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POWER!! : An origin story

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“We did it Izuku.”

“I think you mean you did it” a broccoli haired boy says “I still have two more years till I meet you there remember, Mirio” Izuku smiles.

“Semantics, Izuku.” the older boy, now revealed as Mirio laughs ruffling his hair. “Me making it into U.A means we are one step closer to you making it into U.A”

“How does that even make sense?” Izuku says trying to make sense of his logic.

Shaking his head, he ruffles the younger boy’s hair to explain to him his words. “Easy. If our training was enough to get me in, then it’ll be enough to get you in! Especially if you’re still following our Road to U.A plan” grinning with his signature thumbs up. Izuku stayed silent after that because he honestly couldn’t see the flaw in that logic.

Smiling Izuku nods his head, silently promising to Mirio that no matter what he’ll get in now.

Looking to the younger boy next to him, Mirio can’t help but think about all the times they had together. He knows his friend still has a hard time while he’s at school, especially since people still believe he’s quirkless, but thankfully his Izu-bro has grown tougher skin because of their time together. He can see it in the way he stands taller and hardly stutters anymore. His best friend has gotten stronger.

“You know it feels like yesterday that we were lighting trash on fire and flashing the public, eh Izuku” Mirio says happily as he stares at the now cleared up beach, he and Izuku spent the last year cleaning while preparing him for the entrance exams.

“It was just yesterday Mirio. Remember, I lit trash on fire to see if you could phase through it causing you to flash that old couple by accident because as it turns out you cannot” Izuku says incredulous at the fact the older boy forgot. He must have forgotten over the excitement at getting into Yueei. Shaking his head Izuku decides to let it slide this time, already knowing there will be plenty more accidents he will have to let pass. Especially now with Nejire in their friend group, Jeez and I thought Mirio was hyper.

Scratching the back of his head, Mirio blushes belting out a loud laugh “Oh yeah it was, wasn’t it? Well either way we’ve come a long way from where we used to be with our quirks, right.” Posing with his arm out he looks to Izuku, “Before the most you could do was light a flame on your finger, and now you can lift trucks with them!” Mirio excitedly yells “And now I can better handle phasing through objects, while doing a combo attack” he says while mimicking a karate chop. “Come on Izuku, don’t tell me you’re not as pumped as me at our progress” the younger boy’s best friend yells.

Crossing his arms Izuku looks to Mirio smiling because of course he’s impressed. He never thought he would reach this level of power at his age, and he has him to thank for it. I was just a random “quirkless” orphan that nobody cared about, but you changed that Mirio, Izuku thinks happily.

“What are you guys looking so gloomy about? Were you guys having a serious talk, OH, Tamaki I told you we should’ve stayed back at the café!” Nejire says as she spins down onto the sandy beach. Behind her following slowly with a gloomy face is Mirio’s second closest friend as well as Midoriya’s who seems to be shaking his face at the oblivious girl.

“Nejire, as I seem to recall I was the one who told you to stay back but you said that-mmprh” covering his mouth Nejire hops in front of the gloomy teen laughing tossing out denial after denial of his accusation towards her.

“Tamaki is such a funny guy, but also a liar don’t you agree Midoriya?” looking to the younger boy, Izuku agrees, laughing at their friend’s behavior.

“Don’t worry Nejire”, waving the interruption off, “Midoriya and I were just talking about how he’s a shoe in for U.A since I got accepted.” Mirio says smiling.

Nodding her head quickly Nejire floats over to the fluffy haired boy and begins squeezing his arms, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don’t worry Izuku, you’re a little beef cake there’s no way you won’t pass the exam when it’s your turn for the entrance exam” Nejire says. Unknowingly causing Midoriya to begin stuttering and turn red faced from being called a beefcake from such a pretty girl. “I-we-well, I wou-wouldn’t call my-myself a a beefcake”.

“Hmm you’re right, Izubro, you’re more like a cinnamon roll but like super buff” Mirio chimes in, getting nods from the two older U.A students. Walking up to him and squeezing his cheeks.

Jumping up and down Nejire smiles wider, spinning in agreement “Yeah, that’s exactly Midoriya. We can say it’s because he’s sweet, cute and he has fluffy hair!”

“That does sound like Midoriya” Tamaki whispers from his spot on the side.

Tears of frustration of, as well as embarrassment run down Izuku’s face as the three older teens discuss his similarities to a pastry “How did I get stuck with you three as friends” he cries. It only worsens when a cute girl with strawberry blonde hair and a side pony tail walks by holding back laughter at seeing Izuku’s cheeks being pulled and hair being played with as they say how much they’ll miss their cinnamon roll while they’re at U.A.

“Wait you guys stop it, look that girl she’s watching and laughing, don’t embarrass me!” Izuku yells trying but failing to seem cool in front of the cute girl who finally lets her laughter out as she passes by.

“What’s this, a girl has caught our little Izuku’s eye?” Nejire says dramatically cupping both eyes and searching around for the culprit.

“Over yonder! The pretty girl with the side pony tail!” Mirio yells before disappearing in front of the trio and reappearing in front of the girl who was walking by and watching Izuku and the others.

“Hi there, we couldn’t help but notice that you were checking out my little brother Izuku” Miro says bluntly scaring the girl.

“Kyaa” the unknown girl screams hopping back clutching her chest.

Realizing his mistake, he chuckles and says “Oh my bad, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Mirio Togata and the green haired freckled cinnamon roll you were checking out is Izuku Midoriya”.

“I-I wasn’t checking him out, You and your friends were just being funny making a scene” she pouts, then realizing her mistake says, “And I’m Kendo Itsuka.”

“Ken-do! Nice to meet you” Nejire says floating down from her spot in the air holding a struggling Izuku in her arms. ‘This is Izuku, he noticed you checking him out and thinks you’re pretty” the first-year student says.

Huffing the girl says, “I wasn’t checking him out, you guys were just acting funny”.

Meanwhile Izuku looks to his friends then to the girl and shrieks, yelling denials “I never said that, why are you lying, Nejire?” Then looking to Kendo he goes “Not that I don’t think you’re cute, because you are! It’s just I never said that, Nejire was just making assumptions-

“Correct assumptions” she butts in.

“Yes, but still...” blushing Izuku realizes the other girl still hasn’t said anything, so when he finally looks her way, he sees that she’s covering her mouth to hold back her laughter.

“Your friends are right, you are adorable” she says.

“And single” Tamaki whispers, shocking Mirio and Nejire for being so bold, thankfully to Izuku though, Kendo did not hear the older boy.

A few minutes later while the five converse, Kendo hears her name being called to go home, smiling sadly the girl looks to the weirdo group of friends and bids them goodbye unsure of when she’ll see them again.

“I’m sorry but I have to go. But it was nice to meet you four” she yells running away. After they no longer see her is when it dawns on Izuku he didn’t grab her number bumming him out.

“Aww, sorry Izuku. Better luck next time” Nejire says petting the younger boys head, although he knows she’s just using this as an excuse to run her hands through his hair. I wonder how she’d react if I cut my hair.

“Don’t even think about cutting your hair Izuku, got it?” Nejire says with a sharp glint in her eye.

Nodding his head, still with her hand in it he sighs relenting to his faith, I mean it’s not like I don’t enjoy it he thinks hiding a smile when she scratches his scalp as they walk him to back to the orphanage.

As they continue to walk him to the orphanage all three teens apologize to him for not being better wingman but promise to be better help with the next girl. “Don’t worry Izuku next time we’ll get the girls number before her name” Mirio yells.

“Oooh, yeah that’s a good idea, write that down Tamaki” Nejire says looking to the silent boy who was already writing down the tip.

“Got it” he says to the others.

“Guys I don’t think that will- “sighing because he doubts they’ll listen, Izuku nods and thanks them for the tips secretly loving the fact he has these guys as his wingman, even if they are horrible at it.

“So, when do you think you can visit me again, I know you have school starting up and it’ll be busy since it’s your first year?”, Izuku asks, hoping the answer will be soon.

Tapping his chin Mirio thinks of the schedule they received. He doesn’t want to admit it but their first year is extremely busy but Izuku is his best friend, so he’ll do his best to make time.

“Not to worry Izuku, as soon as Nejire, Tamaki and I have settled into classes we’ll come visit you and tell you about everything we’ve done” Mirio says with his megawatt smile.

A burning sensation erupts in Izuku chest because he knows Mirio means it when he makes his promise, so nodding his head he smiles back accepting his words. As he goes to enter the orphanage, he hears three voices yell out “POOOOWER!” and as he turns around, he sees Mirio doing his signature pose with Nejire and Tamaki doing the same.

Walking out Izuku grins and mimics his best friend yelling “POOOOWER” at him knowing that even though Mirio may be busy training to be a hero he’ll still make time for him.

His last thoughts before he heads to bed being about the girl he saw today and if he'll ever see her again, "Kendo really was pretty".