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Getting caught in the act

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Shouta shuffles back to his and his best friend’s shared dorm room, feeling drained from the extra training he’s endured that last couple of hours, trying to get in better control of his capture gear.

He’s good but not exactly where he wants to be yet so he’s always working himself ragged until he just comes back and collapses in bed without even changing out of his gym clothes, it’s normally Hizashi who drags him out of bed and forces him to shower and get something to eat before he can actually get any rest.

He stops at their door, looping his scarf over his shoulder before reaching into his pockets to find his room key but pauses when he hears a whine come from inside the room. Shouta lifts his gaze from his feet to the door and frowns, was Hizashi crying?

First thought that came to him was the confession Hizashi told him months ago when they both decided to share a room together; something that was really personal and honestly threw Shouta through a loop because he honestly didn’t expect it when the blonde told him.

Did someone find out and mocked Hizashi? The fear of his best friend being bullied over it makes the dark hair boy feel a spark of anger and pulls his keys out to talk to the other boy when he hears another noise come from behind the door.

A moan.

It was enough to make his hand freeze before the key could reach the knob, his entire body follow after when the realization hits him. Hizashi wasn’t crying...was he having sex?

Shouta shakes his head because it wasn’t any of his business and pulls his hand away, wishing the other boy could have at least put a sock on the door but then he wonders who Hizashi could possibly be having sex with; Again, it wasn’t any of his business but Hizashi has told him he was the only one knows about him being trans so Shouta was only curious.

“Just leave and come back later.” Shouta mutters to himself and goes to put his keys back into his pocket when he hears something else come from behind the door, it was hushed like Hizashi was covering his mouth or something but it was a name; his name.

“Shouta-“ He hears it being cut off by a groan.

Shouta stops breathing for a moment, his ears straining to focus on any noises coming from their room, figuring...he must have just misheard that right? That had to be it, no way the other was having sex and...What if Hizashi wasn’t having sex? Was he just masturbating? Then why was he saying his name?!

His cheeks heat up when he hears the faint, muffled sigh followed by a almost high pitched whine. Shouta figures he’s trying to keep himself from getting too loud and wonders he’s pressing hand against his mouth or using his pillow-

Stop, stop! Shouta internally scolds himself and covers his eyes with his hand. He shouldn’t just being standing here and listening to his best friend, it’s a violation of his privacy but the sound of his name being cried out again has him snapping his eyes back to the door.

He shallows thickly when he hears the other say something along the lines of ‘need you’ or ‘don’t stop’ and it makes his soften cock twitch with interest but the thought of sleeping with Hizashi has never even crossed his mind before.

It was only recently Shouta was told the other boy was born with female genitalia and the only reason Hizashi told him was because after they started packing their things into the dorm, Shouta came across what he thought was a firm bra and asked where it came from.

Turns out it wasn’t a bra but a chest binder which just brought up even more questions.

Shouta removes his hand from his face and wonders what he should do next; walk away and pretend he didn’t just hear the other moaning his name or walk in and questioning him why he was moaning his name in the first place.

“Sho, please...” Shouta shallows the forming lump in his throat and brings his keys to the door again, without much thinking, he slips inside the room and sets his stuff right beside the door.

There’s a soft vibrating sound coming from Hizashi’s side of the room, making his cheeks burn when he realizes the other is probably using a vibrator. There’s another soft sigh so Shouta assumes the other hasn’t heard him come in yet and awkwardly wonders how he should let Hizashi know he was now in the room with him.

He couldn’t see him from the door because there’s a corner blocking his view, could always open and close the door a little louder and just act like he just got back but he didn’t want to cause the other to panic but either way it’s going to be awkward, maybe he should have just walked a way when he had the chance.

Another moan makes his dick twitch inside his sweat pants and has to resist the urge to rubs himself.

Just say something, you’re just being creepy now.

“...Zashi?” Shouta’s honestly surprised his voice was so calm and hears the other shifts on his bed as he takes off his shoes at the door.

“...Sho?” He hears and oh man, he sounds so wrecked. Shouta bites the inside of his cheek and hears the vibrations suddenly stop, faintly hearing the sound of his heavy breathing. “How long have you been-“

“Long enough.” Shouta’s reply is low and husky, he clears his throat and comes into view, seeing Hizashi sitting up in his bed. His face is flushed, no glasses but his eyes are dark with lust and runs his eyes over Hizashi’s disheveled T-shirt shirt, down to the blanket that’s covering him. “Were you just masturbating?”

He didn’t mean to sound so blunt but what else could he say? Hizashi reaches over to grab his glasses off the nightstand, exposing his bare hip and settles back on his back, pulling the blanket closer to his body.

“I-I didn’t think you would be back so soon.” Hizashi answers, clearly embarrassed and Shouta couldn’t blame him, he would be too if the positions were switched. “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry for masturbating or saying my name while you masturbated?” Shouta finds himself asking without even thinking, watching Hizashi’s eyes widen at the question.

“You heard?” He sounds small and scared, this makes Shouta frown but gives a little nod, he didn’t trust his voice right now. Hizashi hides his face in his hands, his cheeks turning redder than it already was. “Oh my gosh, sorry! I’m disgusting-“

“It’s fine.” Shouta says, stepping closer with a extended hand but unsure where to go from here. “I don’t mind, really.”

“You...don’t mind?” Hizashi lifts his face from his hands to look at him, probably taking in his flushed complexion before his eyes move lower and raises a brow. “Sho, did you like hearing me?”

Shouta feels himself tenting in his sweats and coughs in his head, avoiding his eyes and feels his own cheeks starting to get pretty warm.

“I may have liked it a little.” He answers honestly because his growing erection was a dead giveaway so there was no point in lying to him, not that he would lie Hizashi to begin with.

There was silence for a moment before Hizashi clears his throat and scoots over on his bed, closer to the wall.

“You...could...” Hizashi mutters, sounding a little hesitant and shy. “Join me if you want.”

“To masturbate?” Shouta asks, wanting to make sure because he’s not sure if he believes what he’s hearing. “Would you be comfortable with me touching you?”

“I trust you, Sho.” Hizashi says and it makes him stutter, cheeks heating up but makes himself walk over to Hizashi’s side of the room and sits on the edge of the bed.

“Do you want me to use the vibrator?” Shouta asks, not sure if the blonde would be comfortable with it or not; He didn’t want to cause him to become uncomfortable or worse, any form of dysphoria.

Something Hizashi told him about one night they were studying together, Shouta didn’t like the sound of it and definitely didn’t want to be the one to cause it.

“You heard the vibrator?!” Hizashi is trying to hide a goofy grin this time, biting his lip as he thought before giving a little nod. “I’m okay with that but...could we keep the blanket over us?”

“If that’s what you want.” Shouta says, not sure what to do with his hands until Hizashi has him lay down and his eyes linger over his mouth so Shouta leans in to kiss him; his lungs stop when their lips met and finally moans back, unable to keep it down and reaches up to cup his face. He kisses Hizashi like it was his sole duty to make the other boy as breathless as he was, getting those sweet little noises out of the blonde he was hearing earlier but actually being the one to cause them this time.

Shouta sits up and slowly letting his hand run down his friend’s body as Hizashi leans up to follow his lips, gasp when his calloused fingers brushed against his pubic hair.

“Still okay with this?” Shouta’s hand doesn’t move any lower, hearing the other groan with a nod and grabs ahold of Shouta’s hand with his own and moves it lower for him; he’s extremely wet and hot against his fingers, Shouta cusses under his breath, hearing Hizashi chuckle.

“Just for you.” Hizashi comments, moving his hand from Shouta’s to hand him the vibrator. “I was so close, Sho.”

“So close to getting yourself off at the thought me fucking you?” Shouta asks, rubbing the toy against his body and rubs his thumb against the button he guess turns it on but doesn’t just yet.

“Yes.” Hizashi bites his lip and spreads his legs, looking at the blanket that covered them and presses his hips up against the toy, shivering when Shouta turns it on to it’s lowest setting and slowly eases it inside him.

“When you were fucking yourself with this thing and thinking of me, how did you imagine me doing you?” Shouta purrs, enjoying the way Hizashi’s body shook beside him and decides to lay back down, pressing his cheek against Hizashi’s shoulder and loops his free arm under his back to have a good hold of the blonde. “Am I going slow and gentle or am I fucking you nice and hard?”

There’s a moan that escapes him when Shouta presses the vibrator in deeper and feels some of his body fluid on his fingers, it makes his cock ache.

“Hard enough you’d have to erase my quirk.” Hizashi shutters, turning his head to face the dark hair boy. “Go faster, please.”

Shouta shivers at the begging tone and starts moving it at a quick but not deep pace, pulling the squirming blonde closer to kiss his face.

“I like hearing you make those noises.” Shouta says against his moaning mouth, turning up the settling and gets a high pitched whine. He twists his hand and thrusts it deeper, pulling away to kiss over his face and hears Hizashi moaning his name as he reaches over his head to grab his pillow, knuckles turning white from the tight grip. “What else do you like to imagine me doing to you, Zashi?”

“Agh-Mmm, biting my neck and leaving hickies.” Hizashi pants, squeezing his eyes shut and starts to moves his hips to meet Shouta’s moving hand. “To make sure everyone knew I was taken-“

“I didn’t think you had such a possessive fetish.” Shouta teases, slowing his hand and idling for a moment until Hizashi lets out a whine, arching back before flopping back onto the mattress. “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t stop, please.” Hizashi begs, reaching down to bury his hand into Shouta’s hair and pulls him closer, hugging him around his neck. “Deeper.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t, baby please.” The sudden pet name sparks something inside him and starts fucking him faster with the toy, moans begin spilling out of Hizashi, panting praises and feels his hand getting cover in more of his sticky wetness until the other suddenly convulsing in his arms, throwing his head back with a cry that Shouta had to silence with his quirk and feels him tighten around the vibrator before slowly pulling it out to turn it off.

Shouta glances over the blue silicone before setting it on the bed and turns his attention to his panting friend, he looks utterly blissed out. Shouta starts kisses the side of his face as the other boy starts gather his thoughts and chuckles against the corner of his lips.

“Hey Zashi.”

“Hmm?” He still buzzed from his high and turns to kiss him a little before Shouta pulls away to nip along his jawline.

“Just so you know, I’m a lot bigger than that toy of yours.” Shouta says heatedly against his ear and feels the blonde shiver in his arms, there’s a soft moan.

“...I’ve got condoms.” Hizashi finally speaks up, fixing his glass and reaches over Shouta to pull out a box from his nightstand, shaking it front of Shouta.

“You want to go again?”

“If I settle down for a moment, I should have another round or two left in me.” Hizashi grins, reaching down to rub the front of Shouta’s sweats. “Besides it’s my fault you’re like this to begin with, I should take responsibility for my actions.”

Shouta chuckles and pulls him back into a kiss, enjoying the way Hizashi is smiling against his mouth.

“You should for making me so hard from moaning my name so eagerly.” Shouta says against his lips and feels Hizashi chuckle before mimicking moaning his name like he had been doing earlier so Shouta kisses him hard to cut him off. “Fuck Zashi, why didn’t we do this sooner?”

“I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.” Hizashi says, pulling back and starts rubbing him though his sweatpants.

“We’ve been best friends since high school, there’s literally nothing you could do that would make me uncomfortable anymore.”

“Sounds like a challenge, Aizawa.” Hizashi smirks, leaning back to pull Shouta’s pants down over his hips and whistles at the sight of the bulge under his boxer shorts, running his fingers over the damp spot. “Oh man, I can’t wait to have both of my surgeries done and over with.”

“Hmm.” Shouta pulls him back into a kiss, pressing Hizashi’s hand against his erection and rubs himself against his open hand. “Promise me that after you’re all healed up, you’ll pin me down to the mattress and nail me until I can’t even remember my name.”

Hizashi’s eyes practically light up when he hears this, like he was imagining the scenario and smirks slyly.

“So you don’t want this to be a one time thing?” Hizashi asks, freeing his erection from his underwear and strokes him slowly, enjoying the way Shouta’s hips jerk from just his touch.

“No...” Shouta moans, lifting his hips a little to thrust into Hizashi’s fist. “Want you, Zashi.”

“Hmm, don’t suppose you would...want to be boyfriends?” Hizashi says cautiously, watching Shouta’s eyes open again and takes a stuttering breath.

“Yes.” He answers without any hesitation and feels his heart speed up in his chest when he sees the way his best friend grins from his reply. “But there’s one thing I want to ask first, are you okay with me...putting my...”

“Putting your dick into me?” Hizashi finishes for him, rubbing Shouta’s thighs and makes him lay back against his pillow. He takes a condom from the box and rolls it on the other’s now weeping erection. “Shouta, I trust you more than anyone. You’ve never misgendered me once or made me uncomfortable, supported me more than anything; I’m okay with it.”

Hizashi straddles his hips and pulls the blanket over them, kissing him until they’re both laughing against each other’s lips. Shouta wraps his arms around his waist and rubs his hands over his rear until Hizashi sits up to position the head of his cock against his entrance and slowly eases himself down on the shaft.

“Hizashi-“ Shouta grabs his hips and keeps himself absolutely still, feeling the sticky vibrator against his leg.

“Fuck, you are bigger.” Hizashi rasps out when he finally meets Shouta’s hips and presses his hands against his chest to keep himself up. Shouta pulls Hizashi’s glasses off and puts them on the nightstand, bring his hand back to run it though his blonde shoulder-length hair. “G-give me a minute.”

“I’m not going to move until you want me to.” Shouta replies and rubs his sides but fuck, he felt good around him. Hizashi leans down to hide his face against his neck, breathing slowly and trying to adjust, feeling Shouta’s hands come up to wrap around his waist. He feels so lucky to have such a great guy like Shouta as his best friend, now his boyfriend and feels like crying. Hizashi reaches up to wipe the tears in his eyes and feels Shouta rubbing his lower back. “I’m not hurting you, am I? Need me to take it out?”

“No, no. I’m fine, I’m just...” Hizashi pulls back and gives him his usual warm smile. “ happy right now.”

“Me too.” Shouta returns his smile with one of his own and rubs his hands up his back, under his T-shirt and feels the back of his binder and decides to leave it alone and sets his hands at the middle of his back.

Finally Hizashi leans back up, letting the blanket drape around his hips and rolls them, feeling the stretch of the other move inside him and moans sweetly; so much better than that vibrator. He starts moving back and forth on top of him, moaning Shouta’s name as he starts to pick up the pace and feels jolt of thrill when he hears the man below him start to moan his name as well.

It was long before they’re both panting, hands gripping each other roughly until Shouta leans up and pushes Hizashi back against the mattress, shifting his legs and pulls the blankets back over them, pulling him up into a heated kiss.

“Fuck, Sho.” Hizashi chuckles against his mouth, wrapping his arms around his neck to pull him down, face twisting up in pleasure as Shouta began to thrust his hips forward again.

“You wanted me to fuck you hard enough I’d have to erase your quirk, right?” Shouta asks, thrusting roughly and earns a loud gasp, followed by a moan.

“Y-Yes.” Hizashi nods, taking in another shaky breath and leans his head back against the sheets, blush all the way down his neck. Shouta couldn’t get over how hot the other looked right now, so flustered and squirming desperately beneath him. “Sho, I’m so close.”

“Me too.” He grunts, pressing his face against his neck and nips at the skin, pulling back his lips to press his teeth there, hearing a whine.

“Bite me please.” Hizashi asks, tangling his hands in Shouta’s hair to keep him there. “Hard, Shouta.”

“You’ll scream if I bite too hard.” Shouta says, running his teeth across his skin and hears the other whimper. “I won’t be able to erase your quirk.”

Hizashi pulls one of Shouta’s hands up to cover his own mouth, rolling his hips to meet his thrusts and mutters a ‘please’ through his fingers. Shouta hums against his neck, pressing his hand against his mouth before latching his mouth onto his skin and bites down hard but not enough to break skin, hearing Hizashi’s muffled scream against his hand; oddly it cause his body to somewhat vibrate.

Shouta groans and shakes on top of him when he feels Hizashi clench around him, coming undone again and it was enough to cause him to cum as well.

They both stay still for a little bit, limbs too wobbly to move just yet. Hizashi rubs the back of Shouta’s head and feels himself clenching around the boy, who just seems to be a dead weight at the moment but Hizashi didn’t mind, he liked the feeling of Shouta’s body on top of him.

“Hmm, going to need a shower and change of sheets now.” Hizashi thinks aloud, tapping his fingers against Shouta’s shoulder and feels the other start to come to his senses. “Don’t suppose you’ll want to tag along, do you?”

“And get food.” Shouta mutters, rubbing his face against his neck before sitting up and messing with his own hair. “We can just sleep in my bed for tonight and wash your bedding in the morning.”


Couple years later, Shouta finds himself being pinned to their mattress, face first with a groan as the eraser hero presses his rear back onto his husband’s cock, his arms being held behind his back and feels Hizashi kiss down his spine with a amused grin.

“You look very good like this, Sho.”

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Hizashi steals a peek at his husband from the corner of his eyes, watching the man read from his book while petting the cat in his lap before turning back to his phone.

He wasn’t sure how to bring this up to him but after the conversation they had the other night, he spoke to Nemuri earlier today and she was all aboard the idea.

Now he just needs to run the idea by Shouta but didn’t know how; Hizashi has no reason to be nervous, it’s Sho after all-

“What’s wrong?” Hizashi is brought out of his thoughts and glances at the other man again, Shouta had sat his book down and was now looking at him. “You’ve been staring at me all night, is something bothering you?”

“Nope!” Hizashi gives him a smile but Shouta raises a unconvinced brow, making the blonde chuckle nervously into his hand. “Well...there’s one thing...”

“What is it?” Of course his husband would want him to just get straight to the point.

“ know how we were talking about adoption the other night?” Hizashi reminds him, noticing how the man is no longer petting Chieko and his full attention was now on him.

“Are you have second thoughts?” Shouta turns his head with a concern expression. “I don’t want you to feel like you have to-“

“No, no. I want a child, Sho but I’m just...” How was he suppose to bring this up? He never even told him about it. “You...know how I got my surgery a little after college a couple of years ago?”

“Yeah?” Shouta remembers, of course he remembers, he was at the hospital when Hizashi had both surgeries.

“Well, before I had my bottom surgery. I had a talk with the doctor and...” Hizashi motions with his hands, glancing everywhere before finally meeting his husband’s eyes. “I had a few of my eggs frozen, for you know, just in case but since it was so long ago I just suppose they, you know, expired or something and sort of forgot about them but Nemuri told me today that they can been frozen up to 15 years.”

“...What...” Shouta looks dumbfounded and leans forward in his seat, processing what he was just told for a moment.

“We could biologically have a child together but we can still do adoption of you want.”

“We would have to have a surrogate mother, Zashi. Who would be willing...” Shouta trails off when he sees the grin spread on the blonde face. “Nemuri already agree to be the surrogate mother, didn’t she?”

“She said since the child would be giving her stretch marks, she better be called auntie.” Hizashi is taken back by the sudden genuine smile on the other face and holds out his arms when the other crawls across the couch to pull him into a tight hug.

“I love you.” Shouta says, pulling him into a quick kiss and tightens his arms around him. “Yeah, we should all get together tomorrow and talk about it.”

“You want to do it?” Hizashi pulls back and brushes the strands of hair out of Shouta’s face, watching him nod excitedly. He had to be sure.

“Should have told me sooner, when did you talk to Nemuri about this?”

“...This morning.” There’s a short pause of silence before Shouta is lightly smacking the top of his husband’s head with his book.

“Should have told me sooner, idiot.” Hizashi chuckles, looping his arms around the other man and pulling him nearly into his lap.

“We’re going to have to clean out that spare room, Shouta.” He can’t help but to grin, pressing his face against Shouta hair and rubbing his back. “Then make a nursery, umm...oh...what theme should it be? Should we wait until we know the gender?”

“Cat pattens are pretty unisex.” Shouta points out, feeling Chieko settle on the back of the couch behind them. “Light purple and yellow colors.”

“Yeah!” Hizashi rocks him back and forth in his arms but the other didn’t mind, he was pretty excited too. “Oh my gosh! I’ll call my doctor in the morning, we’ll talk it over with Nemuri and figure out an appointment date. Of course, Nemuri is going to be the godmother, she strangle me if we didn’t let her and we should ask Toshinori if he wants to be the godfather.”

“Why Toshinori?” Shouta didn’t have a problem with it, he was just curious. They had a ton of other friends they could ask.

“Who wouldn’t want All Might to be their godfather?!” Hizashi laughs, hugging his head to his chest and pressing his face against his dark hair.

“I don’t see why not, we’ll could all go out to lunch and talk this over tomorrow.” Shouta pulls back and cuddle up against his side, letting the cat settles down on his lap. “I’m sure he would be happy to.”

“...And if you still want, after this one is born, we can still consider adopting.” Hizashi rests his head against his and glances towards the wall behind their tv, imagine what it would be like to fill it with a ton of family photos.

He can’t wait for those moments to happen.