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Story Driven One Shots

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The Au's that I am working on at the moment are listed as follows (They may change if more get continuously requested)

*Military Rook au

*Angel Rook au

*Captured Rook au (Not found by Dutch at the start of the game)

*Elemental Seed au

*Pregnant Caught au

*f!Rook a/b/o

*Forced Marriage with Joseph

*Omegaverse Alpha Female

*PolySeed Bunker

*m!Rook a/b/o 

*Letters (Rook used to know Joseph before she came to Hope County)

*Teasing Joseph/Rook

*False Prophet John Fic 

*Seed Brothers noncon

*Diary (After the end of the world Rook writes to capture her time with John stuck in the bunker with her)

*Werewolf AU Rook/Jacob 

*Stuck Rook/Jacob (Rook is in Jacob's bunker when the collapse comes)



 If you want to see a one shot concerning one of the au's listed above please leave a comment.