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Not so Cousinly Loving

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"I don't know about this, Gnocchi..."

"What," Gnocchi said in amusement, "I thought you wanted to wear this?"

"Well, I did! B-but it's embarrassing now that I am..."

Gnocchi had straddled Valentino's hips, preventing his escape. A kink suit was DEFINITELY a worthwhile investment. His hands moved freely across Valentino's torso, and he raised an eyebrow when Valentino whined when Gnocchi pinched his nipples. His chest may not have been sensitive at all, but Valentino's sure was, almost as if Gnocchi's sensitivity got trnasferred to Valentino and doubled his. He decided to take pity on Valentino and unzip the section that kept his member inside the suit. Valentino sighed shakily when the cold air of the room hit his feverish skin. Valentino reached up and let his own hands explore Gnocchi's torso. Gnocchi was completely ripped, and Valentino had fantasized about his muscles many a lonely night by himself. He wanted Gnocchi to use his strength to pin Valentino down and fuck him senseless, to give him bruises and scratches from hard slaps and tight grips, but it seemed like Gnocchi was having too much fun teasing him right now.

The two were both virgins, but had seen enough porn that the many things they had seen was being put to good use. Valentino moaned softly when Gnocchi softly stroked his cock a bit before exploring other places.

"God damn it Gnocchi, just fuck me!" Valentino whined.

"Hm. You sure? I'm feeling mighty ferocious right now."

"Yes, do it!" Valentino said. "But don't use those big fancy words please..."

Gnocchi laughed, but nodded and flipped Valentino over to unzip the zipper on his backside.

This suit was a bit different than what Gnocchi had seen before, but he had gotten it reccomended by Sakuya-Kai Lan personally. He couldn't let a reccomendation from his best friend go to waste, especially since they were very educated on these kinds of things.

He grabbed the lube from the nightstand and coated his fingers with it.

"I'm not risking tearing you a new asshole on our first time, so I'm going to thoroughly prepare you." Gnocchi said calmly.

Valentino nodded slowly and relaxed when he felt Gnocchi spread his cheeks apart. He gasped when Gnocchi finally inserted a finger inside. He thrust that finger in and out a few times before going to insert the second. Valentino shuddered, if just a simple in and out motion felt so good to him, how would going at different angles feel-

He let out a lewd shout when Gnocchi curled his fingers. Gnocchi grinned evilly as Valentino trembled beneath him. He felt more dominant over Valentino then he'd ever felt in his life and these animalistic urges were absolutely amazing to him.

Gnocchi had managed to quickly shove in his third and fourth fingers, and was thrusting in and out quicker than Valentino could handle. He moaned louder and louder, and moved his hips back up against Gnocchi's fingers.

"Gnocchi! Gnocchi, stop! I'm gonna-!"

Gnocchi complied and pulled his fingers out. Valentino shook as he tried to calm himself, but didn't have a chance to as he was turned over onto his side and was being held in place firmly so he couldn't move. Gnocchi didn't waste time entering Valentino, who let out a loud and choked sobbing sound. He filled Valentino fully, and Valentino felt like he was being torn apart considering that Gnocchi hadn't been too gentle with him. He must have been a pretty big masochist, because he wanted more of this searing pain. He felt every wave of it down his member in hot waves, and he twitched in need.


Gnocchi pounded into him, and he screamed out like a cat in heat. He curled up against Gnocchi's body as much as he would allow him, and let himself be used. He screamed out praises and any dirty thing that came to his mind, and smiled widely as he called out when Gnocchi went faster.

Gnocchi's member was nothing to laugh at. He was huge. Even the most filthy of people would have gawked at him in surprise. Gnocchi chuckled into Valentino's ear, his deep voice seemed to vibrate when Valentino registered it.

Gnocchi pulled out, and lifted Valentino up onto his knees. Gnocchi entered again, and held Valentino close as he moved. He covered Valentino's mouth, but his strangled noises of ecstasy still rang out loud enough to echo in the room. He tried to mumble something, and Gnocchi uncovered his mouth.

"What was that, love?" Gnocchi hummed lowly.

"Hit me! Hitmehitme! Beat me!"

Gnocchi looked at Valentino in shock, but shrugged a bit. He resituated them again to where Valentino was laying on his back, and pinned Valentino's arms down with one hand. He trailed the other up to Valentino's face and gave him a hard smack, and was pleased with the squeal of delight he got in return. He decided he liked this too, and gave Valentino randomly timed smacks as they went on. Gnocchi couldn't hold back his growls, as he kept up his pace, feeling Valentino tighten around him. He knew Valentino was going to cum any moment. He slammed himself against Valentino as hard as he could, and he came with a long and shaky cry. Tears fell down his face as he came, and he twitched viciously. This was the most sensation he had ever felt in his life and it was so much to process. He still twitched even after he had stopped cumming, letting out heavy, strangled pants as Gnocchi continued.

He started to moan loudly again. Gnocchi had went from growls to full on groans, unrelentless in his movements.

"I'm going to cum, Valentino-!!"

"Cum inside me..! I WAAANT IT!"

Both let out a long cry when Gnocchi came, his hips shaking as he halted his movements. Gnocchi quickly leaned down and they kissed sloppily. Gnocchi finally calmed himself enough to gently pull out, both letting out a small mewl as he did.



Sakuya-Kai Lan eyed the two out of the corner of their eye as they talked to each other cheerfully. Sakuya-Kai Lan had decided to pay them a visit and noticed the various marks on the two, mainly he redness on Valentino's cheeks. They let out a single "heh". Gnocchi and Valentino looked at them curiously.

"...I see you two have put good use to the suit I reccomended."

"GNOCCHI YOU PERVERT! YOU BLABBED TO SAKUYA!" Valentino flailed at Gnocchi and pouted.

Gnocchi chuckled as he used one hand to block every one of Valentino's swings. Sakuya-Kai Lan smiled slightly.