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Of Suits and Heroes

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A/N: Hello all. This is the first fanfic story I ever publish here. I've been writing this story since August 2017 but had only posted it on up to now. Marvel fandom is fairly new to me, so please be warned that there might be mistakes regarding storylines etc., even though i thoroughly studied the marvel wikis before i began writing this.

In any case it's a Tony Stark-Peter Parker and Steve Rogers-Wanda Maximoff mentorship-kind-of-story. Big time A/U. Both Tony and Peter are not really canon-like, in the sense that through writing this, my Tony came out more authoritative and father-figureish, while Peter more teen-angsty and less childish compared to the movie. There will be spanking and discipline scenes throughout the story.This is a multi-chapter story. I'll play the posting of the first 12 updates by ear, depending on the feedback I will or won't get. Be warned, updates will be kind of slow, as my life is pretty hectic at the moment.

Major differences from "Homecoming and Civil War":

1. Peter's powers: Web is produced by his body because of the bite, not with artificial web-shooters.

2. Aunt May knows he is Spiderman.

3. Characters introduced later on and storylines might also differ in various ways (e.g. underage 16 yo Wanda etc)

Also keep in mind that English is not my first language, so it's quite possible to spot small mistakes here and there (hopefully nothing major, as I am doing my master's degree in English and have practiced writing papers as well as fiction in the English language to a great extent for quite a few years).


Sorry for the long-ass AN! I hope you'll enjoy this! Please give this a try, review and let me know what you think.

I'm pretty sure there's no reason stating this, but i obviously own nothing of the marvel universe. I simply play with its characters.




Sighing frustrated, Peter rubbed his burning eyes before quickly scanning through his short text. Having been sick and tired of hearing Happy's voice every single time he made contact with him and never getting any type of feedback from Stark he had decided that sending a debriefing-type of email each night, instead of phone calls would be best. He doubted anyone was reading those emails, but he sent them anyways; He honestly doubted that Happy even heard his words when he used to call to inform him of his paroles and actions.

Hitting the send button with more force than needed he zapped his screen off and threw himself on his bed staring at his ceiling. His fatigue dissipated and in its place a strong urge to break everything in his room to calm his anger arose. It was six months. Six god-damned months since Germany. Six months of him busting his ass to do as he was told, to help the little guy in the neighborhood, to stop small crimes and leave the big, bad guys to the big, capable avengers. There were moments he felt it was more than worth it. There were days that he had stopped awful things from happening, when he had saved young women from assault and old people from being robbed and beaten possibly to their deaths.

But then there were nights when serious crap took place and he was told to stand down, because it was out of his league, often resulting in criminals getting away with awful things, till someone from the avengers managed to intervene or the police reacted in a timely manner. He was told that he had to stand those down till he was trained and ready. Till he'd stand a chance in such situations and be an asset instead of a problem. Yet none seemed to inform when he would be considered trained or capable. It was that conversation that persuaded him they'd never take him seriously. Grabbing a small rubber ball from his nightstand he threw it hard on the opposite wall huffing angrily. He was so naive to believe Stark really took interest in him. He used him to his advantage in Germany and then forgot his existence, pretending to observe his progress from a distance and having him wait for his call.

"So stupid…" He whispered angrily to himself. Glancing to the clock on the wall above his desk he quietly creeped to his door and opened it. His super hearing informed him that aunt May was fast asleep in her room. He had a good four hours before breakfast and stood little chance of sleeping, a common occurrence these past few weeks.. Moving to his wardrobe, he grabbed the suite Stark had created for him and quickly slipped it on, before opening his window and jumping into the night.

He soared his way through the city jumping from building to building and hoping to find a scene to fight off some of his frustration. While he was swinging towards the tallest building in the neighborhood he was currently in, he felt his communicator vibrating. As soon as he landed, he glanced on the small lcd screen and wondered who was contacting him that was not stored in the device's memory.

"Who is this?" He asked demandingly as he accepted the call.

"What the hell do you think you're doing out at this hour? Your paroles end at midnight and it's past 2 o'clock in the night!"

The voice sounded familiar, and a vague sound of some sort of engine could be heard in the background.

"Who the hell is this?" Peter asked frustrated.

"Tony damn Stark, Parker!" the voice answered annoyed.

Peter was so surprised that he remained completely silent at the answer. How the hell did Stark know he was out and about? He knew his suit had a tracker, but he doubted anybody bothered checking whether he was on action or not.

"How kind of you to grace me with your contact, Mr. Tony Damn Stark" Peter answered back angrilly, surprising even himself.

It was Tony's turn to remain silent for several seconds. He was used to the kid stammering around him and doing anything possible to appease him. This was too new to interpret or handle easily. Deciding to ignore it he asked again "What are you doing out at this hour? The agreement was paroling till 12 o'clock in weekdays and 1 in weekends!"

"Yeah, well, you can take your agreement and shove it up your ass, Stark!" Peter yelled and terminated the call.

His rage flaming up he returned his gaze to the street below him, only to see two large vans parked and ten heavily armed guys overlooking some sort of transaction between two other men. Guessing it was either drug or gun smuggling he threw himself towards the scene using his web shooters as fast as he could. He kept moving to avoid the bullets shot towards him and made sure to blast the tires of the two vans to not allow whatever was carried in them to be taken away.

As soon as the tires were ruined he lunged on one of the smugglers attempting to use his web to disarm two of the men. When nothing shot from his wrists he felt his adrenaline rising as he realized that for some reason he could not eject the organic matter. In a matter of seconds the smugglers caught up to that bit of information too, and Peter felt a dizzy spell as his spider sense alarmed him of danger coming from every direction around him. Screaming at the searing pain that erupted in his head he started jumping almost blindly around trying to make it to the roof of the building where he could find take cover from the roaring guns. He merely made it to a 4th story balcony, where he collapsed on its floor and felt the dizziness gradually winning over. He heard shouting and guessed the criminals attempted to remove their stuff from the vans. The loud noise of an engine made him think that someone had arrived with a motorbike to their aid. When loud blasts started sounding, his vision was already darkening and vaguely through his rapid loss of all his senses, he could make out a flying reddish figure closing up to him.



His eyelids fluttered and he was impressed by how difficult he found peeling them open was. When his body seemed to adhere to his mind's wish, he groaned loudly at the throbbing the sudden light caused to his head. Slowly bringing his hands to shadow his vision, he started taking in the environment around him. He was in some sort of hospital room. He could see an IV hanging above his head and a screen that made low beeping sounds on his left side. A bedside table was on his right side, where a bottle of water rested, a plastic cup and a pair of sunglasses. Moving his head slowly he spotted a large glass door opposite to him and near the foot of the bed two chairs, both vacant.

He tried to use his spider-sense to make sure he was safe, but he realized that he could not access the familiar environment-scanner. He tried to gulp down but found it hard, as his throat felt dry. He slowly used his hands to sit up straight on the bed and was relieved to only feel his limbs tired and heavy, but no pain indicating he was injured. Right when he attempted to remove the IV from his forearm the door opened and he was startled to see both his aunt and Tony Stark entering the room. May let out a sigh of relief, shoved her foam cup of coffee to Stark's hands and rushed to Peter hugging him tightly.

"Oh, thank God Peter!" She whispered as her hand stroked his hair tenderly, "thank God!"

Through the mess of his aunt's brown strands Peter regarded somewhat surprised Tony Stark, standing close to the bed with an unreadable expression and tired looking face.

"Morning sleeping beauty" he quipped when their eyes met.

Peter only swallowed hard, wondering why he suddenly felt apprehensive in the presence of the man that till yesterday he wanted to strangle.

Leaving the foam cups on the bedside table, Tony came closer and touched a hand to the boy's face, feeling his temperature and closed up to his face in order to check his pupils. Not spotting something worrying he then stood back to his full height and asked, "How are you feeling, Peter?"

Startled by the use of his first name, Peter remained silent. When his aunt finally broke their embrace she repeated the question.

Managing to bring words together, the teen replied in a hoarse voice. "Ok… My head hurts and I am thirsty…"

Tony quickly filled the plastic cup with water and offered it to Peter, while he pressed on a small red button above the nightstand. In less than a minute a young doctor entered the room smiling down at Peter.

"How are we feeling Mr. Parker?" he asked cheerfully, as May hastily left the bed to allow the man to check her nephew up.

While Peter repeated his previous answer, the doctor retrieved a small flashlight checking the boy's eyes and then read his vitals on the screen on the left of the bed. Nodding to himself he took hold of Peter's arm and instructed him to try and produce web.

Peter turned alarmed eyes to Tony and his aunt.

"It's ok Peter, you are in the Avenger's headquarters, on the medical wing." Tony informed with a neutral voice.

Peter nodded to the words and brought his middle finger to his palm trying to produce his web, but only a pitiful amount of the substance glistened on his wrist. Peter turned alarmed eyes to the doctor who quickly swiped the web with a cotton bud and enclosed it in a clear, glass vial.

Turning reassuring eyes to Pete he informed him, "When you were brought in, we ran multiple check ups that informed us you've been sleep deprived for quite some time. You were also found undernourished, which made your aunt very upset, as she insists you've been eating all your meals, as per usual. That is correct?"

Peter took a small sip of his water to buy some time before quietly answering, "I've been eating some, but not as much. I've been giving most of the food to various homeless guys around the city. I just didn't have any appetite the last couple of weeks and felt bad to just discard the food. As for the sleep, I haven't been sleeping well either. I am always on edge at nights." He chose not to disclose the reasons of his temper and stopped at that.

The doctor nodded skeptically. "You are a teenage boy Peter. That means that even without your powers, your body needs nourishment and rest, as it develops at a rapid pace. Considering the sudden addition of your super powers to the equation and the fact that they develop along with the rest of your body, it is not surprising that they collapsed along with you."

The doctor's words were met with silence by all parties. May shook her head worriedly, Tony seemed somewhat frustrated, while Peter felt simply miserable and stupid. With a small voice he inquired, "They'll come to me, right? My powers?"

The doctor seemed sceptical but nodded. "I cannot be completely sure, as you are the very first patient with such an issue, but I believe they will. Already, you seem to have produced some web, through your night's rest, so I believe that after a couple of days of recuperations and considering that your healing factor will soon kick in and start working its magic, you'll be fine soon. We'll run some tests on the sample i took and let you know of more details tomorrow."

Peter nodded and Tony took a step closer looking at the doctor. "Thank you Randall. Do you have any idea, how long he needs to remain in here?"

Peter's eyes shot to the man disbelievingly. He couldn't believe he was such a burden to him, that he couldn't wait to get rid of him from his facilities.

"Hopefully, he'll be completely fine in three days tops!" Said the doctor smiling. Tony nodded and followed the doctor outside, where they continued their talk for a while, glancing to him every now and then.

Peter, despite his condition felt his rage fire up again and had to take deep breaths to avoid alerting the adults, as he notices his pulse indicator changing its soft beeps when his heart rate accelerated.

"Aunt May, can't we leave here today? I'd rather be home and resting in my bed, eating your food, instead of this…"

His aunt turned her eyes to him and her face grew serious as she shook her head negatively. "No way, Peter. You've been home all these days, doing this to yourself. I want you on medical supervision at least until you're completely well and we'll see from there."

The young man blushed at her implied mistrust and averted his eyes. He felt like crying in misery and screaming in frustration at the same time.

His aunt's voice broke the silence again, "What's the matter, Pete?"

Peter glanced at her concerned eyes and shook his head lightly.

"Nothing aunt May, I was just being stupid. I promise it won't happen again. I'll take better care of myself, i promise."

The woman took the few steps between her spot on the floor and the bed and sat down looking at him straight in the eye. "Don't lie to me, Peter." Her tone was hard for the first time. " Even if I believed, which I don't, that all this fiasco was you being careless, it wouldn't explain your leaving the home at all hours, getting in a situation you know you're not allowed in, a situation that almost got you killed!"

"I had no say in that damn agreement that does not allow me in such situations, May!" He said trying hard not to shout. " This was all Stark's bullshit, okay? I never wanted to not get involved in hard stuff. What sort of hero am I, if I can't save the city from the big criminals, huh?"

May's eyes narrowed as she answered in an elevated tone, "An underage one! And that is precisely why you had no say in that damn agreement! Mr. Stark discussed with me and we decided what would work best for your situation, without making you quit using your powers!"

"You had a say in this? And you didn't ask me?" Peter asked back angrily and then his anger shot through the roof, "WHY THE HELL DID YOU NOT FUCKING ASK ME, MAY? WHY DO YOU ALL KEEP ACTING LIKE I CAN'T TAKE CARE OF MYSELF OUT THERE? WHY DO YOU TREAT ME LIKE SOME SORT OF INCAPABLE KID?"

Peter opened his mouth to continue yelling to his stunned aunt but the door of the room burst open and Tony Stark took purposeful steps towards him leaning so close to the teen's face that he completely cut off his momentum. With a steely voice he told him "You will stop talking to your aunt in such a deplorable manner, right now, because so help me, young man, in recovery or not, I will make you sorely regret this!"

Peter blushed but he felt his anger escalate even more as he yelled to the man "You don't get a say, how i interact with my family! You are nothing but a manipulative bastard, who used me and then tried to get rid of me! So leave me the fuck alone, and go live your life! I am not your responsibility, I am nothing to you, so fuck you and your orders, Stark!"

Acting solely on instinct, Tony grabbed the boy's arm that did not have an IV, turned him on the side and landed five blazing swats to his thinly covered bottom. Right after he turned the boy back to his previous sitting position and raised his finger to his face, "You are my responsibility, whether you like it or not. I tried to give you space to train by yourself and feel as independent as possible, which was obviously a mistake. You are too immature for that. You may think what you want of me, but you will be respectful towards your aunt, and you will man up and accept the conditions of your super-power activity or I'll make sure to lock you up somewhere until you come to your senses and stop being a danger to your own self! Am I clear?"

Peter remained dumbfounded, while May seemed somewhere between satisfied and worried for her nephew's state.

Not wanting to be so close to the man anymore, Peter silently nodded and averted his eyes. Tony freed his hand and stood. Taking a deep breath he regarded the young man with a hard countenance.

"You may hate me all you want right now, but all I've done so far was to protect you and make sure you're safe. I brought you into all these and that is not a responsibility I take lightly. I was wrong to be absent, I thought it would work best. But it is quite obvious, that you more than need someone to keep an eye on you and most importantly keep you in line. And you got it, kid. Whether you like it or not. Get some rest and lose the attitude. We'll talk more tomorrow."

With these words Tony nodded towards May and walked out of the room, leaving it in complete silence.




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