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If love is nothing more than just waste of your time, waste it on me

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Jeongguk leaned back in his chair and rubbed his hands over his face. He was exhausted. The work was pilling up – which was a good sign of the company doing great – his recording label was mostly focusing on rappers but they had few idol groups as well and the business went great, considering he started it only five years ago with couple of his friends. Only Namjoon and Yoongi stayed with him and they were mostly producing the music so the annoying stuff around the company was on him. Now, however, he was busy with a personal task.

He’s been going through profiles of young men that he received from the agency he signed up to. The agency was very discreet and provided only the best services but he’s been going through profiles all day and nothing caught his eye. No one was meeting his requirements and expectations. Were there no good enough young men anymore? Or was he just too demanding? Probably both.

He was successful and rich, he’s been working hard to be where he is but sometimes this life got lonely. He didn’t have time for a relationship and frankly, he didn’t even want one. But he was also tired of random one night stands and quickies. He wanted someone to be with him whenever he wanted and someone who would accompany him from time to time to some job meetings and on the business trips. So that is why he decided to sign up as a sugar daddy. Maybe he was too young for it, it was usually men in their forties and up who did that but when he was getting information about it, he realized that it is something that would suit him perfectly. And he definitely had money for that.

He didn’t expect to find a perfect guy in few days but there was absolutely no one good enough. They were all lacking something and he never liked backing up from his requirements, if he did, he wouldn’t be where he is now at only twenty eight years.

He picked few alright candidates so he decided to give them a chance, meet them and find out more, maybe seeing them with his own eyes will change his mind.


Taehyung was fucked. Not only him but Jimin and Hoseok as well. He lost his job a month ago and he couldn’t find another and they were really struggling to pay their rent now. He was twenty three, still in college so it wasn’t like he could work full-time.

So that is how he found himself signing up for a company to get himself a sugar daddy. He didn’t say anything to his two roommates and friends. He didn’t even know if this will work out and if so then he will tell them he got himself a job in the cinema or whatever. He was ashamed to tell them. He wasn’t innocent and they knew it but selling himself for money like that was little bit different than occasional hook-ups.

He wasn’t happy about selling himself to some old sleazy dude because that was what most of them were but desperate times call for desperate measures. He’s always loved sex and he’s loved different stuff, he was open to always try new things. He knew most of those dudes will want a submissive pretty boy and that is exactly who he was. He had a big chance, he was handsome, he had a nice body and pretty skin. He didn’t doubt that someone will pick him.

That was the thing about the agency, he couldn’t go through the profiles of the men and pick one himself, it was them who were picking and if someone was interested, the agency will contact him and send him information. Then he will decide if he will accept or refuse. It wasn’t unreasonable, the dudes were paying a lot of money after all so it was only fair for them to choose.

In only a week of being signed up, he received like five offers. That really surprised him and also flattered him. Was he really that attractive for all those guys? He went through their profiles (that were much shorter than his own) but he wasn’t sure about any of them.


Jeongguk was sitting in his office in the company building. It was past eight p.m. and almost everyone was gone by now. 

He received few new profiles from the agency and was going through them. He met few boys last week but none of them were interesting enough so he declined all of them.

The new profiles were interesting and the boys were pretty but it still wasn’t what Jeongguk was looking for. He sighed and wanted to give up but then he forced himself to look at the last one.

The first thing he saw was a portrait photo and that alone caught his attention. The boy was mesmerizing and Jeongguk was staring at the picture, captivated. His features were beautiful, his eyes were dark and deep and his lips plump but not too much. The look in his eyes and the parted lips were making him look innocent. There was just one word that came to Jeongguk’s mind how to describe him – perfect.



He scrolled down to look at his profile. He was actually feeling nervous because he was afraid that the boy won’t suit his requirements but the more he was reading the more intrigued he felt. This boy seemed absolutely perfect. He went back to look at the photo and he was staring at it for a while. Then he read the boy’s name.

“Taehyung,” Jeongguk murmured and he liked how it was rolling of his tongue: “I think we have a winner.” the man smiled to himself and immediately sent his request to the agency. He wanted to meet this guy as soon as possible.


Taehyung was sitting in his English literature class when his phone buzzed. He received the email from the agency. He liked literature but they were talking about theory today and he wasn’t much into it so he opened the message. He promised to himself to be less picky and just grab first decent offer because he really needed money, like yesterday.

The agency didn’t provide them with photos of the guys so he couldn’t see what they look like. They didn’t even specify the age, only a category and he saw that this man is in the category forty and under which wasn’t very common.

He went through the requirements and he felt actually kinda intrigued. He usually checked out especially the sexual requirements because he didn’t want to do anything weird. He was open to a lot of things but he had some boundaries. This guy however didn’t have anything too weird, just usual stuff that was expected from guys like him.

He also wanted his companion to accompany him occasionally to dinners and parties and on business trips, even abroad. That was interesting, most of the guys just wanted someone for sex and that was it. Taehyung would lie if he said that going to some nice restaurant, fancy party or a trip from time to time wouldn’t be nice.

He scrolled down to looked at the salary. All those guys registered in this agency were more than generous but he had some dignity, if he was going to sell himself for sex, he might as well get as much as possible of it. His jaw fell open when he saw the monthly amount – 6 000 000 won + food, clothing, housing, gifs and other expenses. Okay, that was a lot. Taehyung hasn’t probably seen such an offer yet.

The only thing that concerned him was ‘housing’. He looked at ‘working hours/days’ section and he wasn’t sure if he liked the answer – 24/7. Of course he wouldn’t work 24/7 but it meant this man wanted him to be available anytime. It also meant one thing – he’d have to move in with the guy.

Taehyung bit his lip. The offer was more than generous and the idea of living in some luxurious house wasn’t bad of course but could he really go live with a stranger just like that? And what about Jimin and Hoseok? Their apartment was small and old, that’s true, all three of them slept in one room and he and Jimin slept in one bad because there was not enough space. Maybe it’d be for the best. He would be sending money to his friends to help them out.

He really wasn’t sure but the money and other offers were definitely attractive. He’s never met with any of the dudes that wanted him so he might as well do it for the first time right? He can just meet him and decline him, it isn’t binding, he knows they have to sign the contract and all that. The agency he signed up with was very discreet and reliable.

Taehyung confirmed to the agency that he is interested in the meeting with the guy. He was quite young, his requirements weren’t crazy or disgusting and the salary was dreamy.

Before he got home after school, he had an email from the agency telling him that the meeting will happen on Friday evening on the address attached. It wasn’t the agency’s address so Taehyung checked it out. He was expecting some restaurant or maybe even apartment or house. He definitely wasn’t expecting it to be JE company. Of course Taehyung knew the company, pretty much everyone in the Korea knew it. That was definitely interesting, was it some music producer or even the client? What if it was some idol or rapper? Well those couldn’t definitely afford to pay him that much and having him live with them. But still, he felt more excited after this information.

During the diner with Jimin and Hoseok, when they ate the instant ramen, he told them he is going for some job interview. He didn’t tell them what it was, that it’s surprise. He didn’t even know if he will take the offer yet so he didn’t want to come up with some story just yet. If he will take it, he will figure out what to tell them.

They were excited for him and for themselves as well because that meant they won’t struggle that much with the rent and food. Taehyung felt a knot in his stomach. If this will work out and he decides to take this job and this man, then he will move in with him which meant leaving them. He’s been with them since the second year of college and they were his best friends, it wasn’t going to be easy to leave them but if that meant that they will have enough for the rent and they will have more space without Taehyung, then he will gladly do that.


Taehyung came home from his morning Friday class. It was his only class that day and he was grateful for that because he had enough time to get ready. His meeting was at six p.m. but he wanted to prepare himself thoughfully and impress the guy.

He ate a quick lunch and went to take a shower. He scrubbed his body thoughtfully with his favourite coconut body wash and then he took his time shaving his whole body. He knew guys like those that were signed up to the agency liked smooth skin and frankly, he liked it too. He liked how nice it felt under his fingertips. He’s never applied to be a sugar baby before obviously but he’s dated or fucked some older guys to know what they liked.

Then he washed his hair, massaging his scalp and when he got out of the shower, he shaved his face and put on some facial mask. Then he went to the room he shared with Jimin and Hoseok to do a pedicure and manicure while his hair was drying slowly. His friend’s were in their works and they wouldn’t be coming home in the next hours so he had time for himself.

He gave a lot of thought to his outfit. He was going through his closet, picking up different clothes, inspecting them and then discarding them. He didn’t have many items and it was all cheap. He was sure the guy will notice as soon as he sees him but he couldn’t really blame him. He’s in this for money after all. His stomach was buzzing with excitement when he imagined that after tonight maybe he will be getting beautiful, expensive clothes that he’s always dreamt of.

He wanted to dress up smart, the guy was rich as fuck so he couldn’t just meet him in ripped jeans and t-shirt, he was sure the guy will be dressed up nicely.

Eventually he decided for nice fitted slacks that weren’t too tight but they were hugging his ass nicely, as a top he chose a floral shirt with different shades of pink. This shirt was going nicely with his golden skin and it was bringing up his eyes. He put on the only decent shoes he owned because he really had no other choice anyway.

Then he went to style his hair little bit, he didn’t put on much product, he wanted to have it fluffy and then he put a light make up on. He really didn’t need that because he was handsome even bare-faced but he knew that most of guys insist on some make-up. He was considering putting his only contact lenses in but then decided against it. He wanted to look as natural as possible so the guy would know what he was buying.

Lastly he put earrings in, one of them dangling and one bracelet on his wrist and inspected his reflection in the mirror. He looked good. Great actually if he’s being honest.

If this works out, he needed to come up with some good lie about the job to Jimin and Hoseok. Obviously he won’t tell them how much he earns but they would surely be wondering about a lot of things so he couldn’t just say that he works in some café. Maybe he could say he got a job as an assistant in the JE company, that might work and it wouldn’t be a complete lie.

He left the apartment around five p.m. The company was in the city centre and he didn’t want to go by bus in these clothes so he decided to walk.

He got there twenty minutes in advance and he was thinking if he should wait outside but then decided to come in. Then he realized he didn’t even know what to tell the person behind the desk because he didn’t know who he was meeting but he always came up with something so when he came in and spotted a young woman behind the desk, he walked over to her.

“Hello, I have an appointment here. My name is Kim Taehyung,” he introduced himself. He was hoping the person he was meeting gave the receptionist his name.

“Ah, of course, you are expected. Please follow me,” the woman behind the desk smiled at him and led him to the elevators. They rode up in silence, the office was in the highest floor.

“Please, take a seat here, the secretary will come for you soon,” she gestured towards a couch for Taehyung to sit on. He sat down and the girl left. It wasn’t completely silent, there was a low music coming from some speakers in the walls. It really didn’t fit with the fancy looking place, it was some hip hop but Taehyung knew that this company was specialized in this genre so he wasn’t surprised. His palms were sweating, he was really nervous. It was clear that the man is some high manager or something judging by his surroundings.

“Mr. Kim Taehyung? Please, come in,” another young woman came from the door, Taehyung assumed she’s the secretary. He greeted her with a bow and she led him to her office. There was a door on the other side of the room.

“Please, go on, you are awaited,” the woman smiled at him and gestured towards the door. Taehyung still didn’t get the name of the man and he didn’t notice any name tag or anything. He took a deep breath, cleared his throat and stepped in. The secretary closed the door behind him immediately and he bowed down.

When he raised his body to stand up, he froze completely. There was a man in front of him, sitting in a big chair behind the desk. It wasn’t just any man, it was Jeon fucking Jeongguk. Obviously Taehyung knew him, he’s been seeing his pictures all around the newspaper and internet for the past few years. Pretty much everyone in Korea knew him. A lot of people called him a genius and miracle for being so successful at such a young age.

Taehyung would lie if he said that he hasn’t stared at pictures of Jeongguk for a little while longer. The man was handsome. Really handsome and hot on top of that. He had an aura of power that was clear even from just pictures but right now, seeing him in person, it was even stronger.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jeon Jeongguk-nim,” Taehyung bowed down again when he finally found his voice again. The older man was looking at him with intensive look, just the look itself was making Taehyung want to drop on his knees right then and there. He was even more handsome in person, camera lenses didn’t do him any justice.

“Taehyung-ssi, the pleasure is mine,” Jeongguk spoke up. His voice was low but not lower than Taehyung’s and it was velvety but at the same time hard. He didn’t ask Taehyung to sit down so he didn’t.

“I am glad you accepted my invitation to meet. I went through your profile and you meet pretty much all my requirements. I assume you read my requirements and considering you are here, I assume you agree with everything,” Jeongguk spoke up again. His tone was formal and hard, with a slight hint of dominance but then he added: “And please, no need for such formalities.”

“Yes, Jeongguk-ssi, I read your requirements and I have no problem with anything. There are just few things I wanted to ask,” Taehyung bowed his head little bit again.

“Go on, ask,” the older commanded.

“There isn’t much. I just wanted to ask about the 24/7 requirement. I am still at college and I have some classes I have to go to and I have to study occasionally for exams,” the younger started.

“That wouldn’t be a problem. I assume your classes are in the mornings and afternoons. I work usually during the day here so our time together would require mostly evenings,” Jeongguk assured him. He was still so formal and Taehyung felt little bit weird because this was like some business transaction. Which he supposed it was after all.

“I also wanted to ask about moving in,”

“That is my main requirement. You can go to your classes, when you provide me with your schedule, we will figure it out. You can also go out whenever you want to, when I am out or when I say you can. But I want you to be there when I come home. Of course you’ll have your own bedroom and you can use everything in the penthouse without any restrictions,” Jeongguk answered.

“And what exactly would you want from me?” the younger asked a question that was on his mind for past few days. The requirements in the profile were pretty clear but he wanted to know if there was something more to it.

“I won’t ask anything more than what is in the profile. You will live with me, be there when I come home. You will eat with me when I want to, you will go out with me when I want to, you will attend meetings and parties when I want to, you will go on business trips when I want to and we will have sex when I want to. About that, I won’t ask anything from you that wasn’t in the requirements and if there would be a new thing that I’d want to, well, try, then I would discuss it with you beforehand of course. I will never do anything you won’t agree to,” Jeongguk got up and walked slowly towards him as he was speaking. Taehyung shivered little bit at the mention of sex and how casually Jeongguk talked about it.

“You are very beautiful, Taehyung,” Jeongguk said quietly when he stood in front of the younger and brushed his fingers slowly over Taehyung’s chin. Taehyung’s breath caught in his throat. Having a stranger this close was making him little bit nervous but Jeongguk’s presence was also making him kinda anxious and excited.

“Thank you, Jeongguk-ssi,” the younger breathed out slowly. He wanted to compliment the older as well but he felt that was inappropriate from him.

“I expect medical check-ups from you but I suppose you already know from the agency that this is required,” Jeongguk broke the silence.

“Of course,”

“So pretty,” Jeongguk whispered as he was watching Taehyung and the younger almost shivered under his gaze.

“Strip down for me,” the older suddenly said in commanding tone and Taehyung’s eyes grew big. Jeongguk noticed his surprise and discomfort so he continued: “Don’t worry, I won’t touch you, we haven’t agreed on anything yet but I wanna see what’s under those clothes, you can understand that, right?”

Taehyung took a deep breath. He definitely wasn’t expecting this. He was torn. He was uncomfortable with the demand but he also understood why Jeongguk wanted to see him. He was going to pay him big money so he wanted to see if Taehyung is worth it. Then he realized that he will have sex with this man if he will accept the job so stripping down in front of him is actually the least he has to do. Besides, it wasn’t a big deal after all, he’s had a fair share of sexual partners that he didn’t know and saw him naked.

He started slowly unbuttoning his shirt. He was suddenly happy that he prepared for this meeting so thoughtfully. He was nervous as hell but part of him was relishing in the way Jeongguk’s eyes were boring into him. He was standing almost two metres away from him and he was watching him carefully.

Taehyung slipped down the shirt and it fell on the ground. Jeongguk’s eyes darkened little bit at the sight of the smooth golden skin. Then Taehyung slowly took off his shoes and socks and fumbled with the button of his trousers.

With a deep breath he tugged them down so now he was standing there only in his underwear. Jeongguk definitely liked what he saw if Taehyung could read him well. The older looked at his covered crotch and back into Taehyung’s eyes, silently commanding to strip them down.

Taehyung took in another deep breath, pulled the underwear down and stepped out of it. He wanted to cover himself but he knew better than that. He could feel Jeongguk’s eyes on him.

“Absolutely perfect, like I imagined,” the older said quietly and Taehyung didn’t know if he was supposed to hear that or not. Jeongguk walked slowly towards him and circled him, looking at him from all angles. The boy was perfect, his body looked so soft and smooth, he wasn’t too muscular but he wasn’t skinny either. His ass was perky and perfect size.

“You have gorgeous long legs, Taehyung, if you accept my offer, I will make sure to buy a lot of tight pants for you, you’d look beautiful in them,” Jeongguk stated and stopped in front of Taehyung. The younger actually blushed after hearing those words and Jeongguk thought he was cute.

“Is there something else you want to ask?” the older spoke up again. Taehyung felt little bit awkward for still standing there naked.

“I believe there is nothing more, Jeongguk-ssi, I read pretty much everything in the profile,”

“You don’t have to accept my offer immediately. Take your time to think about it. I’d like to meet you again next week, I’d take you to my apartment and show you around so you’d see the place,”

“No problem with me,” Taehyung said and immediately cursed himself for sounding so informal but Jeongguk didn’t say anything.

“You can dress now,” the older man said and turned his back on him. Taehyung quickly dressed up and Jeongguk sat behind his desk again.

“I will contact you through the agency to do this properly. We can discuss other things next time if something else comes to your mind. That would be everything,” Jeongguk spoke up and let Taehyung know that he should leave.