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I don’t want you to die - A Noel Fielding Fanfiction.

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Chapter 1 - Lex.


Cancer. Fuck Cancer. Lex didn’t want to have cancer. She still had a life to live. She still had dreams. She still had visions - visions of where she could’ve been. She wanted to be famous, her name all in shining lights. People recognising her on every street she walked down, congratulating her on her success. 

That wasn’t how it turned out, though. Of course, when she was 39, she found a lump. The dreaded lump. The lump that nobody in the world wants to find. With a slight bad feeling, and panic stricken features, the doctor looked her in her eye, and told her it was the big C. That was it. She knew everything was over. The tears flooded town her rosy cheeks, as the Doctor tried her best to comfort her. “It isn’t terminal at this point in time.” The Doctor pointed out. She was right. It wasn’t the end of the world if it wasn’t terminal. 

Then a year later - it’s terminal. Fucking great, thought Lex. Just her luck.