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Spy of the Mist

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It was dark, the spy couldn't make out much. His stomach churned and his wrist burned. His arms were tired as well, hanging up from the ceiling would do that to you. He was cold as well. He had been forced out of his clothes and into trousers just before he was hanged by his wrist. His body was bruised and beaten, but the pain had faded away. It must have been a few days before they came to check on him. Mouth parched, he closed his eyes. There was no sense in keeping them open; not until they returned. 

He remembered the day he was caught so clearly. He was had just escaped from the castle, the scroll in hand. All he had to do was get to the temple and steal its scroll, but he was cornered. Kakashi Hatake, The Demon King's dog. He wasn't ready to get against the Copycat. The man who's hands were soaked with the blood of Sasuke's dead clan. It was a devastating fight. Blood stained the pavement. Fire burned bright. In the end, it was a punch that stopped Sasuke in his tracks. Sakura, after hearing the commotion, had followed and put a stop to the fight when she saw her chance. After that, he was in and out of conscious. They had a torturer brought in, but Sasuke refused to spill. He spit in there face and laughed. They had him blindfolded and gagged after he said a few nasty words after the Demon King's parents. They starved him, but it was nothing. He was trained for this and would refuse to break. 

Light shined into the dungeon. "Wake up brat!" came the rough voice of the torturer. He refused to speak. He didn't think he'd be able to. The torturer walked in setting a tray down. "The Emperor wants to see you," he growled and unlocked the chains that held spy up. He collapsed onto the ground with a grunt. "Eat worm." he hissed and sat down in the chair at the corner of the cell. His stomach growled and the food, despite how horrible it smelled and looked, was really tempting him. Sasuke knew it was probably laced with something, a drug prehaps, but he didn't care anymore. He pulled the tray close to him and starting chewing and munching the stale bread and took long gulps of the water. After finishing the bread, he ravaged the cold porridge and finished off the water. The torturer snorted and said, "Like a starving dog. The Emperor is going to enjoy talking with you." 

The time was coming and Sasuke could barely contain his excitement. Saying nothing, he dragged himself into the opposite corner and watched the torturer. "I can't wait to lop your head off," the torturer sneered. He liked to talk and scare the spy, but the spy was tougher than he looked. 

The door clicked and Sasuke heard footsteps. More light flooded into the dungeon and a nearby person groaned. He probably thought it was his time to die. In walked a finally dressed men and women. He instantly recognized them. It was the Demon Emperor and his Court. 

Haruno Sakura, Hatake Kakashi, Tsunade, Nara Shikamaru, and the Demon Emperor himself. Uzumaki Naruto. There seemed to be two missing councilors, but other than that... They were all here and to see him. He felt quite proud that he could bring an audience like this. "Bind him and blindfold him," Naruto ordered. The torturer did as he was told and Sasuke did not put up a fight. He would wait, like a snake. "I want to make a deal with you," Naruto said. Sasuke kept a straight-face, but he felt giddy. Like a girl who just got asked out. Naruto was just in reach. "You're not allowed to say anything other than yes or no," Naruto said. That was okay with him. "Yes," Sasuke said, his voice hoarser than he imagined. "Good." Sasuke heard people shift around him and he tensed up. "I need information and you're going to give it to me, but I don't want to harm you."

Liar, Sasuke thought. He nodded his head. Without knowing if anybody was behind him, Sasuke shifted his hands around. Just a few symbols and he was good. He would do it. "If you tell me what I want to know, I'll set you free. You'll live a life of luxury and all crimes against my kingdom will be forgotten. You will not be allowed to head back to country though and you will be pronounced dead, so if you have any family you'll be able to write them letters." 

"That's a generous offer, Your Highness," he heard Tsunade say. "I like to be fair. He managed to steal a scroll and so he is pretty powerful."

Naruto wanted to use him, Sasuke thought. It was sort of funny. A double-spy? Sasuke almost laughed. Maybe he wouldn't need to harm Naruto, not today at least. Sasuke leaned forward, dipping his head. "Yes." 

There was a hint of surprise in Naruto's voice as he asked, "So you agree?"

Sasuke grinned a little and responded with, "Yes." And that's how his life changed. From a spy, to a criminal, to being one step towards freedom.