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Humans are Weird

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“Ugh...” Pidge groaned as she moved her jaw back and forth. Shiro looked up from his tablet.

“You alright there Pidge?”

“Ugh. Yes. My wisdom teeth are just coming in and it hurts like hell. Really wish I had some gum. Hunk was helping me make some, but apparently the noise I was making was really distracting and I got kicked out.”

Allura frowned.

“Your wisdom teeth are coming in? What do you mean by that?”

Pidge leaned her head back to look at Allura. Then she opened her mouth, sticking her fingers in it to hold it open and point at something.

“Sey? Theth a wy withdon theeth. Dey a coning in an if weally hats.”

“Pardon? I’m afraid I can’t understand any of what you are saying.”

Pidge removed her fingers.

“Sorry. Did you see where I was pointing though? The little bit of tooth coming out from my gums in the very back? Those are my wisdom teeth. Humans get them when they’re around my age.”

“Oh. I see. Altaens get their teeth during their first two years of life.”

Shiro laughed and smiled at the princess.

“We do too. Our baby teeth, anyway.”

“Baby teeth?”

“Sometimes they’re called milk teeth. Technically, the name for them is deciduous teeth.” Pidge corrected. “They’re the first set of teeth we get. We start losing them when we’re around six or seven years old. Then we start growing our permanent teeth, which most just refer to as adult teeth. After that our wisdom teeth start coming in.”

Allura stared at them, looking rather pale.

“Don’t you mean to tell me that all of your teeth fall out a when you are young, and then new teeth come in?”

Shiro and Pidge looked at each other, then shrugged.

“I mean… yeah. Basically.” Shiro stated.

Allura stared at them wide-eyed.

“I… Alright then. I’m going to just- go to the bridge! Yes. Go to the bridge. I will speak with the two of you later.”

 The two paladins watched her leave. Shiro turned to face Pidge.

“It’s not that weird… is it?”

“I don’t know.  I mean, it doesn’t seem weird, but when you say it out loud it kind sounds weird. I mean, all our teeth fall out as children and then they grow back stronger. That kinda sounds like it’s made up.”

“I guess.”

Suddenly, Hunk ran into the room.

“Pidge! I made you the space gum! It’s kinda got a wacky flavor, like a mix of cherry and bubblegum, and I can’t say that the flavors going to last more than an hour, but it should help with the ache!”

Pidge stood up and hugged the Samoan.

“Hunk I love you so much right now. Gimme. Please. Gimme.”

Hunk grinned and handed her something that looked like a lemon tootsie roll. Pidge popped it her mouth and began chewing with a smile.

“Thanks Hunk. This is amazing. Mmmm.”

“No problem. Glad I could help.”

Shiro watched the two with a smile. Then Hunk turned to face him.

“By the way... on my way here Allura sprinted by me. Either of you know what that’s about?”

Shiro and Pidge shared a grin and laughed.

“Sit down, and let us fill you in on what happened just before you got here…”