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POWER!! : An origin story

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Izuku counted the days until the U.A first year's sports festival. It was two weeks ago that Mirio and the others had revealed to him that he would be going, and watching it from the first year's booth, no less! Finally, after what seemed like months but really was only a few days, it was finally time.

"Today is the U.A. sports festival. And I get to watch Mirio, Nejire and Tamaki compete" Izuku grinned as he walked up to the stadium. "I hope Mirio's ready for the festival, he's improving a lot but without the use of his costume for the festival he'll have to rely on his physical prowess to get by rather than his quirk, unless he doesn't mind flashing people but then again" Izuku mumbled under his breath, beginning to zone out causing him to bump into one of his favorite heroes although he'd never admit that to Mirio or Nejire, less he want them to have teasing material.

"Oh my god you're 18 + Pro hero Midnight, this is so cool! Your quirk is fascinating"- rambling too fast for the older woman to understand.

"Oh, why thank you not many appreciate my quirk like you do" she said smiling deviously.

"Oh-oh well th-that's crazy" Izuku managed to get out after realizing Midnight was speaking back to him.

"So, tell me what you are doing here in the student section of the U.A. stadium?" she asked.

"Oh! I was invited by my best friends and big bro to watch the festival!"

It took a few seconds but after she scanned the boy's face, his unruly green hair and surprisingly buff body she squealed in recognition. "Oh my god you're Ragdoll jr.! You're even more adorable up close, oh I could just eat you up" Midnight gushed as she hugged Midoriya close to her chest, suffocating the slightly smaller boy.




Mustering all his strength Izuku turned his head to see his three best friends running at him full speed arms wide screaming his name at the top of their lungs.

"You're cheating on me with another woman!" Nejire gasped.

Scrambling away from the older woman Izuku tried to stutter a response garnering a hearty laugh from Midnight and the others, "Honestly Izuku, I'm starting to think you don't want me anymore" Nejire pouted.

"But, what, we're not even dating!" Izuku shouted, blushing a red mess.

"We could change that" she sang, then with a small slap on the head stopped.

"Nejire, stop it before you make Izuku pass out, and let's head on in to the student booth" Mirio said grinning at his friends' actions.

Looking to his sensei they bowed and thanked her for finding the green bushy haired boy.

"No problem I'm just glad I get to brag to the others about seeing lil ragdoll before them" she said walking away laughing.

"You said no one else saw that" Izuku pouted, while carrying Nejire on his back.

"Well, we honestly thought no one else did until we saw a poster of us in the teachers lounge" Mirio said sheepishly.

"What? Why would they have a poster of us there?" Izuku said flabbergasted.

"They said it makes them smile" Nejire said, tapping Izuku to go walk faster so they can get to their seats faster.

Izuku was starry eyed staring at the field below him, all of U.A.'s students were gathered there for the preliminary round. He couldn't help thinking of what exciting game the school would think of to start off with.

"And to find out who will advance to the next round we will start the games with "A…race!" Midnight shouted.

All around the crowd quieted, such a simple thing to start off with.

"The students will have to race each other through this simple course but beware of booby traps set up by yours truly, Principal Nezu!"

Cheers erupted, at the newest twist added, while the students became nervous at hearing that their principal had a hand in this course. "Ready, go!"

Izuku was a bit worried once he saw what the first round was, Nejire would be fine, and possible Tamaki, but Mirio well given his clothes had fallen off already and he was trying to hurry and recover them gave him all he knew that things were going to turn out as good as he thought they would.

It was 15 minutes later and the 42 students to advance were announced, albeit not without a few burns, and sprains. Izuku was happy to see Nejire and Tamaki managed to make it through but given with how many times Mirio accidently slipped through at the wrong time activating a trap, or needed to gather his clothes, well Izuku was a bit sad seeing his friend not advance.

"Mirio, how are you feeling?" Izuku asks.

Smiling the older teen looks to his best friend, "Like I need to train harder".

Nodding his head Izuku grins, "Yeah, and I'll be right by your side! And next year when you compete, you'll get first place!"

"That's right, I'll be standing right next to Nejire and Tamaki" Mirio said watching as his friends were awarded their first place and second place medals.

"This is really going to affect my chance for an internship" he sighed.

"No, it won't. I mean sure you didn't advance but can you imagine how many heroes saw you use your power! There's no way none of them wouldn't want you!" Izuku shouted.

Shaking his head at his Izu-bros infectious attitude he grins, "Yeah, you're right. I just have to wait and see who picks me".

Unaware of the pro hero who had been watching the festival uninterested until he caught eye on Mirio.

"So much untapped potential."

"Oh man can you believe I didn't even make it past the first round! I'm not gonna get any good offers for internships. But wow, Tamaki you got to the second round not bad!" Nejire recounts.

Tamaki smiled at his energetic friend. "Thanks."

Smiling at the wave user Izuku shakes his head excitingly, "No way you were amazing Nejire! You definitely got noticed, and you too Tamaki the way you just smacked that guy off the ledge during the fighting round. Where'd you find the time to eat octopus though?"

"Trade secret" he smiled.

The four were currently leaving the stadium on their way to Mirio's house to celebrate, when a stern voice stopped them.

"Mirio, Nejire and Tamaki".

"Aizawa sensei!" the three yelled turning around to quickly bow, Mirio pushing Izuku to do the same.

"How can we help you" Mirio said smiling.

"So, this is Ragdoll jr. huh?" Aizawa said hiding a smile behind his wrap.

"Yes, indeed sir, isn't he just adorable, we found him in an orphanage. Or rather Mirio did but decided to keep him while Tamaki and I decided to join the little family they created" Nejire blurted out.

Izuku and Mirio blanched at Nejire's words, "Found him in an orphanage?"

"I see. And what school do you go to, I mean you don't look like you go to any hero school?"

"Aldera Junior high, sir. But I plan to attend here, when I'm old enough!" Izuku said proudly.

"Indeed, Izubro here has been training with us since a kid, although he hates using his quirk in public, since it's illegal we've managed to find ways for Izuku to go around that!" Mirio said with a thumbs up.

Aizawa was silent at the other boys' admission, in truth he found it adorable the kid followed the quirk laws when so few seldomly do.

"Hmm. Look I don't do this often, but the other teachers still want to meet you and I'm curious about your quirk so... I'll allow you to train with Mirio and the others in one of U.A.'s training facilities on the weekends so you don't have to worry too much about going about the illegal quirk usage" Aizawa said nonchalantly, "but you'll have to do make do with you're regular training the rest of the week".

The four kids in front of him stood gawking at him, his students surprised mostly that he was being so accommodating.

"Mister Aizawa, we thank you so much for this! We promise not to take advantage of your hospitality!" Mirio and the others promised bowing repeatedly pushing Izuku to do the same.

"Yes sir!" Izuku said, causing another smile to appear on Aizawa's face.

"Whatever, here's a student pass for him to use, now get out of here before I expel you" Aizawa said walking off.

"Uh, was he just carrying that around or did he plan this?" Izuku asked.

"Who knows, but look we have a training place for the weekends!" Mirio shouted, excited at the prospect.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Nejire shouted, "Let's go celebrate!"

"Yeah, POWEEER!" Mirio shouted.

"POWEEEEER!" Izuku, Nejire and Tamaki yelled.

So, did you meet the boy?" Nezu asked.

"Yeah, he's as innocent as the picture showed him to be, also I invited him to train his quirk with Mirio and the others on the weekends here" Aizawa said.

"Now why in the world would you do that?" Nezu asked curious.

"The kid apparently follows quirk laws to a T, and while Miroi and the others train with him they have trouble with his quirk training since he's such a goob. So, I figured I'd fix that" he shrugged, ignoring the other faculty grinning at the usually stoic man sweet offer.

"I see, well okay then I approve of your actions and can't wait to meet the boy" Nezu said before walking off.

"Wow! You guys do combat practice here every week!" Izuku gushed, still not over the fact he was standing in on of U.A.'s training facility.

"Yeah! It's so fun kicking each other's butt." Nejire said from Izuku's back.

"That's right, although I'm still trailing behind on fully controlling my quirk" Miro said sadly.

"That may be true Mirio, but isn't that what you're here for, to learn how to fully control it and become the number one hero!" Izuku cheered.

Mirio smiled at his best friend, his words of encouragement all he needed to remember his promise he made to Izuku and that yes that is why he's going to U.A.

"Yeah, that is why I'm here" Mirio said.

"While that was a sweet speech and all you said you came here to train your quirk, so show me what you've got so I know I'm not wasting my weekend".

Izuku's eyes shined at seeing the teacher here allowing him to use his quirk, "Yeah okay, but you might want to back up".

Taking heed of his words Aizawa and the others do as he says as Izuku takes a deep breath and ignites himself, surprising the teacher when he sees emerald flames surrounding the boy, followed by the flames moving and lifting the dumb bells on the side.

Once he's done showing the telekinetic part of his quirk, he releases the weights and shoots off flames from his hands setting the targets in front of him on fire.

"This kid has ample control of his quirk already- "Aizawa said

"Just wait" Mirio said, making Aizawa look back to the boy who continued to spew flames and started panicking.

"Mirio! It's happening again!" Izuku yelled, running around as the flames continued to be release from his hands setting everything in his vicinity on fire, as well as his shirt.

"This is why we've been trying to train him, he still hasn't learned how to turn off the flames" Mirio says going to Izuku so he could knock him out, instead Aizawa just activated him quirk turning off Izuku's.

A few moments later the fire sprinklers went off soaking everyone, as well as a frowning Eraser head. What did I get myself into?

"Well obviously you need to learn self-restraint or control either one, and maybe invest in some fire proof clothes?" Aizawa suggested.

"Hmm, that sounds good, but I can't afford the fireproof clothes" Izuku said, "I'll just have to work on the self-control".

Sighing because he already knew he was somehow getting to attached to the kid he shook his head, "U.A. has gym clothes that are fire proof take a pair and I'll let Nezu know I allowed you too. For now, since I know what I'm starting with you three can go and we'll start back tomorrow with Izuku dressed properly" he says looking pointedly at Izuku.

Yelping Izuku runs towards the changing room to find a spare shirt, Mirio and the others following close behind.

"May I ask why you're ding so much for this boy" Nezu inquires, showing up when the others are fully gone.

"I don't know I guess I feel bad for the kid having been dealt such a shitty hand" Aizawa shrugged, "Seems like least I could do is help the kid reach his dream of being a hero, seeing as he has some potential".

"Hmm, well alright then, but that uniform is coming out of your pocket" Nezu says walking away.


A week later

"So, guys who did you get for your internships?" Izuku asked practically jumping out of his seat in the café they were in.

"Well, I accepted Ryuko's agency invite" Nejire said proudly.

"Fatgum wanted me so I accepted" Tamaki whispered.

"Whoa, that's amazing you got such great heroes. Ryukos an upcoming hero who is already in the top thirty's while Fatgum isn't as high but still popular and has an exclusive agency" Izuku said starry eyed at his friends. Then looking to Mirio, "What about you Mirio!"

He was worried at first because of his results but like Izuku said his thoughts were unfounded, because he did get an invite by a hero who Izuku would probably like himself.

"I got invited to Sir Night Eye's agency" Mirio said proudly.

"No way! Sir Night Eye was All might's only side kick, once they split up, he made his own agency. The fact you got picked is amazing Mirio I knew heroes would want you!" Izuku said in awe of his best bro's power.

"Yeah, yeah, Izuku's always right" Mirio said rolling his eyes.