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I Could Be Yours, You Could Be Mine

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The first time it happens, Eddie asks for privacy. Venom grants it and recedes quietly, albeit with a hint of offense. But Eddie’s too worked up to care, with weeks of pent up frustration running through him, weeks of sharing his body and having everything he does being observed. He tosses aside his clothes and gets in the shower, the water hot enough to sting.

He’s half hard already, the weight of days and days of sharing everything weighing on him, making him desperate for release. He can feel Venom at the back of his mind, inactive for now. But always watching.

When he finally get his hand around his cock he shudders, bursts of needs prickling under his skin. Venom says nothing, but Eddie can feel his curiosity nibbling at the back of his mind.

He blocks it out and focuses on the sensations: the water pounding on his skin, the steam billowing in clouds around him, the tight, urgent feeling low in his stomach that churns with want. His hand firm around his cock, sending waves of rippling pleasure out through his body.


Eddie jumps as the question reverberates in his head, Venom’s interest sharp and pointed. There goes his privacy, he supposes. He considers ignoring it, but Venom doesn’t take well to being ignored.

“It’s a human thing,” he mumbles, feeling ridiculous and trying not to blush. Venom has seen every other aspect of his sad life, but jacking off alone in his shower seems particularly pitiful.


Oh. That was… okay then.

DO IT AGAIN, Venom orders, and it’s brusque but there’s an emotion under there, a sense of intrigue. Of interest.

Deliberately not thinking about it too much, Eddie slumps back against the shower wall and takes himself in hand. He’s still hard, which he’s not going to examine too closely, so he lets his head drop and works himself with long, smooth strokes.

There’s a sound just on the edge of his hearing: a deep, rolling purr of satisfaction that moves through his body like electricity.


And Eddie’s… alright with that, actually.

“Yeah,” he breathes, voice echoing off the tiles, “feels good.”

He picks up the pace, squeezes a little harder, sensitive almost to the point of discomfort.


Eddie can’t find any words, the weeks of stress and change and anxiety eating through him, but it’s okay because Venom knows. He nods, pushes himself off the wall, lets the spray from the shower tease over his nipples.


He can hear the blood pulsing through his ears and feel an abstract, removed sense of shame at what he’s doing. But his body moves on autopilot, knowing what he wants, his thumb flicking out roughly over the head of his cock so he gasps and twitches.


Venom’s interest has turned from a nibbling curiosity at the base of his skull to a raw, ravenous hunger. He feels Venom twisting inside him, adjusting to the new sensations, greedy for more.

He’s been trying to keep his mind on track, focusing on the physical sensations and not letting his train of thought wander into fantasy. He knows that Venom can feel what he thinks and for all that they have shared so far, Eddie isn’t quite ready to share everything.

But then Venom moves inside him and settles near the base of his spine, a feeling of tingling pressure that makes him twitch. And there’s an image that pops into his head like a flash: him pushed up against the wall, Venom in full form leaning over him and opening him up, his tongue slipping inside-

Eddie shoves the thought aside as fast as he can, but he feels the deep scratching of Venom’s hunger in his mind and knows he’s been caught out.


He can’t face that, can’t talk about that, tries to pull his mind back to the simple slide of his hand on his cock and ignore the torrent of shame running through him.


Venom knows. He knows what Eddie thinks, what he feels, what he really wants. Eddie’s never felt so exposed in his life, held open for examination.

Held open, his mind helpfully supplies, for Venom to take him, to fill him up, to own him. He goes light headed and he can feel his orgasm approaching.


Anything, god, the possibilities, the things they could do, the things Eddie has always wanted but has never asked for-


There’s a final twist of something deep down by his spine and the pleasure builds to a crescendo, and he’s coming, doubling over as he shoots across the shower wall. Lights dance at the corners of his eyes as he reels and slumps to the damp floor.

He can feel the warm, satisfied humming of Venom who seems content to twist around inside him and bask.


Eddie pushes himself up and grabs a towel, finally full of a sense of peace and release. “I know, buddy. But for the love of god, please don’t make me talk about it now. Let’s just go to bed and enjoy the afterglow.”


As he gets into bed and digs beneath the covers, he could swear he feels Venom wrapped around his spine and purring as they drift off to sleep.