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Criminal Minds

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Hey guys! It's been a hot minute, hasn't it? I've lost inspiration to write (and time) so I just ended up not doing it, but after looking back on my Scream fic and realizing how much I missed writing, I'm back with a new series. For fans of the Scream one, don't worry! I'm working on it, and the sequel WILL be put up, I'm just not sure when. I'm gonna finish it before I post it, so I can post consistently every day. And I'm working on it in all of my free time, but if it's as long as the first one it might take a little while. Sorry!
Anyways, this first chapter obviously isn't starting the story yet, it's just kind of an introduction of what I'm gonna do here. So this book will kind of be like what I did with Scream, except also kind of different. Every chapter of this book will be one episode of Criminal Minds, and it will hopefully work out well and turn into a series (though maybe not so many of them- sorry, but 12- 13?- seasons is kind of a lot, y'know?). Anyways, a lot of the episodes will be like the show, except with characters from It instead. I'm gonna start out following the episodes closely, and then I'll incorporate some of my own chapters and slowly add in more and more of my own. The characters of It will take place of the characters in the show, and you'll most likely be able to tell who is who, but their relationships with others will most likely be different. I won't be posting every day like I did with Scream, and honestly it may take me a little while to figure out a steady posting schedule so bear with me, but I will try to make it at least once every two weeks, if not more. So yeah, I just wanted to kind of give you an explanation of where this story is gonna go, and I hope you enjoy!