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it shouldn't have happened

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He slipped out of bed when he heard noise in the kitchen. What he saw was his father, or mother, the womb that bore him, packing his purse with his keys and wallet.


Mama looks at him and smiles tightly. He's even all dressed in his scrubs. "Hey, honey. Did I wake you?"

"Did work call?"

"Yeah. Dog got run over." He clicks his tongue. "I'm going to meet the doctor now. Your father is still asleep; if he wakes up before I'm back, tell him what's up, okay?"

He agrees. Mama kisses him, his perfume enveloping them both before leaving.

He contemplates returning to his room, but why would he do that, when his parent's bed is probably all warm and cozy? While it's been a while that he has, he has slept with them in their bed before.

He tiptoes into their room and cuddles up against his father's side. The blankets are still a little warm, but his father is like a furnace.

He sleeps.

He wakes. Just a little. Vaguely he realizes someone's hand is up his nightgown, rubbing a finger between the lips of his barely pubescent slit. It feels good in a distant sort of way.

Father mumbles something into his hair that sounds like 'babe'. Is he mistaking him for mama? It's possible. He takes after him a great deal; they are both fair and small of stature, with short dark hair, and this physical idiosyncrasy that allowed his mama to be a mama despite being a young man in every other aspect.

So it's possible. He should say something, but... something else is keeping him back. He's heard them at night before, as they had what he knew a little of to be sex. Mama always sounded like he enjoyed it, so he wondered how it felt.

It feels good. His skin is tingling. A bundle of nerves and apprehension stirs up in his stomach as he realizes more what's happening, but it's overshadowed by what he feels when father starts rubbing directly on his clit. Dry and sort of rough at first, but it starts going smoother and there's a wet schlick schlick sound. It's a little concerning but somehow right.

Mama always was loud, but if he is, father might figure it out and stop. He compromises by suffocating his whimpers against the pillow. Father rubs him even more, dragging up and down his entire slit, making long wet slick noises, his callused pad hitting his clit again and again

He's too shocked to scream for his first orgasm. His entire body seems to lock-up and push out with the intense sensation radiating from inside his pussy. His wetness gushes out like a waterfall over his bottom thigh.

oh but father doesn't stop, he's still jilling off his sweet little baby cunt and this time his hips jerk to follow his fingers and oh god oh god

there's so much gushing this time he can actually hear it. The sheet beneath him is soaked and his chest aches from trying not to scream, because he's not too shocked this time, actually he wants to, like he needs to release some of what he's feeling with noise.

His itty bitty clitty feels so good, oh it's no wonder mama makes such noise.

"You came all over my hand, honey," father says, voice scratchy with sleep and maybe something else. His wet palm rubs against his upper thigh before pulling it up and back, over his hip.

He feels alarmed for a moment that they are touching so much--will he figure it out? But father cups and squeezes his dribbling-soaked cunt, and he's back and hot with the realization that when father lets go, his clit is opened up. He can feel the cool air against his heated flesh. It must be all red and shiny, he thinks.

Something presses against it that feels funny. It's not father's hand.

Only when it starts putting pressure on his entrance does he realize what it might be, and it fills him with delicious dismay. He can't let this happen, he can't let it go this far... he squeezes his eyes shut and pushes his face deeper into the pillow.

It nudges into him bit by bit, aided by the slick. He groans when it feels like the head pops in. He's letting it happen. He's letting his father stick his cock in his pussy. Into the same pussy he made by sticking it in mama's pussy.

It feels huge and amazing, like his tiny cunt is wrapped tightly around it. He thought it would hurt, but all it does is feel better the deeper it goes. And so slowly it goes, sawing back and forth into him, not simply pushing, but fucking.

He feels himself dribbling down the back of his thigh. It shouldn't feel so good, he knows, but knowing that makes it feel even better. This is so wrong. Father doesn't even know it, but he's taken his son's virginity.

In the middle of being sawed into he comes again, much smaller, like an involuntary expulsion of energy. It must feel good for father because he starts going faster and soon he's bottomed into him.

He can't help mewling. His cunt doesn't feel big enough to hold so much cock. He feels even more open to the air now, like he's all stretched-out. Father reaches between his thighs to give him a quick jill before holding onto his his thigh for purchase.

He's getting fucked by his father. There's no other way to look at it. His cock slowly drags out of him, dragging what feels like his insides with it, then back out, in, out, is he moaning? His pillow is getting all sloppy with spit.

It's not sudden this time. He can feel the build-up. It gathers in heat, a little in his gut, but mostly in his cunt. It feels abuzz with pleasure.

"You're always so wet and tight, babe," father mumbles, grip tightening. He's almost slamming into him with long hard strokes, and god, the contrast of being nearly empty then filled again so full and roughly

he screams this time, though he tries to muffle it, he just can't help it. Father doesn't even have the decency to keep it in him to clench on, instead continuing to fuck him. His orgasm feels oddly segmented with only being able to really gush when father's cock is out of him.

"You coming on my cock, babe? Coming all over my thick cock?"

Yes, he wishes he could reply. Yes, I'm coming all over father's huge monster cock. In the hazy numb second between this orgasm and the next he wonders how this happened. He just wanted to go to sleep.

Father keeps deep inside him for this one. It's like an exercise in futility how his baby pussy can't even really tighten on it, it's so big. He feels his cunt frantically pulse as he comes, trying to do something, push it out, maybe. He can't gush with it in.

As he pulses and fidgets and sweats, father hunches against his back and hisses between his teeth. He's so big inside him that he can actually feel him ejaculating, and the knowledge of what that could lead to fills his spasming worthless cunt with more of that delicious dismay, triggering another coming on top the first.

They lay panting together a few minutes, then father pulls out, a flood of both their come pouring out. In a few minutes more, he's snoring.

He cautiously sits up to survey the mess. As he thought, his pussy is all red and swollen with white stuff leaking a little. The blanket beneath them is completely soaked. How is this going to be explained to mama?

Well, all he can do is what he can. He goes to the bathroom to pee and clean himself a little on the outside. He's so squidgy he's sure they'd know somehow otherwise.

As for inside... his hand trembles as he considers it. It might not work, but he should at least try to remove it. He should at least try not to get impregnated by his father.

He pulls his fresh panties up securely over his mound and gets some much-needed sleep. In his own bed, obviously.

Three months later he is filled again with delicious dismay when the rounding of his belly is no longer avoidable. At only eleven, he's going to be a mama too.