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POWER!! : An origin story

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Ten months before the entrance exam

“Now just because I’m going to U.A – “

“Aren’t you being a little cocky”

“No. Now let me finish” Mirio tuts before chopping Izuku on the head.

“As I was saying, just because I’m going to U.A doesn’t mean you can get away with kicking back and roasting marshmallows got it” Mirio says trying to glare at the younger boy, but with his face failing.

“Oh, come on it was one time and you enjoyed those s’mores just as much as I did” Izuku says, going in for a punch to the stomach, before remembering what Mirio’s quirk is and going right through the boy falling on his face.

“Semantics, Izubro. What you need to know is how to convert our workouts so your, Izuku knows what he’s going to say and prepares himself, POWWWERR never gets stagnate.” Mirio yells momentarily finishing off in a normal tone. “Your quirk is still developing, so you need to constantly train to keep up with it” Mirio nonchalantly says, ignoring the green haired boy who just went through his body, already getting color coded pages out. Flashing his signature smile at Izuku, who has yet to get off the ground, he starts to explain the logistics of the newly revised “Mirio and Midoriya Road to U.A: MAX POWEEER workout” plan.

After dusting himself off, Izuku tries to discreetly wipe his eyes because his best friend for the past four almost five years is going to their dream school. Izuku knows Mirio still has the entrance exam to take but he has no doubts that he’ll get in. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't believe in him.

All our hard work is paying off, Izuku thinks.

But of course, he knew that meant Mirio’s real training had just begun. Somewhere in the back of his mind though he thinks that this means the end of their journey together. Instead Mirio is going to deem him not strong enough to keep up, and he would no longer be able to train alongside Mirio since they would be on different levels, hell they already are. In that moment, Izuku promises himself that while Mirio is away at school that no matter what he’ll get stronger, so he can stand by his side as an equal.

I still have a few years till I can meet up with Mirio at U.A. Izuku thinks while watching Mirio happily speak. And while I’m nowhere near where he is in terms of power... Looking up he sees a smiling Mirio holding his hand out to pick up Izuku from the spot he’s sitting at, (where he fell but again semantics), I’ll still work my hardest to catch up to you, big bro just watch. Izuku smiles as he and his best friend begin their walk to Mirio’s home for dinner before he heads back to the orphanage, a tradition that has gone on since they first met.


“Wow, wow, wow. You’re really strong, you just went vroom straight through that robot like it was nothing.” A bluenette speaks quickly to Mirio. “After it went up in flames and you went to another one, and another one. It was amazing. How’d you get so strong? You must’ve had a lot of help from trainers, did you go to the gym a lot? ooh, ooh did you do work out videos? The names Nejire Hado , but you can call me Nejire, in case you were wondering by the way” The shorter girl says with sparkles in her eyes. How that is possible Mirio can’t explain.

Walking alongside our male protagonist is a hyperactive female who he happened to save during the entrance exam. Once the test ended however, he noticed her following him and start to ask non-stop questions, reminding him of a certain green haired buddy and his curious nature. Of course, he took to her in an instant.

“Ha, I was. My name’s Mirio Togota, and you can call me Mirio. And No, I only trained with one person, but he helped me a lot to get where I am today” pausing to wink and give a thumbs up “We did however, have one workout regimen that we stuck to and it was helped me get so much POWER!” posing with an arm out for a moment.

“What was it, Mirio?” a shy voice asks from behind Nejire. Despite already being good friends since grade school he stills hides behind the bubbly girl speaking “I remember when we were in school you would leave right after saying you were going to train, and left it at that”.

Smiling at his one of his oldest friends, Tamaki Amajiki, Mirio remembers him as the boy he bumped into, yet the other started apologizing profusely. He couldn’t help but befriend him to try and bring him out of his shell. He can’t help but think that’s why he might’ve taken in our other male protagonist of this story, but shrugs it off .

“To answer your question Tamaki, It was called the “Mirio and Midoriya Road to U.A: MAX POWEEER workout”” giving a thumbs up for dramatic effect Mirio continues “fine-tuned to prepare only the strongest for their journey to U.A” Mirio says smiling.

Tapping her chin Nejire thinks over Mirio’s words, finally speaking up. “If it was fine tuned for only the strongest... Why does it have yours and whoever Midoriya is names on it?” Jumping up, accidentally activating her quirk, Nejire starts to ask more questions “What’s so great about the workout regimen? Is it only for the strongest? Has anyone else tried it out, can I try it out? - Is Midoriya as strong as you? Is he your brother, where is this Midoriya? “

Noticing her red face Tamaki taps the blue haired girls back, signaling her to take a break from asking so many questions. Getting the hint Nejire smiles apologetically to the blonde boy she’s just befriended while waiting for his answers.

Keeping up with the blue haired girl seemed to be impossible for others, as he noticed while waiting for the entrance exam, but for a seasoned warrior like Mirio who has dealt with Izuku’s mumbling he’s able to answer all her questions happily ticking each one off his finger as he does.

While also thanking his friend for the temporary reprieve of questions, Mirio can’t help but think how much she reminds him of Izuku. “I’m gonna keep her.” Mirio proclaims to himself.

“Well first off, Midoriya is my best friend/lil bro and while he is strong, he’s yet to beat me in a spar” pausing mid step to turn around and face Nejire “which brings me to your question about why it has our names on it”. Blushing Mirio rubs his head “We’ve been training together for years and made a promise when we were younger that we would get into U.A together” now smiling at the memory “so the name just suits our goal… not to mention how strong it’s made us” Mirio says flexing.

“OOOH yeah can’t deny that you demolished those robots like they were plush toys, no doubt you got top scores on the entrance exam” Nejire answers, starting to ramble, while mimicking karate chops.

“Yes. your workout regimen with Midoriya shows.” Tamaki whispers. “How is he doing”.

“He’s doing pretty good. As you know Tamaki, Izubro may still be in middle school but he’s a shoe in for U.A when he applies for the hero course.” Mirio says proudly pounding a fist to the chest.

“OOOh can we meet him, do you have a picture, he sounds adorable. Is he actually your brother, you called him your best friend first which one is it?” Nejire asks until she finally needs to take a breath.

“Well actually I’ve already met him” Tamaki says raising his hand for some reason.

Noticing this he lowers it slightly embarrassed but taking note that neither laughed at the motion.

Pausing to look at the shorter girl Mirio laughs a hearty laugh, realizing what he called Izuku. He can’t believe he let the nickname slip so easily but then again Izuku really is just like a brother to him, and Tamaki already knows about his close bond with Izuku, seeing as on a few occasions he's joined them on their cheat days. If anything they’ve spent so much time with one another they might as well be. Smiling Mirio decides to show her his favorite picture of them dressed as the Mario brothers from last Halloween with him as Mario and Izuku as Luigi, rightly so.

Nejire can't help but coo at the two boys in the picture cosplaying as iconic video game brothers, the adorableness being too much for her. They may not be related, but I can already tell he cares a lot for the younger boy, oh my gosh this picture is just too cute. I wonder if I could get a copy? Taking a break from her inner battle Nejire notices something in the background of the picture.

“Who’s that in the background with their head down looking away from the camera as though they don’t want to be there” Nejire says pointing at a dark figure in a purple outfit.

Looking at the photo closer Mirio’s eyes bulge because he can’t believe he almost forgot about the third person they invited out that day. “Oh that’s Tamaki, he was Waluigi, a great fit for us right? Izuku chose the outfits.” Mirio says smiling at their coordinated costumes.

“You’re just saying that because you got to Mario and say "it’s me a Mirio" ” Tamaki says looking away. “Eh semantics.” Mirio says not denying Tamaki's statement, but also not agreeing, mainly for show.

As the newly formed trio continue to walk out of the school grounds and exchange contact information Mirio promises to introduce them to Izuku, officially, the next time they meet up.

Well I guess I just have to introduce Nejire, since Izuku’s already met Tamaki a few times, but still having a group hang out would be nice, Mirio thinks. Knowing that despite how much Izuku likes his company, having others to talk to would do him good. He may not say it, but he knows Izuku still gets bullied, and now that he’s going to U.A he won’t be around to ward off the bullies as much as he wants to, especially that damn Bakugou kid.

I know he says he doesn’t need anyone else but Nejire’s personality would help him come out of his shell and Tamaki, well he and Tamaki have always been able to bond based off their mutual shyness around other people, Mirio thinks, laughing aloud to the comparisons he made. UA hasn't even started and he's making more friends for him and Izuku.