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POWER!! : An origin story

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“And you’re positive you want to adopt Izuku Midoriya? I mean he’s quirkless” a woman spoke with a hint of disdain in her voice from behind her desk.

I see no reason why that would deter me from wanting to adopt the young man. If anything, your comments only make me want to adopt him faster” a tired looking man in a black suit with his hair in a bun says.

The woman begins to lightly sweat not having expect this answer. Usually when someone hears one of their kids are quirkless they immediately stop the paperwork and look for another kid with a quirk, even if it’s a weak one. The fact this man has come out of the blue specifically requesting Izuku Midoriya is baffling. Kid’s been here seven years, and no one has ever done this.

“Uh, right well, we’ll just be conducting a few background checks and once everything checks out we’ll let you know when you can meet with Izuku and if it seems like a fit then we’ll need you to fill out some left over paperwork” the woman stuttered beginning to waver under the man’s heated glare.

“Very well. I’ll be waiting for the call” the man bowed.

“May I have a name, for Izuku I mean?”

“Aizawa. Shota Aizawa.” 


 It was just the beginning of second year, and Izuku had already started seeing less of his best friends.  It wasn’t that bad considering they practically spent all of summer vacation with him, and they had the weekend’s for training at U.A. but since internships were coming up, he knew that would change. I’m going to miss Nejire constantly ruining my chances of getting a date, he thought.

The only upside was this left Izuku more time to focus on the Mirio and Midoriya Road to UA plan, but unfortunately, he realized as much as he used it to work out converting it whenever he felt that it was becoming too easy, he needed something more. So, after a quick call to Miro in which “Of course you’re not bothering me little bro, and if you really want to challenge yourself try to do some sort of Martial arts to make sure you don’t fall behind on your Poweeeeerrrrr!” Which lead him to Kendo’s Martial arts dojo.

“Now why does that name ring a bell.?” Izuku thought. Shrugging it off as paranoia Izuku walked into the dojo where upon arrival he was saw the girl who watched as his friends embarrassed him horribly in front of her, throwing a huge guy over her shoulder effortlessly.

“Now she has a lot of power” Izuku said, starry eyed at the girl who just tossed a man two times her size over her shoulder.

“Got that right, Kendo’s my best student” a huge guy with a black belt said towering over Izuku, “If you’re looking to advance to the next belt then you gotta go through her.”

Izuku stared in awe at the girl in front of him, she looked no older than him, but she was taking down teens, bigger an older than her with such ease, he couldn’t take his eyes of her. Her skills were so flawless.

He smiled at the younger boy who couldn’t stop looking at his daughter beat the crap at her opponent, “So tell me kid are you only here to watch my daughter kick ass or sign up for karate lessons”.

Blushing Izuku explains his need for something different than his current workout plan and his decision to choose karate as that format. The man nods his head in approval, “Well you made a good choice in choosing my dojo for a challenge. It’s not easy advancing to each belt since you have to go through Kendo, so you’ll have to train your ass off which I’m sure is exactly what ya want yeah?” he asked.

Nodding his head vehemently at the guy, he smiles at Izuku, until the latter realizes these classes are way out of his pay range. Even with the small amount of money he makes bussing at the ramen shop, there’s no way he’d be able to pay for the classes. Eyes dimming, he begins to walk away not before thanking the man for his time, when the owner of the dojo calls Izuku back, requesting why he stopped his application.

Izuku not feeling like lying explains his situation. “I don’t exactly have the money to pay for these classes”.

“Well what about your parents, they can’t help you out?” the man asks innocently.

“My mom’s dead and my dad gave me up, so no they can’t” Izuku says roughly, then apologizing to the dojo master. Seeing sympathy in the man’s eyes Izuku shakes his head refusing to be a charity case and running out before the man could say anything else. Unbeknownst to him a certain girl had been watching him from afar and had seen him run out. Midoriya?

Going up to her dad Itsuka asks him about the boy who had just ran out frowning, figuring it wouldn’t hurt to share what he found out about the boy he tells her why the boy ran out. This sparks an idea in Kendo which she tells her father about. Phrasing it as she wants to help the boy out, her father chuckles agreeing to her teaching him karate for free on her own time. Already starting to act like a hero, huh Itsuka.

Thus, leading Kendo to looking for Izuku- How freaking hard can it be to find one green haired guy, she thought-after about half an hour in which she almost gave up she had finally found him sitting alone on a bench frowning. When she reached out to him, she quickly apologized for making him fall on his butt then introduced herself.

“No, I remember you”, Izuku said blushing, “My friends embarrassed me in front of you” he laughed, Itsuka doing the same.

“Well to be fair, it was kind of adorable” she said before coughing into her hand.

“So, uh, why were you looking for me” he asked.

“Well, my dad told me you were at our dojo but then you left” ignoring his frown she continued on “And I just wanted to offer my services free of charge” she said.

“Why” Izuku asked, “I can’t pay you.”

“Well I wanted to get to know you more and I believe I already said I’m doing this free of charge. Now come on, it’ll be fun” Kendo said smiling.

As much as Izuku wanted to reject her offer, the smile she had on her face was enough for him to accept and plus he wanted to see how fun the karate lessons would be.

“This isn’t fun, you devil woman!” Izuku said breathing heavily on his back.

Kendo was bent over laughing not even trying to hide her amusement in taking down Izuku for the fifth time in a row. He’d been practicing his martial arts with Kendo for a month now and despite all the work he’d done he hadn’t even gotten to his yellow belt.

“Come on beefcake, get up. Practice makes perfect” she joked.

Groaning Izuku got up, ignoring the nickname she had been calling him since she had begun teaching him, already knowing what the result of this spar would be.

Izuku barely muttered “Devil woman” before he was flipped over Kendo’s shoulder.

“Miri-bro. Help me.”


In the middle of Presents Mic class Mirio and the others were in the middle of an exam when all the sudden Mirio stood up interrupting the class.

The only words muttered before he was told to sit down or fail the exam were “My Izu-bros senses are tingling.”


“Wow Izuku gotta say you’ve made...absolutely no progress” Kendo laughed. Surprisingly this wasn’t the first time Kendo told him this and in the short amount of time the two teens had gotten to know each other they have grown close enough that Izuku eventually took her joking about his horrible Karate skills in stride.

“Yeah, yeah. Well not everyone is a second-degree black belt Kendo” Izuku points out rubbing his bruised back.

“I’m honestly starting to think you’re just using me as a punching bag in replace of an actual one” he joked.

Kendo shook her head with a frown on her face, for a moment he almost felt bad for accusing his trainer, no, his friend of such a thing until she opened her mouth.

“Not true Midoriya, I don’t use punching bags, you’re more like a practice dummy for me” she chuckled.

“Oh, ha-ha. You’re so funny.” Izuku deadpanned before falling to the floor in exhaustion.

“So, you’ve known Mirio since you were like seven?” Kendo asked during their well needed break.

Izuku smiled and nodded at the girl getting some of his sweat on her, which he quickly apologized for.

Grimacing she wipes the sweat on her face before asking how they met.

“It was so cool I was getting beat up by one of my bully’s when he just pops up from the ground, stopping the kid from blowing me up!” Izuku recalls with a fist in the air. Then blushing he continues, “I won’t lie it was a little awkward because he was naked, but he’s still my hero.”

“Well he sounds awesome, and I can’t wait to meet him.”

“Mirio! When are we gonna see my little Izu-kun we haven’t seen him in sooo long!” Nejire whined.

Mirio tapped his chin, thinking of their schedule and if they had any time off soon. “Well, now that I think about it, we could probably walk him home after our interships today!” Mirio shouted with his fist in the air.

“Yay! hey, hey, hey, do you think he’ll catch on that I like him?” Nejire asked Mirio tapping his back repeatedly.

Miro couldn’t help shaking his head not even trying to hold back his laughter. “Oh Nejire, if there’s one thing you should know about Izu-bro it’s that he is very very oblivious to even the most obvious advances”.


“He’s right. Izuku once went out on a date with a girl and didn’t even realize it was a date until the girl asked if they could go on another one sometime” Tamaki told Nejire, smiling at the memory of a red faced Izuku.

“Oh man really, what happened?” Nejire asked with a pout.

“Well, let’s just say there was no follow up date once she found out he didn’t even know they were on a first date” Mirio laughed.

“Wow, so all my attempts at flirting probably seem like jokes to Izu-kun huh?” Nejire asked.

“Yup” the two said in unison.

For a moment the girl was silent then the two saw a glint in her eye as she clenched her fist. “Then I guess I’ll just have to be more obvious!”

Mirio and Tamaki shrugged but followed along with the shorter girl in a show of support.

“Don’t worry Nejire we’ll help you win over our little oblivious cinnamon roll.” Mirio said smiling.

“Wow, so you expelled your whole class this year!” Izuku said wide eyed at his elder.

“Uh, yeah. It’s nothing impressive, they just showed no potential” Aizawa said looking away a bit embarrassed.

Currently it was just the two practicing with Izuku’s quirk since Mirio and the others were still at their internship. Mirio said he would be by to pick up his little Izu-bro when he was done with Sir.

“Whoa! I didn’t know teachers at U.A. could do that.”

Aizawa was speechless looking at the boy in front of him stare at him like he just beat up All Might, and it was all because he was able to expel his entire class of first years.

“Well U.A gives their teachers the freedom to exercise their teachings in any way they see fit. So, yeah.”

“So cool! I can’t wait till I go to U.A with Mirio!” Izuku said jumping up with a fist pump.

“Neither can I kid, neither can I” Aizawa said with a smirk, having heard from the orphanage that today they would be telling Midoriya about his request for adopting him. He would’ve told the kid himself, but he wanted it to be a surprise. Now it was jsut up to the kid if he wanted Aizawa as

Midoriya had just finished a session with Eraser head dead tired. Mirio and the others meeting up with the boy once they were done with their internships to walk him home despite his protests that they needn’t go out of their way to do that. Well technically Tamaki and Mirio walked Nejire made me carry her on my back, citing she was tired.

 “You guys know you don’t have to walk me home all the time right, I know you’re busy.” Izuku said smiling, shifting so he could carry Nejire better.

“Of course, we know, but as your honorary brothers it is our duty to make sure you make it home!” Mirio yelled, Tamaki nodding his head.

“And as your girlfriend it is my job to make sure no one messes with you.” Nejire said ruffling Izuku’s hair.

“But, you’re not my girlfriend” Izuku said confused.

“I don’t remember that.” Nejire said.

Izuku merely shook his head at Nejire secretly enjoying her teases, and smiling at his friends concern for him, deciding to let them continue the walk to the orphanage with him.

The four continued to talk about anything and everything as they neared the orphanage. Once they entered with Izuku they made sure to watch him check in. Waving goodbye, the three went to depart until they heard Midoriya signature sobbing. Turning to their best friend they saw the boy on his knees clutching a piece of a paper that the receptionist had given him.

Reaching the younger boy first, Mirio hugged Izuku asking him what was wrong only for the boy to thrust the paper into his hands. Mirio gasped at the adoption forms in his hands and the person who was requesting to adopt him.

“Aizawa sensei.”

“I’m getting adopted, Miri-bro.”

 Nejire and Tamaki gasping when they hear their former homeroom teachers name. Look to the paper Mirio hands to them. Once reading it to make sure they aren't being pranked, Nejire begins to tear up for the boy she likes finally getting a home, and Tamaki smiling fondly at his best friend.

The next day Shota Aizawa got a call saying that his adoption request was approved and, no he didn’t have to meet the boy, Midoriya seemed to be more than happy to be adopted by the him, all he needed to do was fill out a few more papers and he would be Izuku Midoriya's adoptive father.

And if Aizawa ran out of his apartment still in his cat pajamas to meet Midoriya, well no one brought it up as they paid more attention to the green haired broccoli boy who was getting adopted after seven years.

Mirio, Nejire, and Tamaki standing behind Midoriya throwing confetti at the two in celebration.