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There's so many ways to fall in love with you

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Yosuke and souji didn’t have traditions for most holidays. Which makes the fact souji is stuck three hours away from him on the one they do suck even more,

Normally on christmas eve they’d spend time together eating dinner watching some bad or sappy movie that comes on this time a year, and before bed they’d give each one early gift to open, it wasn’t much but it was their thing,

Souji was supposed to be back yesterday from his work trip. Only to end stuck the next city over do to snow,

Using videochat made it a little better but not the same. “Your pouting again”

Souji was making that face at him. The one him makes when he believes he upset yosuke,


“I’m going to be back first thing in the morning yosuke. I hate this too”, yosuke found himself smiling slightly at that, “i’m not mad. I just was looking forward to spending the night with you”

He watched souji chuckle rolling his eyes “you get that almost every night though we live together”

“Not the same” yosuke mummered. Sure they had that, they’ve been dating for five years, but wasn’t the same. Tonight was suppose to be special,

Being able to talk with souji and see his face helped a bit

Souji was frowning at him again. Moving his face closer to the screen, “you’re not alone at least. It’s boring in an hotel by myself, how has teddie been behaving by the way?”

He looked away from the laptop to glance at the sleeping bear on the couch. “Asleep, we did make cookies earlier. He tried to make a ‘sensei’ cookie wanna see?”, souji tilted his head in thought “how bad is it? I don’t want to see a cookie that looks like a murdered me, Partner”

“It’s good-really a perfect likeness” yosuke laughed moving away from souji’s line of sight to grab the cookies, he picked up the monsterest mess of a cookie

“You liar”

Yosuke bursted out into laughter at his boyfriend’s face “do i have shoulder pads? I look like a 80s dancer!” souji exclaimed,

He placed the cookie back down still laughing slightly, “T-their muscles. Teddie said it had to be ‘beary buff’ like you, come on he put so much heart in it you can’t hate”

“ it’s perfect i love it” he grumbled in defeat,

“Would you like to see one of the cookie i made? It’s almost as terrible” yosuke asked , souji raised a brow at him “if it’s another me i don’t want to see it”

“It’s not” he promised showing souji the poor melty looking jiraiya cookie.

Souji’s jaw dropped in disbelief, “What did you do to him! He’s dying”. Yosuke shot him a glare “hey! It’s not as easy as videos make it look okay?” he huffed looking away from his partner’s face of horror and pity for the poor cookie,

It’s better than the first attempt. But he’s not gonna let souji know about that one, no that poor mess will only be known to the trash bin. and only the trash bin,

“It’s kind of cute...the face looks mostly like jiraiya” he said keeping his eyes on anything but the cookie,

“I don’t need your pity partner”

If souji was here he could probably make cookies that would outshow his and teddie’s. Yosuke found himself frowning at the thought and dropped his head against the countertop in frustration, “please don’t hurt yourself”

He peeked up at souji. He was smiling at him. A warm loving smile, “...i miss you” yosuke mumbled almost to quietly for his partner to hear, “i’m right here yosuke”

No your not. It’s not the same as here, here. Those words hanged in his mind unsaid to the other,

“...hey yosuke. Go look on top the fridge” he told yosuke after a while of silence from him. “Souji i told i rather not do the gift thing till your back”

“I know. I know but, this will make you feel better just do it and don’t open it till your back in front of the computer”

Yosuke groaned pushing himself up right agreeing to souji’s request. He walked off towards the fridge reaching at the top till he felt something that felt like a gift, knowing souji. He most likely got yosuke something he’d love and treasure forever

His hand froze when it felt a small box. Souji couldn’t have...had he?,

Grabbing it quickly he rushed back to the computer seeing his partner’s happy face. “You found it!” he cheered beaming at yosuke,

“Souji i swear to god if this is what i think it is i’m going to die”

“Hmm. i think you’ll be surprised, now open it!”

Yosuke heart felt like a drum as he looked at the small box. It’s to small now that he looks at it, but ring boxes aren’t all the same size, what he is going to do if it is a ring box? He doesn’t have any doubt in himself about how he feels about his partner,

But they’ve only been out of college for a year and half. It feels to soon for this kind of thing,

“Are you gonna look at it all night or open it yosuke?” souji was smirking at him with that knowing little smirk,

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes and lifted the top of the box open,

When he opened them inside was a gold bracelet. Yosuke pulled it out looking closely at the gift, it had music notes and star charms around it, “souji I…”

“Do you like it? I had made personally for you”

“I love it. This is the most thoughtful thing you’ve gotten me so far partner and fuck, i love you so much” he breathed out, he couldn’t imagine where souji got the idea. He felt like he was about to cry,

While souji on the other hand looked over joyed at yosuke reaction. A big proud grin on his beautiful face,

“Merry christmas. I love you yosuke”

Yosuke smiled at him. “Merry christmas partner”