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If Tom Riddle Never Became Voldemort

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"I can't believe my son is finally going to Hogwarts!!!" James danced around the living room, jumping on furniture and and throwing pillows around. "James!" Lily shouted. "He's more excited than Harry!" said Sirius, standing with his arm around Remus. James turned into his Animagus and jumped to Harry. "Dad!" Harry laughed.

Lily grabbed James by the antler. "Clean this room up right now!" James turned back to a human and picked everything up, still smiling. "I'm so happy for you Harry!" He said. "We all are," said Remus. Peter was on his shoulder in his Animagus form, squeaking.

Lily turned to Harry and smiled, "Lets owl the Weasley's, and see if they want to come to Diagon Alley with us." Harry quickly agreed. Once the owl was sent, and the room was clean, they all sat down to dinner.

Since it was Sirius's turn to cook, they were a little hesitant to eat it. Finally, James took the first bite. "It's... not that bad," he said. "See?!" Said Sirius, "I can be a good cook!" Harry tried it and spat it back out. "What--- what is this?!" He said, coughing. Sirius grumbled something about rat meat (Peter was a bit pale for the rest of the meal).

A few days later, in Diagon Alley, they met the Weasley's at an ice cream shop. They all got some, and while Percy wasn't looking, Fred sprinkled something in Percy's ice cream and winked at Harry.

When they were done, the adults let the children explore while they got the books and robes. Harry and Ron ran straight to Quality Quidditch Supplies, staring at the Nimbus 2000. "It's supposed to be the fastest ever!" Ron exclaimed.

"I would much rather look at books than brooms," said a bossy voice from behind them. They turned around and saw a girl with buck teeth and huge, bushy brown hair. "I'm Hermione Granger," she said. "Harry Potter," said Harry. "And who are you?" She asked Ron. "Ron Weasley," he said. "Did you know you have dirt on your nose?" Hermione said, then walked away. Ron watched her in confusion. "Can you believe her?" He said.

A few minutes later, Lily collected them for wands. When they were finished, the Weasley's said goodbye and Flooed back to the Burrow. Harry, Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter entered the Leakey Cauldron for dinner. Sirius covered Harry's eyes after they sat down. "Hey!" Said Harry. "Shhhhh!" Sirius said. Remus reached under the table and took out a cage. Sirius uncovered Harry's eyes.

Harry gasped. Inside the cage was a beautiful snowy owl! Remus chuckled at Harry's face. "She's your birthday gift," he said. "Her name is Hedwig," Peter added. "I--- Thank you!" Harry stuttered.

A few hours after the Weasley's got home from Diagon Alley, Percy started feeling sick. I must've had to much ice cream, he thought. He looked back to his book. Thirty minutes later, he was definitely feeling ill. Maybe some water would help. He got up and... nope! Nope! Nope!

Percy ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. He vomited a few more times. He stood up and washed his mouth out. He pushed open the bathroom door and shouted, "FRED AND GEORGE!"