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The Keeper

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“You are in deep trouble, my dear.”

Shivers ran down her spine as a hauntingly melodic voice warned her of impending doom. Turning around she expected to find someone speaking into a cell phone - instead, it was a strange man staring at her with steely blue eyes.

Both hands had tight leather gloves on despite the weather. His dark blue knee-length peacoat flowed effortlessly with every stride of his long legs. The black slacks and tightly fitting black shirt only added to the mystery.

Taken back by the man she tried to comprehend what was happening. She felt like she was in a James Bond film. Turning back around she swallowed heavily and tried to hide her fear. Perhaps the man was speaking to someone else and not her?

Sharply Kiera turned left, unbeknownst to her it lead her down an alleyway. The sound of dress shoes clicking behind her on the dirty, wet concrete was a stark reminder that the strange man was still following her.

“This is a dead end.” The man chuckled, his accent making his words sound menacing.

Whether he was right or not Kiera wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of stopping upon command. Forcing her little legs to pick up the pace she quickened her step. Long fingers gripped around her arm from behind, twirling her in such a manner that her back hit the bricked wall of the building.

The wind was knocked out of her lungs forcing Kiera to gasp for breath. The man who held her placed his leg between hers - pinning her to the wall with his body. In one hand he gripped her jaw tightly and forced her to look at him. Out of the corner of her eye, Kiera could see something black and dull being lifted upwards.

The cold steel of a gun barrel pressed against her cheek had Kiera squealing in panic. As much as she tried she couldn't fight off the man. He was thin framed but deceptively strong. The man smirked like a Cheshire cat and began to toy with her.

The barrel of his gun ran teasingly down her cheek and onto the side of her neck - forging a trail of fire along her skin. Shivering she whimpered and flinched away. The man paused a moment and raised the gun back up.

“I've been paid a good amount of money to kill you,” he spoke in a tone just above a whisper. “I don't usually kill women.”

Confused Kiera tried to wrack her panic-stricken mind for anyone that would want to harm her. As naive as it were Kiera didn't even think hitmen actually existed outside of movies.

“Please,” she begged weakly.

“Please what?” The man asked, suddenly more interested in the situation at hand. “Please kill you. Please let you go. What is it, girl?!” He snapped, eyes narrowing dangerously as the man pressed his gun into her ribcage. “Speak!”

“Don't...don't kill me!” Kiera stumbled nervously, clenching her eyes closed tightly. Perhaps if she opened them in a few moments the man would be gone and this nightmare would be over?

The man remained silent as he overlooked her. He appeared to be thinking about her generic answer to his intimidation. While waiting for his own answer he adjusted himself so more of his strong body was pressed up against her - leaving Kiera flattened against the cold wall. His gun remained at his side and out of view from passers-by. If someone were to look down here all they'd see is two people probably making out.

“I've already accepted the money and signed my contract,” the man hissed. “But, I'm feeling charitable. I'll give you one chance to change my mind. Make it a good proposition or your pretty little head will be all over this brick overlay.”

Once more the gun was rubbed against her cheek as he harassed her. The man seemed to get some sick perversion out of it. Kiera swore she saw demonic lust twinkle in his eyes when she risked a glance upwards.

What the hell could she possibly offer him that he probably didn't ready have? This was like that age-old question - what do you get someone who has everything? Kiera didn't know the answer to that riddle then and she sure as fuck doesn't know it now.

“Sex?” Kiera offered, ducking her head down submissively so she wouldn't witness the disgusted look upon his face.

‘Great one, Kiera’ her subconscious mocked 'Offer to fuck the guy that's hired to kill you.’

Much to her surprise the man placed the gun down at his side and stepped back. With his free hand, he rubbed his chin and overlooked her from head to toes and back again.

“I've been doing this for a while and no one's ever offered me a shag.” The man informed her. “That's rather bold of you to assume that quim between your legs is worth your life.”

To make his point he pressed the barrel of his gun between her legs and rubbed her with it gently. Biting her lower lip Kiera closed her eyes and tried to ignore the fact that he was attempting to arouse her through her pants. The solid metal piece ran perfectly between her trapped folds and over her clit. Despite her best efforts Kiera couldn’t hold back a moan.

“My aren't we a surprise?” The man stated lustfully, his voice thick with emotion. “I suppose I do have a fool for a client after all. You have potential.”