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True to Yourself

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Shishiku’s teachers are ecstatic about the idea to improve their students' interest and grades. It takes a bit to catch on. But when the first few start bragging about the matches they won, the tide can't be stopped. Though, it does bring a few unintended side effects. The toughest one to route out is betting on the matches. Slowly, the school’s fighting funnels into the club. Granted, most of the students there still struggle. But more and more are finding jobs in the security and police sectors. Totomaru is the first in Shishiku’s history to go to college.

The common goal brings Totomaru and Hinako closer together than ever. Judge Minowa and Mr. Onigashima refuse to speak at the wedding. But the couple considers having them in the same room voluntarily to be an accomplishment.

Totomaru becomes a math teacher at Shishiku. Across the street, Hinako opens a dojo focusing on the disadvantaged girls of the area. Their contribution to the youth of the area makes a difference for years to come.