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What A Coincidence

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I never thought I’d see him again after he vanished once Ganon was defeated. He had stayed long enough to handle damage control, but after that, he was gone. My hero of twilight. The hero who wore the Hero of Time’s tunic. The one who was taken from a simple life and thrown into this whole new world of people and cities.

But alas, as I rode through the Faron Woods, there he was. Sitting at Faron’s Spring was none other than the hero himself. He now wore simpler clothes, my advisor back at the castle would call them dirty peasant clothes, but the look suited him. If anything, it complemented the wild look in his eyes more than the green tunic in my opinion. I leaned forward on my white stallion, slowing him down to a stop. Luckily for me, Link didn’t notice me. And if he did, he showed no sign on it.

He looked different than when I had last seen him, tired and packing up to head home. He looked better rested, more relaxed. Then again, this was his home. I wished silently that I could have a simple life like this in the woods.

A twig suddenly snapped from my right side and I quickly turned to see what it was. I had forgotten my sword at home, like an idiot, so I only had my magic to rely on. Getting into a stance I watched as three kids suddenly emerged from the woods. Shocked, I lowered my hands and watched as they bounded up to Link, jumping on him and making him fall onto the ground.

“Link!” The girl laughed as she tackled him, “There you are! You promised to help me get prepared to go to Hyrule Castle Town tomorrow!”

“Yeah! And us too! We were all going to go on this huge trip together! Don’t tell me you forgot, Link!” The little boy shouted from where he was at Link’s side. The baby just stood there stoically. I could’ve sworn that I’d seen his face before.

Link gave them amused looks as he threw them off of him, “I know what I said, Beth, Talo,” His voice was smooth and I couldn’t help but stare. He hadn’t talked much at all whenever he was in my company during the battle, so this was new for me. “I was just relaxing one last time.”

“You always relax though!” The girl, Beth, complained.

“Yeah, I’m surprised Fado hasn’t come after you yet for slacking off on your chores.” The baby spoke quietly, but his voice was surprisingly deep for a baby.

“Malo’s right!” Malo! That was the baby’s name! Now I knew where I’d seen his face before. He runs the Malo Mart in Castle Town. Talo continued, “Besides, it’s almost dark! You know how our ma’s get when we aren’t inside by sunfall!”

“Oh, alright. Go on ahead, I’ll catch up to you.” Link sighed, pushing the children forward. They stuck their tongues out at him before running off. “I know you’re there, Princess.” Link said once they were out of earshot. I groaned and came out from behind my horse.

“What gave me away?” I asked and he turned to look at me, a smirk on his face.

“Well, for one, you’re riding a white horse. Second, you weren’t very subtle. I’m surprised the kids didn’t notice you at all.” Link began to walk towards her, his hands moving to the horse as he looked up at him. “He’s a lovely horse, as expected for a royal breed. So, what brings you here to my little corner of Hyrule? Just admiring the sights,” He turned his gaze onto me, his eyes training on mine, “Or did you come looking for me?”

“Well, I was going horseback riding, but then my guards got antsy when they saw some of the remaining bobulins in the field. They tried to get me to return to the walls of my castle, but I ditched them and came here.” I told him truthfully. If there’s some things I’ve learned in the short time I’ve known Link, is that he doesn’t appreciate lies and that he doesn’t judge easily.

Link snorted at my answer, his eyes returning to my horse, “Should’ve guessed. No offence, Princess, but your guards aren’t the most… brave.”

“None taken. When I become Queen, I’m going to change a few things.” I replied, looking at how my horse responded to Link’s tending. “He doesn’t normally let anyone besides me tend to him.” I told him, amazed.

“Well, let’s just say taking care of animals is second nature to me.” He winked and grabbed the reins of the horse. “So, Princess, shall I take you home?”

“Hm,” I smirked, “Why don’t I stay a bit longer. They can wait, besides, I’ve been wondering recently about where you’re from.”

The rustling returned as the kids, Beth, Talo, and Malo, reappeared.