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How's it hangin' new kid? I'm Michael.

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Virgil felt sick- the life he knew, living with his dads in a bright Florida suburb was crumbling quickly.

“You’re serious?” He mumbled, hoping his dad was just playing a joke.

“That’s right kiddo, this is the job opportunity Logan was looking for! We’re moving to New Jersey!” Patton exclaimed proudly.

“Papa- what about Joan and Talyn? They’re my friends- I can’t leave them.” He said, Virgil’s two friends were the best he’d ever had, and he wasn’t about to lose them.

“I’m sorry Virgil, I’m sure you can still call them.” Logan said softly, resting a hand on his son’s shoulder.

And just like that the conversation ended- he had one week to get his stuff together, and then they were off to New Jersey.




Michael sighed, another week without Jeremy, and he was sure he wouldn’t survive much longer.

“Mell!” The teacher yelled, he jumped in his seat.

“You’re needed at reception.” The man grumbled, and without another word, Michael left the classroom.


“Michael, there’s a new kid- and well I’m doing you a solid seeing as Jeremy is giving you the cold shoulder.” The receptionist grinned- the receptionist just happened to be one of Michael’s mums.

He nodded slowly, his mum meant well-

He turned around and faced the boy on the chairs facing the desk. His leg was bouncing up and down quickly.

“How’s it hangin’ new kid- I’m Michael.” He introduced. God- that was cringey even by his standards.

“Uh- I’m Virgil- Virgil Sanders.” Virgil said still shaking like a leaf.

“I know I’m not much of a welcoming committee, but it’s a geeks duty around here.” Michael smiled brightly, his mum might have done him a solid after all.

“So- where you from?” Michael asked, offering a hand to the boy.

“Florida-” Virgil said, it seemed like he was going to say more, but cut himself off.

Michael knew it wasn’t his place to pry.

“So- quiet type ‘ay? God, how hard is it to get friends around here?” Michael grumbled.

“You must know, it seems like you’ve been here quite a while.” Virgil pointed out, Christ he sounded like Logan.

“I did have a friend, but he’s busy playing tonsil tennis with Brooke to care anymore.” Michael said, his tone self-deprecating.

“I mean- who wants to hang out with a kid like me, when you can be with the ‘hottest’ girl at school.” He sighed- throwing air quotes around hottest.

“This loser right here.” Virgil mumbled. An awkward grin settling on his face.

Michael turned to face him.

“Wait really? You want to be friends with the awkward kid who listens to Reggae and drives a PT cruiser?” Michael whispered.

“Do you really want to be friends with an emo who listens to bands that went out of taste in 2008?” Virgil mimicked his tone.

“Touché” Michael mumbled, clicking his tongue slightly.

Virgil couldn’t help but giggle at the tongue pop.

“Really queen?” He laughed, praying that Michael would get it. Many late nights of watching drag race make you forget some people just don’t know the art.

“You look like a damn roll of Scotch tape.” Michael mumbled. Virgil laughed even harder. He even had to wipe a tear from his eye.

“I have a feeling you and I are going to become fast friends.” Virgil said, hesitantly placing a hand on Michael’s shoulder.

It seemed that Michael flinched slightly at the contact.

Maybe- just maybe, Virgil wondered, if he’d been through the same things he had.

After about ten minutes of comparing timetables it was clear that the pair of them had all the same lessons, and the next lesson just happened to be with a new teacher.

“Our old maths teacher just disappeared one day- we reckon she got caught stealing from school.”  Michael explained on the way to the classroom. And when they finally reached the door- Michael looked at the plate.

“Yeah, Mr. Sanders, that’s the name my mum told me- she’s the receptionist by the way.” Michael stated.

“Oh lord- not now.” Virgil sighed.

“What do you mean?” Michael enquired.

“I guess you’re about to find out Michael.” Virgil groaned as he opened the door.

“Ah! Studen-”

“Virgil! How are you doing? Settled in okay? Is this your friend? Nice to meet you I’m Mr Sanders.”

Virgil groaned again- and Michael had a feeling the pair knew each other, very well in fact.

“Loga- Mr Sanders. This is Michael. Michael this is Mr Sanders.” Virgil explained.

“You know each other?” Michael enquired.

“My dad.” Virgil explained- rolling his eyes as Logan grinned.

“Oh- you’re Michael? Your mum- or one of them is the receptionist, yes?” Logan asked.

Michael nodded.

“Thanks for spilling like my one secret to Virgil.” Michael squeaked. Praying that two mums was no issue to Virgil.

“If you’re thinking my son will treat you differently, I certainly hope not. Patton and I raised him better than that.” Logan explained.

“Patton?” Michael echoed, a look of confusion on his face.

“my other dad.” Virgil chipped in.

“Two- dads? Oh right! I see- man you and Mr Sanders look so much alike I really could not tell.” Michael said, tumbling over his words.

“I know it’s freaky just how much I look like Papa-” Virgil pointed to Logan.

“- I look just like dad too.” He explained pulling out his phone, showing Michael his lock screen.

“Our first Christmas together.” Virgil explained fondly.

The photo displayed a younger Virgil- Logan smiling on his left, and Patton on his right pulling some stupid face and holding a star just above Virgil’s head.

Michael pointed at Patton.

“So that’s your other dad?” He asked.

Virgil nodded.

“Man, the tree of you look so alike!” Michael exclaimed. Pulling out his own phone.

He opened his gallery and pointed out the people in the photo.

“This is mama, and this is mum. And that’s-” He hesitated.

“-The kid who thinks 12 years of friendship doesn’t mean shit.” He grumbled.

Virgil whistled.

“Yikes.” He added…