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Natural Pink

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Sakura sighed as her body sank into the water of the hot spring. She let the warm abyss tickle her chin. Team Kakashi had been on the dirtiest, grimiest mission imaginable. Sakura shuddered, remembering crawling out of the mud with leaches on her legs.

Never again. Never again would she treck through that swamp. Until she had to go back home. Sakura sighed, ignoring the previous torture of nature. Very gently, Sakura blew bubbles into the water. She smirked and rubbed the pads of her fingers together. If she stayed in the water too long, she'd get pruny and wrinkled.


"If you stay in the water to long your skin wrinkles up because it dosent know when you descide to stop being a fish!"

Ino said this once while she was imparting her wisdom upon Sakura and the girls over some sandwiches one afternoon.

"Ino, you could honestly wright a book with all this stuff you tell us every week." Sakura had told her.

Hinata nodded. "I think you could wright a really useful book. Just stuff about self care and gir-"


Unfortunately several people, mainly male teammates probably heard that.

"How about we split the difference and-"

"Im going to write hoe tips and none of you can stop me." Ino said, interrupting Tenten.

Sakura sighed. "Ino, you've never even had sex before, how can you wright a booknon doing something you never even tried."

"Porn cowards!"

"I-ino don't say that so loudly! We're in a restaurant..."

Tenten shook her head. "Man you guys are a disaster."

"Says the person who tried putting a bomb on their ti-"

"Ino shut the fuck up."


Sakrua looked up at the sky and smirked. Ino usually meant well, but her well meamt advice is mostly illapplied. The sun had moved down a bit since Sakura stepped in. "I can't sit in here forever." She huffed.

As Sakura was reaching for her clothes on top of the towel, she bumbed the table, sending the precious clothes into the watery grave. How poetic.

Sakura just stared blankly. Wet, naked, and alone. She groaned, how in the world could she fix this? Quickly, she scooped up the wet clothes.
"Maybe there's some extra towels in the locker area..." She muttered turning away from the springs. "I hope."