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Trolls Gone Wild

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 You sat on the edge of Seven's desk, shaking your leg impatiently as the hacker furiously keyed commands into the black and green window on his monitor. He was excited, you could tell - aside from the shit-eating grin on his face, he hadn't once looked away from the screen to leer at your cleavage, which was damn near unprecedented.

Almost immediately after you joined the RFA, Seven had become your partner in two things: kinky, depraved, no-strings-attached sex - and trolling Yoosung. Today's plan managed to cover both fronts, and you could. not. wait.

"C'mon Sev, I've seen you hack into government drones faster than this," you complained, reaching across his desk to snag the open bag of Honey Buddha Chips beside him.

"Which is a testament to how shitty the firewall is on government drones," he replied, the tip of his tongue peeking out from the corner of his mouth in concentration.

You rolled your eyes, popping a chip into your mouth and chewing thoughtfully. "So what's your plan if he doesn't call?"

"Oh, he'll call," Seven said, mischievous amber eyes flicking up to yours for the briefest second. "He's called four times this month alone. And you're going to give him incentive to make that five."

"And how am I going to do that?" you asked, lips twitching up into a smirk of your own as you brought another chip to your mouth. Not that you didn't already have an idea. It was scary how similar your thought processes could be sometimes.

His slim fingers shot up from the keyboard to wrap around your wrist, pulling it down to his mouth. You felt a familiar flutter in your belly as he pressed a damp, lingering kiss to the sensitive skin on the inside of your wrist.

"I'm sure you'll figure something out," he murmured, slowly running his tongue along your skin. You let out a slow breath, imagining that talented mouth moving somewhere lower - until he abruptly snatched the chip out of your fingers with his teeth, laughing triumphantly as he dropped your hand.

"You little shit!" you giggled, pressing your palm to his face and shoving him backwards. He rolled away with a grin, readjusting his glasses and turning back to the screen.

Another minute of typing and Seven leaned back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head and his feet up on the desk.

"It's done. Next time Yoosung calls that number it'll forward right to my phone."

"You turned the ID off, right? So he won't know he's calling you?"

Seven shot you a look of disbelief. "Really MC? Who do you even think I am?"

"Defender of Justice God Seven-Zero-Seven!" you said with too much enthusiasm, sliding off of the desk and straddling his lap. "And also the guy who still owes me for that blowjob in the C&R board room."

"Ooh, that was a good one too..." Seven said, letting his hands roam up your body as he glanced at the clock. "Well there's still half an hour before we need to leave for the cafe. Bedroom?"



Every once in a while you felt bad about the pranks you and Seven pulled on Yoosung. He was just so innocent, and so damn easy. The thought had crossed your mind more than once to let up on the poor guy and go for someone else, like Zen or Jumin. You know, challenge yourself.

Then you remember that you're a terrible fucking person, and all is right with the world again.

Getting Yoosung all flustered was your absolute favorite, and today was no exception. It was so much fun to see his eyes nervously shift away when your skirt "accidentally" rode up, baring a little too much thigh. The way his entire face flushed when you leaned across him to adjust the barettes in his hair. His wide eyes and not-so-subtle crotch adjustment when you wiped a dab of whipped cream off the corner of his mouth and sucked your finger clean.

He was just too damn cute, and it was too damn funny. Seven looked like he was about to burst into hysterics every time you caught his eye from across the booth, but somehow you managed to keep your composure through the coffee date. It lasted longer than you'd planned, Zen being completely unable to shut up about the new role he got, but eventually you and your partner-in-crime were racing back to his bunker, giggling like idiots the entire drive.

"How long do you think it'll take?" you asked, chewing on your lip with anticipation - and a bit of nerves, if you were honest with yourself. You had a performance to put on, and not just for Yoosung. Seven would be listening to the entire thing too.

"Considering he nearly bust in his pants when you bent over to pick up that napkin, I'd say the second he gets home."

He was right. Not even ten minutes after you got back, Seven's phone started to ring, Yoosung's photo with LOL stamped across popped up on the screen.

Flashing you a knowing grin, Seven cleared his throat and answered the phone on speaker.

"Thank you for calling Sexy College Singles," he purred into the line, sounding for all the world like a horny schoolgirl. You were honestly taken aback by how convincing he was. Like, good enough that maybe he should be running this prank out and not you.

Try not to sound hotter than me, you typed into your phone, holding it up for him to read. He rolled his eyes with a grin.

"You must be 18 or older to use our service. Please confirm your birthdate to proceed."

"March 12, 1998," Yoosung's voice came through the speaker, and you had to bite down on a pillow to keep from giggling. There was no way you were going to get through this without breaking. It was impossible.

"Fees for this service will be automatically charged to your cell phone carrier. Please say 'accept' to continue, or hang up."


"Charges accepted. Please hold while we connect you to a sexy college single," Seven finished, tapping the mute button just in time before you both lost it, collapsing on opposite ends of the couch.

"Oh my god Seven, I can't do this," you puffed out, gasping for breath between the peals of laughter.

Tears streamed down his cheeks as he shook his head. "We're in too deep. No turning back now MC."

He was right. You committed, now you had to execute. Taking a few steadying breaths, you unmuted the phone.

"Hey baby, my name is Crystal and I'll be taking care of you today," you began, mustering up the sexiest voice you could manage. Seven raised an eyebrow, snatching your phone and typing something in.

u sound like a fucking waitress

Fuck you, you mouthed silently, kicking him in the side.

"What's your name baby?"

"'s Y-Yoosung..."

Oh god, he gave his real name. For fuck's sake Yoosung.

"Ooh, I like that name," you giggle into the phone. "It's so...manly."

"Oh, I uh..."

"Are you manly, Yoosung?"

You felt the couch shaking with Seven's silent laughter, but didn't dare look up. You were barely holding on as it was.

"I um...y-yeah, yeah I can be manly!"

"Mmm, good," you breathed into the phone. "What do you want me to do to you, Yoosung? Tell me your wildest fantasy."

"I..." he was silent for a long moment, and you honestly thought he was going to hang up. You wouldn't blame him. Phone sex was well beyond your realm of expertise.

"You sound...really familiar..."

Your eyes went wide, head snapping up to meet Seven's gaze.


You shook your head, determined to pull this back. He didn't know it was you, not yet. You giggled lightly, kicking yourself for the edge of nervousness in the sound. "Maybe you've gotten me before?"

"I guess so..."

"I can't wait to hear what you're going to do to me, Yoosung," you prompted again, eager to move the conversation away from the topic of your voice.

"Oh, right." You could practically hear him brushing off his suspicions as impossible. "Can we start in a coffeeshop?"

"Sure, whatever you want."

"You're wearing a black shirt and a blue checkered skirt, and you don't seem to notice that it keeps riding up too high."

You glance down at your outfit, a replica of the one he just described, and back up at Seven. He's smirking, and you feel your cheeks flush. It was one thing to listen to Yoosung living out some cheerleader fantasy - it was an entirely different thing when he was thinking about you.

It was embarrassing, and wrong on so many levels...but the familiar warmth pooling in your belly said you weren't entirely against the idea, either.

"Maybe I do notice, Yoosung," you say teasingly. "Maybe I just want you to look at my thighs."

"I am looking. I can't stop looking," he admitted, and you could hear the bashfulness in his voice. "I want...I want to run my fingers up them, feel how soft and smooth they are. Slowly going higher until my fingertips brush against your panties."

You bit your lip. "I'm not wearing panties."

His breath hitched, and the little sound sent a twinge directly to your core. He didn't reply right away, and you decided to take the lead.

"I'd squirm in the booth as your hand brushed hesitantly against my pussy, one finger dipping in to find I'm already wet for you."

Well, that part wasn't a lie. You really were squirming, thanks to Seven's gaze and the fact that Yoosung was actively fantasizing about you at this very moment. Your thighs shifted together, seeking some kind of friction where you needed it most.

"I'd lead you to the bathroom, away from our friends," he said, and Seven snickered under his breath. "As soon as the door closed I'd push you against it, pinning your hands above your head as I kissed you hard."

Oh really now, Yoosung?

The ache between your legs intensified, and before you realized what you were doing, your hand had edged its way up your skirt. A soft moan escaped your lips as your fingers found your heat, running lazily from your entrance to your clit and back down again.

Your noises seemed to spur him on, and he continued. "I'd run my free hand down your body and back under your skirt, circling your clit slowly, watching you writhe and roll your hips against me until I pushed two fingers deep inside you."

You threw one leg over the back of the couch, opening your legs wide as your fingers followed along with Yoosung's fantasy. Your eyes were closed but you could feel Seven watching you, and it only added to the eroticism of it all.

"Mmm Yoosung, I'm so wet for you right now..." you moaned, curling your fingers to hit that spot inside you that made the world melt away.

"I'd keep teasing you with my fingers, kissing and sucking on your neck until your knees were weak and you couldn't stand it anymore," he said, breathing heavier. At least you weren't the only one err...actively enjoying this phone call. "Until you were begging me to fuck you."

"Please fuck me Yoosung..."  You bit your lip as your fingers worked faster inside you. Who knew sweet little Yoosung had that in him?

"Not good enough."

Oh. My. God.

"I want to feel your cock inside me so bad," you whimper, the coil of pleasure inside you tightening at his words. "I want you to fuck me until I'm screaming your name."

Yoosung growled into the phone, low and dangerous and fucking sexy as hell and your insides clenched in response.

"I'd bend you over and slam into you from behind, sinking all the way in with one hard stroke. I'd grab a fistful of your hair and pull, arching your back as I drove into you."

You were close. So, so close. And by the sound of his panting breaths, so was Yoosung.

"Harder, fuck me harder...I'm so close Yoosung..."

Eyes closed, fingers pumping in a frantic rhythm, Yoosung's obvious pleasure burning in your was all too much. You teetered on the edge of oblivion, until...

"I-I'm gonna... Fuck, MC..."

Your name spilling from his lips brought you over the edge, hips bucking against your hand as you rode out your pleasure.

Collapsing back against the couch as you came down, it was quiet for a long moment as you listened to each other's erratic breathing. You idly wondered if you should say something, when...


"I, wh--- SEVEN?!" he shrieked into the phone, voice shooting up so high it could break glass.

Your face burned, stuck somewhere between mortification and hilarity. "That was pretty hot Yoosung," you admitted with a giggle.

"...I hate you both," he growled into the phone, and the line went dead.