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POWER!! : An origin story

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Team B: Jiro Kyoka, Yaoyorozu Momo, Iida Tenya, and Uraraka Ochako vs. Villain Sun Beater

"Tell me class, who do you think is going to win this round?" All Might asked. While the remaining class members waited for the simulation to begin All Might want to gauge the type of students he had. Were they cocky, hesitant, watchful, analytical?

With the remaining members of 1A unaware of just how strong the current villain was, most of them were unsure what they should say. While a few had thought having more numbers would give them the advantage, others were much more sensible and knew that with these "villains" being third years, they had much more experience.

Tsuyu was the first one to speak up. "Well we can't really say how the battle will turn out since we don't know what type of quirk the villain Sun Beater has; therefore, we won't know what our classmates will be going up against. For all we know this Sun Beater could be facing a quirk that is to their disadvantage. Then again, they have two more years of experience on us so I'd bet that the villain will win. Ribbit."

"Unmanly, Tsu! These are our classmates about to fight, we gotta have faith in them!" Kirishima yelled.

"HAHAHAHA, indeed young Kirishima. Even if that won't help them against this villain it's still good that you believe in them." All Might laughed.

Shivers ran down everyone's spine at All Might's words. "Does he even believe in us?!"


"Oh...I can't watch." Izuku whined, quickly whipping his notebook out so he could record his class mates' quirks.

Jiro felt a shiver run down her spine as she followed Yaoyorozu, Iida, and Uraraka to their assigned building. For some reason she felt as if her words from earlier were going to comeback to bite her in the ass.

"I believe it would be best if we split up. There are four of us and one villain. Divide and conquer as they say." Momo said with a confident voice. Despite everyone else's misgivings for this battle she still held confidence that they could defeat their assigned villain and win the battle.

"Brilliant Yaoyorozu. And by doing this we will have an even higher chance of finding the hostage and saving it!" Iida praised.

"Yeah, we're totally gonna win this. So how do we divide are selves up?" Uraraka asked.

Momo, tapped her chin in thought. "After we have Jiro scout out the building and zero in on Sun Beaters location, we'll officially split up with two of us going after the villain and two towards the hostage. I doubt he would sit idle with the hostage waiting for us to come to him.

That's exactly what Tamaki was doing.

"Okay, but who's with who?" Jiro asked, slightly feeling better about this battle now that they had someone with such a cool head helping plan everything.

"If I'm right then I think we would be best suited to split up, Uraraka and I, and Jiro with Iida."

Iida nodded his head in agreement. "Yes, your quirk is very versatile and would mix well with Uraraka while Jiro will be able to assist me as a distraction when trying to pursue either the villain or saving the hostage. Well done again!"

"Nice, guess that's it for our plan." Jiro nodded.

"Alright let's go!"

They had just finished planning when they heard All Might's loud voice.


"Uh, All Might…why is Sun Beater just waiting in the room, eating a bento? Wouldn't he want to search for Yaoyorozu and the others to get the advantage?" Kaminari asked.

"Yeah shouldn't he be searching for the heroes?" Mina asked.

All might chuckled. "That's an excellent question, but again not all villains seek the heroes out first. Some wait for the heroes to come to them. And that is exactly what Sun Beater is doing. As for the bento...well young Midoriya knows."

The entire class turned to Midoriya to ask him why that was, only to see he was busy being patted on the back by Kendo.

"Who was the devil that gave him that bento box before this battle?" Midoriya whispered.

"Oh, cool. Lunch Rush remembered to pack me Octopus." Tamaki said smiling. At the end of the fifteen mark he put his things away and began stretching. All might's loud voice entering his ear telling him it was his time to shine, unfortunately.

"Jiro, do you know where Sun Beater is?" Momo asked.

Jiro nodded her head, confused. "Yeah...he's on the top floor. He's not moving though. He's just mumbling nervously."

"Great, that must mean he's not confident he'll beat us! We can catch him off guard like that!" Uraraka yelled.

"No, somethings off. Why would he just wait up there not moving from his spot? He wants us to come up there so he can ambush us and defeat us like the villain he is!" Iida exclaimed.

Tamaki did not at all plan that. He just figured this was the fastest way to take out the first years. Then again, Tamaki attacking them all at once while they come to find him probably was an ambush in their eyes.

"Well now what? If he's still in the same room do, we attack him all at once or split up. And come in waves?" Jiro asked.

Momo and Iida debated on the best course of action. Either way seemed like defeat but in the end, they decided to take a hero's death. "Full frontal attack it is. However instead of entering through just the door we'll be doing-

"Whoa, is Yaoyorozu really going to use a cannon to break down the wall next to the one Sun Beaters in?!" Izuku yelled. He was amazed so far at what team B was doing. From the looks of it, it seemed Jiro and Iida were going to do a frontal attack while Yaoyorozu and Uraraka came in crashing in from the side.

"Hmm, an interesting solution. One group will be the distraction while the other group will try to take down the villain. Their tenacity is admirable."

"That's true... but All Might, where is it?" Izuku asked confused.

"Oh, you finally noticed, did you?"

The entire class looked away from the viewing room to the teacher and student speaking. "What's missing Midoriya?"

Izuku looked back to the surveillance monitors and spoke again. "The hostage, it's not with Sun Beater. Although, I'm not sure the others know that since they think since he hasn't moved at all he must've kept the hostage with him the whole time.

Now that Tamaki was banking on.

"But when the hell did he have time to do that? We've been watching him this whole time!" Mineta yelled.

"Ah, not true. While the heroes were planning, so too was the villain. In fact, you didn't even notice when Sun Beater moved out of frame for a few minutes then reappeared because you were all focused on the way the four of your classmates looked so focused." All might said happily.

"Those missing few minutes were the most vital of this whole battle" Izuku sighed. "They're done for."

"Okay we're at the top floor. Uraraka and I will now go next door where we will wait for your cue to blast in from the side. Remember to have your communicators on so we can do it on time." Momo ordered.

"Got it." The three trainee heroes whispered.

"Oooh, look Levillion, those four firsties are gonna try for a full frontal and a surprise from the side. That's pretty cunning!"

"Indeed, it is Nejire. But not enough for our fellow villain Sun Beater!" Mirio laughed evilly.

"No, kidding. How long do you think it will take for Tamaki to beat all four? I say three minutes!"

"Hmm, let's see…I give it two."

"You're on!"

On the count of three Jiro had Iida slam through the door hiding Sun Beater and rush to ram into him. However, Sun Beater seemed to anticipate this as he slapped Iida away with a giant clam shaped hand.

Jiro witnessing her partner be whipped to the side like nothing felt sweat run down her face. She hurried to yell for help from her other partners.

"Damn…Now Yaomomo!" Within seconds of their break in a loud explosion rocked the building as the wall next to Sun Beater was blown down revealing two more heroes. A small smile appearing on his face.

"And so, the heroes have all assembled."

"We have and we plan on taking you down!" Uraraka yelled, surprisingly confident.

"Indeed, and we'll pay you back for hurting Iida." Momo said, looking to their knocked-out team member.

"Hmm, I'd like to see you try."

And so, began their battle. Or so they thought. It seemed they really did underestimate their third year senpai. Despite Jiro blasting the ground apart with her ear phone jack it seems that Sun Beater was somehow prepared for that as he quickly flew up and smacked the punk rocker into the wall knocking her out next.

Seeing the opening for her Uraraka ran up behind Sun Beater and tagged his back. Or so she thought. It seemed she only got his cloak which once Tamaki realized the extent of the girl's abilities tossed his floating cloak off and grabbed the pink suited girl with one of his tentacle hands, quickly blocking an oncoming attack by Yaoyorozu's cannon.

"Uraraka!" Momo yelled horrified by the way the girl's body had gone limp.

Momo quickly analyzed the situation. Thee of her teammates were knocked out. There was no sign of the hostage and the villain was now heading for her. In layman terms, she was quite-

"Fuck that was brutal." Denki said.

"AND VILLAIN SUN BEATER WINS!" All might announce.

"We have to go up against him, and two others! Are you trying to kill us?!" Mina screamed. She was now frightened for her turn. If this was how strong their senpai was, she can only imagine how strong their T.A was, or the other third year they were going up against is.

"Tamaki…so brutal." Izuku shivered.

"Oh wow, two minutes. You were right Mirio! That was amazing, did you see him use that girl as a shield, man that was funny but also mean." Nejire said holding back laughter.

"Tamaki is a strong hero. But boy is he a ruthless villain!" Mirio cried. "I'm so proud. Now I must live up to my name Levillion!"

"Now then who can tell me was the MVP of the match!" All might said, unaware of the morose mood.

"Is the villain involved, ribbit?" Tsuyu asked. She couldn't help but think he would most likely get it if that was the case.

"Good question…and no only your class will be judged, and Midoriya could you tell me why that is?"

Izuku nodded and began his analyzation of the match. "Well because Sun Beater would get MVP."

"TRAITOR!" Everyone thought.

"Hmm and why is that?" All might asked, nodding in agreement.

"Well for one, he was able to hide the hostage putting the hero's main objective of the mission out of reach. Even if they could subdue Sun Beater, they still wouldn't have had the hostage which should've been more important than actually confronting the villain."

"But how were they supposed to know he hid the hostage when he never moved!" Mineta yelled.

"They split up, like they planned when they planned on ambushing the villain. Even if it's one villain there's always the chance of the villain having a trick up his sleeve."

The entire class stared at Izuku in silence. They had never thought of things that way.

"My sentiments exactly!" All might bellowed. "Now that we know why the Villain was the real MVP of the match, who is the runner up MVP of the match? All might ask, much to the annoyance of their class.

This time it was Kendo who spoke. "Well if I had to guess, I'd say it was Yaoyorozu. Not only was she the one who came up with the plan to split up and ambush Sun Beater, but she also decided the team formations. It also seems like she was the one to calm down everyone's nerves. Although she may have acted rashly shooting her own team mate in the stomach with a cannon, she still did her best to create a well formulated plan that would best catch Sun beater by surprise."

All Might stared at the marital artist in surprise. "Err…well yes, that's absolutely correct. I'd add more but you about covered everything! So, onto the next round!"

"That was a little harsh don't you think? Aizawa said, while drinking from his juice pouch. Behind him several other U.A teachers had a appeared to watch the Big Three destroy class 1A and began making bets on what teams were going to last the longest against the three powerhouses. So far none made it past the five-minute mark.

"You say Potato and I say let's see how the next group of hero hopefuls fair next!" Nezu cackled.

"Spin the wheel, spin the wheel!"

"Aye, aye!"

In a distant building with a similar looking setting, sat the Big Three. Tamaki, having just gotten back from his battle, sat beside Nejire waiting to see who would battle Izuku's class mates.

While All Might and the others thought the Big Three were giving this careful consideration when deciding who would fight, the three older students had simply built a wheel with their names on it and have been spinning it in order to decide who would fight next. Tamaki had unfortunately gotten the first pick.

"And the person going next is-" Mirio announced as the wheel spun.

"Click, click, cliiick!"

"Nejire! Looks like 1A is safe from Levillion hands." Mirio pouted.

"Yay! I wonder what team I'll take on. Oooh, wouldn't it be fun if it was Izu-kuns. I could just seduce him into giving up." Nejire giggled.

Mirio nodded his head at Nejire's plan. "That sounds like a solid plan Nejire, but don't forget about his other three teammates."

"So, should I leave Midnight's whip?" Nejire asked, holding up the pro's whip.

"Did you have that this whole time?" Tamaki whispered.


"Pfft, are you sure you can do it my little Izu-kun? I don't want to force you to do something you don't want to do if you're not comfortable." Nejire said softly.

Izuku huffed at his girlfriend's accusation. "Of course, I am. I mean it's not like I don't want to try it too. Besides…it kinda looks fun and plus with your quirk it'll be way easier to execute!" Izuku said excitedly.

Nejire giggled at her boyfriends, jumping atop the taller boy. "You're too cute Izu-kun alright then! But are you really sure you want to do it here?"

"Why not, it's plenty big for our needs."

Aizawa froze outside his son's door where he was just about to bring in some drinks. His heart began beating fast and blood pumping. While it wasn't entirely closed, it also wasn't open enough for him to get a good enough view to see what was happening.

"What the hell are they doing?!" he seethed.

"Okay, so I'll go right here, and you get right here in that position that way we don't hurt each other. -I watched a video on the internet so I figured out the best way to this" Izuku explained.

"That's my little Izu-kun. This is gonna be so much fun!"

Aizawa hit his breaking point when he heard things begin to crash to the floor and groaning.

"I'll kill you, you vixen!"

"Aizawa sensei, it's a little weird to be listening outside your son's door don't you think?" Mirio said appearing out of nowhere.

"He's a caring parent." Tamaki whispered.

Aizawa began to fix his capture gear that he pulled out of nowhere, not at all surprised by his son's best friends' appearance. "There is an evil vixen in their tainting my son."

Mirio and Tamaki looked horrified at Aizawa's words and acted fast to the teacher's joy.

Not even trying to stop him, the older boys barreled down Izukus door revealing Izuku in a tank top and gym shorts, heavily sweating, while holding up, an also heavily sweating Nejire in the air, in the exact same position as those two American actors from that movie they had just watched last night, Dirty Dancing.

"What in the ever-loving fuck are you two doing?" Aizawa growled.

Izuku looked to his big bro then to his father heavily blushing. This is not something he wanted to be caught doing. Nejire on the other hand was smiling at her best friends and sensei, mostly because her boyfriend still had her up in the air and she was enjoying how much he was blushing.

"Oh well remember how we watched that dancing movie last night, sensei? Well I thought that was a fun move they did and asked Izuku if he thought we could do it, and he said yeah since it didn't look that hard. But then we remembered we didn't have anywhere to practice so we just used his room!" Nejire explained.

"I thought it would be better than the living room where we might break something." Izuku said, still holding up Nejire for some reason.

Aizawa turned around and began walking away from his idiot son and student. "I don't even know what the hell to say to this. But if you need me, I'll be taking a very long nap."

Then walked back in to snap a picture and send to every person in his contacts.

"HAHAHAHAHA you two were trying to do the dirty dancing move and made Aizawa sensei think you were doing the naughty! Shame shame Izu-bro!" Mirio laughed.

Izuku looked away embarrassed. He didn't realize how wrong they sounded from another person's point of view. Nejire just shrugged and continued to eat her ice cream.

"As if I would ever choose Aizawa's house to have sex with Izu-kun." Nejire giggled.

Mirio, Tamaki and Izuku all began choking on their milk shake.