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Little Lilly

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Lilly looked out of the taxi window at the large house that awaited her. Her stomach churned with excitement, she always loved spending the summer here. 

As the taxi pulled up the front door swung open and Emily, her best friend, came running out screaming hysterically. Lilly had barely got out of the car when Emily launched at her, hugging her tightly.

‘Good to see you too!’ Lilly laughed as she spun around with her friend.

‘I’ve missed you, we have SO much to catch up on.’

‘I only saw you three months ago!’ Lilly said, dragging her suitcase out of the boot after she paid the taxi driver.

‘Exactly! It’s been WAY too long.’

Lilly could do nothing but smile when her friend grabbed one of her bags and led the way inside. Lilly was always in awe when she went to stay at her friends parents house. It was massive, had a swimming pool, tennis court, gym room. Everything you could think of. It brought back many memories from when she was be able to spend the odd weekend there as a kid.

‘We have the place to ourselves. My parents are away for the entire summer. Well, almost to ourselves. My cousin is coming to stay for a bit with her friend. Apparently he needs a break from the hustle and bustle of London for a while.’ Emily rambled, showing Lilly to her usual room.

‘Sounds good. How’s things going at college?’

Emily was studying to be a therapist. Lilly was always in awe at how much she had achieved. Considering all Lilly was doing was working in a local bakery. But it paid the important bills, so she couldn’t complain. And at least her boss always gave her a month off during summer so she could visit her friend. Since it was the only holidays she would take. Never even taking sick days.

‘It’s going alright. I’m glad to have the holidays now though. Anyway, what’s new with you? Any men on the horizon?’ Emily grinned.

Lilly rolled her eyes. Typical of Emily to want to talk about guys straight away. ‘No, there isn’t. No change from when I last saw you.’

‘Aw, Lil. It’s been two years since that asshole. We need to find you a nice, lovely man to look after you. We should go into town one weekend, see if there’s any hotties out!’

‘Sounds good. But you know I’m ok as is right now.’ Lilly shrugged.

The girls got all settled, then they went to raid the fridge for food. But soon they heard the sound of gravel crunching under tyres coming towards the house. So the two went to go and greet their new companions.

‘Holy shit.’ Emily said, stunned when they went outside to see a black jaguar pull up.

‘I didn’t realise your cousin was rich?’ Lilly muttered.

‘Neither did I. Must be her friend.’ Emily shrugged.

The passenger door opened first and out got Emily’s cousin, Natalie. Emily waved at her from the front door and got a wave back. But then the girls’ eyes landed on the man that got out of the driver’s side.

‘Oh. My. God.’ Lilly said, eyes wide.

‘Wow. He’s hot!’ Emily whispered.

‘Don’t you realise who that is?’ Lilly whispered back.

‘No… Ohhh, wait. That’s Tom Hiddleston, isn’t it? The hot guy you fawned over when we went to that play. What was it again?’


‘Yeah, that one. Geez, Nat never told me she knew him.’

Lilly couldn’t believe her eyes. She kept having images flash in her mind of the jaguar advert. Her knees felt weak all of a sudden. Especially when he looked over the top of his car, lowered his sunglasses and waved to them with a dazzling smile that could cause any girls pants to catch on fire.

Emily waved back enthusiastically, but Lilly was too star struck to do anything.

Tom and Natalie approached them, luckily Lilly’s brain kicked in on time to greet them.

‘Nat!’ Emily gave her cousin a big hug. ‘You remember my bestie, Lilly!’

‘Of course. Good to see you again.’ Natalie gave Lilly a hug then stepped back to introduce them to Tom.

‘This is my friend, Tom. Tom, this is my cousin Emily and her friend Lilly.’

‘Pleasure to meet you both.’ Tom leaned in and gave Emily a kiss on the cheek, then he did the same to Lilly, her skin felt like it was burning when his lips touched her skin.

‘You too!’ Emily said happily, but Lilly was still struggling to find her voice. ‘Come on in!’ Emily ushered everyone inside.

Emily showed Natalie and Tom to their rooms, then she rushed back to the kitchen where Lilly was waiting, finishing her sandwich. Emily walked in fanning herself, making Lilly laugh.

‘He’s even hotter than I remember! And that voice, wow.’ She swooned.

‘Tell me about it. How the hell are we supposed to cope in his presence?’ Lilly asked quietly.

The girls stopped whispering when Natalie walked in.

‘You didn’t tell me that you were friends with Tom Hiddleston!’ Emily said.

‘I didn’t realise I was supposed to?’

‘Well, duh! He’s like, the hottest actor there is just now.’

Natalie snorted. ‘He’s only human. He farts and picks his nose like everyone else does. Nothing special about him.’ She shrugged.

‘Well, that’s a charming thing to say about your friend.’ Tom said as he walked in, overhearing them. A big grin on his face.

‘It’s true! I’ve had to share a bed with you after curry night and my god that was naaaasty!’ Natalie frowned while Tom laughed and draped his arm over her shoulder.

‘You love me really.’ He chuckled.

Natalie rolled her eyes. ‘These two went to see you a few years ago, for Coriolanus.’

‘Ahh, excellent. Did you enjoy it?’ Tom’s face lit up, making Lilly’s heart melt.

‘It was great.’ Emily said enthusiastically, Lilly just nodded eagerly.

Emily took the group to the living room on the second floor. They opened the drinks cabinet and decided to celebrate the start of summer. Lilly was glad for the alcohol, to give her some extra courage. Or so she hoped anyway. Considering she still hadn’t said a word to Tom yet.

The four all got comfortable. Emily and Lilly on one sofa, with Tom and Natalie on the other. They put on some background music and they started chatting.

Tom found himself slightly enamoured with Lilly. As soon as he saw her waiting on the steps next to Emily, he felt something tug inside of him. She was a rather petite, beautiful little creature. Her hair was just past her shoulders, she was naturally brunette but had dyed her hair a cute pink. She had a natural paler complexion with rosy cheeks, though he was wondering if that was just since he arrived. He struggled to take his eyes off of her.

‘So Tom, are you going to cope being surrounded by three gorgeous girls?’ Emily teased.

‘Oh I think I will survive. But maybe only just.’ He grinned.

‘Ooo, Nat. While I remember, I have something for you that my parents left.’ Emily shot up from the sofa and motioned for her to go with her, which left Tom and Lilly alone.

Lilly felt nervous, her palms were getting a little sweaty. She didn’t know what to say or do. But luckily for her, Tom was calm and managed to put her at ease instantly.

‘For the record, my farts aren’t as bad as Natalie makes out they are.’ He smirked.

Lilly laughed and Tom had never heard a more beautiful sound. It was an adorable, carefree laugh.

‘For the record on my side too, Emily couldn’t even remember the name of your play until I reminded her. She’s not exactly into that kind of thing. I dragged her with me, and I am so glad I did because it was fantastic.’ Lilly smiled.

Tom was happy to finally hear her sweet voice.

‘I had a feeling that was the case.’ He chuckled.

‘I really enjoyed the way you all used the chairs as props. And when you were hanging upside down at the end. Even though I needed tissues because it was so heart wrenching... God, I’m rambling. Sorry.’ Lilly blushed and took a sip of her drink.

‘Not at all. It’s nice to hear you enjoyed it, truly.’ Tom gave her a genuine smile. ‘How long have you and Emily been friends for?’

‘Since we were about two. So nineteen years. What about you and Natalie?’

‘We’ve been good friends for around eight years. She was my flatmate, when I moved out we still kept in touch. When she invited me along here I couldn’t say no. I need time away from London.’

‘It is really nice here. There’s a swimming pool and a tennis court too. It’s insane!’ Lilly said happily.

‘So I heard.’ Tom smiled.

Emily and Natalie returned shortly after. The group enjoyed a few more drinks then they ordered takeaway for dinner. Afterwards they watched a film, but Natalie and Emily fell asleep during it. As usual.

‘Nothing new there.’ Tom rolled his eyes, smirking when he glanced over at Lilly.

‘Same with Emily.’ She giggled. ‘She even fell asleep during Inside out at the cinema.’

Tom about shot up from the sofa at that. ‘She fell asleep during Inside out? Seriously?’

‘Yep. Started snoring in the cinema, it was SO embarrassing.’ Lilly groaned, thinking back.

‘I think I would disown her if I were you.’ Tom chuckled.

‘I was tempted.’

Once the film finished, Natalie and Emily woke up and acted like they hadn’t fell asleep.

‘That was good.’ Emily said, stretching.

Lilly looked at Tom and they both started laughing.

‘What?’ Emily looked between the two, confused.

Emily and Lilly were putting things away in the kitchen before going to bed. Emily nudged her friend. ‘So, you and Tom seemed to hit it off, huh?’ She grinned.

‘Wh… What? He’s, nice.’

‘He is single, you know. Nat told me.’ Emily couldn’t stop grinning.

‘Shut up. Don’t even think about it.’ Lilly hissed at her friend, though she couldn’t stop blushing.

‘There’s still like three weeks to go. I am SO going to play matchmaker.’

‘Oh no. Please don’t.’

‘Oh please do! Is what you should be saying.’

‘He might not be into… You know. It’s embarrassing.’

‘Or he might be. You never know. Though I thought you were going to not do that anymore? Or have you changed your mind?’

‘I don’t know… It’s part of me.’ Lilly sighed.

‘Well, you will find your Daddy Prince soon. I’m sure of it. I can feel it in my funny bone.’

Lilly folded her arms over her chest and glared at Emily. ‘Your funny bone? Really, Emily?’

‘Yeah. It feels funny when I have good feelings about something.’ Emily shrugged.

‘Lord, give me strength.’ Lilly shook her head.

In the middle of the night, Lilly found herself needing a drink. Alcohol always made her thirsty during the night. So she crept quietly down the two floors to the kitchen, it was quite a journey from her room with how big the house was.

On her way back, she nearly jumped out of her skin when she turned a corner and almost walked straight into a certain actor.

‘Shit, so sorry, darling.’ Tom apologised, reaching out to steady her.

‘My fault. Sorry.’ Lilly squeaked, trying not to look at his naked chest but also unable to maintain eye contact with him.

Tom faltered for a second, taking in her appearance. He thought she couldn’t get any cuter earlier, but he was wrong. She was wearing the cutest pyjamas. Pink with unicorns on them and she had fluffy slippers on.

‘Good to see you’re drinking plenty. You’ll feel better in the morning for it.’ Tom smiled.

Lilly was still half asleep and completely dazed happening upon the handsome man, she found she was lost for words again. And Tom picked up on that.

‘Sleep well, darling.’ He wasn’t sure what took him, but he leaned in and pressed a kiss to her forehead making her heart soar.

‘Night.’ She managed to squeak out before she padded off upstairs again to bed. 

When she fell back into bed, she couldn’t quite believe what just happened. Was she dreaming? She was sure she wasn’t. But then she realised that he will have seen her choice of pyjamas. She groaned and hid her face, feeling mortified.

But as she drifted off to sleep, she kept dreaming about Tom. Dreaming about what it would be like having him as a Daddy Dom. It only made her heart ache for something she didn’t have. Something she couldn’t have. A loving Daddy.