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Autumn Leaves

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"One jasmine green coming up!"

The Autumn Leaves tea shop was a favourite haunt of Sakura Haruno's. Vintage bookshelves overhung with orchids and fairylights, the calming scent of floral teas...A surprisingly good view into the city park (all brown and orange and gold at this time of year)...It was the perfect place to catch up with her studies. And the waitress was cute. But that's not why I'm here!, Sakura mentally scolded herself.

The sound of pouring tea tugged her back into reality, as the aforementioned blonde looked at Sakura with interest. "What're you writing?" She said, her willingness to start a conversation taking the pinkette by suprise. 

"An essay for medical school..why do you ask?"

maybe that sounded a little too accusatory...

"I uh...just curious I guess?"

Cringing at how awkward she'd made the atmosphere, Sakura took a sip of the tea, inhaling it's calming scent gratefully. Perfect as usual...

"So you go to medical school huh? That's impressive!"

Sakura found herself blushing with pride at the genuine admiration in the blonde's words, along with her attempt to save the conversation.

She's so darn nice...

"To be honest it's a lot of work..But I'm proud to have made it this far! Still, my dream of becoming a doctor seems out of my depth..."

Her sudden display of motivation surprised the waitress, who couldn't help but giggle a little at this newfound side to her customer.

"I'm called Ino by the way...Ino Yamanaka."

W-what? I thought she was going to make fun of me or something...

"Sakura. Haruno Sakura."

As she left the tea shop, umbrella in hand, Sakura somehow felt that autumn was more colourful and full of life than she had ever noticed before. Each drop of rain was filled with invigorating scents and reflected light, each leaf a delicate web of earthy colour.

Ino Yamanaka huh...

Maybe we could be friends.