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Wine Drunk

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Jimin steps out of the car, rounding the front of it to grab ahold of Taehyung’s hand with a smile. They’re both visibly giddy as they walk towards the winery door. Ever since Jimin had mentioned taking him here when they were in Malta, Taehyung couldn’t hold back his excitement for visiting. He nearly fell out of bed when Jimin had told him that he’d reserved both a tour and a spot at the wine tasting event that they hold. Taehyung can’t help the grin on his face as Jimin talks to the lady at the front desk.

“Okay,” he turns back, “Our tour starts in ten minutes so we have a little time to look around. There’s also some wine already out for people to taste if you’d like to try. She said it wasn’t any of the ones we’d be tasting today.”

“Can we?” Jimin nods, smiling brightly, and he guides him towards the table she had pointed to earlier, “Minnie, this place is really pretty. Thank you for bringing me.”

He laughs and Taehyung’s heart flips at the sound, “You haven’t even seen everything yet! What if you end up not liking the wine?”

Taehyung shrugs, smile so wide that it’s starting to hurt, “Doesn’t matter as long as I’m here spending time with you.”

“Stop, you’re so cheesy,” Jimin keeps giggling and he picks up one of the sample cups of wine, holding it up to Taehyung’s lips, “Try it, baby.”

Jimin waits until he pulls down his facemask before tilting the drink enough so it pours into his mouth, eyes never moving from where they stare at his lips. Taehyung swallows after letting the wine sit on his taste buds for a minute and watches as Jimin drags his thumb across his bottom lip before sticking it in his own mouth. He hums happily at the little bit of wine that must’ve spilled and he turns to throw the cup away.

“What did you think?” he asks after drinking his own cup, “Tasty?”

“Very,” they stare at each other for a second. It gets broken when the lady announces over the speaker that the tour is about to begin, “Let's go!”

He takes Jimin’s hand again and they walk over to the tour guide where he stands. They wait for a couple more minutes as the group grows larger, choosing to stick towards the front so they can hear the guide clearly. He announces that their first stop in the vineyards and they head outside. It’s chilly so it’s no surprise to either of them when they crowd closer to each other for a little extra warmth. They giggle at each other, Jimin leaning his head against Taehyung's arm.

Their tour guide stops in front of some of the grapes and starts talking about the beginnings of the winery. Taehyung listens intently, raising his hand when the guide asks if anyone would like to try cutting off a bundle of grapes. Jimin pulls his phone out and starts taking pictures of him as he bends close to the vines. He successfully holds up a bundle, grinning, and Jimin can’t hold back more laughter at just how cute he looks. The guide lets him keep the grapes and they share them as they walk towards another building. Once inside, the noise coming from a crusher nearly drowns out their guide and they have to scoot closer to him. He talks about the different types of grapes that they use to make their wines.

“We also use different amounts and types of yeast to try and make newer better wines,” he says as someone brings up a tray, “This is a kind that we haven’t started producing but, if you’ll please take a cup, we’d like to hear your opinions on this type of red wine.”

They take a cup, jokingly clinking them together even though they’re only paper cups. Taehyung’s eyes widen at the taste and he almost coughs at just how strong it is. Jimin mumbles out a ‘wow’ as he stares at the little left in his cup. Everyone in the group seems to have similar reactions and the tour guide laughs, apologizing for how high the proof is. Jimin glances at Taehyung with a smile before leaning close to whisper about how they must be trying to get them drunk.

“Jimin,” he laughs as his breath tickles his ear, “I think that’s illegal.”

“Doesn’t mean they won’t try,” he kisses his ear before pulling away.

The tour takes them to the next step of the winemaking process and it seems that Jimin is right as they hand out another sample of wine, this time a very light and refreshing white wine to chase away the heady taste of the last one. The further they go, the fuzzier Taehyung’s head gets as the get sample after sample. He knows he’s leaning heavily against Jimin, thankful that he’s letting him. He politely turns down the next sample and catches a glance from his boyfriend.

“Feeling okay baby?” he asks.

“Getting a little tipsy,” Taehyung giggles as they stop in front of the many rows of wine barrels. They’d fallen to the back of the group, not really caring about the tour anymore, “Oh my God Jimin look,” he points to a wooden pillar at the end, “It looks like a butt.”

Jimin follows his finger, hand coming up to his mouth to stifle a laugh, “Tae!”

“It does!” he laughs a little too loudly, receiving glares from the people in front of them. He ducks his head down and tries to whisper, “It’s a nice butt...but it’s not as nice as yours.”

“Tae!!” Jimin yelps as he grabs his ass and he whirls around to smack his hand away, “Stop!”

“Is everything alright?” their guide asks. Both of them feel their cheeks grow warm and they nod quickly.

Jimin glances at him, trying to hold back his laughter, “Sh! I don’t want us to get kicked out before you get to try everything.”

“I’m sorry!” he whines but it ends with him kneeling over, laughing even harder, “It’s a butt Minnie! It’s so funny.”

He nearly tips over, Jimin scrambling to grab the back of his jacket before he falls to the ground. Another burst of laughter has them both leaning against each other for support as they follow their group. When the tour ends, there is a bit of free time between the wine tasting event and they decide to stay indoors and explore the main building. Taehyung is looking at some of the art on the walls when he feels a pair of arms wrap around his waist. He leans back a little and lets Jimin’s heat warm his bones, smiling when he presses a soft kiss to his nape.

“You’ve been looking at this painting for a while. You like it?”

“Yeah,” he nods, “It’s very nice. I like the colors a lot.”

Jimin hums, chin resting on his shoulder, “It is very bright. Kinda makes you happy looking at it.”


“The tasting event is soon, you wanna walk over to the hall? I think it’s in a different building.”

“Sure,” he takes Jimin’s hand and lets him lead the way.

They pass the grapes again, stopping to pop a couple in their mouths even though they probably weren’t supposed to. Taehyung presses a big grape to Jimin’s lips, watching him take it from between his fingers. He can’t help the rush of heat he feels run through his limbs when Jimin’s tongue brushes against his skin. The look he gets in return lets him know that he wasn’t the only one feeling it and he leans forward to kiss him.

Jimin holds a finger to Tae’s lips, shaking his head, “Not in public.”

Taehyung pouts but nods. It’s for the best anyways, they don’t want anyone to notice who they are and take photos of them. They both pull their masks back up and head to the right building, being seated by one of the servers. They’re informed that it’s going to start in a couple minutes so they busy themselves with talking about their upcoming projects. Taehyung mentions that he still would like to record the song that he wrote with Jimin, who eagerly agrees.

“Alright everyone!” the lady from earlier announces, “The wine tasting is going to begin shortly. Please do let your server know if you need anything.”

There are six servers, all holding a wine bottle. They come around and serve each guest what appears to be the same type of red wine before rounding back and bring out different food, such as cheeses and sandwiches. They fill up their plates with the food and laugh a little at the surprised looks they get. Taehyung watches Jimin try the wine first, a smile spreading across his face when he chugs it down. He gives a pleased sigh as he sets the glass back down and nods happily for Taehyung to try it.

“I don’t get how you do that,” he smiles over the rim of his glass, “You’re incredible Minnie.”

Jimin laughs, rolling his eyes, “Tae, stop it.”

“You are ,” he leans close to him, “You’re good at everything and you’re so nice.”

“Are you drunk?”

“No,” he sticks his bottom lip out, “I just love you a lot.”

“Taeby,” Jimin reaches out and brushes his hand through his hair a couple times before reluctantly pulling it away, “Love you too. You’re too sweet to me.”

“You’re sweeter to me. Taking me here and always making sure I’m having a nice time,” he pauses as a waitress comes to fill up their glasses with a different wine and he thanks her, turning back to Jimin, “I think if anyone is too sweet, it’s you.”

“I just want you to be happy. Always,” he feels tears well up in his eyes and he rubs them away, “Now stop before I like, cry or something.”

The laugh Taehyung gives is so warm that Jimin’s heart swells, “I love you” playing over and over in his head. He wants nothing more to embrace his boyfriend and kiss him repeatedly until they get kicked out of the winery. He doesn’t, choosing to lift his glass and clinks it against Taehyung’s as they try the white wine together. Jimin scrunches his nose at the taste and shakes his head, washing out his mouth with some water.


He shudders, “No. Definitely not my favorite. Too dry for my pallet, I suppose.”

“Hm,” Taehyung takes a sip before coughing at how pungent the wine is. He drinks some water too and sticks his tongue out, “It’s really dry.”

Jimin giggles and taps his tongue, “Cute.”

He grins, laughing through his teeth. The cycle continues, wine after wine, tasting and deciding whether or no they like it. It doesn’t take long until they’re both feeling very tipsy. Taehyung announces he’s going to the restroom but nearly falls over when he stands. Jimin grabs ahold of him and they walk to the bathroom together. He doesn’t expect Taehyung to grab his waist and push him against the wall by the door, pulling their masks down just enough to press their lips together. He mumbles in surprise, hands resting on his arms and Tae moves closer. Jimin pulls away and stares up at him. He can see just how hazy he’d gotten from the alcohol. His eyes are slightly glossed over, but it’s really the slow swaying that gives it away.

“Tae,” his voice comes out a soft whisper, “You feeling okay?”

He nods, a lazy smile on his face, “Just...really wanted to kiss you. Wanted to all day but you said to wait. Couldn’t wait anymore though.”

He bends back and kisses Jimin again, tongue slipping out to brush against his bottom lip. It’s a bad idea to be making out in public like this but the restraint Jimin had earlier is fading away. He tilts his head to the side when Taehyung’s nose nudges his chin and sighs at the little kisses he leaves on his neck. It’s when he starts to nibble on his skin that Jimin has to pull away again and tug him into the bathroom.

“Minnie,” Tae whines and leans back to bite at his neck.

“What baby?” he smiles, “Are you trying to mark me up?”

“Yes,” he breathes, backing him up against the door, “Wanna leave bruises on you, hyung.”

“Go ahead,” Jimin’s eyes drop as Taehyung bites even harder, “Let them see.”

He slides his fingers through Taehyung’s hair and tugs on it, drinking in the moan he gets in response. He jumps when Taehyung’s hands slide under his shirt and push it up, mouthing at his collarbone. Jimin can hear him mumbling something so he drags two fingers under his chin and lifts up his head.

“Minnie,” Taehyung seems even more dazed than before, “Minnie...touch me?”

“Oh? Where do you want me to touch you, baby?”

“Anywhere. Please.”

He reaches forward and touches his nose, “Here?” Tae pouts, knowing that Jimin knows what he really means, “No. How” his hands are now resting on his hips.

“Jimin!” he whimpers, “You know where.”

“No I don’t!” the coy look on his face speaks otherwise, “You didn’t tell me,” he winks lasciviously at him, “But don’t worry. I always know what my baby needs.”

He drags his hand across Taehyung’s waist before dropping and tracing the outline of his dick. He’s hard and Jimin can’t help his smirk at just how worked up he’d gotten from kissing. Tae’s always been sensitive, a single touch in the right place could make him horny in a split second. And luckily for Taehyung, Jimin just so happens to know where all those places are. The other hand that’s in his hair guides Tae’s lips back to his neck as he whines softly.

“Keep that pretty mouth of yours busy,” Jimin smiles, undoing the button of his jeans, “Don’t want anyone to hear us, yeah? I don’t want to get kicked out of the winery because my baby couldn’t keep his moans quiet.”

Taehyung’s hips kick forward at the thought, louder whimper slipping from his lips. He pants heavily against Jimin’s neck while he struggles to pull his jeans down far enough. When his fingers finally wrap around his cock, Taehyung tilts his head up, seeking Jimin’s lips again to keep himself from moaning too loudly. Jimin doesn’t hesitate to jerk him off, knowing they don’t have time to mess around. He thumbs over his head, spreading his precum around.

“Fuck, Tae,” Jimin looks down at his dick, “You’re so wet angel,” he watches Taehyung’s eyes slip close, shaky breath slipping from his lips, “Is it cause we’re in public? Is that getting you off?”

“N-no,” he shakes his head, resting against Jimin’s shoulder.

“No? Cause you’re about to drip on the floor,” he smirks at the gasp he gets, Taehyung shaking in his arms, “I think you’re lying,” he whines loudly and Jimin shushes him, “Suppose you’re also a little right though. Always get soaked when I play with your big dick. So pretty for me though.”

That’s all it takes, Taehyung coming in Jimin’s hand with a soft whimper as he bites down on his neck again. Jimin strokes him through it, mumbling praises in his ear, until he pulls away. His eyes are completely blown and he looks like he needs a nap. But even still, he notices that Jimin is hard and he reaches to help him out, pouting when his hand gets pushed away. Jimin walks over to the sink to wash his hands and wet a paper towel to wipe Taehyung clean.

“Don’t have time baby. I don’t want anyone to come looking for us.”


“We still have to finish the tasting,” Jimin smiles at him as he gently wiping up his come. Taehyung goes to tuck himself back into his jeans but is stopped, a confused look on his face, “No. This stays out.”

“What? Jimin,” he blinks.

“This is your punishment baby,” he hums, tilting his head, “Look what you did to my neck. Marked me all up in public. Someone might ask what happened.”

“But...what if someone sees?” he whimpers.

“That’s what your shirt is for sweetie. Keep it down over your big dick okay? And if someone sees, well, they’ll know how much of a slut you really are,” Taehyung’s eyes slowly drop again, the beginnings of subspace showing up. Jimin continues, kissing him gently, “But I know you’ll be a good boy and keep yourself covered.”

“Yes,” he nods, jumping at the oversensitivity when Jimin’s fingers come to tease his head again, “I’ll try my best, sir.”

“Good,” Jimin let’s him go and pulls the hem of his shirt over his dick. He gives a throaty whine as the fabric brushes against him, one hand coming to hold his shirt down while the other reaches for Jimin’s, “C’mon now. We’ve been gone for too long.”

They walk out of the bathroom and back towards the dining room, moving slowly because Tae keeps letting out small whimpers. His head is resting against the back of Jimin’s, letting him lead the way as he focuses on keeping his dick covered. He’s not hard but he can already feel his precum starting to bead and he pulls the shirt away so it doesn’t get stained. Jimin glances back and gives a knowing look as they walk back inside. He guides them both to where they were placed earlier and they both sit down, Taehyung jerking when his dick bumps against the chair.

“Jimin,” he whispers, a pleading look on his face, “Please,” when he doesn’t respond, Taehyung pulls gently on his sleeve, “Sir.”

“What baby?” he asks, smirking again, “What’s wrong?”

“I,” he pauses and bites his lip, “I’m…”

“You’re what?”

“I’m starting to leak,” Taehyung hisses, eyes rolling back at the thought, “Sir, it’s gonna get everywhere.”

“Oh? Don’t let it then baby. Control yourself,” Jimin reaches over and pets his thigh, “Or use your shirt to clean it up.”

His eyes start to tear up and he lets out a low sob, “Not fair.”

“Not everything can be fair baby,” he sits up straighter, “You’re okay though, right? It’s not too much?”

Taehyung shakes his head and rubs his eyes, “Just embarrassed.”

“Aw,” he massages his thigh gently, humming quietly, “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. You’re doing so good for me.”

“I am?”

“Of course. My good boy,” Jimin smiles softly, “If it gets too much let me know. We can always stop.”

“I know,” he nods.

A waiter comes around and fills up their glasses with another red wine, Taehyung freezing in his spot until Jimin urges him to say thank you. He sighs as the man walks away and shifts in his seat. He gasps when Jimin pulls his hand away from his shirt, replacing it with his own. He drops it, smiling even more when Taehyung shivers at the chill of the air against his skin. He carefully takes his dick into his hand once again and slowly jerks him off. He’s still not hard but he’s leaking so much precum that the slide starts to get easy.

“Sir,” he mumbles, eyes closed as his mouth drops open in a silent moan.

“So pretty,” Jimin lifts his fingers, string of precum following. He runs his fingers down his dick, tapping softly like he would his microphone, before threading them through his pubes, “So, so pretty. You know, I really love that you don’t shave, baby. It’s so you.”

His other hand moves to wipe at the corner of Taehyung’s mouth, tutting softly. He’s fallen pretty deep into his subspace already if he’s starting to drool. His knuckles are white as he grips the table to try and not move his hips, nearly silent whimpers escaping from him. Jimin drags his hand back up before pinching his head between his thumb and index finger. Taehyung’s eyes shoot open wide as he whines loudly, drawing the attention from the room.

“Sirs?” a waitress asks as she walks over, “Is everything okay?”

Jimin rests his head on his hand, shooting her a charming smile, “He’s okay. I think the wine is just starting to get to him. Isn’t that right Taehyungie?”

His mouth snaps shut and he gives her a tight-lipped nod, not trusting his voice. Especially since Jimin is still playing with his dick, almost comically now as he talks to the waitress for a minute before she leaves. Taehyung breathes heavily and shudders before he looks at Jimin, whose eyeing him with an evil glint in his eye. Taehyung watches him lift his hand to his lips, tongue peaking out to lick the clear liquid on his fingers. He chokes on his spit at the action and stares down at the ground.

“Mmm,” Jimin hums and picks up his glass of wine. He takes a sip and smiles, “You taste much better with the wine than this cheese, baby.”

“Oh,” he gasps, head lolling to the side as he stutters out a ‘thank you sir.’

Jimin looks back down at his lap, glad to see that Taehyung is hard now. He’s leaking everywhere and a small puddle has pooled on the seat of his chair. He doesn’t make a move to cover himself back up and Jimin knows he has to be careful to make sure he doesn’t fall any deeper into subspace. As hot as it is, neither want to accident exposure to happen, so Jimin doesn’t hesitate to pull his shirt back down. He rubs Taehyung’s back gently, leaning close to him so no one can hear.

“Hey,” he says softly, “You doing okay?” Taehyung barely manages a nod, eyes hazy, “Let’s go home, yeah? That good with you?”

“But…” he mutters, “It’s not done.”

“That’s okay baby. You had fun didn’t you? That’s all that matters.”

“Did have fun,” he nods again, “Home is good.”

“Okay,” Jimin stands and starts to help him up, “Keep a hand on your shirt so it doesn’t come up. Can you do that for me?”

He lets both of his hands drop to hold his shirt down to where it almost looks like he’s gotten sick to his stomach. Jimin wraps his arm around his waist as they walk out, thanking their servers for doing a good job. Taehyung’s mostly leaning against him, trusting that he’ll keep them both standing as they head towards their car. He helps him into the passenger seat before walking around.

“Jimin,” Taehyung looks over at him as he climbs in, already looking less dazed.


“I love you. Thanks for today.”

Jimin beams at him and leans across the console to kiss him, “Love you too. It was okay right? Not too much?”

He shakes his head, “No. I was surprised but I really…” his cheeks turn red and he shyly looks away, “I enjoyed it. A lot.”

“Good, I’m glad.”

He’s silent as Jimin starts the car and pulls out of the winery, waiting until they get onto the interstate, “Minnie, I’m still hard.”

Jimin’s eyes widen slightly before he presses the gas, speeding home as quickly as possible.