke up in English.
"Great, we will see you there," Allura smiled.
The Shadow Archers then walked back to their ship and left. The Paladins then did the same.
"Allura, they were speaking Spanish, a language only spoken on Earth, as far as I know," Pidge pointed out.
"Yeah, and the leader's voice sounded like a human's," Keith also inputted.
"We will see when we get there," Allura finalized.
Coran set the coordinates and Team Voltron was off. Little did they know that the once sleeping Blue Lion was now awake and she was calling out to her Paladin.