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Another Sad Love Song

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Usually Andrew would feel sad when a girl broke up with him, so he'd go over to Garrett's house, sulking on his couch with a beer in his hand in front of the projector that has Kill Bill on it 67% of the time, Andrew can’t even remember what he did post break up before he met Garrett.

This time as she asked him why he hasn't messaged her in a week, Andrew couldn't bother making up a good excuse.

He scratched the back of his head looking anywhere but her, “I was just busy with filming and stuff…”

She waited for him to say more but none came. “This isn’t how a relationship works, Andrew,” She said, “we're through.”

Those words didn't hurt him as much as they used to. He thought maybe he just wasn't into her anymore but he didn't feel the relief of having her off his shoulders, she was actually really nice, but he doesn't hate the thought having her gone either. Any guy would be stupid to let someone like her go. But really, he felt excitement to go to Garrett's for comfort that he really didn't need but was willing to pretend he did, and Andrew had no idea why. Did he want to know?

He just had this sickening ache to see him, to see Garrett and his smile, but he couldn't go see him without reason, that's just weird.



Andrew knocked on the door hoping Garrett wouldn't get mad at him for the sudden visit --as if he could get angry in general. Garrett opened the door in a maroon button up shirt that had some buttons undone at the top and a clean shaven face. Andrew felt like he had the air knocked out of his lungs and oddly felt his face heat up and a pleasant feeling in his stomach and chest. He couldn't help but fidget with his hair.

The taller boy looked at him with a troubled look on his face, “Andrew--” he looked down to Andrew's hand seeing the bottle of booze and the troubled expression turned into deep concern, “--did you have another break up?”

Andrew looked down at Garrett's shoes realizing that he must've had plans as he tried to ignore the huge empty feeling in his stomach like it had sunk, “yeah, but you seem busy so I'll just talk to you later..” he said with a weak smile trying not to let his disappointment show. Andrew did want to see Garrett and hand out with him but he didn't want to trouble him with something as stupid as this especially since he didn't need it.

He turned to leave waving when Garrett grabbed his hand, “woah woah woah, fries before guys, Andrew!” he said as he pulled him into the tiny house by his thin wrist and dropping him off on his brand new leather couch (though knowing Garrett it was probably fake leather), taking the alcohol from his hand and setting it on the coffee table. It was a week after Garrett had this whole house makeover and Andrew was genuinely impressed that Garrett managed to keep it so clean.

Andrew looked up at him heart throbbing, suddenly feeling really giddy, “does this mean you have fries?” He giggled.

Garrett nodded, “leftovers from McDonald's last night in the fridge.”

Andrew laughed, “gross!”

Garrett grinned, “no Andrew, it'll be great! We could sprinkle a little cheese on them and pop em’ in the microwave!” Andrew's laugh became uncontrollable.

His laugh paused when the sound of Garrett's phone rang from his back pocket. Garrett swiftly took it out of his pocket and walked into the kitchen looking at his phone as he opened the fridge taking out the fries and bag of shredded cheese and typed out words unknown to Andrew as he put the “cheese fries” into the microwave.

Usually Andrew would say something, usually he would say ‘hey, Garrett its fine’ and ‘you can make it up to me later’ but today he just wanted Garrett to himself.

Is that so weird?

So he acted like he didn't see anything. Andrew got up and walked over to the kitchen pretending he didn't see Garrett jump and quickly shove his phone in his pocket.

Andrew felt another burst of happiness as he opened the cabinet where the cups are (because he's been to this house so many times he knows where everything is and doesn't have to ask). He scoffed and rolled his eyes with a smile, “Garrett, when was the last time you did the dishes?”

Garrett smiled, “uuuhhhh…” he shuffled real close to Andrew, whose heart started beating hard and fast and his face began to turn different shades of red. Andrew let out a breath he didn't know he was holding when Garrett reached up to the top shelf of the cabinet effortlessly. He grabbed two coffee cups in one (1) hand and handed one to Andrew before finally moving away from him. Which he felt relief and disappointment about it.

The coffee mug was white with black polka-dots and the front said “partner in crime”. Andrew chuckled. “What's so funny, Andrew?” He turned around pouring wine into a bright yellow mug that said, “I'm a ray on fucking sunshine” in big black letters on the front. Andrew laughed, “your mugs.” He barely weezed out.

“Oh you mean these ones??” Garrett got another one down pouring more wine into the mug that said “have a nice day”. He started drinking out of it, tipping it back to show the bottom that had a picture middle finger.

Andrew laughed, “ you wasted a cup for that joke.”

Garrett sighed smiling, “I know,” he said before he put the mug in the sink with the mountain of dishes and Andrew changed his mind about being proud of Garrett.

“I can't believe you were going to have a guy over with this mess,” he gestured to the dirty dishes that completely filled and covered the sink.

Garrett giggled, “well, I wasn't going to let him in the kitchen”

It finally hit Andrew that Garrett was all dressed up and cleaned his living room for some other guy. He suddenly felt sick, his throat felt hollow all the way down the his heart that ached.

“Woah, Andrew, are you okay?” Garrett asked putting his mug down and his hand on Andrew's shoulder. His hand was soft and gentle and set Andrew's skin on fire through his t-shirt where it sat.

Andrew snapped his head up in surprise, but then realized that Garrett must be starting to get drunk because he gets really handsy when he is.

He willed the heat in his face and his pounding heart to go away as he shook his head, “Im fine.”

Garrett frowned, “are you thinking about your ex?”

Andrew almost looked up at him confused but then remembered the reason why he came here in the first place, he nodded with hesitancy because he hated lying to Garrett even if it was for a surprise party it always made the guilt settle in his gut. He felt so guilty that his stomach hurt. Even if he told Garrett the truth now he wouldn't believe a single word.

His breath hitched as Garrett leaned forward and completely engulfed Andrew's smaller frame into a hug.

Andrew sighed and relaxed in Garretts arms like putty, realizing how stiff he really was.

Do friends hug like this? Is this normal?

“Andrew just relax.” Garrett muttered into Andrew's ear, which tingled so much it felt like it was vibrating.

Red painted his cheeks as he rubbed his ear on Garrett's chest, who giggled, “sorry,” he slid forward putting all of his weight on Andrew’s shoulders, who groaned, “G-Garrett! what are you doing!?” he laughed.

Garrett whined, “Andrew, carry me!”

Andrew laughed mocking Garrett's whine, “Garrett, no!”

“If you don't I'll die!!” He said dramatically, slowly sliding to the ground until Andrew groaned and grabbed Garrett's forearms and dragged him to the living area. “This isn't what I meant!”


The two sat on the couch with their legs up as they shared a big fluffy grey blanket, with a paper plate full of microwaved cheese and fries. “These aren't as good as I thought they were going to be,” Garrett said as he shoved three more into his mouth. Andrew shook his head laughing taking a sip of wine from his 5th coffee mug of wine. Andrew picked up one and chewed on it, he could practically feel Garrett's eyes on him waiting for his input.

They definitely did not taste good but he shrugged because that felt like the cool thing to do, and he wanted to look good in front of Garrett. Of course he didn't know why that was, but the more alcohol he drank the less he cared about whether or not it's normal to want to hold his best friend's hand, whether or not it's normal to want to see how his best friend's lips would feel on his own. Woah--that was a weird thought. But now that it was brought up in his head, he couldn't rip his eyes away from Garrett's lips and/or Garrett in general.

Garrett smiled in confusion, “do I have cheese on my face or something?” Andrew giggled shaking his head, “it's nothing, you just look really good.” Garrett’s face turned bright red in the blink of an eye, “you th-think I look good?” He tried to be slick about it like a cool guy, but he just ended up being a flustered mess.

He nodded. Sober Andrew screamed that he had went way past the line, but drunk Andrew was not listening to a word he said, “very pretty.”

Garrett's eyes widened and his face became even more red he had to look away from Andrew, “you're just drunk. You wouldn't actually say that if you were sober.”

Andrew grinned, “‘nly cause sober Andrewww is a lil bitch.” He hiccupped. Garrett giggled at Andrew's drunken words but he stopped when he realised Andrew was staring at him with hooded eyes and a grin so sweet Garrett could feel his teeth rotting. His heart stopped when he also realised that Andrew was significantly closer than he was a few seconds ago. Garrett quickly got up, “I'll go make popcorn!” He turned but a thin hand grabbed his wrist. The taller boy turned around looking at Andrew who now had a pout on his face, one so irresistibly adorable Garrett sat back down like he was hypnotized. The smaller boy put a hand on the clean shaven face and a bigger hand went over that one. The blonde felt his heartbeat faster and his eyesight became clouded like he was dreaming everything that's been happening in the past hour. Garrett started to feel drunk when their lips touched.