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Interlude B1

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[Narration by Mr. Sherlock Holmes, Esquire]

Three years away dealing with yet another familial mess, then straight back to find that Bacchus (who most annoyingly had not imploded during my absence despite all those prayers) wanted me to start investigating some matter straight away. And worse, he had deliberately misled me over the seriousness of the affair such that I could not now see my friend until it was done. I could see the day approaching when they might be investigating a mysterious death of some Holmes family member – but at least I knew several pretty undetectable ways of committing murder!

Worse still was seeing Watson and that he looked so sad. I suppose that at least it showed that he did feel something for me, but that I had made the man I lo... liked more than any other look so low – I felt like a heel!

One investigation. Solve this trifling little diplomatic matter and then I could be back with Watson again. Just us saving people and hunting criminals, like the good old days. Nothing changed at all.


Since when had my own conscience taken to sniggering at me like that?