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Calisto rolled her eyes to herself as she powdered her nose in the women’s restroom, eyes almost artificially the exact shade of dark chocolate. Her eye color was, of course, artificial. In reality, her eyes were a far darker brown, enough to be mistaken as the same black as her pupil. Clearly, however, even simple contacts were enough to fool the morons who called themselves the police and prosecutors of the city. Outside, she was sure that little brat, “Edgeworth,” would still be running around with his nose in the air and his head up his ass, trying desperately to find the murderer of the case. Despite all the havoc she had wrecked in each one of her roles, Calisto always walked away without so much as a scrape on her pretty little face.

That was probably part of why she was always so successful, she figured as she twisted her peony lipstick out and puckered her lips. She was pretty, the kind of pretty that made men want to protect her, falling to her feet at the slightest bat of her doe-like lashes. And of course, she was smart, arguably one of the shrewdest people that had walked the planet. She worked for herself and no one but and that was why she was the best in the game. Sheathing her lipstick, she glanced at herself in the mirror, partly to check the state of her makeup and partly to admire her handiwork. Calisto was one of the personas she had quite come to like, being awfully similar to her true, genuine self. Well, if she could ever be truly genuine, that was.

Smirking to herself, she ran a hand through her hair and exited the restroom, her strides long and confident. As she turned a corner, she felt herself crash into someone. Taking a second to regain her balance, she turned her glare to the person who had run into her. Tall and broad-shouldered, the artificially blond man before her wore the typical black uniform of an Interpol agent, though she couldn’t discern his ranking. Calisto’s anger immediately ebbed as she noticed how downright handsome the agent was.

“Are you okay?” The man asked, strong gaze fixed on Calisto.

Tucking a loose piece of hair behind her ear, she spoke up. “Oh my, I’m so sorry- I’m just so clumsy.” She studied the man’s body language while making sure she accentuated the roundness of her eyes.

The agent grinned broadly, charisma practically oozing from his every pore. “You shouldn’t apologize for things that aren’t your fault.” He responded, his voice deep and growly. “I wasn’t paying attention either.”

Calisto allowed herself a small, practiced smile, knowing fully well that within one minute, the man, like countless others, was also under her spell. Eyeing his uniform, she figured it wasn’t a bad idea to try and probe this Interpol officer for some information or perhaps just “network” with him for future reference. “Got something on your mind?”

He laughed heartily. “Is there anyone who doesn’t come to a courthouse preoccupied with something or the other?”

“I guess not.” She held out her hand. “I’m Calisto, by the way. Calisto Yew.”

“Lang. Shi-Long Lang.” He grasped her hand and she instinctively shook it daintily, the softness of her hand seemingly emphasized by the roughness of his. She had the feeling Shi-Long was the sort of man who liked to do his own dirty work, much unlike many of the law enforcement officers she was familiar with.

“Oh, so you’re from Zheng Fa, then?”

He nodded. “Are you familiar with it?”

She nodded, fake smile still plastered neatly upon her lips. “I studied there for some time in college.” Perhaps “studied” was not the accurate term, but she was indeed all too familiar with the nation. Zheng Fa, as far as she was concerned, was the ideal place to thrive. A booming economy, a lax police force, all she had to do was set the bait and she would instantly pull off one of the greatest schemes in history.

Shi-Long opened his mouth to respond but a voice from down the hall cut him off. “Agent Lang.” Calisto and Shi-Long turned to the source of the voice, veteran detective Tyrell Badd.

Shi-Long grinned again and waved to Calisto. “Duty calls. Pleasure meeting you, Ms. Yew.” He took her hand and kissed the back before strolling over to where Detective Badd awaited him. Calisto snorted to herself at how unbelievably good she had gotten at her “job.” She glanced back down to where Badd stood. Shi-Long had disappeared into one of the rooms but Tyrell remained outside eying Calisto wordlessly. She shot him a smirk and winked as she headed off in the opposite direction, laughing to herself about seemingly nothing at all.

Shi-Long Lang: she would remember the name. Someday, she was certain, it would come very much in handy.