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After a disastrous defeat at the Battle of Crait, the survivors of Leia Organa’s Resistance cell made their way to Lothal, where they found refuge with a group of rebel heroes, including the former Jedi Master, EZRA BRIDGER, who was now living as a bounty hunter, following the destruction of his Jedi Order, as well the deaths of his wife and daughter.


Since then, Ezra’s presumed dead daughter, KIRA BRIDGER, has returned to him, and he has once again taken up the role of Jedi Master, intending to complete his daughter’s training, so that they may bring about the defeat of the resurrected Emperor Palpatine, and the reformed Galactic Empire.


Having escaped the planet Lothal, with the aid of BEN SOLO, who has rejected the dark side of the force, along with the name Kylo Ren, three starships carry Ezra, Kira, and a small group of survivors to a hidden Resistance base in the Garos star system...



In the cockpit of the Ghost, General Hera Syndulla, a sixty four year old green skinned twi’lek, is seated at the pilot’s station. Next to her, at co-pilot, is Kira Bridger, a twenty year old girl formerly known as ‘Rey’. Seated in the rear of the cockpit is Jedi Master Ezra Bridger, Kira’s fifty three year old father and teacher.


“Here we are. Garos.” Hera says.


“We’re only two sectors away from Mandalorian space. I hope Sabine knows there’s a Resistance base so close to her territory.” Ezra says.


“Don’t worry, Ezra. She knows.” Hera answers.


“Who’s in charge here anyway?” Ezra asks.


“Lando Calrissian.” Hera answers.


“Lando? I thought he was running a pirate fleet!” Ezra says.


“He does that too. Except the pirates are part of the Resistance. Leia told me that some of her old friends and allies have also made their way here. We’ll be meeting with them to decide our next move.” Hera says.


“What about the third Resistance cell?” Ezra asks.


“They’re not here yet. They mostly operate in the core worlds, and it’ll take them about two days to get here.” Hera answers.


“Got it.” Ezra says.


“Now, we just wait for Leia’s signal. She’ll be contacting the base for landing clearance.” Hera says.


“Incoming transmission.” Kira says.


“Put it through.” Hera says.


“You’re on.” Kira says.


“Falcon to Ghost, do you read?” General Leia Organa asks over the comm.


“I read you, loud and clear.” Hera says.


“I’ve just made contact with the base. We’ve received coordinates and landing clearance. You take point, Hera. We’ll follow you in.” Leia says.


“Understood.” Hera says.

The Ghost, and the two ships with it, the infamous Millennium Falcon, and a stolen pirate freighter called the Deathbringer, head to the surface of Garos, a large, blue green world, sparsely populated, and mostly covered in forest, with mountains and canyons scattered throughout the entire planet.

The ships fly to a dense forest, far from any populated areas. They make their way to a deep canyon and find a well hidden hangar, which is the only entrance for ships into the Resistance base, a mostly underground facility. The ships enter the large hangar, and land.

In the cockpit of the Ghost, Ezra and Kira stand up to exit the ship, while Hera remains in her seat, with her hands still on the controls. Ezra approaches her, and puts a hand on her shoulder.


“Hera? You okay?” Ezra asks.


“Yeah. I’m good. Just...holding on to the moment for as long as I can.” Hera answers.


“I get it. It’s just like old times. Well, almost.” Ezra says.


“She flew just like I remembered.” Hera says.


“Of course she did. With you at the helm, she’ll always fly.” Ezra says.


“Ezra…” Hera says. She stands up, and briefly embraces Ezra. A few seconds later, Hera hesitantly steps away, and says “thank you.”


“Anytime. Now, you should probably announce we’ve landed. I’m pretty sure Ahsoka’s still meditating, and I think Jacen’s in his bunk.” Ezra says.


“Right. Ahsoka’s probably going to stay on the ship until she’s recovered.” Hera says.


“Or not.” Ezra says, as Ahsoka Tano, a seventy year old togruta woman, who is also a former Jedi, enters the cockpit. Ezra, Kira, and Hera turn to face her, with looks of surprise on their faces.


“I see we have arrived. Come. Let’s not keep the others waiting.” Ahsoka says.


“I thought you were recovering. That fight took a lot out of you.” Ezra says.


“I’ve rested for long enough, Ezra. I’m good to go.” Ahsoka says. She turns toward the cockpit’s exit, and starts walking.


“Well, let’s go. The welcoming committee awaits.” Ezra says. Ezra, Kira, and Hera follow Ahsoka out of the cockpit.

Ezra, Kira, Ahsoka, and Hera emerge from the Ghost, joined by Hera’s astromech, Chopper; Kira’s astromech, R2-D2; and Hera’s thirty five year old bounty hunter son, Jacen Syndulla, a rather unique looking man, with bright green hair, and slight green pigmentation on his ears. This group observes as the crews of the other two ships disembark.

Fifty three year old General Leia Organa exits the Millennium Falcon, which is parked next to the Ghost. Leia is accompanied by her husband, the once presumed dead Captain Han Solo, the sixty six year old pilot of the Millennium Falcon; Chewbacca, Han’s wookiee co-pilot; the fifty eight year old former Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn; Leia’s protocol droid, C-3PO; and Ben Solo, Han and Leia’s twenty nine year old son, now attired in an old outfit of his father’s instead of the black outfit he wore as Kylo Ren.


Thirty two year old Commander Poe Dameron exits the Deathbringer, along with his astromech, BB-8; and Finn, a twenty three year old former stormtrooper, who has defected to the Resistance.

The groups of Resistance fighters wait by their ships, as they are approached by a dark skinned man in an elaborately decorated white outfit, with a long, flowing cape. This is General Lando Calrissian, the sixty five year old leader of the outer rim Resistance cell. Leia approaches Lando, and the two briefly embrace.


“Lando. It’s been too long, old friend.” Leia says.


“It’s good to see you made it off of Lothal. I’m sorry I couldn’t get to Crait in time, or I would have been there. My fleet was pretty tied up.” Lando says.


“It’s alright, Lando. How are things going here?” Leia asks.


“We’re not doing too bad. We actually just won a battle at Rancilus. We drove away a small First Order fleet, thanks to Black Squadron’s help. Thanks for sending them, by the way. They did good.” Lando says.


“Glad to hear it.” Leia says. Lando notices Han, and approaches him.


“Well, look at you. Alive and well apparently, and I heard this rumor that you were dead!” Lando says.


“Is that so? Maybe I’ll just let everyone keep thinking that. Nobody’s gonna collect a bounty on a dead guy after all.” Han says. Leia laughs.


“You found my ship?” Lando asks, upon seeing the Millennium Falcon.


“Your ship? I seem to remember winning her, fair and square.” Han says. Lando laughs.


“That you did, old buddy. That you did. She’s looking a bit rough, compared to the last time I saw her.” Lando says.


“It turns out she was rotting in the Jakku desert.” Han says.


“Jakku? Really? How’s she running?” Lando asks.


“Pretty good now. Almost everything works like it’s supposed to.” Han answers.


“Almost?” Lando asks.


“Just a few...minor things. I think Chewie and I can get it fixed.” Han says.


“Sounds good, Han. Let me know if you need anything.” Lando says.


“You got it.” Han says. Lando looks at Ben.


“Ben? I thought you were with the First Order!” Lando says.


“I was. Now, I’m not. Let’s just say...I woke up.” Ben says.


“About time. It’s good to see you. I just can’t promise that anyone else will think the same.” Lando says.


“Can you blame them? After everything I’ve done. I imagine you have a cell waiting for me.” Ben says.


“Actually, no.” Lando says.


“Lando and I have already discussed it. You’ll officially be in Jedi custody for now. That might change later, once the new council is assembled.” Leia says.


“I’ll accept whatever they decide.” Ben says.


He sounds so...broken. I hope Ezra and Kira can help him. Leia thinks.


“Is that General Syndulla I see over there?” Lando asks.


“Yeah, Lando. I’m sure she’d be happy to see you. Why don’t you go talk to her. Find out whose ship is faster.” Leia says. Han and Chewbacca, who are nearby, happen to hear, and Han approaches.


“Mine, of course.” Han says. Leia rolls her eyes.


“I seem to remember the Ghost beating the Falcon the last time you raced.” Leia says.


“Really? Hera beat you?” Lando asks.


“Well, yeah, but the Falcon was just having a bad day.” Han says.


“Sounds like you should ask her for a rematch. A lot of people would pay good money to see that. Of course, being expert that I am, I’d have to take the opportunity to start a betting pool.” Lando says.


“Always the gambler. Just like someone else I know.” Leia says.


“Nothing wrong with it, if you know how to do it right.” Han says.


“You mean like Lando?” Ben asks. Leia, Han, and Lando look at Ben.


Did my son just make a joke? Leia thinks.


“No. Like me.” Han says.


“You’re okay, sometimes. You’d do better if you took some gambling lessons from Lando.” Ben says.


By the force! He’s teasing Han! This wonderful! I...have my son back! I thought this would never happen! Leia thinks.


“Nothing is impossible, Leia.” Luke Skywalker’s disembodied voice says.


Luke. You should be here with us. Leia thinks.


“I am. I’ll always be with you.” Luke says.


You know what I mean. Not a force ghost, or a voice in my head. Actually here. Alive! Leia thinks.


“I’m sorry, Leia. I had to. It was the only way.” Luke says.


I know. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. Leia thinks.


“Leia? You okay?” Han asks, putting a hand on Leia’s shoulder.


“I’m fine, Han. Just thinking.” Leia says.


This isn’t over, Luke. We’ll talk later. Leia thinks.


“I don’t doubt it.” Luke says.


Now, it’s back to work. Leia thinks.


“Lando, are all the representatives for the new council here yet?” Leia asks.


“No. We’re still missing two. They should be here tomorrow sometime.” Lando answers.


“Thanks, Lando. Looks like we’ll have to hold off on a proper meeting until then. However, I would like to meet with anyone that’s here, so we can go over the latest intel.” Leia says.


“The leaders that are already here want to meet with you anyway, as well as General Syndulla, and any Jedi that are with you.” Lando says.


“Then we should get to it. We need to plan our next move.” Leia says.


“Indeed.” A female voice is heard from behind.


I know that voice. Han thinks. Han turns around, to see a woman in her mid sixties, with silver hair, dressed in an elegant red and black outfit. The woman briefly embraces Leia, then approaches Han, and stops a few inches in front of him. The woman crosses her arms, and raises an eyebrow.


“Qi’ra.” Han says.