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Corrupting an angel

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"Come on Tom, let's be done with this before all the tourists turns up". Ben was starting to sound impatient.


Tom was standing in an old, nearly empty church in Rome, Ben and him was shooting a movie together there and they had just arrived the day before. Tom wanted to see Rome before they began filming.


They had gone to the old convent church early in the morning, to beat all the tourists. Tom very much enjoyed the peace and quiet of the old church.


"Did you hear that Ben ? Someone is singing. It sounds like an angel". Tom listened hard, he could only faintly hear the beautiful voice. Like it came from the heavens itself.

Ben shook his head looking bored. "No, it sounds like you are crazy. Come on Tom, let's get out of here".


"Wait, I want to find out who that is". Tom started walking toward the sound, trying to hear exactly where it came from. Ben followed him with a sigh.


At the back of the church a low door stood open. The singing seemed to come from somewhere in there and Tom ducked through the door, it was much to low for his tall frame to walk upright through.


The voice were getting close now. It was so clear and had an innocent texture to it. It was so beautiful he felt like crying. It truly sounded like an angel had been captured and was held prisoner in here, singing its pain out.


"Tom we can't be in here for God's sake. This is the convent school. A women's convent. No men allowed unless you are a priest and you are most definitely not". Ben grabbed his arm.


Tom looked at him. "Go back then. I have to see her. I have to see what an angel looks like".


He shrugged of Ben's hand and kept going. Ben sighed again and followed him deeper into the cool stone building.


Finally they reached an open door. The voice was no doubt coming from within, and Tom peaked through the door. First he saw an old very fat nun and got a bit disappointed, thinking that she was the one singing so prettily. But then she moved aside and he saw the angel.


She was young, couldn’t be older than in her early twenties, by the look of her. Her hair was long and so blonde it was almost white, and she had a beautiful, angelic face, with big green eyes and a soft looking plump pink mouth. She was wearing a very demure white dress.


"Ben it really is an angel. Just look at her". Tom felt like he almost couldn't breathe.


Ben looked through the door too, catching his breath slightly. "She is beautiful, but she is also very young Tom and she is in a convent".


Tom couldn't take his eyes of her. He had never seen anyone so beautiful before and he had seen a lot of very beautiful women. If I hadn't been for the fat nun keeping watch, he would have gone to her, asked her if she was an actual angel.


Just then the angel looked up and into his eyes. She gasped and the fat nun turned around. When she saw them she started screaming at them in Italian and began to waddle toward them.


Ben grabbed his arm pretty hard. "Come on Hiddles. I don't understand much italian, but we need to get out of here right now".


Tom turned and they both ran out of there as fast as they could. All the way back through the church and out in the street before stopping, both breathing heavily.


"Oh Good she was scary. I mean she could have killed you by sitting on you". Ben was snorting with laughter.


Tom was laughing too, feeling like a kid getting caught sneaking in to the girls locker room. "At least she could only waddle".


"Let's go see something more interesting now". Ben started walking down the street and Tom followed him reluctantly.


Toms mind drifted to the angel in the church, wondering who she was and what she was doing there. "You think she is going to be a nun ?"


"Your angel ? Yeah or at least her parents likes her to. I read about the church and the monastery. It is were wealthy people send their daughters to learn to be good catholic girls, but she looked to be past school age, so probably she is a novice". Ben said.


Tom shook his head sadly. "Well what an absolute waste to lock up such a beautiful creature in a convent. She should be in the spotlight for all to see".


And for me to enjoy, Tom sighed. He would probably never see her again, but he didn't think he would ever forget the angel in the church.



She had been singing with sister Pavlova, when she suddenly spotted two strangers.. men, by the door. They didn't look italian but they looked slightly familiar somehow.


Sister Pavlova had chased them away, screaming her fat head off. There were no men allowed except for men of the church, in the monastery.


One of the men had been looking very intently at her. He had been tall with short sandy hair and the most beautiful blue eyes.


Aria sighed and shook her head. She had no interest in men. They were to much trouble, even the men in her family had never given her anything but trouble. That was why she had decided to become a nun.