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You Always Say No

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“You cannot do this.” She hissed when Edward told her of his plans to marry a mortal. “The Dark Lord will not—”

“Have a say. I love her, Zee. Diana is everything, and I am going to marry her.”

Zelda’s heart clenched, this would only lead to death. “You mustn’t,” she reiterated, hating the pleading tone in her voice. “No. Think of anything other than your cock for once! Think of how this will end, not only for you but the rest of the family. Hilda, Ambrose, me.”

Edward waved away her concern, “don’t be selfish, Zelda.”

She sputtered, “I’m, I’m the one being selfish?!” She paced away and then rounded on her older brother. “You know the Dark Lord and the Church of Night inflict punishments beyond the offender. They seek to make examples, to make sure these types of behaviors and actions don’t run in the family. We will not be exempt from his wrath. As high priest you should know this better than most.”

“I’ve made a deal.”

Her eyebrows flew up, stunned. “A, a deal? What kind?” She asked, incredulous, this was certainly not what she expected.

Edward avoided eye contact as he murmured, “I cannot say. But you and the others will be safe.”

Zelda could already hear the alarm bells going off, something wasn’t right. “Edward,” she began to caution.

“Part of the deal is that I cannot speak of it.” He snapped, clearly irritated by her opposition to his decision.

“You cannot speak of it,” she repeated slowly, liking the situation less and less. “Eddie, this won’t end well. Don’t—”

“It’s already done. The Dark Lord and I have come to an agreement and there is no backing out.” He interrupted her once more.

Zelda gritted her teeth, “die then, you fool.” She spat, spinning on a heel to stalk out of the room before she destroyed something.

“Zelds,” he called out softly, his tone differing greatly from the one he’d used moments before and it made her pause. “Will you come to the wedding? I need my favorite middle sister there.”

She scoffed, hand gripping the doorframe so tightly her nails left little indents in the old wood. “Fine. But I’m wearing black, this is not a happy occasion.”