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If love is nothing more than just waste of your time, waste it on me

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Jeongguk leaned back in his chair and rubbed his hands over his face. He was exhausted. The work was pilling up – which was a good sign of the company doing great – his recording label was mostly focusing on rappers but they had few idol groups as well and the business went great, considering he started it only five years ago with couple of his friends. Only Namjoon and Yoongi stayed with him and they were mostly producing the music so the annoying stuff around the company was on him. Now, however, he was busy with a personal task.

He’s been going through profiles of young men that he received from the agency he signed up to. The agency was very discreet and provided only the best services but he’s been going through profiles all day and nothing caught his eye. No one was meeting his requirements and expectations. Were there no good enough young men anymore? Or was he just too demanding? Probably both.

He was successful and rich, he’s been working hard to be where he is but sometimes this life got lonely. He didn’t have time for a relationship and frankly, he didn’t even want one. But he was also tired of random one night stands and quickies. He wanted someone to be with him whenever he wanted and someone who would accompany him from time to time to some job meetings and on the business trips. So that is why he decided to sign up as a sugar daddy. Maybe he was too young for it, it was usually men in their forties and up who did that but when he was getting information about it, he realized that it is something that would suit him perfectly. And he definitely had money for that.

He didn’t expect to find a perfect guy in few days but there was absolutely no one good enough. They were all lacking something and he never liked backing up from his requirements, if he did, he wouldn’t be where he is now at only twenty eight years.

He picked few alright candidates so he decided to give them a chance, meet them and find out more, maybe seeing them with his own eyes will change his mind.


Taehyung was fucked. Not only him but Jimin and Hoseok as well. He lost his job a month ago and he couldn’t find another and they were really struggling to pay their rent now. He was twenty three, still in college so it wasn’t like he could work full-time.

So that is how he found himself signing up for a company to get himself a sugar daddy. He didn’t say anything to his two roommates and friends. He didn’t even know if this will work out and if so then he will tell them he got himself a job in the cinema or whatever. He was ashamed to tell them. He wasn’t innocent and they knew it but selling himself for money like that was little bit different than occasional hook-ups.

He wasn’t happy about selling himself to some old sleazy dude because that was what most of them were but desperate times call for desperate measures. He’s always loved sex and he’s loved different stuff, he was open to always try new things. He knew most of those dudes will want a submissive pretty boy and that is exactly who he was. He had a big chance, he was handsome, he had a nice body and pretty skin. He didn’t doubt that someone will pick him.

That was the thing about the agency, he couldn’t go through the profiles of the men and pick one himself, it was them who were picking and if someone was interested, the agency will contact him and send him information. Then he will decide if he will accept or refuse. It wasn’t unreasonable, the dudes were paying a lot of money after all so it was only fair for them to choose.

In only a week of being signed up, he received like five offers. That really surprised him and also flattered him. Was he really that attractive for all those guys? He went through their profiles (that were much shorter than his own) but he wasn’t sure about any of them.


Jeongguk was sitting in his office in the company building. It was past eight p.m. and almost everyone was gone by now. 

He received few new profiles from the agency and was going through them. He met few boys last week but none of them were interesting enough so he declined all of them.

The new profiles were interesting and the boys were pretty but it still wasn’t what Jeongguk was looking for. He sighed and wanted to give up but then he forced himself to look at the last one.

The first thing he saw was a portrait photo and that alone caught his attention. The boy was mesmerizing and Jeongguk was staring at the picture, captivated. His features were beautiful, his eyes were dark and deep and his lips plump but not too much. The look in his eyes and the parted lips were making him look innocent. There was just one word that came to Jeongguk’s mind how to describe him – perfect.



He scrolled down to look at his profile. He was actually feeling nervous because he was afraid that the boy won’t suit his requirements but the more he was reading the more intrigued he felt. This boy seemed absolutely perfect. He went back to look at the photo and he was staring at it for a while. Then he read the boy’s name.

“Taehyung,” Jeongguk murmured and he liked how it was rolling of his tongue: “I think we have a winner.” the man smiled to himself and immediately sent his request to the agency. He wanted to meet this guy as soon as possible.


Taehyung was sitting in his English literature class when his phone buzzed. He received the email from the agency. He liked literature but they were talking about theory today and he wasn’t much into it so he opened the message. He promised to himself to be less picky and just grab first decent offer because he really needed money, like yesterday.

The agency didn’t provide them with photos of the guys so he couldn’t see what they look like. They didn’t even specify the age, only a category and he saw that this man is in the category forty and under which wasn’t very common.

He went through the requirements and he felt actually kinda intrigued. He usually checked out especially the sexual requirements because he didn’t want to do anything weird. He was open to a lot of things but he had some boundaries. This guy however didn’t have anything too weird, just usual stuff that was expected from guys like him.

He also wanted his companion to accompany him occasionally to dinners and parties and on business trips, even abroad. That was interesting, most of the guys just wanted someone for sex and that was it. Taehyung would lie if he said that going to some nice restaurant, fancy party or a trip from time to time wouldn’t be nice.

He scrolled down to looked at the salary. All those guys registered in this agency were more than generous but he had some dignity, if he was going to sell himself for sex, he might as well get as much as possible of it. His jaw fell open when he saw the monthly amount – 6 000 000 won + food, clothing, housing, gifs and other expenses. Okay, that was a lot. Taehyung hasn’t probably seen such an offer yet.

The only thing that concerned him was ‘housing’. He looked at ‘working hours/days’ section and he wasn’t sure if he liked the answer – 24/7. Of course he wouldn’t work 24/7 but it meant this man wanted him to be available anytime. It also meant one thing – he’d have to move in with the guy.

Taehyung bit his lip. The offer was more than generous and the idea of living in some luxurious house wasn’t bad of course but could he really go live with a stranger just like that? And what about Jimin and Hoseok? Their apartment was small and old, that’s true, all three of them slept in one room and he and Jimin slept in one bad because there was not enough space. Maybe it’d be for the best. He would be sending money to his friends to help them out.

He really wasn’t sure but the money and other offers were definitely attractive. He’s never met with any of the dudes that wanted him so he might as well do it for the first time right? He can just meet him and decline him, it isn’t binding, he knows they have to sign the contract and all that. The agency he signed up with was very discreet and reliable.

Taehyung confirmed to the agency that he is interested in the meeting with the guy. He was quite young, his requirements weren’t crazy or disgusting and the salary was dreamy.

Before he got home after school, he had an email from the agency telling him that the meeting will happen on Friday evening on the address attached. It wasn’t the agency’s address so Taehyung checked it out. He was expecting some restaurant or maybe even apartment or house. He definitely wasn’t expecting it to be JE company. Of course Taehyung knew the company, pretty much everyone in the Korea knew it. That was definitely interesting, was it some music producer or even the client? What if it was some idol or rapper? Well those couldn’t definitely afford to pay him that much and having him live with them. But still, he felt more excited after this information.

During the diner with Jimin and Hoseok, when they ate the instant ramen, he told them he is going for some job interview. He didn’t tell them what it was, that it’s surprise. He didn’t even know if he will take the offer yet so he didn’t want to come up with some story just yet. If he will take it, he will figure out what to tell them.

They were excited for him and for themselves as well because that meant they won’t struggle that much with the rent and food. Taehyung felt a knot in his stomach. If this will work out and he decides to take this job and this man, then he will move in with him which meant leaving them. He’s been with them since the second year of college and they were his best friends, it wasn’t going to be easy to leave them but if that meant that they will have enough for the rent and they will have more space without Taehyung, then he will gladly do that.


Taehyung came home from his morning Friday class. It was his only class that day and he was grateful for that because he had enough time to get ready. His meeting was at six p.m. but he wanted to prepare himself thoughfully and impress the guy.

He ate a quick lunch and went to take a shower. He scrubbed his body thoughtfully with his favourite coconut body wash and then he took his time shaving his whole body. He knew guys like those that were signed up to the agency liked smooth skin and frankly, he liked it too. He liked how nice it felt under his fingertips. He’s never applied to be a sugar baby before obviously but he’s dated or fucked some older guys to know what they liked.

Then he washed his hair, massaging his scalp and when he got out of the shower, he shaved his face and put on some facial mask. Then he went to the room he shared with Jimin and Hoseok to do a pedicure and manicure while his hair was drying slowly. His friend’s were in their works and they wouldn’t be coming home in the next hours so he had time for himself.

He gave a lot of thought to his outfit. He was going through his closet, picking up different clothes, inspecting them and then discarding them. He didn’t have many items and it was all cheap. He was sure the guy will notice as soon as he sees him but he couldn’t really blame him. He’s in this for money after all. His stomach was buzzing with excitement when he imagined that after tonight maybe he will be getting beautiful, expensive clothes that he’s always dreamt of.

He wanted to dress up smart, the guy was rich as fuck so he couldn’t just meet him in ripped jeans and t-shirt, he was sure the guy will be dressed up nicely.

Eventually he decided for nice fitted slacks that weren’t too tight but they were hugging his ass nicely, as a top he chose a floral shirt with different shades of pink. This shirt was going nicely with his golden skin and it was bringing up his eyes. He put on the only decent shoes he owned because he really had no other choice anyway.

Then he went to style his hair little bit, he didn’t put on much product, he wanted to have it fluffy and then he put a light make up on. He really didn’t need that because he was handsome even bare-faced but he knew that most of guys insist on some make-up. He was considering putting his only contact lenses in but then decided against it. He wanted to look as natural as possible so the guy would know what he was buying.

Lastly he put earrings in, one of them dangling and one bracelet on his wrist and inspected his reflection in the mirror. He looked good. Great actually if he’s being honest.

If this works out, he needed to come up with some good lie about the job to Jimin and Hoseok. Obviously he won’t tell them how much he earns but they would surely be wondering about a lot of things so he couldn’t just say that he works in some café. Maybe he could say he got a job as an assistant in the JE company, that might work and it wouldn’t be a complete lie.

He left the apartment around five p.m. The company was in the city centre and he didn’t want to go by bus in these clothes so he decided to walk.

He got there twenty minutes in advance and he was thinking if he should wait outside but then decided to come in. Then he realized he didn’t even know what to tell the person behind the desk because he didn’t know who he was meeting but he always came up with something so when he came in and spotted a young woman behind the desk, he walked over to her.

“Hello, I have an appointment here. My name is Kim Taehyung,” he introduced himself. He was hoping the person he was meeting gave the receptionist his name.

“Ah, of course, you are expected. Please follow me,” the woman behind the desk smiled at him and led him to the elevators. They rode up in silence, the office was in the highest floor.

“Please, take a seat here, the secretary will come for you soon,” she gestured towards a couch for Taehyung to sit on. He sat down and the girl left. It wasn’t completely silent, there was a low music coming from some speakers in the walls. It really didn’t fit with the fancy looking place, it was some hip hop but Taehyung knew that this company was specialized in this genre so he wasn’t surprised. His palms were sweating, he was really nervous. It was clear that the man is some high manager or something judging by his surroundings.

“Mr. Kim Taehyung? Please, come in,” another young woman came from the door, Taehyung assumed she’s the secretary. He greeted her with a bow and she led him to her office. There was a door on the other side of the room.

“Please, go on, you are awaited,” the woman smiled at him and gestured towards the door. Taehyung still didn’t get the name of the man and he didn’t notice any name tag or anything. He took a deep breath, cleared his throat and stepped in. The secretary closed the door behind him immediately and he bowed down.

When he raised his body to stand up, he froze completely. There was a man in front of him, sitting in a big chair behind the desk. It wasn’t just any man, it was Jeon fucking Jeongguk. Obviously Taehyung knew him, he’s been seeing his pictures all around the newspaper and internet for the past few years. Pretty much everyone in Korea knew him. A lot of people called him a genius and miracle for being so successful at such a young age.

Taehyung would lie if he said that he hasn’t stared at pictures of Jeongguk for a little while longer. The man was handsome. Really handsome and hot on top of that. He had an aura of power that was clear even from just pictures but right now, seeing him in person, it was even stronger.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jeon Jeongguk-nim,” Taehyung bowed down again when he finally found his voice again. The older man was looking at him with intensive look, just the look itself was making Taehyung want to drop on his knees right then and there. He was even more handsome in person, camera lenses didn’t do him any justice.

“Taehyung-ssi, the pleasure is mine,” Jeongguk spoke up. His voice was low but not lower than Taehyung’s and it was velvety but at the same time hard. He didn’t ask Taehyung to sit down so he didn’t.

“I am glad you accepted my invitation to meet. I went through your profile and you meet pretty much all my requirements. I assume you read my requirements and considering you are here, I assume you agree with everything,” Jeongguk spoke up again. His tone was formal and hard, with a slight hint of dominance but then he added: “And please, no need for such formalities.”

“Yes, Jeongguk-ssi, I read your requirements and I have no problem with anything. There are just few things I wanted to ask,” Taehyung bowed his head little bit again.

“Go on, ask,” the older commanded.

“There isn’t much. I just wanted to ask about the 24/7 requirement. I am still at college and I have some classes I have to go to and I have to study occasionally for exams,” the younger started.

“That wouldn’t be a problem. I assume your classes are in the mornings and afternoons. I work usually during the day here so our time together would require mostly evenings,” Jeongguk assured him. He was still so formal and Taehyung felt little bit weird because this was like some business transaction. Which he supposed it was after all.

“I also wanted to ask about moving in,”

“That is my main requirement. You can go to your classes, when you provide me with your schedule, we will figure it out. You can also go out whenever you want to, when I am out or when I say you can. But I want you to be there when I come home. Of course you’ll have your own bedroom and you can use everything in the penthouse without any restrictions,” Jeongguk answered.

“And what exactly would you want from me?” the younger asked a question that was on his mind for past few days. The requirements in the profile were pretty clear but he wanted to know if there was something more to it.

“I won’t ask anything more than what is in the profile. You will live with me, be there when I come home. You will eat with me when I want to, you will go out with me when I want to, you will attend meetings and parties when I want to, you will go on business trips when I want to and we will have sex when I want to. About that, I won’t ask anything from you that wasn’t in the requirements and if there would be a new thing that I’d want to, well, try, then I would discuss it with you beforehand of course. I will never do anything you won’t agree to,” Jeongguk got up and walked slowly towards him as he was speaking. Taehyung shivered little bit at the mention of sex and how casually Jeongguk talked about it.

“You are very beautiful, Taehyung,” Jeongguk said quietly when he stood in front of the younger and brushed his fingers slowly over Taehyung’s chin. Taehyung’s breath caught in his throat. Having a stranger this close was making him little bit nervous but Jeongguk’s presence was also making him kinda anxious and excited.

“Thank you, Jeongguk-ssi,” the younger breathed out slowly. He wanted to compliment the older as well but he felt that was inappropriate from him.

“I expect medical check-ups from you but I suppose you already know from the agency that this is required,” Jeongguk broke the silence.

“Of course,”

“So pretty,” Jeongguk whispered as he was watching Taehyung and the younger almost shivered under his gaze.

“Strip down for me,” the older suddenly said in commanding tone and Taehyung’s eyes grew big. Jeongguk noticed his surprise and discomfort so he continued: “Don’t worry, I won’t touch you, we haven’t agreed on anything yet but I wanna see what’s under those clothes, you can understand that, right?”

Taehyung took a deep breath. He definitely wasn’t expecting this. He was torn. He was uncomfortable with the demand but he also understood why Jeongguk wanted to see him. He was going to pay him big money so he wanted to see if Taehyung is worth it. Then he realized that he will have sex with this man if he will accept the job so stripping down in front of him is actually the least he has to do. Besides, it wasn’t a big deal after all, he’s had a fair share of sexual partners that he didn’t know and saw him naked.

He started slowly unbuttoning his shirt. He was suddenly happy that he prepared for this meeting so thoughtfully. He was nervous as hell but part of him was relishing in the way Jeongguk’s eyes were boring into him. He was standing almost two metres away from him and he was watching him carefully.

Taehyung slipped down the shirt and it fell on the ground. Jeongguk’s eyes darkened little bit at the sight of the smooth golden skin. Then Taehyung slowly took off his shoes and socks and fumbled with the button of his trousers.

With a deep breath he tugged them down so now he was standing there only in his underwear. Jeongguk definitely liked what he saw if Taehyung could read him well. The older looked at his covered crotch and back into Taehyung’s eyes, silently commanding to strip them down.

Taehyung took in another deep breath, pulled the underwear down and stepped out of it. He wanted to cover himself but he knew better than that. He could feel Jeongguk’s eyes on him.

“Absolutely perfect, like I imagined,” the older said quietly and Taehyung didn’t know if he was supposed to hear that or not. Jeongguk walked slowly towards him and circled him, looking at him from all angles. The boy was perfect, his body looked so soft and smooth, he wasn’t too muscular but he wasn’t skinny either. His ass was perky and perfect size.

“You have gorgeous long legs, Taehyung, if you accept my offer, I will make sure to buy a lot of tight pants for you, you’d look beautiful in them,” Jeongguk stated and stopped in front of Taehyung. The younger actually blushed after hearing those words and Jeongguk thought he was cute.

“Is there something else you want to ask?” the older spoke up again. Taehyung felt little bit awkward for still standing there naked.

“I believe there is nothing more, Jeongguk-ssi, I read pretty much everything in the profile,”

“You don’t have to accept my offer immediately. Take your time to think about it. I’d like to meet you again next week, I’d take you to my apartment and show you around so you’d see the place,”

“No problem with me,” Taehyung said and immediately cursed himself for sounding so informal but Jeongguk didn’t say anything.

“You can dress now,” the older man said and turned his back on him. Taehyung quickly dressed up and Jeongguk sat behind his desk again.

“I will contact you through the agency to do this properly. We can discuss other things next time if something else comes to your mind. That would be everything,” Jeongguk spoke up and let Taehyung know that he should leave.

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Taehyung was lying in the bed that night after he came home from meeting Jeongguk. Jimin and Hoseok weren’t home yet so his mind was wandering.

The meeting was definitely strange. He didn’t have any bad feelings about Jeongguk but the formality and certain coldness was definitely little bit uncomfortable. The man had definitely a strong presence, the way he spoke and how he was looking at him was sending shivers down his spine, not necessarily in a bad way.

Standing there naked in front of him was weird, being watched and judged like a piece of meat. He couldn’t forget the look in Jeongguk’s eyes, there was certain ferocity in them and part of him was uneasy but part of him felt also good. The way Jeongguk was watching him and praised him felt weirdly good, Taehyung couldn’t say that he hated it. Jeongguk was only few years older and they were around the same height but he felt so small in his presence and it was making him strangely aroused.

He still wasn’t sure about the whole thing, the thought of him moving in with a stranger, being there for him whenever he wanted to and letting him do pretty much what he wanted with his body was leaving a weird feeling in his stomach. But Jeongguk also promised him that he wouldn’t do anything he wouldn’t want to, right? And by signing the contract he is giving the consent to all those things and requirements. He didn’t know Jeongguk but he had a feeling that the older male would never touch him if he didn’t want him to and that was making him relax little bit.

On one hand, he should be thanking all deities out there. What were the odds that he’d end up with a young handsome millionaire? When he signed up for the company he was expecting some old sleazy dude maybe with a wife and the kids that would occasionally fuck him and pay him. In this sense, Jeongguk was a jackpot so he couldn’t complain, really.

He couldn’t describe it but he felt strangely good in the man’s presence. The power he was radiating was intriguing and it was making Taehyung’s insides squirm. He still wasn’t sure how he was going to decide and he decided not to think that much about it until after the next meeting.


“So you are really doing this?” Namjoon breathed out in disbelieve.

“When I told you to get a sugar baby, I was kidding, Guk,” Yoongi laughed in disbelieve.

“But I was not, I liked the idea and I like it even more now after meeting Taehyung,” Jeongguk shrugged. They were sitting in a bar on Friday night, only two hours after Jeongguk met with the younger.

“You are crazy, why don’t you just find a guy like all normal people. I am sure you wouldn’t have any problem with that, with your money and your face,” Yoongi shook his head.

“Because I don’t have a time for that. I can’t invest my time into a relationship. You know how it is, people get demanding. I work a lot and I don’t want to listen to any whining about not carrying about them and similar. This is the most comfortable way. I will have someone who will wait for me every evening and who will go out with me sometimes and I will pay them some money,”

“And someone you’ll fuck for money,” Namjoon added the part that Jeongguk didn’t mention.

“That too. What is so bad about that? It’s not like I’m buying a sex slave or something, those guys are offering themselves through a reliable agency, they know what they are selling,” the youngest of the three was defending his idea and he sipped calmly on his whiskey.

“Most of those guys are probably just desperate for money for whatever reason,” Namjoon protested. He wasn’t really fond of this idea, he himself was in a happy relationship and this idea wasn’t sitting well with him.

“On the other hand, no one is forcing them, they can make money in other ways and they decided to sell themselves for sex which means they have no problem with that,” Yoongi jumped in. Jeongguk hummed in agreement, at least someone was getting it.

“Anyway, who is he and what is he like?” Namjoon sighed. He knew better than anyone that when Jeongguk decided something, he didn’t back down which was also the reason why he was so successful. He and Yoongi helped him, they were with him since the beginning but they were just producers, it was Jeongguk who was pulling the right strings, who was getting the clients and who was running the business, they’d be nowhere without him.

“His name is Taehyung, he’s twenty three,”

“Well, not that much younger than you,” Yoongi admitted.

“He’s a student,”

“Okay so a poor student who makes some poor decision,” Namjoon sighed.

“And he’s absolutely gorgeous,” Jeongguk ignored his hyung’s comment: “Like really gorgeous. He is really beautiful and kinda shy.”

“Just like you like them,” Yoongi rolled his eyes.

“Well, I have my type,” the youngest shrugged.

“Do you have a photo?” Yoongi asked with interest. Jeongguk pulled out his phone, he saved the portrait photo from Taehyung’s profile right when he saw it. He found it in the gallery and showed it to his friends.

“Well, can’t say that I don’t get why he caught your eye. He is definitely handsome,” the oldest hummed appreciatively.

“Yeah, he is handsome but it’s still so weird. You will just let him live in your apartment, doing whatever he wants, giving him money and buying him things. And all that for sex?” Namjoon couldn’t drop the topic.

“For sex and for company,” Jeongguk corrected him.

“Wouldn’t it be easier to just pay some hooker from time to time?” Yoongi jumped in.

“Hooker wouldn’t be there every time I want them to and hooker certainly couldn’t go with me to company parties or business meetings,” the youngest glared at him. He wasn’t doing this only for the sex, he had other reasons. It wouldn’t be a bad thing to show himself with someone in public from time to time.

“Well, if that is what you want and he wants it too then I guess it’s okay,” Namjoon sighed in defeat. He really couldn’t tell Jeongguk what to do in his personal life, hell not even the professional life most of the times. And he certainly couldn’t tell what to do to this Taehyung guy that he didn’t even know. He was just happy that he was able to find Seokjin three years ago.


Taehyung went with his original plan to tell his friends that he applied for the job of an assistant in Jeon Entertainment so he told them over a dinner. He told them that he was picked for the second round of the job interview, which wasn’t technically a lie. He was about to have a second meeting with Jeongguk after all.

He figured that a lie like that would be the best because if his friends ever met him with Jeongguk or someone else from the company in public, he could just say that he is working, which technically won’t be a lie either.

“Wow, Tae, that’s amazing!” Hoseok exclaimed excitedly when he told them the news.

“How did you even come to that job though?” Jimin looked at him incredulously.

“One of my classmates mentioned that they are looking for assistants so I thought I’ll give it a try. I thought I have nothing to lose and it is much better job than working in a cinema or something,” Taehyung shrugged nonchalantly.

“But will you be able to still go to school?” Jimin looked at him with concern.

“Yeah, I will, don’t worry. They know my schedule and they said it wouldn’t be a problem. I still have the second round so it’s not certain yet,”

“Wow, that is honestly great,” Hoseok was trying to process the information.

“It’s a really good paid job,” Taehyung informed them. Very well paid actually but they didn’t need to know the exact amount, this kind of money would be unbelievable: “And I would get to go on business dinners, parties and even trips abroad if it works out.” He still technically wasn’t lying. There was one more thing he had to tell them though.

“I will have to move out though. They offer a company apartment that I’d be sharing with someone because they want me to be available even on the evenings,” Taehyung informed them.

“What?” both of his friends exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, I will still contribute to our rent and it wouldn’t be forever. Few months max,” he quickly reassured them. He wasn’t planning to do this job forever. He wanted to make some money and save enough and then he’d quit and find some normal job. This was just temporary.

“Fuck the rent, me and Hobi would pay it somehow on our own but that means you will leave us!” Jimin protested.

“I am not leaving you. We’ll still see each other at school and we’ll still hang out!” Taehyung jumped in quickly: “Besides, you’d have more space without me at least. And as I said, it’s just a temporary thing.”

“I don’t like this,” Hoseok frowned.

“I don’t like it either, Hobi but this is a great opportunity to make a lot of money and where else will I get this?” the youngest looked at him.

“If that is what you really want then we support you, TaeTae,” Jimin reassured him hesitantly with a smile.

“Yeah, I want this,” Taehyung smiled. He didn’t know if he wanted this really but it was what he had to do. For himself and for his friends.

“When is your second interview?” Hoseok asked.

“On Wednesday afternoon,” Taehyung informed them. That is what he received from the agency that Jeongguk wants to meet him. They are meeting in some fancy restaurant for a late lunch and then they will go to Jeongguk’s apartment so he’d see where he will be staying if he decides to take the job.

“Well then we will think of you and pray that it works out,” Jimin smiled at his friend and gave him a side hug.


Taehyung met Jeongguk in some fancy restaurant not far away from the company. It wasn’t anything too luxurious but it was still nice and the food was amazing.

“We will have to buy you a lot of new clothes,” Jeongguk eyed him when they sat down to the small table in the corner of the room. Taehyung squirmed uncomfortably, he didn’t take it personally, he knew that his clothes are nothing great and he knew that Jeongguk was used to different things. It wasn’t unreasonable from him to want his companion to be dressed up nicely and frankly, Taehyung wasn’t opposed to the idea of wearing some nice and expensive clothes that he could never afford before.

They ordered their drinks and food, Jeongguk asked him some small questions about his school and such. Taehyung didn’t ask him anything back, he had a feeling that Jeongguk was a private person and it didn’t feel appropriate for him to ask.

“Are there any more questions you’d like to ask?” the older looked at him when they were eating.

“There isn’t much, Jeongguk-ssi, most of the questions are answered in your profile and requirements. I was just wondering about one more thing,” Taehyung started slowly.

“Go on,” Jeongguk motioned for him to speak. His voice had a hint of command, Taehyung thought that it was probably not even intentional, this is just how Jeongguk was.

“You want me to go on public with you sometimes, which is perfectly fine with me. I was wondering, what will you say our status is and is there someone who will know about me? I mean, my job,” Taehyung asked. It was weird speaking about it as a job, he really needed to get used to it.

“When we’re in public we will just say that we are occasionally seeing each other. I won’t tell anyone about the real character of our relationship. There are only two people that know about you and I’d want it to stay that way. Kim Namjoon and Min Yoongi know, they are my partners and producers in the company and they are my friends. I already told them about you,” Jeongguk answered.

“Okay,” Taehyung nodded slowly. He was kinda relieved that Jeongguk wanted to keep this to himself, he didn’t think he’d feel comfortable if a lot of people knew. He’s heard about Kim Namjoon and Min Yoongi obviously and he knew that they were Jeongguk’s friends so the fact that the two of them know didn’t bug him that much. He actually felt a fluttering in his stomach after Jeongguk’s confession. He already told them about him.

After the lunch they headed to Jeongguk’s apartment. Taehyung was really curious to see the place, he knew it will be huge and luxurious, judging from the money Jeongguk was going to give him.

They left the restaurant and Jeongguk led them to his car. It was a black Audi and the interior was beautiful. The seats were so comfortable and Taehyung felt like he could fall asleep there. They were in Gangnam and they were not leaving the district so Taehyung supposed that Jeongguk lived here which was not a surprise.

They didn’t ride long before Jeongguk drove into an underground garage of some high building. They were quiet the whole time and Taehyung had a feeling that Jeongguk wasn’t an extrovert, he could already tell.

They took the elevator, the ride was long but they eventually got there. It was the highest floor, as Taehyung was expecting, it was a penthouse. The elevator door opened and there was a small hallway with only one door at the end.

Jeongguk typed in a code and the door clicked open. When they entered, Taehyung’s jaw almost dropped. The apartment was beautiful. It was modern and luxurious, everything was so big and so clean. Right in front of them there was a huge living room with high windows that led to the terrace. There was a spacious kitchen attached to the living room with a big dining table and a bar.

“So this is my place where you’d be staying with me. You see the kitchen and the living room. Behind these door there is a small bathroom for the guests mostly,” the older started speaking and gestured with his hands: “There is a terrace with a swimming pool with lounge chairs and such,” Jeongguk started speaking and was leading Taehyung around. They went to a spacious hallway.

“Here is my study, where I do some paperwork and produce and write songs sometimes. I don’t work at home much though,” Jeongguk pointed at one door.

“Here is my bedroom,” the older went to another door and Taehyung peeked inside. The room was big and light, there wasn’t much furniture, it was dominated by a huge bed. He gulped at the thought of him spending time in this bed with Jeongguk, doing god knows what. There was a door that Taehyung supposed was a bathroom and then another that was probably a walk-in closet.

“This room will be yours,” Jeongguk led him to another room at the end of the hallway. Taehyung breathed out at the sight. It was pretty much similar to Jeongguk’s room, the door to the bathroom and walk-in closet and big bed.

“You can of course decorate it however you’ll like, I want you to feel comfortable here,” the older looked at him and it warmed up Taehyung’s heart little bit that he was thinking about his comfort. There was one question that was on his mind though.

“I won’t be sharing room with you?” he asked carefully.

“I like my own space, I am used to it,” Jeongguk replied curtly: “And I believe that it will be convenient for you too, to have some privacy. Of course you will stay with me if I want to.” the older said matter-of-factly. Taehyung felt weird, he was not unfamiliar with one night stands so he didn’t always sleep in a bed with his partners but it was still a weird thought that they will be sharing the apartment, have sex together and then he will just go to his room. But as Jeongguk said, it will probably be nice to have some privacy and get a proper sleep.

Jeongguk’s phone started buzzing and he checked the caller ID.

“Feel free to look around,” the older motioned for him, answered the call and left Taehyung in the room.

He sighed and looked around. The room was beautiful and warm. The bed, as well as furniture had dark brown colour, the bed sheets were white and the walls too. There was a huge window and the view was beautiful.

He went to look in the bathroom. The tiles were the same colour as the furniture in the room while the cabinets were white. There was a big shower and huge bathtub.

Then he went to check out the closet. It was almost bigger than the living room in his, Jimin’s and Hoseok’s apartment. It was completely empty and Taehyung was imagining how he fills it up with expensive clothes and the idea wasn’t unpleasant.

He went slowly to the living room, he didn’t know if Jeongguk was still calling and he didn’t want to be rude and bother him. The older was leaning on the kitchen counter and he was still speaking. Taehyung took the opportunity to wander around little bit. The apartment was truly beautiful, it wasn’t unnecessarily huge but it was big and luxurious enough. The terrace was big as well and the pool was begging to be jumped into. Taehyung thought that living here wouldn’t be that bad after all. Jeongguk would be working most of the time in the company building and he’d have all this space for himself.

“So how do you like it?” Jeongguk spoke behind his back and Taehyung jumped little bit. He was standing at the edge of the terrace, admiring the view.

“You have a really nice place, Jeongguk-ssi,” Taehyung smiled at him and bowed his head a little.

“I have to go back to work now. I will contact you through the agency. Now you have to decide if you are going to accept my offer. Of course we will sign proper contract and you will be free to leave anytime you want, with some notice in advance of course, I believe there is a month for that,” Jeongguk spoke up. He was so awfully formal and business-y but Taehyung supposed that this is how Jeongguk is used to talking about things. This was a business transaction after all.

“You will be getting your payments on your bank account at the beginning of the month and as the profile said, all other expenses such as housing, clothing and others will be paid by me,” the older continued.

“You are really generous, Jeongguk-ssi,” Taehyung bowed down. He really didn’t know what else to say.

“I will drive you to the company building and from there you can go wherever you like,”

“Thank you,” the younger replied.

“Oh and one more thing, Taehyung,” Jeongguk turned to look at him. That was the first time today that the older used his name.

“It’s said in the agency rules so I believe you are familiar with this requirement. The whole time we’ll be together, you are not allowed to be seeing romantically or sexually other people, understood?” Jeongguk looked at him with hard eyes. It actually sent a shivers down Taehyung’s spine. Of course he knew about the rule and it was logical and he was fine with that. He didn’t think he could date someone while being someone’s sugar baby. But the way Jeongguk looked at him was leaving him speechless. He didn’t even agree to do this, yet Jeongguk already seemed so possessive. He knew since the beginning that Jeongguk isn’t the type who likes to share and it was oddly flattering.

“Of course, Jeongguk-ssi, that is sure thing,” he nodded.

“Good,” Jeongguk was staring at him with dark eyes. Then they left the apartment and went back to Jeongguk’s car.

“One more thing, stop with those formalities. You can call me Jeongguk when we’re alone, I don’t require honorifics. In front of other people, you can use hyung if you want to. And as for the bedroom, well, we will discuss that when it comes to it,” Jeongguk looked at Taehyung when they both sat down in the car. Taehyung couldn’t get used to how Jeongguk just spoke about sex as if it was nothing. But he supposes it wasn’t, not in their case.

Chapter Text

Taehyung decided to go for it. He was still little bit scared of the idea of living with a stranger. He only knew things that the newspaper said about Jeongguk, he didn’t know what he’s like in private but strangely, he wasn’t getting bad vibes from him. It wasn’t such a big deal after all, they will be like roommates most of the time. Jeongguk works a lot so he won’t be even at home mostly and Taehyung will just carry on going to school, he will hang out with Jimin and Hoseok when he knows that Jeongguk doesn’t demand his presence and he will have enough time and space to study and do his own thing. It was the end of March, the summer will start soon and the thought of living in the penthouse with the pool was actually pretty nice.

The only thing that he was really worried about was the sex. He knew Jeongguk’s requirements and it wasn’t anything horrible, he liked doing most of those things actually. But the thought of having lasting relationship without any emotions was just weird. He wasn’t stranger to one night stands but this was different, fucking one guy and never see him again is different than fucking the same guy, he doesn’t know, almost every day. Knowing that he’ll have to wait and be ready whenever Jeongguk is in mood and that he is getting money for that, he wasn’t still completely comfortable with that idea.

To be honest, if he met Jeongguk under different circumstances, for example in some bar, he wouldn’t hesitate to drop on his knees for him right then and there. Jeongguk was handsome and hot and his powerful persona was strangely appealing to Taehyung so the thought of the older fucking him wasn’t definitely unpleasant. What was making it weird were the circumstances.

He stopped by the agency and signed the contract. He read it carefully to know everything and he got a copy so he would have it with him in case anything happened. The fact that he had a contract to be someone’s sex toy was degrading but it was also making him feel safe because if Jeongguk ever did something to him or violated the contract, he had something to support him.

“It sucks so much that you are moving out but I am so happy for you that you got the job!” Jimin hugged Taehyung. They were having a little celebration in their living room, they bought few cheap beers and some junk food. Taehyung was moving out tomorrow, all his stuff was already packed (not that he’d have much).

“I suppose you will get some nice apartment right? At least you won’t be living in this hole anymore, I kinda envy you,” Hoseok laughed.

“Don’t worry, I will be coming to visit you in this hole often,” Taehyung assured him with big smile. This place was really a hole but it has been his home for over two years and most importantly, he had his best friends here. He was really sad that he was leaving them but it wasn’t like he was moving to the other side of the world or something, he will still be seeing them pretty often he hoped. The fact that Jeongguk was really busy man was playing in his favour.

“Well you will be making a lot of money now and you will probably get some other benefits. At least one of us is doing alright,” Jimin laughed light-heartedly. He worked as a cashier and assistant in a small flower shop while Hoseok worked in a bar.

“Yeah, I hope it will be worth it,” Taehyung smiled lightly and looked down at his lap. He really hoped that selling himself like this will be worth it.

“Hey, don’t be sad. You will be doing great and everything will be alright, okay? You can quit anytime,” Jimin hugged him quickly when he noticed Taehyung’s discomfort. That was also true, he can quit anytime, there was a month period where he will have to keep going though. He was just hoping that this won’t turn out to be a huge mistake.


Taehyung moved in into Jeongguk’s apartment of Sunday evening. He unpacked those few things he had with him and then they had a dinner. They were mostly quiet but Taehyung really didn’t complain. He was nervous because he didn’t know what will happen after the meal.

“Here is a credit card, it’s yours, you can use it whenever you like and buy anything. Maybe tomorrow you could go shopping for clothes, that closet needs to be filled. Feel free to buy whatever you like, no matter the price or amount,” Jeongguk pushed a card towards him. Taehyung took it, there it was, his first payment, or well, kinda.

Jeongguk got up and went to the hallway, probably to his room. When he returned he was carrying two boxes with him: “Here are two small gifts for you.”

Taehyung looked at the boxes, one of them was a new iPhone and the other a new MacBook. He was staring at the items, he’s never had anything this expensive in his life and Jeongguk was calling it small gifts. But well, it was nothing for Jeongguk obviously. His old phone had cracked screen and his laptop that he was using at school was almost dead so these gifts really came in handy. He can easily tell Jimin and Hoseok that he got them at work which wasn’t unbelievable, people were getting phones and laptops at work all the time.

“Thank you, Jeongguk,” Taehyung smiled at him gratefully and bowed his head.

“I will be at work all day tomorrow, I will come home late, probably around nine so you can do whatever you please until then but I expect you to be here when I come,” Jeongguk announced him.

“Of course,” the younger nodded. That was their agreement so he wasn’t complaining. He had the whole day off. He had only two classes tomorrow morning so he could go shopping for the whole afternoon.

The classes next day were okay and he met with Jimin and Hoseok for a lunch. He paid for all of them, telling them that he got a credit card with some money as an entrance bonus. His friends were admiring his phone and the laptop, telling Taehyung what a good catch this job was for him to receive all those benefits.

He wanted to go shopping with them so badly but they wouldn’t believe him that the company gave him money for clothes so he said quick goodbyes and went by himself.

He went to a shopping mall that they always went to and bought himself some clothes to wear to school and at home. When he came from one shop, he spotted Yves Saint Laurent and bit inside of his cheek. He was very intrigued. Jeongguk told him that he can buy whatever he wants, right? He surely wouldn’t be mad if he bought something more expensive, it was expected from him.

There weren’t any requirements of what he should wear at home from Jeongguk’s part. Some of the profiles that Taehyung saw before had some specifics what to wear around the guys, like dresses, lingerie or uniforms but as far as he was concerned, he could be going around in sweatpants around Jeongguk. He needed to ask him what he wants him to buy and wear when they will be going on public together, he was sure that Jeongguk will require some dress code and some brands, he can’t just dress cheap around the business man.

He was shopping the whole afternoon and when he came home he had quite a lot of new clothes and shoes. Then he was waiting for Jeongguk, nervous of what this night will bring.

The older came home around nine like he promised, he brought a take-out and they ate together quietly. And just like the previous evening, nothing happened so Taehyung just went to his room.

On Tuesday Taehyung had a lot of morning and afternoon classes so he didn’t really have time for anything else. This time Jeongguk came home around seven and they ate together again.

“We could watch some movie,” the older suggested when they finished the food and Taehyung agreed happily. Some change will be nice and spending some time with Jeongguk won’t hurt either.

Taehyung was watching the movie. It was some comedy and he was giggling from time to time while he was lying on his stomach on the couch. Jeongguk was sitting on the other couch across from him and he was quiet the whole time.

Taehyung looked over at Jeongguk. The older was sitting, still in his working clothes. His ankle was resting on the knee of the second leg and his arm was resting on the armrest. He was watching Taehyung with intent look and the younger understood that his movie night is over. He gulped. It was here.

Taehyung got up slowly from the couch and made his way to Jeongguk. He sat down next to him and waited. He let the older make the first step, those were the rules after all. In the agency, every client had to fill in the part about dominance and submission so the perfect match would be guaranteed. Taehyung signed himself as submissive. Not only he knew that he had a bigger chance to find someone like that but he also liked it. He’s always liked when his partner took the initiative, when he could just take what they were willing to give him, when he didn’t have to think about anything and just go with the flow. Jeongguk’s profile was looking for someone like Taehyung, he wanted to be in charge.

Jeongguk was staring at him intensively and Taehyung’s stomach was squirming with nerves but also with slight impatience and excitement.

Jeongguk brought his hand up and cupped Taehyung’s cheek. He let himself stare at Taehyung for a bit, he was truly beautiful. His eyes slipped to the younger’s lips and Taehyung instinctively licked them. That snapped something inside Jeongguk and he leaned in and connected their lips.

It was slow at first, they were both tasting the waters but soon Jeongguk slipped tongue inside Taehyung’s mouth and kissed him roughly. Taehyung put one of his hands on Jeongguk’s thigh and dag his fingers in as he was kissing him back.

They separated for a breath after a minute, Jeongguk looked at Taehyung, his eyes were dark with lust and he crushed their lips together again. One of his hands slipped to Taehyung’s thigh and the other to his hair. The older interlaced his fingers in the soft hair and pulled on it. Taehyung let out a breathless moan against his mouth and that aroused the older even more, as he saw that the younger was so responsive and pliant for him.

They were making out for few minutes, Jeongguk’s hand was running up and down Taehyung’s inner thigh and the younger was whining helplessly against his mouth. Jeongguk’s hands felt so good on him, firm but soft at the same time. His worries were slowly going away, the unsure thoughts of previous days were now dissolving with every kiss and every touch of Jeongguk’s hand. Maybe this will work after all, maybe Taehyung can find some pleasure in all this.

Jeongguk broke the kiss once again and looked at Taehyung. He sucked in a breath at the sight.

“Look at you, how pretty you are like this, baby,” the older breathed out and rubbed his thumb over Taehyung’s lip. His lips were swollen and shiny from the kissing, his hair was messy and his pupils were blown wide and Jeongguk couldn’t get enough of this sight. Taehyung purred internally at the pet name, he knew that this was also a part of Jeongguk’s profile but he hasn’t heard it from him once  until now. The older has always been so formal with him so hearing him speaking like this was so nice and Taehyung loved pet names so it was a win win. His voice was still the same but there was an undertone of a certain softness that was making Taehyung squirm in pleasure.

Jeongguk adjusted his sitting position, now both of his feet were on the ground and his legs were parted.

“Suck me off,” the older commanded. The tone was commanding but Taehyung knew that the older was giving him a space to back off. But he didn’t want to back off, he was oddly aroused right now and the thought of him giving Jeongguk head wasn’t really unpleasant.

He slipped from the couch, kneeled and climbed between Jeongguk’s legs.

“Show me what you’ve got,” Jeongguk looked at him from above and Taehyung nodded to let him know that he is on board. He unzipped Jeongguk’s pants with trembling fingers and the other lifted his hips to help him pull them off. Taehyung pulled them only to his knees and looked at the bulge in the underwear.

He’d be lying if he said that his mouth didn’t water at the sight. Jeongguk was already half hard and from what Taehyung saw through the black briefs, he was big. A wave of determination raised in his chest, he wanted to show the other what he can do and how good he was. All of his previous partners were always pleased with his skills and he was determined to show Jeongguk that he is worth it.

He looked up at the older with big eyes, Jeongguk was watching him with hooded eyes, waiting for him to start. He was obviously impatient but he didn’t force Taehyung to anything and he was grateful for that.

Taehyung leaned down and nudged his cheek to the bulge. He could feel Jeongguk’s thighs tense on both sides of his body. He found more courage and mouthed at the erection through the fabric. The older sucked in a breath.

“Don’t tease, kitten,” Jeongguk spoke up softly but there was a warning in his voice, telling Taehyung that his patience was running low. So he hooked his fingers under the waistband of the boxers and pulled them down.

Taehyung started at the cock in front of him with hungry eyes. Jeongguk was definitely blessed, he wasn’t huge but he was thick and he suddenly couldn’t wait to have him in his mouth.

“You like what you see, doll?” Jeongguk laughed quietly with a smug look on his face when he saw Taehyung staring. The younger didn’t say anything to that, he carefully wrapped his fingers around the shaft. It was pulsing against his hand and he started slowly moving it up and down.

“Fuck, baby,” the older groaned at the feeling. Taehyung was teasing him slowly, just enough to make him fully hard so he could get to work.

Seeing Jeongguk already worked up gave Taehyung a courage and new determination and he carefully licked the tip. It earned him a curse from the older so he licked few more times on the head before dragging his tongue from the base to the tip.

He looked up at Jeongguk. The man was watching him with dark, wild eyes, obviously very turned on and it was making Taehyung’s insides twist. He smiled at him innocently and took the tip of the cock inside his mouth.

“Shit,” Jeongguk cursed and clenched his left fist while he brought the other hand and rested it on the nape of Taehyung’s neck. He was playing with the soft hair there, not pushing the other down. Taehyung got bolder and sank down on the erection more, hollowed his cheeks and sucked. Then he was running his tongue as well as he could around the thick shaft and Jeongguk was groaning under him.

Taehyung relaxed more and more and he was slowly working his way down, until the whole length was in his mouth and it hit back of his throat. Jeongguk choked on the air at the feeling.

“Fuck, baby, so good,” the older praised him and Taehyung moaned contently at the praise. He loved when guys could appreciate his hard work. He started bobbing his head up and down, pulling slowly almost fully out and then sinking down quickly.

After few minutes he pulled of completely, gasping for a breath. Even though he was quite good in breathing through his nose, it wasn’t enough. His jaw hurt because Jeongguk was thick as hell but he loved the stretch so much.

“You want me to fuck your mouth, doll?” Jeongguk rasped out in a deep quiet voice and caressed the back of Taehyung’s head. His demand wasn’t anything unexpected, the sex requirements in the profile were pretty specific and this one was one of them and Taehyung honestly didn’t mind. If anything, he was happy. He liked when his mouth was being stretched and his throat destroyed.

“Yes, please,” Taehyung nodded eagerly. At this point, every discomfort or doubts were gone. Now he was incredibly aroused and he himself was sporting quite a big boner. Jeongguk groaned at the other’s plea. The boy in front of him on his knees was literally begging to be choked on his cock and that made his lust grow even bigger.

Taehyung didn’t wait any longer and sank back down on Jeongguk’s cock. He relaxed his jaw and throat muscles as best as he could and waited. He looked up at the older when nothing was happening only to find him staring at him in trance.

“Look at you, baby, looking so pretty around my cock like this,” Jeongguk murmured and tangled his hands in Taehyung’s hair. The younger put his hands on the older’s thighs to create some support and the older finally snapped his hips up.

It started slowly at first, Jeongguk was careful, obviously testing the waters and Taehyung’s limits but when he felt the younger’s fingers dig into his thighs and he heard the moans he was letting out around his cock, he sped up and started fucking his mouth properly.

Taehyung’s eyes were rolling back at the feeling, his jaw hurt like bitch but in the best way possible. He could feel tears collecting in his eyes and when Jeongguk started pushing his head down to meet the movement on his hips, Taehyung almost lost his mind. It felt so good and he was moaning like crazy.

“Shit, baby, your mouth is perfect, I’m so close already,” Jeongguk cursed and almost came right then and there when he looked down and was met with Taehyung’s gaze. The younger was looking at him with big eyes, tears were running down his cheeks and he looked properly fucked out. Taehyung hummed contently at Jeongguk’s message, he wanted his load so badly.

“I’m gonna come down your throat, doll, would you like that?” Jeongguk choked out and the grip in Taehyung’s hair tightened. The younger moaned and nodded as well as he could right now.

Jeongguk snapped his hips up few more times, then a loud growl was ripped from him and he came down Taehyung’s throat just like he promised. The younger was choking on the load but he was taking everything the older was giving him.

When Jeongguk was done, he pulled Taehyung up from his spent cock. The younger looked absolutely sinful right now. There was a saliva and come all over his lips that were red and swollen. His cheeks were wet and his hair messy. He licked his lips and collected everything that was there.

“Fuck, baby, that was amazing,” Jeongguk praised him, quickly dressed himself up and pulled Taehyung up from his knees and on himself. Taehyung straddled his thighs and sat down on his lap and let Jeongguk kiss him roughly. He gasped loudly into the kiss when he felt the other’s hand cupping him through his pants.

“You are so hard, baby, do you like having your mouth fucked?” Jeongguk looked at him with dark eyes. Taehyung smiled sheepishly, he didn’t want to admit it out loud but he figured that the older got the memo. Jeongguk was watching the younger, perplexed. How was he so hot and so damn cute at the same time? How could he choke on his cock and moan shamelessly one minute and smiling shyly the other? It was still early to tell but he already had a feeling that Taehyung was a really good choice.

Jeongguk pulled Taehyung’s sweatpants down little bit along with his underwear so his hard erection finally sprang free.

“You have such a pretty cock, doll, ever since I saw you naked in my office I wanted to touch you and see how you look when you’re hard,” the older man purred against his ear as he started pumping him slowly. Taehyung whined at the much needed contact and started moving his hips up to meet the movements of Jeongguk’s hand.

“Stay still,” the older commanded with hard eyes and grabbed Taehyung’s hip with his free hand. The younger complied immediately and that gave Jeongguk a big joy. He was so submissive and he obeyed Jeongguk’s every word and that was exactly what he wanted.

He stopped torturing the boy, he deserved a reward after all and Jeongguk wasn’t some monster so he started jerking him off quickly. The younger was squirming on his lap, obviously trying his hardest not to move as he was told to and the older was admiring his self-restraint.

Taehyung was gasping and moaning, his breathing was becoming faster at the feeling of the other’s perfectly skilled hand on him and when Jeongguk flicked his thumb over the slit, Taehyung was a goner. He let out a lewd moan and spilled his load all over Jeongguk’s hand.

Later that night when Taehyung was lying in his bed, he thought about the evening. It was much better than he expected. He wasn’t sure about the whole sex thing before but tonight didn’t feel wrong, he didn’t feel uncomfortable or dirty. Maybe this can work after all.

Chapter Text

After the night on Tuesday nothing else happened between Taehyung and Jeongguk and the younger realized that he was kinda impatient. He knew he shouldn’t be looking forward to the sex with the other but well, it was better than be scared or uncomfortable.

The weekend was calm. Jeongguk had to work on Saturday but he was home the whole Sunday. Taehyung was in the living room, watching some TV show when Jeongguk came to him.

“You wanna go to the pool?” the older motioned towards the terrace.

“Thanks but I think I’ll pass,” Taehyung made a face. It was only the beginning of April, the weather was getting better by day but it was still too cold.

“Don’t worry, the pool is heated,”

“I figured but it’s still cold outside. Unless you want me to…” Taehyung refused but then he got worried. What if this wasn’t a proposition but more like an order, what if he read Jeongguk in a wrong way?

“No, don’t worry,” Jeongguk laughed light-heartedly, letting the other know that he wasn’t asking for a sex or something. Taehyung smiled at that, that was probably like a first time that he’s heard Jeongguk laugh like that and he liked that. The older should definitely augh more often.

Jeongguk left Taehyung in the living room but came back after ten minutes. He had only swimming trunks on and Taehyung suddenly regretted his previous decision. He’s always seen the other mostly in his working clothes or some sweatpants and t-shirt so he wasn’t prepared for this.

His body was godly, absolutely gorgeous. He was so muscular, not too much but enough for him to be toned, it was just perfect amount. Taehyung never noticed that through the clothes and well, fuck.

He couldn’t tear his eyes off Jeongguk and the older gave him a quick glance with a smug smirk. Then he disappeared on the terrace and Taehyung decided that next time he should think twice before making some dumb decision. Okay, well this was a pleasant discovery, another point to Jeongguk’s hotness.

Taehyung was trying to watch the show but he was occasionally glancing outside to take a peek at Jeongguk through the large windows. The male was mostly in the pool so he didn’t see much but sometimes he sat down on the edge of the pool with the back to the apartment. Whenever he moved little bit, the muscles in his back flexed nicely and Taehyung was getting impatient. He was required not to initiate things but right now it was really damn hard not to go outside and throw himself at the other.

The show ended and Taehyung was just lying on the couch. After half an hour, Jeongguk finally came back, rubbing his hair dry with a towel. Taehyung looked at him.

“Your show is over?” the older asked, looking at the turned off television. Taehyung wanted to say something like ‘no my show just started’ because Jeongguk was still only in his swimming trunks but he bit his tongue.

“Yeah,” he replied simply.

“And do you have some activity in mind now?”

“Well, I could think of something,” Taehyung found courage to say, bit his lip and eyed Jeongguk from head to toe. Maybe he couldn’t initiate things but he could give the other a little push.

“Really?” Jeongguk smirked and walked over slowly to the younger: “And what that might be?”

Taehyung was watching Jeongguk’s every move and waited for him to do something. He really hoped right now that the older wasn’t just teasing him and won’t walk away.

Thankfully his prayers were heard because Jeongguk stretched out a hand to him, he grabbed it and pulled him up on his feet. They were standing close, not touching but close enough. Jeongguk was watching Taehyung hungrily and the younger thought that he was probably looking very similar right now.

Finally the older closed the gap between them and crushed his lips against Taehyung’s. The younger immediately wrapped his arms around his neck and the older grabbed his hips tightly. Jeongguk bit down on Taehyung’s lip, asking for permission which the younger happily gave him and opened his mouth. Their tongues started dancing together and Taehyung found a courage and started running his hands over Jeongguk’s back. The muscles felt so nice under his fingertips and he was getting light headed.

Jeongguk broke the kiss and attached his mouth to the younger’s neck, mouthing on it, licking and biting. Taehyung let out a content moan at the feeling and he could feel his cock waking up to life.

“Jeongguk, please,” the younger choked out after few minutes of the older ravishing his neck.

“Impatient, baby, aren’t we?” the older chuckled at the sight of the younger male in front of him. Jeongguk kissed him again and started leading them towards his bedroom.

Soon Taehyung’s legs hit the bed frame and he fell down on the mattress. He lied down comfortably and waited for Jeongguk’s next move. The older was standing above him, admiring him silently.

“As for the addressing, you can call me by my name or use hyung. When it comes to more intense things, well, we will talk about it when it comes to it,” Jeongguk announced him and Taehyung shivered. He knew what Jeongguk was talking about of course, the sex part of the profile was pretty detailed and there was nothing too crazy, just classics like bondage, blindfolds, ball gags, chokers, toys and such – which Taehyung had no problem with. But it seemed that today was not the day and it was logical, they haven’t had sex yet so today, they won’t do anything crazy. Jeongguk was not on board with the whole ‘daddy thing’ so he didn’t require Taehyung to call him that and the younger was quite happy because he didn’t know if he would get used to it.

“Strip down,” Jeongguk commanded but his voice wasn’t too harsh and Taehyung happily obeyed. He took off his t-shirt quickly and then his sweatpants. He hesitated little bit with the boxers and looked up at Jeongguk. He was obviously waiting for him to take them off so Taehyung did. Soon he was lying on the bed, completely naked. He felt weirdly exposed because Jeongguk was still standing next to the bed and his eyes were inspecting Taehyung’s body but the younger couldn’t say he hated it. There was a lust and ferocity in Jeongguk’s eyes and Taehyung felt small under his gaze but in a very, very good way.

Jeongguk slowly walked over to the bedside table and took out a bottle of lube. They didn’t need condoms, both of them had medical check-ups for STDs and other diseases so they knew they were clean.

“Spread your legs for me,” the older commanded again and Taehyung didn’t need to be told twice, he spread his legs and exposed himself to the older. Jeongguk sucked in a deep breath at the sight and the younger squirmed unsurely on the bed. He didn’t know if that was a good or bad sign.

“Such a pretty little hole, can’t wait to be inside,” Jeongguk murmured quietly and Taehyung nearly preened at the praise but the thought of the older inside him sent a jolt of electricity down his spine. He remembered the older’s thick cock from few days ago and he suddenly couldn’t wait to be split open with it.

Jeongguk finally sat down on the bed and kneeled between Taehyung’s legs. He bent down and pressed trail of wet kisses from his knee over his inner thigh up to his ass and then repeated the same action with the second thigh. Taehyung’s breathing was increasing. This was intense.

Jeongguk opened the bottle and lubed up his fingers generously. He immediately brought his hand down and teased Taehyung’s entrance with one finger. The younger let out a shaky breath at the feeling and bit his lip to stop himself from moaning.

“Don’t ever do that,” Jeongguk reprimanded him with a hard voice and when he saw Taehyung’s confused expression, he added: “Never try to restrain your sounds or words, I wanna hear you.” Jeongguk loved when his lovers were letting him know how much they enjoyed the sex.

After that, he slowly pushed the finger inside and Taehyung moaned obscenely. It felt so damn good to be finally filled. He hasn’t had sex for several weeks and right now he was really worked up.

Jeongguk started circling the finger inside around the tight walls and took in a deep breath: “Fuck, baby, so damn tight and warm.”

Soon, the older started fucking his finger in and out and Taehyung was letting out content sounds. He wanted more but he was holding back from demanding, he had to let Jeongguk decide what to give him.

Thankfully the older didn’t tease him for very long and pushed second finger in. The stretch was bigger but Taehyung has always been a bit of a sucker for pain so he whined loudly when he felt his hole being stretched.

After few minutes, Jeongguk was three fingers in and he was thrusting in and out in brutal pace with a focused expression. Taehyung was whimpering and writhing against the bed sheets but then his back arched beautifully and he cried out. Jeongguk smirked, he finally found what he was looking for. He held the angle and fucked his fingers mercilessly against Taehyung’s prostate.

“Hyung, please,” the younger screamed out. He couldn’t take it anymore, he knew he’d come soon if Jeongguk would continue and he had a feeling that the older wouldn’t appreciate it, so he needed to move on.

“What do you want, doll, tell me,” Jeongguk looked at him with dark demanding eyes, as he still fucked his fingers in and out, waiting for the answer.

“Fuck me, please, Jeongguk,” the younger choked out brokenly and that pleased Jeongguk enough because he withdrew his fingers. He loved when they were begging for it.

Jeongguk climbed up so he was almost lying on Taehyung and kissed him roughly. The younger was already almost gone so he just let the older take the initiative and let him explore his mouth with his tongue. After few seconds, Jeongguk kissed down from his jaw, over his neck, chest and stomach until he was finally back between his legs.

Jeongguk lubed up his erection and pumped it few times and looked over at the younger. He didn’t want to do anything the younger didn’t want but when he saw Taehyung staring at him with wide eyes, expectation written all over his face and he spread his legs even further apart, he didn’t need any more permission.

He lied down, placed one elbow next to Taehyung’s shoulder to balance on it and guided his erection to Taehyung’s entrance with the other hand. He teased the tip of his cock over the entrance for a while, driving both of them crazy and then he finally pushed in.

Taehyung let out a loud moan at the feeling and Jeongguk groaned at the back of his throat. The tightness was almost impossible and he had to hold himself back not to slam into the younger in one go. Instead he went slowly, inch by inch until he was fully in.

Jeongguk rested his forehead against Taehyung’s chest for a while, breathing deeply to pull himself together and let the younger adjust to the feeling. Taehyung started circling his hips impatiently after only few seconds, evidently asking for more. Jeongguk was little bit surprised that the boy wanted to go right in but maybe he liked it this way. They will have to have some talk about what they like and don’t like because everything wasn’t said in the profile and their contracts.

Jeongguk pulled out almost all the way and then slowly pushed pack in. He repeated the slow action few times while he connected his lips to Taehyung’s and they were kissing messily.

“Shit, baby, so tight,” Jeongguk groaned against Taehyung’s neck as he was still trying to get used to the perfect heat. The younger was shamelessly moaning under him and that snapped something inside Jeongguk.

He started rocking his hips in faster pace and soon he was ramming into the younger, their skin slapping against each other. The younger was almost sobbing at the feeling and Jeongguk busied himself by sucking bruises in Taehyung’s neck.

Jeongguk suddenly pulled out and before Taehyung could even think about complaining, he was being manhandled and turned around so he was now on his stomach. He instinctively stuck his ass up in the air while he supported his upper body on his forearms. Jeongguk groaned at the view in front of him. The younger’s back was perfectly arched and his ass was little bit red from the fucking and it was waiting to be filled again.

Jeongguk kneeled behind Taehyung and pushed back in, this time in one go and Taehyung whined helplessly, grabbing the bed sheets between his fingers. He felt so incredibly full and this position allowed Jeongguk to go even deeper.

Jeongguk started snapping his hips right away, gripping Taehyung’s hips in a bruising grip. The younger cried out and collapsed on his stomach when the older hit his prostate and he was squirming because his sweet spot was being abused with each thrust. His eyes were rolling back in his head and he was moaning and whimpering incoherently because the older was fucking him so good.

Jeongguk’s movements started getting sloppy because his orgasm was behind the corner but he did his best to maintain the punishing rhythm. He was about to bring his hand down to wrap it around Taehyung’s cock when suddenly the younger froze, his back arched, he opened his mouth in a silent scream and came over the bed sheets.

“Fucking hell, oh my god,” Jeongguk cursed loudly when he realized the younger just came untouched. That wasn’t something that would be written in his profile so it was a nice surprise. Jeongguk buried himself fully in the other and emptied his load inside him with a low growl.


“So, what about your boy toy?” Yoongi raised his eyebrow at Jeongguk. They were sitting in Jeongguk’s office, having a coffee.

“He’s not a boy toy, Yoongi, he’s a human,” Namjoon glared at him.

“Jesus, I’m just kidding, Joon, calm down,” the older rolled his eyes and then both of them looked over at the youngest.

“Good,” Jeongguk said simply.

“Only ‘good’?” Wow, you must be disappointed,” Yoongi snorted.

“I’m not disappointed!” Jeongguk answered quickly. The older smirked, he knew this question will provoke the younger and get more answers from him, he knew him like a back of his hand.

“He’s great, actually,” the youngest added.

“And did you have sex already?” the oldest was curious. Namjoon wasn’t asking any questions but he was kinda curious too about the whole thing.

“Not that it’s any of your business but yes,”

“And?” Yoongi pushed him.

“I think we will be content with each other,” Jeongguk smirked and said nothing else.

“God, pulling something from you is impossible,” Yoongi rolled his eyes in annoyance.

“When are we going to meet him?” Namjoon jumped finally in.

“We have the dinner with Park Chin-Hwa and his partners next week so I thought I could take him, it wouldn’t be bad to show him around, you know how I hate that fucker,” Jeongguk made face at the thought of the man.

“Oh yeah, he’s always giving you shit for not being seen with anyone,” Yoongi chuckled.

“You’re taking Seokjin right?” the youngest turned to Namjoon.

“I’ll have to talk about it with him but if he will be free then yeah, probably,” Namjoon nodded.

“Good, at least Taehyung won’t be there alone, you know how those meetings can get sometimes,”

“Jin will be happy that he will have some company, he was usually going alone with us at these dinners and parties,” Namjoon chuckled. His boyfriend really didn’t like attending his working stuff. Parties maybe, there were usually more people from the company that Seokjin already knew from all those years but dinners with their partners or clients were boring.

“Good,” Jeongguk nodded curtly. He needed to get Taehyung some proper clothes for the occasion, the dinner was in a luxurious restaurant. If it was up to him, he’d rather go to some steak or sushi house, he hated those pretentious places but some of the people they worked with were too difficult.

Jeongguk told Taehyung  about the dinner right that evening. The younger was completely okay with it, it was part of his job after all and he was actually quite excited to hang out and go to some luxurious place. The older also announced him that they will go shopping together and Taehyung was glad because he didn’t think he could do it on his own.

Jeongguk left the work after lunch on Friday, Taehyung didn’t have any afternoon classes so they could go shopping.

They went to a mall that Taehyung has never been to, it was selling only the most expensive brands and his eyes were shining with excitement. He never even dared to lay his feet to stores like these, he felt like he didn’t belong there but with Jeongguk by his side, he felt comfortable enough.

He was going around the store, picking stuff and showing it to Jeongguk, looking for his approval and opinions. The older was picking what he thought was appropriate and what he thought would look great on the younger. They took the things into the changing rooms and Jeongguk waited outside on the couch. The younger always showed himself to him when he changed.

The sparkles in Taehyung’s eyes when he was watching himself in the mirror in something were making Jeongguk’s chest tighter so he encouraged the boy to buy whatever he liked. They could buy more clothes for different occasions after all. Jeongguk thought that those expensive materials and designs really suited Taehyung, he was too handsome for some ordinary cheap clothes, he deserved to be dressed up from head to toe in the best brands. The younger seemed to find liking especially in Gucci and Jeongguk couldn’t protest because it looked amazing on him.

They came back to the penthouse quite late at the evening that day, they ate the dinner and then the younger went to unpack and sort all the new clothes and shoes into his closet.

Taehyung was admiring the closet after he was done. It was much fuller now and it looked much better. He couldn’t believe that this was his life now, he’s never dreamt of possessing one item of these brands and now he had dozens. The more he thought about it, the happier he was about his decision to sign up for this job and he was lucky that he ran across Jeongguk.

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Taehyung ran into Jeongguk’s bedroom only in a towel and with damp hair. He was afraid that he won’t make it on time. They are going to the dinner and he just got out of the shower, he needed to style his hair, do a make-up and get dressed.

Jeongguk turned to look at him surprised.

“When does the dinner start, I don’t know if I’m gonna make it on time,” Taehyung bit his lip.

“It starts officially at seven but we are meeting Yoongi and Namjoon twenty minutes before so we will be leaving at six thirty,”

“Okay,” Taehyung breathed out when he checked the clock on the wall. He had one hour, that was enough time to work some magic.

“Are you driving?” the younger asked.

“No, we are taking a cab. I’ll need a lot of drinks to make it through the night so I don’t wanna drive,” Jeongguk announced with a quiet laugh.

“Is it gonna be that bad?” Taehyung asked with worry. Suddenly he was nervous, what if he will screw up something? Last thing he’d want would be fucking up some business for Jeongguk.

“The guy we are meeting is a huge asshole,”

“So why are you working with him?”

“We are not directly working with him. He’s an owner of one big internet magazine so we need him on our side so he won’t write bullshit about the company and especially our idols. We are also giving him exclusives about us. I’m warning you, he’s really arrogant, total douchebag so don’t hold any long conversation with him, believe me, it’s for the best,” Jeongguk gave him an advice.

“And…don’t talk about the character of our relationship in front of him, that would be the last thing I’d need,” the older added.

“If someone asks about us, I’ll just say that I am your date for tonight,” Taehyung nodded. They had this conversation, he knew he can’t reveal to random people what he and Jeongguk had and he really didn’t want to. He’d be embarrassed if people knew.

“Good boy,” Jeongguk gave him a smile. Taehyung almost purred at the praise, that was probably first time that Jeongguk praised him in some affectionate way outside of the bedroom.

“You look great,” Jeongguk breathed out when the younger came to the living room where he was already waiting for him. Taehyung had a fitted dark blue suit and a silk white shirt on. He had one dangling earring in his ear and his dark brown hair was slightly parted on his forehead. He had a decent make-up on that was only highlighting his natural beauty.

“You don’t look bad yourself,” the younger smiled shyly and appreciated Jeongguk’s all black outfit, it was simple, yet sexy. The dinner wasn’t that formal so they didn’t have to wear ties, thank god.

The taxi was already waiting for them and Jeongguk opened the door for the younger. They both slipped to the backseat and Jeongguk gave the driver the address.

“Namjoon-ssi and Yoongi-ssi know about me, right?” Taehyung asked carefully. He remembered that Jeongguk told him they know but he wanted to make sure.

“Yeah, they do,” the older confirmed: “There will be also Namjoon’s boyfriend Seokjin and I bet he knows too, Namjoon always tells him everything.”

“By the way, don’t even bother yourself with any honorifics, they’d tell you to stop anyway. If you wanna use something then use hyung but we don’t really use that around each other,” Jeongguk added. Taehyung nodded.

Taehyung didn’t try to converse during the ride. He was slightly nervous, not only because he was stepping into a completely unknown world but also because Jeongguk’s friends knew about him so he was worried that they will look down on him and he wasn’t prepared for such embarrassment. He decided to just look pretty next to Jeongguk and stay silent as much as he can, being pretty was his main job after all.

They arrived to their destination and got out. Taehyung spotted three guys in front of the restaurant. One of them was smoking, Taehyung recognized this guys as Yoongi. The other taller one was Namjoon, he saw their photos in some magazines. He didn’t know the third one, a blonde, but he guessed that it’s Namjoon’s boyfriend.

“Finally, we thought we will have to start without you,” Namjoon greeted Jeongguk with a wave.

“It’s nice to see you too,” Jeongguk snorted.

“You gonna introduce us or you gonna be rude?” Seokjin glared at Jeongguk.

“Sure. This is Taehyung,” Jeongguk introduced him and put a hand on the small of his back lightly. Taehyung was surprised for a second because Jeongguk never really touched him: “This is Seokjin, Yoongi and Namjoon.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” Taehyung bowed his head a little and flashed them one of his most charming smiles.

“Looks like you won’t be the prettiest face of the evening, Jin,” Yoongi grinned provocatively at the oldest. Taehyung blushed little bit at the compliment.

“It’s nice to finally meet you,” Namjoon smiled politely and bowed his head quickly to prevent his boyfriend from starting some argument with Yoongi.

 Jeongguk reached into his jacket and pulled out a packet of cigarettes.

“You smoke?” Taehyung looked at him surprised.

“Mostly not, usually when I’m stressed,” the older informed him.

“Yeah, it will be fun evening,” Yoongi snorted sarcastically.

“I hate Park Chin-Hwa,” Seokjin sighed.

“You don’t have to work with him, babe,” Namjoon laughed.

“Yeah but these dinners are enough, he’s just an arrogant pig, he’s always trying to hit on me when he clearly knows I am with you. He’s the type of guy who thinks that everyone will sit on their ass because of him. I really didn’t want to go but when Namjoon-ah said you are coming, I changed my mind. We can just get lost and go get a coffee on the bar or something after the dinner,” Seokjin turned to look at Taehyung.

“Hopefully it won’t take long. He always wants to go get wasted so we will reject him when he asks to go somewhere and just leave,” Jeongguk huffed. Taehyung was getting more comfortable now. They were standing outside, just chatting. Jeongguk’s friends seemed nice and no one brought the topic of their relationship up and he was grateful for that.

They went inside few minutes before seven, their companions still haven’t arrived so they decided to sit down. Jeongguk pulled the chair out for him and sat him down like a true gentleman. He was sitting between Jeongguk and Seokjin and he was grateful. He knew this dinner will be boring so maybe the blonde’s company will be welcomed.

Taehyung was admiring the restaurant, it was modern and luxurious, he’s never been to a place like this before and he almost choked on his saliva when he looked at the prices in the menu.

They managed to order their drinks before the others arrived. Teahyung got himself a glass of white wine while Seokjin got red and the rest of them got a whiskey.

Three men came into the restaurant. One of them was around fifty, the other two slightly younger. The first man was radiating a powerful aura and he looked arrogant without even opening his mouth. That was how Taehyung imagined sugar daddy and he was suddenly very grateful for Jeongguk. Well, he was grateful for him anyway but right now more than ever. Taehyung shivered when he imagined that he’d end up with someone like this.

 “Chin-Hwa-ssi,” Jeongguk bowed down his head with a polite smile.

“Jeongguk,” Park Chin-Hwa bowed down. Taehyung didn’t miss the lack of honorific and he could see Jeongguk’s features turn cold.

They all greeted each other and then the oldest man turned to Taehyung: “Who is this beauty?”

“Chin-Hwa-ssi, allow me to introduce you to Kim Taehyung,” Jeongguk introduced the boy.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Chin-Hwa-nim,” Taehyung bowed down with respect.

“You finally found yourself someone, Jeongguk? You’ve been alone for a long time, I am surprised you were able to find such a pretty face,” the oldest man laughed. Taehyung could see Jeongguk’s hand turn into a fist under the table.

“What can I say, I am lucky that I managed to get such a lovely date for tonight,” Jeongguk faked a smile in Chin-Hwa’s direction.

They ordered their food and talked about business little bit. Taehyung was just sipping on his wine and tried to pay attention but he really didn’t understand half of the things they were saying. Seokjin looked bored to death next to him and he wasn’t even trying to hide it.

“They are just friends and they went out for a lunch, you didn’t have to make such an affair of it,” Jeongguk looked at the oldest man with hard eyes.

“That is my job, Jeongguk, I am looking for sensations, I think you as a business man can understand that,”

“My business is not built on making people’s lives harder, quite opposite actually,” Jeongguk answered without a blink. Taehyung was watching the conversation between the two men. The power radiating from them was overwhelming and he had to say that seeing Jeongguk like this was kinda a turn on.

Finally their food arrived so Taehyung busied himself with eating. The food was delicious just like he expected.

“Taehyung, what are you doing for a living?” Chin-Hwa turned to him unexpectedly. He almost choked on his food.

“I am actually still a student, sir,” Taehyung answered when he swallowed the meat: “I study philology, more specifically English and Japanese.” The others were listening.

“Oh, so you are young. I bet finding Jeongguk is a win for you, right? Students need all the money they can get,” the older man laughed. Taehyung froze, he was very close to the truth. Jeongguk clenched his jaw at that, he didn’t like the man’s disrespect, it didn’t matter that he was close to the truth, he hated how arrogant he was towards Taehyung. He put his hand on the backrest of Taehyung’s chair. He didn’t really touch him but the gesture itself was comforting Taehyung.

“I work here and there,” Taehyung reacted quickly.

“And are you originally from Seoul?”

“No, sir, I come from Daegu,”

“Really? Yoongi is from Daegu too, that’s a coincidence,” Namjoon exclaimed.

“Really?” Taehyung looked at Yoongi, surprised. The older guy nodded but didn’t say anything.

“And what about you, Jin? How is business going?” Chin-Hwa turned his attention to the blonde.

“It would go much better if you didn’t trash it in your article,” Seokjin deadpanned. Taehyung noticed Namjoon’s hand squeezing his thigh under the table.

“Don’t take it personally, Jin-ah, you know I like you, you are a true gem with your pretty face but I have to be honest in my articles,” the oldest man grinned. Seokjin was seemingly fuming, the use of the familiar nickname and the attitude was riling him up. He was opening his mouth to say something but thankfully the conversation went back to business so Taehyung relaxed again, he will rather sit here and just listen than talk about himself.

“You wanna get out?” Seokjin leaned closer to him with a whisper. Taehyung nodded. He wouldn’t leave by himself but if the older was offering it, he wasn’t opposed.

“I believe you can excuse us, gentlemen, me and Taehyung will leave you here to your business stuff and go drink some coffee on the bar,” Seokjin spoke up and wiped his mouth with a napkin. He didn’t wait for permission and got up, Taehyung followed him.

“Ugh, I hate that asshole,” Seokjin breathed out when they were far enough from the men. They went to the bar and ordered espresso.

“You are coming to dinners with Namjoon often?” Taehyung started conversation. He didn’t really know what to speak about but he had a feeling that Seokjin was laid back so he was actually glad that he can talk to someone. He didn’t get that often with Jeongguk.

“When I’m free then usually yes. But I have my own business, I have a party planning agency. Joon-ah is making a lot of money but I am not the type to live off someone else’s money,” Seokjin snickered. Taehyung looked down in shame.

“Oh, hey, I didn’t mean it like that!” Seokjin said quickly when he noticed the younger’s discomfort: “I know from Joon-ah what is your relationship with Guk and I don’t judge you okay? To each their own, if this works for you then it’s fine. I know what it’s like to be a broke college student, believe me so I get that making money isn’t always easy.”

Taehyung smiled back when he saw the blonde’s warm and honest smile. He knew the older didn’t mean to offend him but he kinda hit the nail.

“What parties do you plan?” Taehyung asked.

“Oh usually like company parties, I do parties for JE, that is actually how me and Joon-ah met almost three years ago,” Seokjin smiled. They were chatting for a bit and Taehyung decided that he really liked Seokjin. He was friendly and chatty and his laugh was contagious.

“So what is it like to live with Jeongguk?” Seokjin asked suddenly.

“Well, it’s fine. I mean, I can’t really complain, he’s nice to me and everything. He’s just…well, we don’t talk that much,” Taehyung confessed. He didn’t want to gossip about Jeongguk but he felt like he could trust Seokjin.

“Yeah, that’s Jeongguk, he can be difficult,” the older laughed: “It took me some time to get to him at the beginning as well. Give him some time, he’s just an introvert but once you get to know each other better, he will warm up eventually.”

Taehyung hoped it was true. He really couldn’t complain, he was quite content with Jeongguk but he wished they would talk more. They didn’t speak much even when they were together and he understood that the older was reserved, not every person was a cheerful extrovert but it was really difficult, especially when he was used to living with Jimin and Hoseok, two most cheerful and talkative people he’s ever met.

They noticed that the three man from the magazine started getting up, telling them that they were leaving so they went back to say their farewells.

“Finally,” Yoongi groaned and downed his whiskey completely. Jeongguk and Namjoon seemed to share his feelings.

“I hope we won’t see him for a very long time,” Namjoon nodded in agreement.

“I met a lot of douchebags but he’s one of the biggest ones,” Seokjin added and sat back down next to his boyfriend. Taehyung sat back down next to Jeongguk.

They stayed in the restaurant for a bit and had few more drinks, just chatting about stuff. Taehyung was on his fourth glass of wine when he felt a hand on his thigh. Jeongguk was sipping on his whiskey and he was talking with Yoongi while Taehyung chatted with Namjoon and Seokjin. The small gesture made Taehyung happy, his hand only rested there but it was still nice.

They left the restaurant around ten and they got into the first taxi they found. Taehyung felt little bit light-headed from the wine but it was the nice kind of light-headed.

“You did really well tonight,” Jeongguk spoke up and placed his hand back on Taehyung’s thigh once they were in the cab.

“I almost didn’t speak,” Taehyung giggled.

“But still, he’s an asshole and you did well,”

“Thank you,” the younger smiled shyly.

“And you look gorgeous tonight, you blew everyone’s mind,” Jeongguk added and Taehyung looked at him. The older was staring at him with intent eyes. He was obviously little bit drunk too but Taehyung really liked that. He liked the fact that Jeongguk thought he’s handsome.

They arrived to the apartment and as soon as the door to the penthouse shut behind them, Jeongguk slammed Taehyung against it and kissed him roughly. Taehyung was surprised at first but when he got over the initial shock, he started returning the kiss.

They were making out against the door for few minutes and Jeongguk stripped them both down in a meantime. He then grabbed Taehyung’s hips and led him to the dining table. He laid him down on his back and pulled his body to the edge so he was standing right between Taehyung’s legs.

He prepared him quickly and soon he lined himself up and thrusted in. Taehyung moaned out in pleasure of being filled again and it didn’t take long for Jeongguk to start with his movements, slowly at first but quickly picking up the speed. Jeongguk was gripping his thighs tightly, leaving bruises as he was slamming into him. Taehyung was incredibly turned on and he was admiring the way Jungkook’s abs and biceps flexed with each movement. He wanted to touch him so badly but instead he was gripping the edges of the table.

The table was shaking under him as Jeongguk was fucking him in a punishing speed. Taehyung was moaning shamelessly at the way the older was looking down at him. His eyes were hooded and wild, his lips were slightly parted and he was letting out quick breaths.

Jeongguk came first this time, his hips stuttered and he filled Taehyung with a low moan. When he came back from his height, he wrapped his hand around Taehyung’s hard leaking cock and jerked him off quickly until Taehyung screamed and spilled his load all over his stomach.

Chapter Text

“Gotta say that I miss this place,” Taehyung looked around the old apartment with nostalgia. He had an afternoon off and he decided to spend it with his friends. He’s been seeing them pretty often but mostly just for a lunch or quick coffee so it was nice to have few hours. He missed them so much.

“I doubt that, I bet you have a nice apartment now,” Jimin laughed and handed him a beer.

“Well, that’s true but you are not in it,” the youngest protested.

“When can we come to the visit anyway?” Hoseok jumped in the conversation.

“I don’t know, Hobi, we are not really allowed to have visitors since it’s a company apartment,” Taehyung looked at him apologetically. He’d gladly take them to Jeongguk’s apartment, they’d be blown away and they could spend afternoon in the pool or something but if they saw the penthouse, they wouldn’t believe his lies anymore. Besides, Jeongguk wouldn’t probably appreciate strangers in his home.

“That sucks. Well at least we still hang out and that is important,” Jimin smiled and then added: “So what is the job like, are they nice to you?”

“Yeah, they are all nice people. Jeongguk is nice even if cold most of the times,” Taehyung replied.

“What?! You’re working directly with Jeon Jeongguk? I thought you are an assistant of some smaller fish!” Hoseok exclaimed. Taehyung cursed himself, he didn’t mean to talk about Jeongguk.

“Well, I am!” Taehyung quickly replied and was thinking what to say: “I am an assistant of Kim Namjoon and they are partners and friends so I get to see Jeongguk sometimes. Besides, it’s quite a small company, it’s very friendly.”

“Well, Kim Namjoon is quite a big fish too, he’s the main producer and partly owner of the company right?” Jimin gasped.

“Yeah, along with Yoongi. What can I say, I got really lucky,” Taehyung smiled and was glad that he somehow got the conversation away from Jeongguk.

“Now I am not surprised that you got all those benefits, being an assistant of Kim Namjoon is a big deal, wow,” Jimin was still in awe.

“Well and what about Jeongguk? What is he like in real life? We’ve often admired him, especially his photos in the magazines,” Hoseok wiggled his eyebrows. Taehyung rolled his eyes. He knew what his friend was hinting on, they might have spent some time almost drooling over Jeongguk (and Namjoon and Yoongi too). You don’t often see such young and handsome business men, you can’t blame them.

“Jeongguk is fine. He is really nice and treats people well but he is usually pretty introvert,” Taehyung answered carefully not to give anything out.

“That’s nice but you know that is not what I was asking. Is he really that hot in person?” Hoseok laughed.

“You have no idea, Hobi, even hotter,” Taehyung grinned provocatively and decided to tease his friends little bit: “He is really handsome. Once I went to the company gym to tell something to Namjoon and they were working out Jeongguk was there only in shorts and let me tell you, I haven’t seen such godly body in a very long time, fuck.”

This was a complete lie of course but he couldn’t tell them how and why he saw Jeongguk shirtless. He was glad that at least he can let out some of his emotions and rant to someone about him, at least this way. He, Jimin and Hoseok were very close, they’ve always talked about hot guys or girls and ranted to each other about them. They even talked about sex often so the fact that Taehyung couldn’t speak about it with them was killing him inside little bit.

“Wow, you are really a lucky bastard,” Jimin breathed out.

“Let’s go out,” Hoseok offered after a while. They had few beers and some dinner. Taehyung knew that Jeongguk will be at work till late so he wasn’t in rush.

“I should go back,” Taehyung shook his head. He didn’t know when exactly the older man will be at home but he was sure he wouldn’t be happy if Taehyung wasn’t there.

“Come on, Tae! You’ve been living away from us for like a month and we haven’t been to a party in forever. Just let go and have fun,” Jimin started convincing him. Taehyung bit his lip. He really wanted to hang out and blow off some steam. He could try to text Jeongguk and ask him for permission, if the older didn’t have any plans with him tonight, he might let him go.

He texted Jeongguk and waited almost twenty minutes for his reply. The older finally texted, telling him that he is free to come later but that he should arrive come midnight and that he has to take a cab to be safe.

“Okay guys, let’s go party. But I work tomorrow so I can’t stay up till morning,” Taehyung announced them.

“Yay! It’s alright, it’s only eight, we can have plenty of fun in just few hours, let’s go!” Hoseok got up excitedly and so they left.

They were to their usual club, it was the typical student bar, it was dirty and most importantly cheap. They were playing mostly EDM music and it was overcrowded as always.

They immediately started getting shots since they had already some beers in the apartment and they were laughing loudly together. Taehyung felt so great, his life has been upside down now and he really wasn’t complaining but this here, this he was familiar with.

It didn’t take them long to go to the dance floor, all three of them loved dancing and even though Taehyung wasn’t as good as Hoseok and Jimin, he was still decent and he was enjoying it. Soon they were dancing to the loud music while the strangers around them were basically grinding on them because the place was packed.

Some guy came to Taehyung and grabbed his hips. Taehyung didn’t mind and danced with the guy who started grinding on him lightly. Suddenly Taehyung felt lips on his neck and he snapped.

“Sorry, I can’t do this,” he looked at the stranger. He was quite handsome and normally Taehyung wouldn’t mind hooking up with him but he knew the rules. That was the rule number one – not having any other relations beside Jeongguk.

“You’re taken?” the guy asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, I’m sorry. I just wanted to dance but that’s all,” Taehyung smiled at him apologetically. Saying that he was taken was the easiest option. Thankfully the guy wasn’t some douchebag, he apologized and left Taehyung.

“I have to go!” Taehyung screamed in Jimin’s ear. It was almost midnight and Taehyung needed to catch the cab and get home. He was already nervous and already quite smashed too.

“Okay, take care, TaeTae. See you soon!” Jimin shouted back and hugged him. Then Taehyung hugged Hoseok as well and made his way through the club outside. Thankfully there were few cabs waiting outside so he jumped in the first one and gave them the address.

Taehyung stumbled into the apartment, closing the door behind him quietly. He hoped Jeongguk was already asleep but when he came to the living room, his hopes were shattered. Jeongguk was there, sitting on the couch, only the small lamp was on.

Taehyung gulped. Jeongguk was resting his one arm on the armrest and he was looking at him with hard eyes.

“I said till midnight,” the older broke the silence. It was ten minutes past midnight. Taehyung felt suddenly guilty and so small under the other’s gaze. Jeongguk got up and slowly came over to him, he looked almost like a predator.

He grabbed Taehyung’s jaw and looked into his eyes: “Are you drunk?”

“I drank something,” the younger peeped.

“You texted that you are hanging out with your friends,”

“We were hanging out but then we went to a club,” Taehyung confessed. He didn’t know why he just didn’t lie and say they had few beers in the apartment but he felt like Jeongguk would somehow know.

“Oh, is that so?” Jeongguk mumbled and circled Taehyung so he was standing behind him. Taehyung could feel his hot breath at the nape of his neck and he shivered.

“Why do you smell like some other guy?” Jeongguk growled lowly. Taehyung closed his eyes.

“I was just dancing with someone,”

“Oh, just dancing? And you think that’s alright to go out without telling me and let strangers dance with you?”

“I’m sorry, Jeongguk. But nothing happened I swear,” Taehyung whimpered.

“I don’t know if I can believe you,” Jeongguk clicked his tongue and Taehyung could feel his hot breath on his ear.

“You know the rules, Taehyung, no other guys,” Jeongguk breathed out into his ear: “I am very disappointed and angry right now.”

“Please, Jeongguk, I didn’t do anything, I swear,” Taehyung repeated. He had no idea why he felt so guilty and desperate but his insides were squirming at the thought that he disappointed Jeongguk.

“You’ve been a really bad boy, Taehyung and bad boys deserve punishment,” Jeongguk whispered deeply against his ear and it sent shivers down Taehyung’s spine. He knew what that meant, he knew what requirements were in Jeongguk’s profile and he was waiting when they are gonna get to them because so far they had just pretty much normal sex couple of times.

“I don’t wanna do it tonight when you are clearly drunk. I want you to be fully conscious so when you get your lesson, you will remember it,” Jeongguk said in a hard voice: “Go to sleep.”

And so Taehyung did. When he was lying in his bed, he was nervous but also weirdly turned on. The powerful and dominant side of Jeongguk was oddly attractive and he was torn between being worried of what’s to come or look forward to it.


When Taehyung woke up, he had a slight headache, the events of last night came back to him and he felt suddenly nervous. Thankfully he didn’t have any classes today so he could stay home the whole day. When he dared to step out of his bedroom, the apartment was quiet, Jeongguk was at work.

Taehyung was just relaxing the whole day, he took some painkillers for his headache, drank a lot of water and ate properly and he was fine by the afternoon.

He was just watching some TV show in the living room when a text from Jeongguk came, telling him to come to his office in the company. Taehyung gulped.

He dressed himself in jeans and t-shirt and he took a cab. He could walk, the company wasn’t that far away but after last night, he really didn’t feel like it. He announced himself on the reception that he is here to see Jeongguk and he was already expected.

When he arrived up, he greeted Jeongguk’s secretary and she sent him in, Jeongguk was already waiting for him. He came in and shut the door behind himself. He stopped by the door, holding his hands behind his back, looking on the ground.

“I wanted to wait till I get home but I am angry with you and I can’t focus properly on work so we will start now and finish at home,” Jeongguk started without even greeting him. Taehyung looked at him carefully. He was sitting behind his desk, looking as powerful as ever.

“I believe you are familiar with all my requirements from the profile and I suppose you are alright with them,” the older spoke up again.

“Yes,” Taehyung nodded. There was nothing too weird on Jeongguk’s sex list and frankly, he enjoyed most of those things probably more than he should have.

“I didn’t want to do anything before, I wanted us to get to know each other little bit because I require your complete trust when we are doing this,” Jeongguk started talking and Taehyung was listening carefully: “I require your complete obedience and submission, I am the one who’s making the rules, you have no right to ask anything and you speak only when you’re told to. Of course we won’t do anything you don’t want to and we will have a safe word or we can use the colour system. What suits you more?”

“Colour system is fine,” Taehyung mumbled.

“Okay then. I need you to trust me in this, Taehyung, give yourself completely to me. Do you trust me?” Jeongguk was staring into Taehyung’s eyes.

“I trust you,” the younger nodded seriously and without any hint of hesitation. He knew Jeongguk would never hurt him in a non pleasurable way and that he’d stop anytime Taehyung wanted to. He was nervous but his body was also buzzing with excitement. He liked rough treatment and he liked being in mercy of other people and right now, with the way Jeongguk was speaking and looking at him, he was sure that Jeongguk will be excellent at this.

“Oh and as for how you’ll address me when we’re doing this. You are allowed to call me only sir or master, do you understand? Any other addressing, my name or whatever, you will be punished for that,”

“I understand,” Taehyung confirmed and waited.

“Come here,” Jeongguk ordered and his tone changed. Taehyung felt suddenly small again and he slowly approached the other, waiting for other orders.

“Lay down on my lap,” the older pointed at his lap and the younger obeyed immediately. Jeongguk adjusted him, so his ass was on his lap while his torso was hanging from the chair little bit.

Taehyung waited in anticipation, he had pretty good idea what is about to happen and he held his breath. Jeongguk lifted his hips and unzipped the jeans and then he tucked them down along with the underwear so it was resting under Taehyung’s ass.

Taehyung sucked in a breath when he felt one of Jeongguk’s big hands knead one of his ass cheeks and then he moved to another.

“You’ve been a bad boy, Taehyung and bad boys deserve some slapping, don’t you think?” Jeongguk spoke up deeply. Taehyung didn’t know if he was allowed to speak or not.

“Answer me,” the older growled.

“Yes, sir,” Taehyung breathed out, the hand on his ass felt so good.

“I think ten will be enough for today,” Jeongguk announced him and pinched his ass: “You will count.”

Jeongguk put his other hand on the small of Taehyung’s back to support him little bit and he was caressing his cheeks with the other. Taehyung was almost squirming in anticipation but he knew better than to move or demand something.

The first slap came unexpectedly and Taehyung hissed in pain: “One.”

Jeongguk soothed the skin with his palm and waited to make the other impatient. Taehyung’s head was hanging down and his hair was hanging to his eyes.

“Two,” Taehyung yelped when a second slap hit him. It was harder this time and he could feel his skin starting to burn.

Jeongguk didn’t wait too long this time and gave each of the cheeks a hard slap. Taehyung cried out in the mix of pain and pleasure because his cock was rubbing over Jeongguk’s clothed thighs and it felt so good.

“Three, four,” the younger breathed out finally. Jeongguk’s eyes were glued to his reddening ass, he could already see imprints of his hands on it and it was turning him on. He was still little bit angry and frustrated with the other but it was slowly going away with each slap.

The hits five, six and seven came soon and Taehyung was quietly whimpering after that. His cock was almost fully hard already and he felt light-headed.

Jeongguk looked at the boy’s face. He couldn’t see much because of the hair but he noticed that his cheeks were flushed and his lips swollen, telling him that Taehyung was biting them. He brought his hand down and gave Taehyung the biggest smack yet.

“Eight!” the younger cried out and threw his head back. The mixture of pain and pleasure was almost too much and Taehyung was so happy that he was finally getting it. He could feel pre-come spurting from his tip, leaking on Jeongguk’s pants.

“Nine,” Taehyung whimpered when another slap hit him hard and he was almost gone. He was so happy that it’s over soon but he wanted to go on at the same time.

“Ten!” he rasped out brokenly when Jeongguk gave him the last slap. His cheeks were burning and he knew there will be imprints and bruises. Jeongguk was soothing the skin with his palms and the soft movements were comforting Taehyung.

“You did so well, baby boy, so good for me,” Jeongguk mumbled deeply and caressed Taehyung’s red cheeks. The younger whimpered at the praise.

Jeongguk helped him get up and dress up. Taehyung was on the verge of tears because he was so hard and Jeongguk wasn’t going to do anything about it. But he knew he didn’t deserve it, he disappointed Jeongguk and this was his punishment.

Jeongguk got up from the chair and leaned in to kiss Taehyung. The kiss was slow and deep and Taehyung almost melted.

“Now here is what you are going to do,” Jeongguk looked at the younger when he broke the kiss.

“You will go home, you will go to the closet in my room. On the right side there is a cabinet with toys. You will take the black vibrating plug, you will finger yourself and put it in. You will turn it on the second setting and wait till I come home. You will not come, nor touch yourself and you will not turn the vibrator off, do you understand? It’s connected to my phone through the app so I will know if you will lower the setting or turn it off. Are we clear, baby?” Jeongguk gave Taehyung exact instructions.

Taehyung processed everything because his mind was little bit clouded but he got it all.

“Yes, sir,” he nodded obediently.

“I will come home around seven so you have three hours. And remember, don’t you dare to touch yourself, except for the preparation of course. Do you understand?” Jeongguk ran a finger over Taehyung’s jaw.

“Yes, sir,” Taehyung nodded again. Jeongguk kissed him shortly one last time and then went back to his chair. That was cue for Taehyung to leave.

Chapter Text

Taehyung came home from Jeongguk’s office and went immediately do what he was told. Jeongguk told him he has the app for the vibrator – Taehyung didn’t even know that was a thing – so he would know how long it took Taehyung to fulfil his task.

He went to Jeongguk’s bedroom and straight to his closet. He spotted a white cabinet and opened it. His eyes widened at the impressive collection of toys and items. There were few butt plugs and dildos, one ball gag, two cock rings – one of them vibrating, fluffy handcuffs and metal handcuffs, few silky blindfolds and some ropes. Taehyung’s breath hitched at the sight of two leather whips and he briefly wondered if Jeongguk is gonna use them on him sometimes.

He took the black vibrating butt plug with the controller as he was told by Jeongguk. His erection went almost fully down before he got back to the apartment but he was still aroused and he knew that this will be a torture.

He went to his room and stripped down slowly. He grabbed a bottle of lube and quickly fingered himself open. When he was done, he lubed up the plug and slowly pushed it in, releasing a long breath. Then he grabbed the controller and turned it on. He yelped at the low vibrations running through his body and after taking few slow breaths, he turned on the setting to the second grade just like the older asked him to.

When he got used to the feeling, he put a big t-shirt on and slipped in the boxers. He didn’t bother himself with any other clothing. Then he went to the living room to wait. He knew it will be long three hours.

He was trying to distract himself with some work to school but he couldn’t focus at all. He could feel the constant vibrations against his walls and his cock was slowly hardening. So he put the work away and watched TV instead.

He was lying on his stomach, his breathing shallow. The TV show he was watching was distracting him enough but when he shifted to adjust his position, the plug dag deeper in him and the tip rested right against his prostate. He let out a loud surprised moan and he threw his head forward so it was hanging between his shoulders. He took few deep breaths to calm down but when he tried to shift again, his hard cock rubbed against the couch pillows and he cursed under his breath. Pre-come spurted from his tip, straining his underwear.

He wanted to grind his hips down so bad, with every passing minute he wanted to come more desperately but he knew he couldn’t. He would make Jeongguk angry and he’d disappoint him and the thought of disappointing the older was making him squirm.

He needed at least some friction so he sneaked his hand to his entrance, grabbed the end of the plug, pulled it out little bit and then slowly thrusted back in. He moaned loudly at the sensation and repeated the action. It felt so damn good but what was the point if he couldn’t come? He stopped after few minutes, when he was dangerously on the edge.

When Jeongguk came home few minutes after seven, he found Taehyung lying on his stomach in the living room, squirming and whimpering helplessly. The older sucked in a deep breath at the sight, Taehyung looked so fucked out already, he couldn’t wait to see him after he was done with him tonight.

“Jeongguk,” Taehyung whimpered when he noticed the other male. His eyes were blown wide and his cheeks pink. His lips were swollen from the biting and he looked absolutely gorgeous, if you ask Jeongguk. The younger forgot about the name calling rule but Jeongguk decided to let it go for once.

“Have you been a good boy, Tae?” Jeongguk came over to him and caressed the small of his back.

“Yes, sir, I haven’t touched myself and I haven’t come, I’ve been waiting for you,” Taehyung nodded eagerly.

“Such a good boy,” the older murmured and pressed a kiss to Taehyung’s cheek. The other almost purred at the action and the praise.

“Let me come, please, I need to come,” the younger whined helplessly.

“I will let you come only if you will still leave the plug in while we have a dinner,” Jeongguk compromised. He didn’t want to give it to Taehyung so easily but the boy was so desperate and so pretty right now.

“Yes, I can do that just please, let me come,” Taehyung nodded eagerly.

“Okay, baby boy, come here, sit between my legs,” Jeongguk gave in and sat down on the other couch. Taehyung immediately obeyed and walked over to the older. He sat down between Jeongguk’s legs so his back was pressed against the older’s firm chest.

Jeongguk attached his lips the side of his neck and pressed an open-mouthed kiss into it. Then he sneaked his hand down Taehyung’s torso and cupped him through the boxers. Taehyung got out a shaky breath and threw his head back so it was resting on Jeongguk’s shoulder.

Jeongguk didn’t tease him for too long. He slipped his hand under the briefs, wrapped his fingers around Taehyung’s hard leaking cock and pulled it out of the underwear.

Taehyung was whimpering and squirming against his chest and he rested his hands on Jeongguk’s thighs for support, digging his finger in the muscles.

Jeongguk stroked Taehyung slowly few times and as soon as he sped up his movements, Taehyung let out a strangled moan. The plug was still buzzing inside him, pressed directly against his prostate and he was so close to the edge from hours of stimulation. Jeongguk’s hand was quickly jerking him off and it didn’t take Taehyung long before he shivered, his mouth fell open in silent scream and he came all over Jeongguk’s hand.

“You did so well, Tae, such a good boy,” Jeongguk murmured against the skin of his neck and licked it.

“Eat,” the older ordered and brought his messy hand to Taehyung’s lips. The younger started licking his own come eagerly and the older cursed under his breath. Taehyung was so pliant for him and so perfect.

Jeongguk tucked Taehyung back to his underwear, the plug was still buried and vibrating in his ass. The older helped him get up and they went to the kitchen to put the meals, that Jeongguk brought, on the plates to eat.

Taehyung was trying his best to eat but the plug was distracting him. His walls were so damn sensitive and he was shivering every few seconds from the sensation. Jeongguk was eating in silence, observing the younger from time to time.

Half an hour later, Taehyung was lying on Jeongguk’s bed on his back, his wrists cuffed to the headboard in the metal handcuffs. He was completely naked while Jeongguk was still in his working clothes, sitting between his spread legs.

The older was slowly thrusting the butt plug in and out, teasing the younger. He set it on the highest vibrations few minutes ago and Taehyung’s thighs were shaking as he was squirming and whimpering helplessly.

“What is your colour, baby?” Jeongguk asked in a deep voice.

“Green, it’s green,” Taehyung choked out impatiently. He wanted to come so badly. He came not even an hour ago but his cock was red and leaking again.

“How many times in row can you come?” the older asked. He wanted to know Taehyung’s boundaries and maybe push them little by little.

“I once came three times,” the younger breathed out and looked Jeongguk in the eyes.

“Well, that could be enough for tonight,” Jeongguk hummed. They could try more times some other time. This was the first time they were having sex like this so he wanted to go easy on the boy.

Jeongguk started thrusting the plug in and out in faster speed. Taehyung was crying out every few seconds, the stimulation was almost too much and he was so damn sensitive from his first orgasm.

“You won’t come unless you’re told to, understood?” Jeongguk said firmly.

“Yes, master,” Taehyung whined obediently. Jeongguk picked up the speed even more and soon he was fucking the plug in and out of the abused hole in a punishing speed, hitting Taehyung’s prostate every time. The younger was close to tears, his eyes were wet and he was biting his lip. He was focusing all his willpower to stop himself from coming. He was so damn close but he wanted to please Jeongguk.

“Please, master, let me come! I need to come!” Taehyung screamed at one particularly hard thrust and he nearly lost it.

“You think you deserve it?” the older asked, pretending to be unsure.

“Yes, sir, I’ve been a good boy, please!” the younger babbled feverishly. Jeongguk cursed under his breath. Taehyung addressing himself as a good boy and begging for the release like this was a beautiful music to Jeongguk’s ears.

“Okay, baby boy, you can come,” Jeongguk answered after teasing him with a minute of silence. He thrusted the plug in and out few more times until Taehyung cried out brokenly and came all over his stomach.

Jeongguk immediately turned off the plug and pulled it out from the sensitive hole. Then he lied down by Taehyung’s side and stroked his damp hair from his eyes. He kissed him deeply and caresses his side.

“You’ve done so great. Such a good baby boy for me,” Jeongguk murmured against Taehyung’s ear and bit down on his earlobe. Taehyung whimpered contently at the praise. He’s been always sucker for praising during sex and even more so when he was getting rougher treatment like this.

Jeongguk uncuffed Taehyung and massaged his wrists that were bruised little bit from how much he was tugging on them.

“What’s your colour?” Jeongguk asked when Taehyung finally came to his senses and he was focused enough.

“Green,” the younger replied surely. The two orgasms of the evening drained him but he was ready for more and he really wanted Jeongguk’s cock so that is what he asked from him.

“I want your cock, sir, please, will you give me your cock?” Taehyung looked at the older with big eyes. Jeongguk almost groaned at the boy’s desperation.

“You want my cock so bad? You want me to fuck you so hard until you are a sobbing mess?” Jeongguk growled against Taehyung’s ear deeply and the younger’s toes curled at the promise.

“Yes, please, fuck me hard, I want you to fuck me until I can’t walk, I want you to fill me with your come,” Taehyung was babbling feverishly.

“Shit, baby, okay,” Jeongguk groaned and sat up: “On your stomach, ass up and hands on your back.”

Taehyung slowly complied. He rolled on his stomach and pushed his ass up in the air and then he brought his arms back and clasped them together. Jeongguk took the handcuffs again and locked them around Taehyung’s wrists.

“I am gonna blindfold you, okay?” the older announced but he wanted Taehyung’s permission, he didn’t want to do anything the other didn’t want to.

“Yes, sir,” Taehyung nodded with his face pressed against the mattress, his head turned to the side. Jeongguk took the blindfold, that he previously prepared on the bedside table, and wrapped it carefully around the other’s eyes. He tied it securely but carefully enough so it wasn’t uncomfortable. Taehyung was breathing deeply once his sight was taken away from him and he was waiting with anticipation.

Jeongguk moved over behind Taehyung, groaning at the sight of Taehyung lying so ready and pliant for him. His ass cheeks were little bit read from the previous spanking and that sent jolts of electricity down Jeongguk’s painfully hard cock. He has been as excited as Taehyung ever since the spanking that afternoon, he couldn’t wait to be buried inside that perfect ass.

Jeongguk grabbed Taehyung’s cheeks and massaged them with his palms for a bit, the younger held his breath, he was growing impatient.  The older then lubed up his erection and poured some on Taehyung’s hole.

Finally Jeongguk lined himself with Taehyung’s entrance. The younger bit his lip at the feeling and braced himself for the much needed stretch.

Jeongguk pushed inside with ease since the younger was stretched enough from the plug and he groaned when he bottomed completely. Taehyung whined at the sensation of being finally filled, his asshole was so sensitive from the hours of having the plug in and the two previous orgasms but it felt oddly good, he’s always been a sucker for pain. He wiggled his ass impatiently.

“Don’t move,” Jeongguk brought his palm down and smacked one of Taehyung’s cheeks: “You will stay still and take whatever I decide to give you.”

“Yes, sir,” Taehyung whimpered helplessly. The older was circling his hips, teasing Taehyung.

“Please, sir, fuck me hard,” the younger cried out in frustration at Jeongguk’s teasing. He was so far gone now, he needed to get it roughly and he needed it now.

Jeongguk finally snapped at those pleas, he was on the edge this whole time too so he finally gave the younger what he was asking for. He grabbed his hips in a bruising grip and started pounding into him mercilessly. Taehyung was screaming shamelessly at the rough treatment, his abused and sensitive hole was burning but it felt so damn good.

“Do you like this, baby boy, when I fuck you like a slut?” Jeongguk growled and slapped Taehyung’s cheek. The other cried out loudly.

“Yes, oh my god, fuck me like a slut,” Taehyung babbled. He was drooling over the pillow at this point and the tears were streaming down his face from under the blindfold. Jeongguk was fucking him so good and he loved every second of it.

Jeongguk could feel the heat pooling in his stomach, he was so worked up for so long that it was becoming too much. He was ramming into the younger and his sweet little whimpers alternated with loud screams were driving him crazy.

“Sir, I’m gonna come,” Taehyung whimpered. His whole body was shaking with pleasure and effort of holding back his orgasm because he knew he can’t come without the permission.

“Hold it. I will fill you up with my come and then you can come too, understood?” Jeongguk growled.

“Yes, sir, fill me, I want your load so bad,” Taehyung nodded breathlessly. Jeongguk cursed, Taehyung was so fucking shameless. He has already known that the boy was good in bed from their previous activities but right now, this, that was a whole new level. The way Taehyung was begging for him, how submissive and impatient he was and how shamelessly he talked, that was starting a fire under Jeongguk’s skin.

The older gripped Taehyung’s hips even harder, digging his fingers and nails into the soft flesh and he slammed his hips as fast as he could. Taehyung cried out, clenched around him and that instantly ripped an orgasm from him. Jeongguk came with a guttural groan and spilled his load into the tight heat. Taehyung cried out in pleasure of being filled and he remembered Jeongguk’s promise. As soon as he felt the older empty himself into him, his insides exploded and he came with a lewd moan over Jeongguk’s bed sheets, his body shaking.

Jeongguk carefully uncuffed Taehyung, took off the blindfold and the younger collapsed on the bed. The older lied down beside him and pressed few kisses to his cheek.

“You did so amazing, Tae, so good for me, god,” the older mumbled against his cheek. Taehyung smiled groggily, he was so happy that he pleased Jeongguk, that was his biggest reward.


Jeongguk announced Taehyung that he is going for a weekend to Tokyo for a business trip and he wants him to come with him. Taehyung was living with Jeongguk for over a month now and he was really excited from the news. He’s never been outside of Korea, he didn’t even have a passport before but he had it made after he signed the contract because he knew it was required from him.

Namjoon, Yoongi and Seokjin were going too, which was great news. Taehyung has only seen the two producers couple of times and Seokjin only that one time during that dinner but he liked them. He knew the three men will be busy during the day so he was happy that Seokjin will be there too, they can hang out together.

“Why are you even going on business trips, can’t someone do it for you?” Taehyung asked Jeongguk during a breakfast. They didn’t eat together often in the mornings but today was Saturday and Jeongguk exceptionally didn’t go to work.

“Even though the company is doing great, we are not that big. Most of our employees are the staff of the rappers or groups, such as managers, stylists and bodyguards. There aren’t that many employees in the offices,” the older explained and then continued, after he took a sip of a coffee: “Besides I like to keep an eye on the businesses and do it myself. And I like travelling.”

“And why do Yoongi and Namjoon go, they surely aren’t needed as producers,” Taehyung frowned.

“They mostly produce and write music but they are still founders and owners too and sometimes they help with running the company. We make all decisions together,”

“Oh, okay,” Taehyung nodded understandingly. He smiled slightly, it was nice having a conversation with Jeongguk. Not only because it was interesting to know more about the company but also because moments like these were rare. Jeongguk hasn’t still opened up to him, he was treating him nice, sure, but mostly during the sex, they didn’t talk much like this.

“You said during the dinner with Chin-Hwa that you study English and Japanese. I suppose you are happy that you can finally put your language skills to a good use,” Jeongguk brought up. Taehyung’s heart cheered little bit at the fact that the older remembered this information about him.

“Yeah, I am excited. I’ve never used those languages much outside of school. I met some exchange students and we chatted but I have never been abroad so I am curious. I am little bit nervous though, I think that I will embarrass myself,” Taehyung laughed nervously.

“I think you are over-exaggerating. You are very clever, I can tell, you will do great,” Jeongguk assured him and Taehyung flashed him a big smile at that.

“I am little bit scared of the flight though,” the younger bit his lip.

“Don’t worry about that, flying is fun, you will like it. We will be in a business class and you’ll be sitting next to me,” the older gave him a little smile. Taehyung felt suddenly better, he knew that if the plane was about to crash, there was nothing Jeongguk could do but he still felt suddenly much more relaxed.