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1.- Limited edition.

The sound of the delivery truck woke Ochako from her sleep. As she sat up and looked at her alarm clock, she felt her stomach churn excitedly.

"It's finally here!" She thought while getting up from her bed, and in a flash she was running to the door of her small apartment.

There she found it: a cereal box-sized blue package with a note on the top.

"Thank you for participating in our 15 Years of All Might contest! We hope you enjoy your new collectible. It is the only one in existence, and thus the rarest."

Hugging the package to her chest, she ran into her room. She removed a couple of bags of special clothing from her desk and sat down to open the box that contained the instrument to her master plan.

It was beautiful.

A thirteen-inch-tall All Might figure, clad in his Golden Age hero suit, completely detailed and painted masterfully by hand. It had a base for different poses, and a set of three pairs of hands, one for fists, another open-handed, and the third for peace signs. It also came with a pole and two interchangeable flags, American and Japanese. It was simply perfect…

For her plan, that is. A plan that involved a certain green-haired boy, who was as dense as mercury and as sweet as mochi.

The past summer days were some of the best Ochako ever had.

It was only the second week of summer when most of her classmates left the U.A. building to go spend vacation with their parents save for herself, Kirishima, Kaminari, Bakugou, and Deku, who lived close enough to the school that they still came by daily to use the facility to train.

Since the beginning of their second year at U.A., she and Deku had grown very close. He was no longer flustered and shy around her, and confidence and warmth radiated from him constantly (even though he was still a huge oblivious dork). They spent many hours together training, having lunch, or watching shows at the small cinema near the school; and it made her the happiest she had ever been.

Eventually, she found herself feeling closer to him, until she finally reached her breaking point and she could no longer hide her feelings.

She expected the sudden release of emotion to be painful. She thought she would feel horrible…but she didn’t. It was the most relieving feeling ever. And so began her quest to seduce the cute green-haired dork that she, for now, called her friend.

Saturday began like every other day for Izuku Midoriya: he woke up at home and went for his morning run after. He had breakfast with his mom and texted his best friend Ochako, asking  how her morning was going.


AllMightyJr: good morning! how did u sleep Ochako-chan?

Uravitea: like a rock! I can’t wait for today. I got a very special package! :wink:

Uravitea: I’ll see u later today Deku-kun!


Izuku smiled at his phone screen. His stomach felt full of butterflies as the dorky nicknames they had chosen for each other made him blush. He and Ochako had grown very close over the past year. They used their first names now (even though she still used his nickname), and spent even more time together. Izuku never considered falling in love until he met her, she was everything he could ever want and more. Not until their second year at U.A. did he realize how blindly in love he was.

He had thought of asking her out, but he simply couldn’t find the courage to do it. He, who constantly fought for his life, the successor of the greatest hero of all time; who constantly saved people from the most dangerous situations, feared asking out his crush.

With a sigh, he put his phone back in his pocket and made his way to his room. Turning his computer on, he switched his focus to something a little more, if not as equally, important than his dumb feelings.

He scrolled down his favorites list and clicked on a site he’d been visiting all week now.


He looked at the news section of the page and read the pop-up message:

 "Hello to all of our contestants! We want to thank you all for participating in our 15 Years of All Might contest! Down this section is the final scoreboard, and at the top is the winner of our single most detailed and rarest All Might figure in existence!”

Izuku gulped and dragged the cursor down to the top of the list to read the names of the top five participants from the bottom.


5.- MightManFan 89 points.

4.- NumberOneWinner 92 points.

3.- ExplodingMight 95 points.

2.- AllMightyJr 99 points.


Blinking at the screen, Izuku felt his heart sink. He had worked so hard for this contest, and seeing how he was just one point away from winning absolutely shattered him. He had spent weeks answering the daily questions, looking up more data on All Might, and even making more notes in his notebooks. With just one wrong answer he was absolutely defeated. 

He looked at the name of the winner, “GravitySmashQuest,” and noticed how strangely familiar it seemed.

“God, I wish that were me,” he thought, discarding his observation.  

Closing the tab and turning off the computer, he got up to take a shower and get dressed for his daily training at the U.A. dorms. Hopefully seeing his friends (especially Ochako) would cheer him up.

Grabbing his backpack and keys, he waved his mother goodbye and left for U.A.

He took the short subway trip and arrived at the station, just a short five minute walk from his destination. Walking idly, he thought about the contest and felt sad about his one failed question.

“I hope we can just watch movies today…I don’t feel like training…maybe we could watch that one American movie Ochako keeps telling me about…”

“Hey, Midoriya!” A familiar voice caught his attention and he turned around to see Kirishima.

The red-haired boy jogged to him. “You okay, buddy? You look…sad?”

Izuku told him about the whole figure thing as they walked the rest of the way to U.A. together.

“Heck man, sorry to hear that. Maybe next year they’ll do another?” Kirishima knew how much of a fan Izuku was and immediately empathized with his loss.

“You think? I really hope so... I need that figure!” Izuku beamed at his words, maybe there would be another chance.

“Yeah, dude! One day you’ll get your precious figure!”

As they arrived inside the building, Kirishima opened the doors and made his way to the training area.

“You’re not coming, Midoriya? Kaminari is already inside doing god knows what.”

Izuku went to sit on the lounge’s couch. “I think I’ll wait for Ochako-chan, but we’ll be there soon!”

Kirishima smiled at him and gave a thumbs-up. “That’s really manly! Good luck and have fun!”

Izuku blushed, realizing how transparent he was. “I wonder if everyone notices…” he thought while getting his phone out.

“4:16 already? Ochako is usually here by 3:50…” He opened his chat and texted her.


AllMightyJr: Ochako-chan? Are you coming today?

Uravitea: yes!! But ill arrive a bit later than usual! I have to get some stuff ready!

AllMightyJr: kk, I’ll be waiting for you


Izuku closed the chat and turned on the TV to pass the time. There was a nice hero documentary playing for the next couple hours, so he got his notebook out and made some notes to pass the time.

As the documentary came to an end, Izuku looked at the clock again and noticed just how much time had passed since the last text.

“It’s six?! Is she even coming today?” He opened the chat again, but before he could type anything, he heard the door to the building open, and standing behind him, was the love of his life.

She was wearing a long, flowy, strappy, mint-green dress that accentuated her torso and reached just above her knees, the lace detail giving a shy peek at her skin. She looked as beautiful as always, but more radiant than usual.

Getting up from the couch, Izuku stared at her, mouth agape and frozen in place. He admired her form, from her feet to her face and felt his face go red with embarrassment when she noticed his eyes and flashed a bright smile at him.

“Hi there, Deku,” Ochako spoke in a soft lovely voice, getting Izuku’s attention 

“Come here, I have something to show you.” She raised her hand to show him a plastic bag that contained what looked like a cereal box.

Slowly , he made his way to Ochako, unable to break eye contact. He stood in front of her, drinking every beautiful detail on her face.

“O-Ochako, you…y-you look very nice t-today!” He made his best attempt at saying something nice, which made Ochako giggle loudly.

“Thank you, Deku!” she gave a little spin. “I think I’ve outgrown this dress a little,” That was a lie, she bought the dress just the day before.

“So…what do you have in that bag?” Izuku smiled sheepishly as he looked down to the item in her grasp. He was sure that if he saw her smile again he would die on the spot.

“Close your eyes and count to three! It’s a surprise!” Ochako put the bag behind her and took a step back.

 Izuku did as he was told and closed his eyes.


Opening his eyes, he saw the content of the bag.

It was the figure. The same figure he had worked so hard for, it was like an illusion in front of him. The pain, the size, the detail.

Blinking a couple of times, Izuku rubbed his eyes to make sure he was awake.

“It… it is… the… how did you…” He couldn’t form a coherent sentence; he was completely dumbstruck. 

Ochako hugged the box to her chest. “Do you like it?” She took a step forward, so she was facing him from up close.

“It’s completely detailed and painted masterfully by hand. It has a base for different poses, and a set of 3 pairs of hands, one for fists, another open-handed, and the third for peace signs. It also comes with a pole and two interchangeable flags, American and Japanese!”

Izuku’s mind was running wild along with his heart.

“Ochako won the contest?! Ochako is GravitySmashQuest?! Ochako knows more about All Might than me?!”

Ochako giggled again, she reached for his face and cupped his chin to make him look at her.

“I’ll give it to you Izuku…if you come to my house tonight,” she said in a low, alluring voice that sent shivers down his spine.

“Y-your apartment?” Izuku blushed even more at the thought of them being alone at night inside her apartment.

Ochako nodded. “I’ll be waiting for you at eight!”

She packed the box inside the bag and made her way to the exit, swaying her hips to make sure he stared. She looked back one more time before leaving, and winked at him.

“Oh no.” Izuku thought, running to his dorm room to find a nicer set of clothes for his date.

Looking from behind the corner, Kaminari and Kirishima had seen the whole spectacle and were left speechless.

“Man,” Kirishima spoke, “who knew Uraraka could be so straightforward?”

 Izuku arrived at her apartment exactly five minutes before the specified time. He had changed his sports clothes for a nicer black polo and jeans he had in his room, his trademark red shoes plus a nice grey jacket Kirishima had lent him before he left.

 Knocking twice on the door, he took a step back and waited for Ochako to open it. Even now, standing in front of her door he could not silence his running mind.

 “Ok, relax Izuku; this is Ochako! Your best friend (and crush)! She’s just being nice to you by giving you the figure…the two of us alone at her apartment doesn’t mean we’re going to do something inappropriate and-“

 The sound of the door opening made him jump as he was suddenly distracted from his thoughts.

 “Well, hello there, handsome!” Ochako greeted him, holding a spoon in one hand while resting the other on her hip. She still wore her pretty dress from earlier, but he noticed how she was using some bright pink lipstick. She looked stunning.

 “G-good evening, Ochako!” Izuku shouted, much to her amusement.

 “Come in, Deku. I just finished making dinner!”

 Nodding, Izuku entered her apartment, and immediately his nose was assaulted by the delicious smell of the food. His mouth watered when he saw the big bowls of katsudon on the table, with some nice and crisp tonkatsu at the side.

 “So, what do you think?” Ochako smiled at him and he felt his heart melt.

 “It-it looks great, Ochako. Did you make this for me?” He was absolutely delighted; the idea that she would not only give him the figure but also prepare him his favorite food made him want to kiss her.

He hoped he could do that.

Someday, maybe.

Ochako hung his coat and grabbed his hand to sit down next to him at the table.

“Thanks for the food!” they said in unison, laughing at how they said it at the same time.

Izuku was about to take a bite from his food when Ochako held her index finger to his mouth. He looked at her and saw a playful yet innocent smile on her face.

“Let me.” She grabbed her spoon and fed him a nice mouthful of the delicious pork.

As if he was hypnotized, Izuku simply stared at her while chewing, savoring the taste but also the company of the beautiful girl in front of him.

Smiling, he then grabbed his own spoon and fed her in the same way. He noticed how she blushed, much like him.

“It’s delicious, Ochako. It’s as good as my mom’s.”

Ochako giggled softly and raised a napkin to wipe his mouth. His  stomach was filled with butterflies. “I would gladly give my entire collection to have her cook for me,” he thought as they continued feeding each other.

As they ate and chatted, he would take small moments to appreciate her cute face; how she chewed, smiled, and giggled as they remembered some of their experiences at U.A.

Slowly, Izuku forgot why he was there in the first place. The figure was no longer the main object of his thoughts. He was deeply in love, and even now, with her mouth full of katsudon, he wanted to kiss her .  

Well, kissing was one of the many things he wanted to do to her. Seeing her in that tight sundress, with her pink plump lips and rosy cheeks, made him want to marry her.

Ochako kept feeding him and touching him in a flirty way, lightly running her foot up and down his ankles and calf, the action lifting the hem of his jeans up. Her soft touches made him blush more and his heart beat even faster.

As he chewed, Ochako lifted her hand to cup his cheek.

“You’re the bestest friend I’ve ever had, you know that, Deku?” The comment took Izuku by surprise and made him choke a bit, making Ochako giggle in response.

Clearing his throat, Izuku looked at her playful brown eyes.

“It makes me happy to know that.” Giving her the best of his smiles he continued, “You don’t know how happy I am to have you as a part of my life.”

She smiled in a very familiar way, the same way she had smiled the day he announced his hero name, the same way she did the day he saved Eri, the same way she did whenever they secretly cheated on their diets to get candy and watch movies.

Grabbing her hand from his cheek, they continued eating, not letting go even as they finished. If Izuku ever wanted something in his life, it was this. It was her .


As the evening progressed, they finished their meals and moved to the living room. Izuku sat down on the couch but ended up lying on his back when Ochako sat on his lap and rested her head in his chest. They stayed like that for a good few minutes, enjoying each other’s warmth and resting the food in their stomachs. 

Everything was perfect…until Ochako got up.

Izuku whined at the lack of weight on his chest, sitting up, he looked at her, noticing that she seemed...nervous.

“Is everything ok Ochako? D-did I do something wrong?” He feared for a moment, that he had broken their perfect reality. 

Breathing deeply, she smiled at him, allowing him to feel at ease again.

“Everything is perfect, Deku…could you…could you wait a bit here? I need to get something from my room,” she asked, biting her lip and looking at him with pleading eyes.

“U-uh sure, um, take your time!” Izuku told her, trying to ignore the anxiety swirling in his stomach.

For a good five minutes, Izuku sat on the couch, nervously thinking about what was to come.

“Is she uncomfortable?” He thought “But she seemed so content a few moments ago! Aw geez, I screwed it up”

“M-maybe I should leave, text her later and apologize and-“ So immersed in his thoughts was he that he didn’t notice the door to her room opening. 

“Izuku! turn around~”

He quickly turned around. When his eyes finally rested on her, he felt as if Kacchan had punched the air out of him.

No longer wearing her sundress, she had changed into a silky pink, but transparent set of lingerie that revealed every curve of her body. She had applied an intense shade of red on her lips, and in her hands, she held the box containing the figure (which he had forgotten about), hugging it to her chest.

He looked deeply into her eyes, seeing the burning determination behind them.

“Izuku,” she spoke. “Before I give you this, I just...wanted to tell you something.”

“You’re probably wondering why I did all of... this. And how you fit into all of it. The truth is… These last few months; they’ve been some of the happiest days of my life. All thanks to you. Y-you inspire me to do my best, be my best. The bravest hero I can be! You’re brave, and selfless, and you care so much about others that I can’t help but fall in love with you!”

Ochako stopped for a moment to regain her breath, she wasn’t done. Not yet.

“I...I understand if you don’t like me back, but these last few months. I’ve done everything I can to try to seduce you, but I don’t know if you don’t feel the same way or if you’re just that oblivious, but,” her voice broke a little. “Izuku…I need to know…”

Upon hearing her words his heart erupted and a bunch of memories from the past month hit him like a train, how she had tried time and time again to seduce him, only for him to discard it as a mere friend’s thing. He remembered how she would press her body to his during sparring matches, the way she would sometimes hold his hand as they walked home, how she would walk in front of him, swaying her hips. The many times she had cuddled in his lap as they watched movies, and all those times she had explicitly asked teachers to put them together in group projects.

“Damn, am I really that dense?” He thought, mentally scolding himself for being such a dork.

He took the figure from her hands and threw it behind him and onto the couch. She had done all of this for him and he wasn’t going to let her down.

Holding her waist, he pulled her body against his and looked at her beautiful eyes. The surprise on her face amused him as he went down to kiss her.

They closed their eyes, all the better for them to enjoy the moment, and she wrapped her arms around his neck. The kiss itself lasted for a few seconds, and admittedly it was a little off center, but it was sweet and perfect, as all first kisses should be.

They parted slowly, and Izuku raised his hand to caress her cheek.

“Ochako… I’m sorry, I’m such an idiot. I-I love you too! S-since the day we met I thought you were really cute and you’ve always been so nice to me and you saved me during the exam and you’re brave and beautiful an-“

She interrupted his mumbling with another kiss, feeling him relax under her touch as she bit at his lip, pleading for him to let her in. He got the cue and opened his mouth, letting their tongues collide and taste each other as the kiss grew more and more passionate.

They parted after what felt like forever, and Ochako felt something hard pushing against her leg.

“Oh,” she said. She looked at him, noticing how he avoided her gaze, embarrassed that just seeing her in lingerie would get him this hard so fast.

Grabbing his chin, she made him look at her. “Let me take care of you, Izuku.”

She pushed him to sit down on the couch and straddled his lap. Kissing him once again, she undid the buttons on the top of his shirt and tossed it to the side, running her hands over his strong body. She felt Izuku’s hot, heavy breathing against her face and knew she had him exactly where she wanted. Rolling her hips over his crotch he let out a grunt that sent jolts through her nerves.

Ochako peppered kisses all over his face, leaving the red mark of her lips on every spot she could: the corner of his mouth, his cheek, his neck and all over his torso, all of this while she slowly grinded herself against his hardness.

Pulling back, she admired her work; she had marked every spot she could with her lips. He was disheveled, breathing heavily, and with half-lidded eyes, lustful eyes. He looked perfect in her opinion.

She went down to kiss him again, pushing her tongue as far as she could, tasting every spot of his mouth. As they kissed, Izuku felt her very hard nipples against his chest, and he shivered. Ochako broke their kiss, leaving a small trail of saliva that connected their mouths.

Izuku looked at her chest and hesitantly raised a hand to touch her boob. She immediately grabbed it and placed it over her covered chest.

“It’s ok Izuku. Please, touch me all you want,” she told him, cupping his face in her hands and staring sweetly into his shy, green eyes.

Unsure of how to go about doing it, he started by massaging her tit, running circles with his thumb over her bud. He knew he’d done something right when he felt her shiver and moan. Immediately, he moved his other hand and slipped her lingerie over her head, exposing her lovely sized breasts and pink nipples.  

Ochako giggled at his dorky amazed face, but was interrupted when he placed a kiss on both of her breasts. Izuku wanted her to feel as much pleasure and love as he was feeling right now, caressing her breasts much like she had done with his chest.

He placed love bites all over her chest, and all the way up to her neck. Licking and kissing her, he tasted the sweat of her skin. He made her grind harder against him when he took her nipples into his mouth, swirling his tongue around her tit, sucking hard, and lightly biting onto them.

She arched her back and moaned, feeling herself melt more and more under his touch.

“Izuku…please…my room,” she whispered against his ear, making him stop his caresses to look at her.

“Are you…” he gasped a breath in. “Are you sure?”

She kissed him once more, pouring every bit of passion she could into her mouth before parting to look deeply into his eyes.

“I’m sure Izuku, more than ever.”

Slowly, Izuku got up from the couch, hoisting her up while she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Their kisses continued as they made their way to her bedroom, lips growing sloppy as they grew absolutely drunk on each other. So lost in each other, they barely registered each bump against the wall as they stumbled towards her bed.

Entering her room, Izuku fell with his back on the bed, letting go of Ochako’s lips. They pressed their foreheads together, catching their breaths while whispering sweet little nothings.

Getting up, Ochako kneeled on the floor and dragged his pants down, getting rid of them along with his shoes and throwing them on the floor behind her. She was about to do the same with his boxers until the sight stopped her.

Izuku placed a pillow over his face. “How could I forget about this?!” he screamed in his head.

All Might. He was wearing All Might boxer briefs.

Ochako sighed at his dorkiness before letting out a hearty laugh.

“Oh my god Izuku! You seriously are the biggest All Might fan there is!”

He uncovered his face and sat up to see her. She could see the incredibly bright red blush on his face. “Th-they’re my lucky ones! I needed them for today!” he said, pointlessly trying to defend his choice in clothing.

“You’re not going to need them anymore,” she said before fully dragging them down and tossing them to join the other clothes on the floor.

Her eyes grew wider at the sight “O-oh, that’s big” She thought as she grabbed his dick in her hands, Izuku’s breath hitched in his throat at the feel of her warm hands wrapping around his cock.

Gently she gave a little tug, making Izuku moan in a way that felt like music to her ears. Needing to hear him again she jerked it a little harder, dragging his foreskin down and uncovering his pink swollen cockhead. She licked her lips in anticipation.

She looked up to Izuku; he was breathing slowly, with one hand gripping the sheets and another running through her hair.

“This is going to be good,” she said, more to herself than to Izuku.

Going down she started by placing little red kisses over different spots on his skin, before licking him from the base to the slit at his tip, and closing her lips around him before she placed her tongue flat against his tip. She swirled her tongue around his cock, inciting a jump and a shiver from Izuku. She tasted his precum and did her best to smear it around.

“O-Ochako th-this i-hnng!“ She took in more of his length and gave a hard suck on it, making him squirm and thrust into her mouth. She tried her best to engulf more of him, sloppily sucking and dribbling saliva all over him.

“I-I’m close Ochako!” He cried, and Ochako felt his cock pulsing inside her mouth, desperate for release. Releasing it with a lewd pop she smiled devilishly.

“Don’t hold back now! Cum for me!” She picked up her speed and pumped him harder, making him grunt and grip onto the sheets even tighter than before.

It all became too much for poor Izuku; the speed, the feeling of her mouth and the soft flesh of her paw-like fingers pushed him to the edge. He came while he moaned her name, an agonizing cry that escaped his lungs as he felt his loss of control.

She felt his cock twitch and pulse, immediately placing her mouth around him again, taking the thick and warm volume of sperm into her mouth.

It took a few seconds for Izuku to regain his composure, looking down at Ochako he saw how she swallowed his essence, and then smiled innocently (very proud of herself) effectively getting him hard again.  

Immediately, Izuku lifted her up and placed her over his lap, with his erection pushing against her belly.

“My turn,” he said before kissing her deeply and then moving her to lay down on the soft sheets.

Hovering above her , he moved down to face her crotch, and noticed just how wet she was.

“Izuku,” she began, “Y-you don’t have to if-” He interrupted her by lifting her leg and kissing her calf.

“I want to, Ochako. L-let me show you that I love you too, ok?” he told her, moving her panties aside to look at her swollen lips and hard clit.  

Giving her one last look for approval, she nodded slightly, moving one hand to put it on his hair, and the other to hold his hand.  

Though he had no idea on how to eat a girl out, he wanted to do everything he could to please Ochako, she deserved that much after how good she had made him feel.

“It’s like an Ice-cream Izuku” he thought to himself, before moving his free hand to lightly spread her lips open.

He started by placing a kiss to her core, tightening her hold on his hair . He noticed that her clitoris (or at least he guessed that that little red jewel was) was swollen, begging for any kind of attention.

Taking the small jewel into his mouth, he sucked on it, and licked it like a piece of soft candy. He knew he’d done something right when she pushed him against her and closed her legs around his head.

Moving down again, he noticed she’d gotten even wetter, the little juices on her skin made him want to devour her, more so than before.

He placed another kiss before inserting his tongue, swirling it around much like he’d done when he kissed her.

Izuku was a fast learner; he tried many moves with his tongue, seeing what made her tremble and what didn’t. He licked, sucked and kissed her core fervently, using his free hand to play with her clit as he went.

“I-Izuku!” She cried, “So good! It feels so good!” She let  go of his hand and it joined the other, tangling in his hair as she pressed him even deeper.

He continued moving his tongue inside her folds, going faster and faster trying to send her over the edge into her climax.

Ochako’s cries of pleasure turned higher and higher, announcing the inevitable arrival of her orgasm. Suddenly, Izuku felt her tighten around his tongue, her legs crossing over his head as she arched her back and shouted his name one last time.

She reached her high and felt her body relax, slowly riding her orgasm as she tried to catch her breath, with Izuku’s head between her legs for a few minutes after. 

She looked down and saw Izuku’s eyes, looking at her like a puppy waiting to be told how much of a good boy he was.

“I love you,” she said, and signaled him to come closer with her index finger.

Izuku moved up and crawled until his face met hers again. She reached with her hands to cup his red smeared face and bring him down for a slow, searing kiss.

Parting to breathe, Izuku rested his forehead against her, staring deeply into her chocolate love-filled eyes.

“Every time I’m out there, fighting villains and risking my life I think of you Ochako, I think of how much I want to come back to you. I have seen the dark and the dark has seen me, but you, you are my fire.” 

She felt tears well up in her eyes, no other person in her life had ever made her feel so loved and safe. Right now, inside her room, naked and in his arms she wished they could stay like this forever.

They kept their embrace for some time, delighted in their shared warmth and their hearts beating together, but the night was far, far from over.

Placing a hand on his chest Ochako made him float.


She rolled to the side and released her quirk. “Sorry!” she said playfully, “we’re not done yet!”. 

She sat on top him again, straddling his lap and grinding herself slowly against his hard on. Izuku’s eyes suddenly widened in panic when he realized they had no condoms.

He was about to say something when Ochako noticed the panic in his eyes and giggled softly.

“You don’t have to worry,” she said and went down to whisper in his ear. “I took a pill.”

The hot breath against his ear revved Izuku’s engine again, and moved his hands to her thighs.

Even after everything they had done today, Ochako saw something in Izuku’s eyes. She stopped for a moment and placed a hand against his cheek.

“Is everything ok?” she asked, afraid she had done something wrong.

Izuku lifted his hand to grab hers and placed a little kiss on her knuckles.

“E-everything is perfect Ochako, but… I’m just… We’re about to have our first times and I still can’t believe it. That you, after everything and despite everything, you found me.”

We, ” she said. “ We found each other”.

Ochako moved to plant her feet on the bed, and then placed her hands on his chest for support. She lifted herself gently, catching his cockhead against her entrance.

Looking at Izuku one last time, she met his gaze, and felt the enormous admiration and love inside his green, beautiful eyes.

Not breaking eye contact, she took him in slowly, savoring the breathless seconds it took to fully get him inside of her. It was a little more than painful, but she was sure it was worth it.

Once her butt reached his legs again she sat still for a few seconds while her walls slowly accommodated to him. It was such a foreign, strange sensation; how he pulsed inside of her, feeling even hotter and bigger than when she had him in her hands.

Izuku, too, was amazed; how tight and wet she was, how she slowly squeezed her walls around him.

They stayed like that for some time, getting used to the strange, yet lovely sensation of their first time.

Before Ochako could bear to move again, Izuku sat up and pressed his forehead against her own.

“I love you, so, so much,” Izuku said, before kissing her deeply and lightly thrusting up. She moaned into the kiss, the strange pain from before completely gone. That small thrust was all it took for her to absolutely fire up, the sensation too good not to feel it again.

Ochako moved her hands to his neck and moved up again, completely unsheathing his cock before dropping and taking it to the base. Izuku shut his eyes and cursed under his breath, making her giggle and then kiss him again.

“Keep going,” she whispered in his ear. “Fuck me!”

Doing as he was told, Izuku moved his hands to her ass and started giving deep, hard thrusts, doing his best to reach deeper every time, making her moan and cry out his name with every move.

He moved faster with every thrust, her walls clutching to him as he went in and out. She, too, started to move; pushing down on his cock and bucking her hips to meet him halfway, rubbing her clit on his abdomen while her hands roamed his back, tracing his defined muscles and running her nails over them, whispering in his ear how much she loved him and asking him to fuck her even harder.

Ochako moved to kiss him again, sensually making out as he went wild on her, savoring each thrust in the same way she savored his mouth. When they parted for air Ochako smiled devilishly at him and bit his neck hard enough to make sure her teeth marked his skin.

He screamed her name, and suddenly Ochako’s world was upside down.

He had pushed her down to lie on her back, as he planted his feet on the bed and his hands next to her head for support. Their roles suddenly reversed as he assumed command and fucked her into the bed.

They went on for a long time, kissing and crying each other’s names as their release came closer and closer with each thrust. 

Ochako could feel the pool of heat in her belly turn into a current of fire as Izuku’s motions pushed her closer to the edge.

“I-I’m close!” he cried as his thrusts became quicker and erratic, feeling her walls squeeze around him.

“C-cum inside! Make me yours!” she begged as he slammed himself into her one last time, pushing into her deepest depths before releasing just as she did.

She pulled him down into a long, wet kiss as he pulsed and twitched inside of her, releasing his essence inside and making her experience the most pleasurable she’s ever felt.  

Coming down from their high they stayed connected for some more time, shivering and kissing some more.

Eventually, Izuku pulled out, his now soft cock leaving a little trail of cum from her slit and moved down to lie by her side.

“I love you,” Izuku said, moving his hand to caress her cheek.

Ochako smiled, laughing a bit at his love fried brain. “That’s like the fifteenth time you’ve said it today.”  

“I’ll say it a million times more, I really, really love you, and I’m sorry I didn’t say it before.”

She moved to press another tender kiss to his lips. It wasn’t the passionate exchange they had before, it was just a kiss full of love that filled them both with warmth.   

They pulled back after a while, and Ochako sat up with a sigh.

“Is everything ok?” Izuku asked her, gently running his hand down her spine.

“I need to get up, store the leftovers, and lock the door,” she answered, grabbing his hand and kissing it. “Will you wait for me?”.

Izuku sat up as well. “Of course! I’ll take a shower while you do that”.

“Sounds like a plan!”

They both got up from their places and went to do their respective tasks; Izuku saw her go through the door, and he immediately went to pick up his All Might boxers.

“Never again,” he thought, as he eyed the vibrant colors.

Before going to take his shower, Izuku picked up their discarded clothes and folded them. He also redid the bed and cleaned the wet sheets a little.  
Placing their folded clothes on the nightstand he finished. “Well, that should do for now”.

Moving to the bathroom he saw himself in the mirror and noticed Ochako’s work at marking him; his face was all covered in her bright lipstick, he had a ton of love bites, his back full of scratches, and looking down he saw his dick covered in red as well.  

“Nothing a good shower can’t clean I guess”

He got inside to run the water, but as he waited for it to get warm, he noticed that there were no towels. Closing the stream, he walked out and made his way to the kitchen to ask Ochako where she kept the towels.

He spotted her packing the leftovers in the fridge, her body blocked by the refrigerator door.

“Hey, Ochako,” he called “ Could you give me a towel? I was about to start my shower but-“

His mouth closed the moment she shut the refrigerator door and felt time slow down as he admired her again. She was wearing a pretty apron over her naked body, covering her in a sexy way that made Izuku get hard again.

She turned around to answer, but immediately noticed his eyes glued to her, and a devilish plan formed in her head.

“Oh!” she said as she took something from the fruit basket behind her. “I didn’t see you there!” She moved to the kitchen counter and showed the banana she had picked. “You needed something, Izuku? ”.

“I-I-I w-wanted to ask wh-where- “

She peeled and then licked the banana, making sure he noticed the way her tongue swirled around it. Throwing the peel aside she worked the fruit some more, lightly sucking on it before taking it deep inside her throat. She was putting on quite a show just to get him eager again. Izuku just stood there, with his mouth open like a fish out of water. Giving the banana a few more licks, she threw the saliva covered fruit to the side. 

Izuku shut his mouth and walked to her until he was close enough to look into her eyes, his erection being the only thing between them.

Ochako grabbed his cock and lifted her apron a little to place it between her thighs. He got the message as he moved his hands to her waist, her eyes travelling upwards to his face. Oh,  how she relished at the desperate look he had, delighted in how needy he was for her.

She reached for the whipped cream and squeezed a bit into her mouth before throwing her arms around his neck. She pulled him closer until their foreheads were touching.

He was frozen in place, unsure on how to continue until she winked at him.

“C-can I?” he asked, dying to join her.

She simply nodded, and in an instant Izuku crashed his lips onto hers, tasting the sweet cream while hungrily pushing his tongue inside her mouth.  As they kissed, his hips moved on their own, rubbing his shaft against her wet heat, making her moan and scratch his back a little more, melting under his touch like butter on a hot pan.  

An electrical current of pure pleasure hit her once Izuku moved one of his hands to play with her clit, lazily rubbing it and pressing agasint it until her mind became fuzzy and her knees weak as her juices flowed down to his cock.

She knew she was close, but the desire to go a little bit further made her push Izuku back. He was about to say something but shut up as she removed the apron and applied some more whipped cream to her tits, pressing them together as an offering for him, and only him.

Absolutely enthralled, he went to suck on her nipples again; delighted in the sweet taste of the cream and the soft, but firm, flesh against his tongue. He took her buds between his teeth and bit them, much to Ochako’s delight. Izuku played with her boobs some more, before gently spinning her around and pressing his dick against her round butt. She rubbed on him slowly, feeling the wet tip of his cock against her lower back.

“Getting impatient, Izuku ?”  

He lowered his head to rest his chin over the crook of her neck. “ Please .” He whispered, dying to be inside her again. She simply nodded and lifted her leg a little, just enough for him to grab it while she supported herself on the counter.

With his free hand Izuku grabbed his dick and placed it at her entrance and kissed her shoulder blade as his shaft parted her insides again.

She shivered as Izuku hilted again, and spooned her as they enjoyed the feeling of being connected again.

As much as they both enjoyed the slow, sensual way they had the first time, they craved something more intense, pulling back quickly, Izuku slammed his hips hard against hers, earning a loud cry of pleasure from his lover.

“Harder!” She demanded, and Izuku obeyed, completely lost in the feel of her body. Ochako moved her hand to play with her clit as he pounded her into the counter.

Izuku knew he was being far rougher than the first time, but her cries of praise and pleasure reassured him that she was absolutely loving this.  He lifted her leg a little higher and re-angled himself to thrust deeper.

Ochako was trying her best to last longer, holding back her orgasm as Izuku’s every motion sent waves of electric pleasure down her body. Izuku was experiencing the same problem, he wanted to wait for her to finish first, but it was too much.

Moving his hand to her clit and pressed it hard. He knew he had pressed the right button when she screamed his name, her body immediately tensing as her vagina squeezed around Izuku’s cock.

“I-Iz-Izuku I!-“  Ochako cried, as she tried to press her legs together before her orgasm hit, her juices flowing like a small river as she came.

Izuku grunted as he pressed himself against her and pushed his cock inside as much as he could before he came too, just a few thrusts after her.

They were absolutely delighted; covered in sweat and weak kneed.

Izuku pulled out slowly, his dick completely covered in both of their essences. They fell down to sit on the wet floor, Ochako’s head resting on his shoulder. 

Looking down he saw her trying to catch her breath “Now I definitely need a shower” he said, making her chuckle and look up to him.

“A-“ she panted, “ a shower sounds really good right now!” She pressed a kiss to his cheek, “go first, I’ll clean a little and bring some towels”

Izuku didn’t want to leave her side, but knew they needed to shower before taking their much-needed sleep together in her bed.

He helped her up and returned the kiss before making his way to the shower. Once inside he opened it and allowed his muscles to relax under the hot stream of water.

He washed his body idly as he immersed himself in shower thoughts; “I should text mom to let her know I’m spending the night here… she’ll probably freak out when I tell her… I should take Ochako to my house someday, mom is probably dying to meet her anyways, and we could go out to eat one of these days… wait, does all of this mean she’s my girlfriend now?!” The thought made his insides swirl with happiness, “I need to ask her!”

A knock on the door brought him back to reality.

“C-come in!”

Ochako entered the bathroom with two white towels on her arms, she placed them on the holder and smiled at him.

“How’s the water, handsome?” She asked.

“I-It’s really- “He stopped to regain his focus. “Ochako, will you be my girlfriend? Please?”

Ochako’s eyes grew wide and placed her hands over her mouth. He saw some tears welling in her eyes and panicked.

“I-I’m sorry I thought that, you know we- I! I wanted to! - “She jumped to his arms and kissed him, completely taking him by surprise.

He relaxed under the kiss, she parted a few moments after and looked into his eyes. “Shouldn’t you have asked that before fucking me?” Ochako smiled sweetly, “of course I want to be your girlfriend, Izuku!”

He went down to kiss her some more, pulling her inside the shower, ready to play some more of their new favorite game. She pushed him against the wall and got on her knees.

“You’re such a good boyfriend,” she said, taking his cock in her hand and stroking it slowly, “I think you deserve a prize.” Ochako gave her lips a lick before taking in his half erect dick into her mouth.

Izuku placed his hands on her head to caress her hair as she worked his length.

She sloppily sucked on his cock, covering him in saliva as he hardened slowly inside her mouth. Ochako pleased him in every way she could; taking him as deep as she could, rubbing his tip against the inside of her cheek and letting him thrust inside her mouth as much as he wanted.

Letting it off with a wet pop, Ochako’s blood was boiling already, she grabbed his cock and immediately shoved it inside of her pussy, making Izuku grunt erotically.

He carried her, placing both hands on her ass while she crossed her legs around his waist. Pushing her against the wall he started pounding her with every bit of strength he had.

They moaned and cried into their kisses, parting only to breathe before resuming their sloppy make-out.

Despite being the third time they had sex today, the session went on for quite some time.

“Izuku,” she said in one of their breaks from kissing, making him slow down a little. He pushed his forehead against hers and listened.

“I want you to hold me like this forever…” she paused, staring into the deep intensity of his eyes, “and never let me go!” She squeezed his cock and laughed loudly before going down to kiss him again.

Shortly after, Izukus thrust became quicker and erratic, unable to contain himself anymore he kneeled slowly, resting her back on the floor before going in again at max speed.

Not letting go of her ass,  he hilted one more time and felt her body tense up at the same time as his. Ochako quivered as her orgasm hit her like a train, her legs tensing and her toes curling as Izuku came inside her again, filling her one last time for the night. 

Izuku stayed inside her for a little longer, before she laughed a bit under his body.

“Iida wouldn’t approve of this gross misuse of water,” she whispered in his ear, “let’s clean up, ok?”

Izuku nodded and pulled out before kissing her one more time.

Once clean and fresh out of the shower, they went to Ochako’s room to dress in something comfortable for the night, she decided to wear only her underwear. Izuku on the other hand, who brought no spare clothes, had to wear his All Might boxers, much to his shame.

“They’re fine!” Ochako giggled, “they’re very you, and you know I adore you!” She uncovered the bed and got in. Izuku followed her, defeated but wearing the piece of clothing.

She took his pillow and smiled sweetly at him, “come here,” she called him, and rested his head on her chest.

With a final “I love you”, they fell asleep, ready to live their lives together as their hearts synchronized, a lovely lullaby for both of them to dream.   

The sound of his phone alarm woke Izuku, he was about to get up to go for his morning run, when he remembered where he was. His stomach churned happily as he recalled the events of last night, he felt even happier when he woke up with his head resting on the chest of the woman he loved. He moved up to see her face, how she slowly woke up and smiled happily at him.

“Good mornin’” Ochako said, rubbing her eyes before throwing her arms around Izuku, pressing him against her almost naked body.

“I want to marry you, someday.” He said, caressing her cheek.

She was taken by surprise again, and blushed a brightly before looking down.

"Hey, Izuku?" Ochako raised her head to meet his gaze, she had a devilish look on her eyes.

"Y-yes Ochako?"  Izuku gulped, she suddenly looked all fired up.

Getting close enough to whisper in his ear, she whispered; "How about we stay in bed today? play some more... I made enough food to eat without going out" she bit his earlobe and he shivered.

Izuku felt his erection going up again, it was pushing against her belly.

“C’mon Izuku!” she said playfully, hugging him closer against her she could feel some precum smearing in her abdomen.

He smiled, knowing he couldn’t (and didn’t want to) say no her.

It would be long, beautiful day.

“I love summer!” Mina cheered from her spot on the floor, she and the girls were enjoying some quality time in the Yaoyorozu vacation house.

“Yeah!” Hagakure continued, “thank you for inviting us Yaomomo!”

When the summer vacation began, Momo had invited all the girls to spend it for free at her families’ vacation house, a big almost mansion-like house that had a pool, an arcade, a lot of rooms and a built-in house-cinema.

“It’s a shame Ochako-chan didn’t come” Tsuyu commented, missing her friend and wishing she was here.

“I wish she was here too,” Mina said, “but remember she’s back home fighting for her prize!”

“Don’t call Midoriya a prize, Mina. He’s a good boy and wants the best for her.” Jirou interrupted.

“Girl have you seen beneath his shirt? He’s built like a brick!” Mina insisted, “she’s fighting hard to get it!”

“Now that we’re talking about Ochako, she asked something weird from me before we left…” Momo said, looking at some notes in her phone.

Jirou snickered “Condoms?”

“Of course not! She asked me to help her with a LOT of All Might trivia, for a contest or something. She’s lucky my parents keep so much books on heroes. Some of the questions she answered were ridiculously hard.” Momo showed them her phone, the enormous amount of information she had helped Ochako with.

“Do you have any idea why she needed that?” Tsu asked, curious as to why her friend, who loved Thirteen would want to know so much about All Might.

“Not really, but I’m gue-“Before she could finish, a beep from Mina’s interrupted her, she had received a message on her chat. They looked at her phone and read the name of the girl who sent the message.

“Ochako.” They said in unison.

“You think something happened to her? Ochako usually texts the girls’ group when she wants to talk.” Mina said, looking at her screen.

“Well, I don’t know, open it!” Hagakure replied.

The girls gathered around Mina to read the message. She opened the chat and immediately dropped her phone.

“Oh my god!” She screamed, “she did it!”

“Did what?!” Hagakure asked as she picked the phone, only to drop it again when she saw the message.

“She did it!” Hagakure got up to dance with Mina in joy, “She did it! She did it!”

Momo picked the phone up again and her eyes grew wide like saucers when she saw the message: It was a picture, taken with the frontal camera, it was Ochako, she was in her bed wearing nothing but her underwear, and resting on her chest was…


Jirou, Tsu and Momo couldn’t believe their eyes, their brown-haired friend had in just a few weeks of summer, seduced the boy she had a crush on for more than a year!

“Wow,” Asui said, “she even took him to her apartment… you think… you think they did lewd things?” the frog girl asked.

“Girl,” Jirou spoke, “I know they did.”

Mina took her phone from her hands.

“What are you doing?” Momo asked, “they’re probably asleep by now.”

“I need to know the details,” Mina started typing furiously on her phone, but Momo took it from her hands again.

“What are you doing?!” She asked the black-haired girl.

“Making sure you ask the right question.”

Momo typed a short sentence and sent the message before giving Mina her phone back. She looked at her screen and read the text out loud.

“How did you do it??”

Monday began like every other day for Katsuki Bakugou: he woke up at home and went for his morning run after. He had breakfast with his parents, and then proceeded to annihilate the bacteria in his teeth. He received a text from Kirishima, asking how his morning was going.


RedRito: hey man!! U back from ur trip?

Xplosion: yeah, arrived home last night.

RedRito: cool! you coming for training today??

Xplosion: yeah, I’m gonna train so fucking hard for missing a day.

RedRito: nice! meet u here


Katsuki sighed at his screen, the dorky names Kirishima had chosen for them made him feel like a kid again.

Before leaving, he checked his pc. Typing the name of the page on the search bar he entered a page he had frequented these past weeks.


He scrolled down to the news section of the page and read the pop-up message:

“Hello to all of our contestants! We want to thank you all for participating in our 15 Years of All Might contest! Down this section is the final scoreboard, and at the top is the winner of our single most detailed and rarest All Might figure in existence!”

Katsuki dragged the cursor down to the top of the list to read the names of the top five participants from the bottom.


5.- MightManFan 89 points.

4.- NumberOneWinner 92 points.

3.- ExplodingMight 95 points.

“Dammit” he thought. He had lost for two places.

Looking to the next his eyes grew wide

2.- AllMightyJr 99 points.


“Deku fucking lost?” He chuckled “The poor nerd must be depressed!” He didn’t bother to look at the winner’s name, he turned off the computer and grabbed his bag to make his way to U.A.

He walked all the way to facility, taking it as punishment for missing a day of training, “Deku will progress more than me if I keep slacking off” Katsuki thought while he idly listened to music on his phone.

He finally arrived at the building some time after, walking through the door he found Kirishima and Kaminari watching T.V on the sofa.

“Yo!” Kirishima greeted him, “you ready to make up for a lost day?”

Katsuki grinned, “I’m gonna train like I missed three”

“That’s the spirit!” Kaminari cheered.

The boys sat up from the sofa and made their way to the training area, they were about to leave the lobby when Katsuki noticed the absence of a certain green haired dork.

“Hold on, is Deku already inside?” He asked, earning a puzzled look from both boys.

“Oh, you don’t know yet?” Kaminari asked, a sly grin on his face.

“Know what Pikachu?”

Kirishima sighed and put his hand on his shoulder.

“We got something to tell you man, let’s sit.”

Katsuki followed them to the sofa and sat to listen the incredible story of how, Ochako Uraraka with the power of an All Might figure had seduced Izuku Midoriya.

Katsuki’s mind was running wild; “Deku lost his virginity before me?!” Round face made the first move?! Round face knows more about All Might than I do?!... maybe I should text Camie again sometime…”

Admittedly, he felt a little proud. Finally, the couple of nerds had acknowledged their feelings and would stop messing around with their dumb awkwardness. He was about to say something when the realization hit him.

"Wait, you said they came here on Saturday?" He asked Kirishima.

"Yeah man," the redhead answered, "they haven't come back since"

"Today is Monday!" He said, unable to believe the story.

"I guess they're still busy" Kaminari commented as he idly read a comic.

"THAT DAMN NERD MISSED TWO DAYS OF TRAINING!" Getting off from his seat he took his phone out and dialed Deku’s number. He didn’t answer the first three times, but on the fourth he finally picked up.

"DEKU!” he roared into the speaker “What the FUCK!?"

Izuku yelped from the other side “I'm a little, uh, busy Kacchan!”

“No way! get over here now! I gotta talk to you!”

He heard Uraraka’s voice from the other side, “he said he’s busy Kacchan!” she said before haning up. He was angry because Deku was missing training, but Ochako’s pettiness filled him with even more rage.

He ran outside the building, with Kirishima following after him. “Where are you going man?!” Kirishima yelled , “Y-you’re not going to get Midoriya are you?!”

“Of course I am! I’m dragging his ass back here so he can train fucking properly!” he roared.

“That’s not manly dude! Midoriya is probably still having fun with his lady!” Kirishima yelled as he tried to keep up with him and hopefully, get some sense into him.

“Lady my ass, I’m getting Deku out of round face If I have to!”

He ran further into the street, leaving Kirishima behind as he pumped his legs to full speed.

“That damn nerd!” he thought “Leaving training so he can get some ass!”

Katsuki ran for a few more minutes until he had to stop to catch his breath, and then It downed on him.

“Where the fuck does Round face live?!”