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Written in the Stars: Senior Year

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 It was official. The world was coming to an end.

It wasn’t that I was particularly unhappy that Shelby was back, or that she started another glee club to rival the New Directions, or that she stole some of our voices with the power of feminism…okay, so maybe I was a little unhappy about Shelby’s abrupt appearance, but I had good reason. This was my senior year. The year I finally got everything right and the woman who had basically cast me to the side like junk mail was suddenly thrown back into my life again.

But the worst part of it all, was that I felt so alone.

Finn and I had decided we were better off as friends over the summer, my fathers were planning for their lives after I move to New York, and Logan was in Chicago. Not to mention that almost everyone in glee club was off doing something that basically made them fall off the face of the earth for the three months allotted for summer break, courtesy of our loss at Nationals no doubt.

So much had changed over the course of one small summer. Ever since Logan left everyone just sort of…fell apart. We were still very much a team, but the family that we had become had disappeared with the plane that took my sister. Quinn and I still talk and hang out regularly, the blonde much tamer now after everything that happened with her unplanned pregnancy our sophomore year. Much of that that is due to my sister. I’d have to admit she talks to Quinn just as much, if not more than she does me. But that’s just Logan. She’s able to make everyone love her. Even the resident Ice Queen of McKinley High School.

Well, almost everyone.

Kurt was not so obliviously following Blaine wherever he went, mostly where they would meet up with Mercedes and shop for hours on end. Tina and Mike were inseparable, both attending some Asian summer camp for most of the vacation. Artie and Brittany were still together, much to everyone’s surprise, so they were off doing couple things or locking lips like there’s no tomorrow. And Santana is just…Santana. Not much has changed about the girl since whatever happened between her and my sister. I knew most of the information, but not all. Every time the subject comes up, my sister dodges it, and Santana just hits a brick wall and goes mute for a few hours. Logan claims she doesn’t have feelings for the girl anymore, that fire apparently had been extinguished back when Santana brushed her off at Nationals. And you can’t get Santana to even talk about my sister. I know the cheerleader still blames herself for Logan’s attack. And if it was up to me, I’d just sit both in a room together until they worked it out and finally admitted their feelings for each other and stopped being so damn stubborn. But nothing is that easy.

I quickly shook my head of my thoughts, my brain focusing on the task I had originally been attempting to perform until my thoughts became consumed with the end of everything this club had worked so hard to achieve.

After mildly cursing my phone for disappearing into my backpack, I finally flipped the device open, searching through my contacts until I found the number I was looking for and waited for the ringing to subside.


“Yes, it’s me. I was wondering if I could talk to you and Aunt Ella for a few minutes about something important?”

“Of course, sweetie. Hang on…Ella? Rach needs to talk to us.”

I waited patiently as I heard the muffled voices blend together before both of my aunt’s voices came through on the receiver. “Okay, babe. We’re both here. What did you need to talk about? Is everything alright?”

Taking a deep breath, I sat down on the edge of my bed, my eyes wandering to the group picture Mr. Shue had taken of the glee club last year, everyone piled together on the auditorium stage with bright smiles, some even laughing. Before everything fell apart. “Actually, it’s not. Uh…Shelby is back.”

There was silence on the other end of the phone for a few seconds, save for the

“What the hell does she want?!”

I winced at my aunt’s obviously angered tone, and although scary, it also made me feel better. During the whole process of Shelby appearing and disappearing again, my aunts had been there for me. They were my mother figures growing up, and it felt amazing to know that they were still here for me.

“Okay, can we not yell, please?”

After another mumble from my other aunt, which caused me to smile, I spoke up. “Thank you. And I don’t know what exactly brought her back to Ohio. Mr. Shue has stated it’s because the school has asked her to start a rivalry glee club, but Quinn told me she’s asked for her and Noah to become involved with Beth’s life. I have no idea what that woman wants or what she plans to do.”

“Sweetie, I have no idea what was going on in Shelby’s head when you first found out who she was, but you’re an amazing kid, and if she doesn’t want to be a part of your life then that’s something she’s going to realize is a mistake one day when you’re off staring in some fantastic Broadway play that your sister wrote and you’re both accepting numerous awards and sums of money. Please don’t think that you’re not good enough for her or anything like that. Because if anything, sweetheart, you are worth so much more than you think and hold yourself to.”

Once again, the two women who knew me better than I probably even knew myself somehow managed to hit the nail on the head concerning my problems. That, by my very definition, was what it would be like to have a mother than truly cared for you. “How do you two always know what to say?”

Laughter rang out from the other end, the sullen mood that seemed to follow the subject of my mother everywhere, now gone, replaced with what I remember growing up with. Happiness. “Well, we can definitely say we know you, Rach. Now, is Shelby all you needed to talk about? Or am I correct when I say this conversation is going to steer towards that new rival glee club she’s starting?”

“About that…”

“Let me take a guess. A few of your glee club members have jumped ship and you all are short people for competition?”

And this would be the down side to having motherly figures who knew you. “Yes, that would be correct, but-.”

“You haven’t happened to overhear your fathers and us having a conversation about your grandmother being sick and us rethinking about moving back to Lima after this year?”

“Okay, okay. I can see you two have probably guessed why I called you. Yes, I do know that Nana has been sick and that you two have thought about moving back here after Logan and I graduate from high school, and yes, I was going to beg you two to come back earlier. Now. Because the glee club needs members to compete, and this is our year. Most of the glee club members are seniors, so this is our last chance. And with Shelby around, I could use the support of Logan at school and you two here whenever I need you, and I understand you are here for me if I need anything, but it’s not the same as having motherly figures here at home. I know that with all that happened last year, you two would be nervous about Logan attending McKinley again, so would I, but the school has put no bullying rules in place now and there are cameras everywhere so nothing like that would happen again. Not to mention that Logan would have so many people around her constantly, she would never be alone, I wouldn’t allow it, and-.”

“Whoa, Rachel, breathe a little, okay?”

After doing what my aunts instructed of me, I relaxed slightly against the headboard of my bed, my free hand reaching up to brush some hair away from my face. “I’m sorry, I get carried away sometimes. It’s just that this year is supposed to be special. Not just with glee, but with everything and it seems wrong not to share any of that with you guys or Logan. Not after all that we’ve been through as a family.”

A silence fell on the other end of the line, and to add to the list of failures my senior year was adding up to, I did not expect my aunts’ responses to be what they were.

“Honestly, we’ve thought about moving back to Lima anyway. We’re glad to be back home in Chicago, but you and your fathers are there. Logan’s friends are there and she’s been miserable ever since we moved back and yes, we were thinking about moving back at the end of next year, but with Logan’s attack and whatever happened with that girl you two would hang out with…if Logan agrees to it, we’ll see about moving back down, but if she says no then that’s the final call, babe. And no pressuring her about it, this has to be on her, okay?”

For once, things were beginning to look up. The New Directions still had hope…along with a few other things that I have a feeling aren’t meant to be over with just quite yet.