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The T.M.M. Club

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”Um…am I in the right place?”

”Hi! Come on in!”

Ciel walked into the classroom slightly intimidated by all the boys looking at him. He chose a desk in the back next to a taller boy with jet black hair covering his eyes.

”Alright, I think we can get started now! Welcome to the Cooking Club! I am Tachibana sensei and I love to cook! I used to cook for my little brother and sister when I was in high school and now besides being the Home Economics teacher, I am in charge of the Cooking Club! We are going to have so much fun this year! We are going to cook special items for the holidays as well as making your favorite meals to share with the group! At the end of the year we will be making a big dinner for the faculty and the superintendent will be coming too! Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful thing to do?”

Ciel would have rolled his eyes, but he could not stop looking at the teacher. Tachibana sensei was in a word…beautiful. No no, that word was not good enough to describe him. Ethereal was more like it. He was like an angel with his smile and his laugh and how positive he sounded. Ciel had never met anyone like that before.

”Okay enough about me, why don’t we go around the room and say our names and what our favorite food is!”

The teacher looked at the boy in the front row.

”Why don’t we start with you!”

The boy that sat in front of the teacher stood up and faced the other students.


”My goodness what enthusiasm! With all that energy I bet you play a sport too!”


”Wondeful! Well welcome Ei-chan nice to have you here with us!”

”Oh…uh… thank you sensei.”

Sawamura’s face was pink hearing the teacher calling him by his first name and adding chan. He sat down quietly after that. Snickering was heard behind him and Sawamura finched as he was hit in the back of the head with the boy’s foot.

”Ow! Hey!”

”We need to bring sensei to the field with us.”

”Yeah, we finally found a way to shut up Sawamoron! Kyahahaha!”


Sawamura turned around to see the face of the boy behind him which he clearly knew.

”Now now, please refrain from bullying Ei-chan like that.”

”Don’t worry sensei, I’m not bullying him. This little kohai is on the baseball team with me.”

”Oh! Well why don’t you go next then please!”

The boy blew a bubble and popped it as he stood up. His hair was blonde on top and brown underneath.

”Names Kuramochi Youichi. Don’t really want to be here, but my Guidance Counselor says I have to do something more calming on the baseball off season so…yeah.”

Kuramochi say down and put his feet back up on the desk.

”You-chan you forgot to tell us what your favorite food is!”

Now it was Kuramochi’s turn to go red at his nickname.

”Oh…um…I like hot pot…I guess.”

”You guess? Jeeze Mochi, I thought you would have figured out what you like by now!”

The boy picking on Kuramochi stood up without prompt.

”I’m Miyuki Kazuya. I play baseball with these to idiots and I enjoy ramen.”

”Thank you Kazu-chan.”

Both Sawamura and Kuramochi looked over at Miyuki to see if he was bothered by the teacher calling him by his first name, but there was not even a flinch, instead there was a smirk.

”You are most welcome Tachibana sensei.”

Ciel listened as a few more kids gave their name and what their favorite food was. He heard some scratching from the desk next to his. He looked and saw that the boy was etching some weird symbols into the wood of the desk with the tip of a pen. As he looked the boy turned to him and Ciel quickly turned back, but not before he caught the almost ruddiness of his eyes.

”Alright who wants to go next?”

A red head stood up.

”Names Matsuoka Rin. I’m on the swim team and I like anything with meat. This one behind me is Nanase Haruka he swims too and he only eats mackerel.”

”Wow! Is what Rin-chan said right Haru-chan? You only eat mackerel?”

”Rice too.”

For some reason this impressed the teacher and the first boy Sawamura jumped up excitedly that Nanase ate rice. He was grabbed by Kuramochi and forced down in his seat.

”Sit down Bakamura, we all eat rice.”

Sawamura sulked and Miyuki snickered.

”Alright two more to go. How about we start with…you with the blue hair.”

”Um…I’m Ciel…uh, Phantomhive, and I like…cake?”

”Another one that doesn’t know what he likes.”

Miyuki laughed and Ciel stood up.

”Shut up! I just don’t know if sweets also counts as cake!”

”Oooh he’s feisty.”

Kuramochi laughed and Miyuki smirked as he stood up.

”Well you obviously don’t know that sweets can mean cake, candy, and pretty much anything made with sugar.”

”Fine! Then I like anything made with sugar and chocolate. There are you happy?”


”You’re a jerk!”

”Thank you!”


The face that Miyuki managed to rile up two of the boys delighted him to no end.

”Alright settle down. Ci-chan, we will be making many desserts here and they will certainly include chocolate, don’t worry!”

Ciel nodded and sat down. He glared at Miyuki who just flashed him a brilliant smile.

”Well just one more to go! Next to Ci-chan we have…”


”And what do you like Sebby-chan?”

”Devils food.”

”That’s cause he thinks he’s the devil.”

Rin cackled at his joke, but Sebastian didn’t even look up.

”Alright! Now that we know everyone’s name and favorite thing, let’s move onto the actual kitchen! If you will all follow me, I will take you to my classroom!”

Ciel watched as Tachibana walked to the door and opened it and everyone got up and followed. As they were walking down the hall, Ciel could not look away from the natural swing in the teacher’s hips. It was…hypnotic. The pants he was wearing hugged his ass nicely. Ciel had to swallow hard and tried to school his thoughts or he would be sporting a semi in his uniform. He quickly pulled his back pack off and held it in front of his body. He heard a slight laugh from behind him and knew it was Sebastian, but he ignored it. Tachibana held the door open as the class filed in.

”Okay so I am going to divide you up into groups. Group A will be…Ei-chan, Ci-chan, and Hita-chan.”

Ciel groaned a bit at being with such a loud boy, but he could not protest as he was grabbed and pulled over to station A by him.

”Hi Ciel! I’m Sawamura Eijun!”

”He knows that already Bakamura.”

”Stuff it you mean Tanuki!”


”Oh yeah! It’s like a racoon dog we have here. You don’t have them in…America?”

”No England.”

”Oh! Sorry, I didn’t mean to assume!”

Eijun started to bow in apology and Ciel didn’t quite know what to do. He patted the boy on the head and that made him stop, look up and smile brighter than the sun. Ciel swore he heard grumbling from Miyuki, but dismissed it.

”Group B will be…You-chan, Rin-chan, and Mitz-chan.”

Kuramochi walked over to station B along with the red head and one of the other students.

”You said you like hot pot right?”


”With meat right, not stupid vegetables?”


”I think we will get along okay.”

”Group C will be Kazu-chan, Syn-chan, and Haru-chan.”

Miyuki walked over to station C with the two students. He hardly heard Nanase speak before. He wondered if the red head spoke for him all the time. It might be pretty boring if he can’t get a rise out of these two.

”And that leaves…oh my…I guess one of your groups will have four instead on three. Sebby-chan, which group would you like to be a part of?”

Sebastian walked over to where Ciel and Eijun were standing.

”Okay Sebby-chan is part of group A! Wonderful! I want you guys to get to know each other and exchange phone numbers and e-mail information. You will be working together for the duration of the year now! Whoops there’s the bell! We will meet Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Those of you in a sport, if it conflicts with club, its okay, your sport is really important and creates school spirit!”

The students gathered up their stuff and headed out of the classroom. Tachibana locked the door and then waved goodbye as he headed down the hall. Once again Ciel could not help but watch.

”Nice ass huh?”

”Yeah I mean…!”

Ciel spun around and saw Matsuoka grinning at him. He pulled out his wallet and handed him a card.

”We will be expecting you at some point.”

He patted Ciel on the shoulder and then walked off with Nanase. Ciel looked at the card.

”The T.M.M. Club.”

” What’s that Ciel?”

Ciel turned and saw Sawamura looking over his shoulder.

”Oh nothing. let’s sync our phones so we can share info.”

Ciel took his out and allowed it to sync with Sawamura’s. He turned to do the same for Sebastian, but found he was no where around.

”Guess we can do it next meeting.”

”Oi Bakmura, you coming?”

”Yeah, hold on!”

”I guess I will see you on Monday then Ciel.”

”Sure Sawamura-san.”

”You can call me Eijun since you don’t have an honorific with your name.”

”Alright Eijun.”


Ciel watched as Eijun ran over to the other two boys on his baseball team. He watched as Eijun slipped between the two of them. They were arguing and picking on him as they walked, but Ciel could see something else. There was a closeness that he didn’t notice before and he wondered if they were also a team of three. Ciel took the card and placed it in his wallet and then headed out of the school and home.