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Road to Recovery

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"Are you okay?" He leaned into the young woman standing next to him with her arms crossed around her waist. "I mean are you really okay."

Asami stared out into the water. "Yeah I'm great. Just great." Her lips remained in the firm thin line. Unshed tears hinting behind her iris's. "Why shouldn't I be fine?" She whispered.

Iroh eyes never leaving the side profile of the young woman whom had entered his life. "I have known Korra ever since she was a little girl." He felt the woman tighten up in his side. "She really has no idea on what she's doing. On how she's truly feeling. She has no idea that these feelings she has for Mako may not lead to a happy ending."

"I'm not going to destroy her relationship." Asami swallowed. "I don't blame her for Mako breaking up with me. For Mako just realizing that he has deep feelings for her while he was still with me." Her lip quirked up at the side. "What Mako and I had was nice. It was what I needed at the time in my life. As my life was destroyed once more. I need a firm body to hold me as I realized that I could no longer be in my father's safe arms." She laughed. "Expect it really wasn't Mako whom I was with. He never did freely and willing comfort me when I truly needed him. He never thought of honesty seeing with his soul that I needed the comfort. Korra always had to tell him." Her lips thinned once more.

Iroh's right eye brow rose a little.

"Put that brow back where it belongs." Asami sighed deeply.

Iroh obeyed.

"Do you realize that I must now not only run my father's company … but it may be too late." Asami's arms tightened around her waist. "Over 80 percent of our board members have quite. They refuse to work two weeks. They simply quite and walked out. I'm honesty shocked that they told me face to face. They could have just left. I would have understood and not sue them for breaking their contacts with us."

"What can I do to help?" Iroh offered.

Asami sighed deeply. "Nothing."

Iroh moved so he was facing the younger woman. "Asami you can't do this all on your own."

"I'm not going to take up your time General Iroh. I know you need to get back to the Fire Nation." Asami remained impassive.

"My mother orderd me that if I felt Avatar Korra needed my assistance … that I remain." Iroh answered.

Asami's eyes turned dark.

"Before you try to deny that you aren't really part of the team surrounding Korra; Asami … then I am here to tell you that you are seriously wrong." Iroh kept speaking before she could reply. "Now what can I do to help?"

"Stay by Avatar Korra's side." Asami's eyes lowered.

Iroh moved passed her.

Asami's eyes lifted to stare out at the ocean once more. Drawing withing herself even more.

"Asami." Korra's voice started her out of her deep thoughts. "Asami." Her voice spoke more stronger than before.

Asami nodded her head.

"I may not be able to help you as you need me to right now. So I'm ordering Iroh to remain with you." She folded her arms across her chest. She felt horrible for taking Mako from Asami.

"You don't have to do that Avatar Korra. My company isn't put of your Avatar duty." Asami spoke in a stiff voice.

"You are my friend. You are someone who is very close to me. Someone I trust to have my back at all times." Korra softly spoke. "I'm sorry that I stole Mako from you."

Asami lips quirked. "You didn't steal Mako from me. He wasn't mine to begin with. I just borrowed him for a bit. I was selfish." She spoke honesty. "Thank you for the times that you told him that I needed to be held."

"If I thought that you wanted it … then I would have held you." Korra kept her eyes firmly on the slightly older woman's. "But it felt like it would hurt you too much … so I thought that Mako was that person for you."

A few tears rolled down Asami's cheek. "Thank you Korra." She husked out. She smiled a watery smile. "Any time that you feel like I need you to hold me … then please hold me." She swallowed around the lump in her throat.

Korra stepped closer. Gently wrapping her arms around the other woman's waist. Pulling Asami into her as she felt the other woman's arms wrap around her jacket. She wished that it wasn't freezing and that they didn't have to have heavy coats separating them, She felt Asami rest her head on the back of her left shoulder blade.

Asami closed her eyes as she felt Korra's warmth, and comfort enter her soul. Being in Korra's arms; even thought they both wore heavy coats … felt like her mother's arms. She knew that her mother's spirit had truly sent Korra to her in this time knowing that she needed her. Thanks Mama. Her soul sent the gratitude up to Heaven.

Korra pulled away once Asami was standing straight; and tall once more. "You are going to be staying with my parents and I." Her lips quirked. "Hope you don't mind sharing my room with me."

"I'll be delighted too." Asami softly smiled. "Thank you for lending General Iroh to me."

Korra looked meaningfully into Asami's eyes; "He's the only one I trust fully to help you. Oh and always count on the help of Lin." Her right eyebrow rose. "Lin told me personally that her force will be on hand if you need it."

Asami swallowed. "Noted."

Korra nodded firmly. "Good. Also if you need to call on Tenzin then do so."

Asami smiled. "Thanks. If you and Mako want to go and be alone … then don't let me keep you."

"I'm not leaving you." Korra replied. "Come on it's time to spend time with everyone." She held out her hand letting the older girl to pass her.

Asami nodded. She passed Korra and felt the other girl at her right side. They walked towards Naga where Bolin, Iroh and Mako were waiting.

End Prologue