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Show him how hard you bite.

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Nicke didn’t mean to like Sid. Really, he didn’t. He and Zhenya had never been able to get along long enough for the idea of liking Sid to enter his mind. And yet, he really, really did.

He never meant to find his stupid Canadian accent cute or to like the way his smile was never quite balanced again after he broke his jaw.

He’d always had an appreciation for the way he skated, feet turned out and facing opposite directions in a way that should absolutely not be possible to maintain while moving and battling, but is. He’d always appreciated his awareness, the way he takes a hit and manages to protect the puck anyway. He’d always appreciated Sidney Crosby’s hockey, because everyone that loves hockey has to understand how impressive he is.

But he never meant for Sidney Crosby to become Sid. And he never really meant for Sasha to find out. And well, he definitely never expected to have him in their playroom with rumpled curls and a sleepy smile on his face.

But, then again, Nicke didn’t exactly mean to fall in love with his captain either. These things just sort of happen to him and it’s really hard to complain when you have Sidney Crosby cuddled up against you and your husband sitting across the room with one of his oldest friends, watching happily.


The thing is, it didn’t start with Nicke and Sid. It started, strangely enough, with Sasha and Nicke and Zhenya and a frustrating game. Sid and Nicke, well, they came after the rest was over. After Sid sitting in Sasha’s lap watching Zhenya and Nicke and after Nicke holding on to him like a teddy bear while he napped, and after Sasha very animatedly explaining how Sid’s ass almost broke his dick.

Nicke’s not really sure why it took all of those things and then Zhenya giving them another little push, but he also isn’t really sure he can complain.


“Think we could convince them to let us watch?” Zhenya asks, in Russian and in what probably passes as his whispering voice. Sasha shrugs and tosses a pillow at Nicke where he’s curled up on the bed. Nicke grumbles and raises his head from where it’s been resting against Sid’s, glaring sleepily and throwing the pillow right at Sasha’s nose.

“Don’t growl at me Kotenok, Zhenya wants to see you play with his Sid, so I’m asking you. Do you want to play with him?” Sasha says, mostly unfazed by the pillow throwing as he shoves it back into place under his arm and sits back. Nicke’s eyes widen and he looks down at Sid, who doesn’t speak enough Russian to understand what’s happening even after all these years. He looks cute with his curls all fluffed up and there are lines on his face from the pillow.

“Zhenya wants to know if we’ll play together,” Nicke says softly, laying his head back down so he can look at Sid’s face without making him move, “can you go again?” Nicke gives Sid a minute to think about it and goes back to arguing with Sasha about being woken up.

“You can get comfortable again, you’re the sleepiest person I know. Zhenya asked me and I didn’t want to decide for you, so I asked you. Keep being a brat and I’ll let them play with you and not let you come,” Sasha says, raising an eyebrow and stretching out lazily. Nicke growls and whines all at once, narrowing his eyes at Sasha and shaking his head.

“What did he say? I don’t speak Russian,” Sid whines, tugging on one of Nicke’s curls to get his attention. Sasha makes an offhanded comment about Zhenya needing to step up and teach Sid Russian and then dodges a punch to the arm without spilling any of his drink. Nicke rolls his eyes.

“He didn’t like that I growled at him when he woke me up. He said if I keep being a brat, he’ll let you play with me and won’t let me come,” Sid swallows and looks over the pillow at Sasha.

“That seems mean,” he says, stretching out and rubbing at his face with both hands. Nicke shrugs.

“He usually ends up letting me as long as I stop being mean. He said we can play if we want, but that it’s up to us,” Nicke shifts and snuggles in closer, resting his hand on Sid’s belly and watching their husbands over his head. When Nicke’s cheeks turn pink, Sid twists around so he can see them too.

“They look…” Sid says, turning pink and squirming a little under the weight of their matching gazes. Nicke raises up over him and savours the sound of Sasha’s breath catching.

“Like they want to eat us? Yeah, they do,” Nicke whispers, kissing the side of Sid’s neck softly while he holds Sasha’s eyes, “if you want to play, we can. However you want it.”

“I…” Sid starts, closing his eyes when Nicke bites softly at the sensitive skin under his ear and letting out a soft moan when Nicke uses some of his weight to pin him down. He pulls back and meets Sid’s eyes.

“You have to say it, Sidney, I won’t touch you unless you tell me I can,” across the room, Zhenya shifts and clears his throat.

“Sidyusha, think when pretty Swede with big dick say he fuck you however you want, you say yes,” Sid laughs and Zhenya shrugs.

“So? What do you say? Wanna give them a show?” Nicke asks, rolling his hips down so Sid can feel how big—and how hard—he is. Sasha says something to Zhenya that has him opening his mouth and closing it again, looking scandalized. Nicke ignores them both and the minute he hears Sid say ‘yes’ he leans down to kiss him.

“Trust me not to break your favourite toy?” he asks Zhenya over Sid’s head, in Russian so Sid won’t catch it. He waits for Zhenya to nod and then kisses Sid again, grinding his hips down and following the flush of color with his fingers as it spreads down his neck to his chest. Sid doesn’t move at first, then he relaxes into it and tangles his fingers in Nicke’s curls. Zhenya lets out a punched out sound and Sasha laughs.

“Is too bad Kolya won’t kiss your big ugly face, he gives the best kisses,” Sasha tosses back the last of his drink and ignores the offended sound Zhenya makes in favour of watching Nicke catch Sid’s hands and pin them to the bed so he’s stretched out under him.

“Tell me if I do anything you don’t like,” Nicke says softly, leaning down and sucking a dark mark into the base of his throat. Sid curses and writhes under him, sounding like he’s trying to be quiet. When he says Nicke’s name, he nips at the bruise he left and sits up.

“Nicke, not Nicky. It’s Nicke if I’m going to fuck you,” Sid nods and says it back to him, his stupid accent making it sound a little off. Nicke nods and smiles, kissing the tip of his nose. Zhenya tries to whisper when he asks Sasha why Nicke won’t let anyone else call him Kolya, but fails. Nicke raises his head just long enough to say ‘because no one else is Sasha’, then leans down to bite softly above Sid’s nipple and leave behind a soft pink mark that’ll fade before they catch their flight. Zhenya makes another offended noise and Sasha preens.

“You heard the Princess, no one else is as good as me,” Sasha says, smug and cocky as he adjusts himself in his sweats. He misses the look on Zhenya’s face because whatever Nicke is doing with his mouth has Sid arching up under him and whining in the back of his throat.

“He’s biased,” Zhenya grumbles, but he’s adjusting himself too, clearly enjoying the show already. HE switches to English so Sid can follow and raises his voice a little so Nicke can hear him, “nipples very sensitive and he like having his neck bit.”

Nicke smiles appreciatively and bites high on Sid’s neck, almost exactly in the spot where is own collar sits. He lets go of one of Sid’s hands and presses his thumb against Sid’s nipple, just enough to tease. Sasha switches to Swedish to ask Nicke is he should tell Sid how much he likes having his hair pulled and Nicke turns pink. The color spreads down his neck and to his chest when Sasha keeps going, teasing him about not being able to last if he has an audience, and a pretty bottom to play with, and someone who knows what he likes. Sasha leans over to Zhenya and whispers for a second, then sits back.

“Sidyusha, show him how hard you bite,” Zhenya says, kicking his feet up and tucking his hands lazily behind his head. Sid rolls them, catching Nicke by surprise, and flashes a mischievous grin before he digs his fingers into Nicke’s ribs and bites down hard on his shoulders. Nicke arches up off of the bed and moans, hips pinned under Sid’s weight and cock trapped between their bellies.

“Fuck you, Sasha,” Nicke says, much less threatening than he would be if he didn’t sound like he’d been punched in the stomach. He brings his hands up and sinks his fingers into Sid’s curls so he can pull.

“Careful Kolya, don’t be a brat or I’m tell him all your sweet spots and give him a ring for you so you don’t get to come until I’m say you earned it,” Nicke whimpers and Sid releases, swallowing hard and grinding down against Nicke’s cock.

“Please don’t, I don’t want a ring, I want to play,” Nicke says, turning his head so he can plead with Sasha and hissing out a curse when Sid lines up just right. He closes his eyes and says Sid’s name like something between a curse and a prayer, forcing himself to breathe in and back out.

“So be good,” is all Sasha says, but he holds Nicke’s gaze when he opens his eyes again and makes sure he sees as he reaches into his sweats to stroke his own cock, “you wanna play, play, show Sidney how good pretty cock feels and see if you can make him scream. If you good, maybe I’m wait and come on your tongue.”

Sid’s whimper is what draws Nicke’s attention back to him and has him reaching down to curls his fingers around the base of Sid’s cock.

“Is that what you want? You want me to fuck you? Think you can take me?” Nicke teases, working Sid slowly, just tight enough to feel good and just slow enough not to be enough.

“Zhenya’s bigger,” Sid says with a cocky smirk that loses something with the way he licks his lips and rolls his hips. Nicke shifts his weight and uses his legs to roll them again, planting Sid firmly and gently on his back.

“Sometimes, men with big dicks forget to learn how to use them,” Nicke chirps, flashing a wicked grin at Zhenya and catching Sidney in a filthy kiss, “I’m not one of them.”

Sid groans when Nicke bites his bottom lip and squirms, spreading his legs without realizing he’s doing it and inhaling sharply when Nicke’s finger circles his already swollen hole.

“You know Sasha bought the biggest toy he could find after he saw my dick for the first time?” Nicke asks, slowly circling Sid’s rim with the tip of his finger in just enough to make Sid groan, then reaches across the bed to grab the lube from where it’s still tucked between the extra pillows. He starts to open it, then stops and looks at Sasha and Zhenya.

“Am I using a condom?” he asks, genuinely curious. Sasha answers before Nicke even finishes asking and then has the decency to look a little sheepish and explain himself.

“Know you and Sidka both clean, but I’m not sharing my Kolya’s come,” he says. Nicke whines in the back of his throat and nods, taking a deep breath and closing his eyes for a minute.

“Sorry, Kotenok. Wasn’t trying to be mean that time, I’m promise. Should show Sidka how good you are with your mouth, make sure he’s all messy and open before you fuck him,” Nicke nods and settles between Sid’s legs, pushing them open wide and kissing his thighs softly.

“He made me a toy version of him for when we have to be apart. He has one of me too and he let me have it once. I felt like I was going to break into pieces,” Nicke says into Sid’s skin, smiling when he sees Sasha grip the base of his cock out of the corner of his eye. Sid squirms and Nicke nips softly at the sensitive skin of his hip, “Zhenya might be longer, but I’m bigger.”

Sid lets out a broken moan and squirms, licking his lips obscenely and turning Nicke’s smile from teasing to mischievous.

“You like that,” he observes, kissing across Sid’s belly and biting softly along the way, “Good Canadian boy is actually a size queen and a kinky little slut?” Zhenya inhales sharply, like he’s waiting for Sid to freak out, but Sasha doesn’t react at all, knowing Nicke’s reading the play exactly right. Sid moans and tangles his hands in Nicke’s curls, proving him right and making him lean over to elbow Zhenya.

“He isn’t going to break him. He might ruin him for you and give him standards, but he won’t break him,” Zhenya nods, looks offended, and then decides to ignore him, turning his attention back to where Nicke’s settling between Sid’s thighs.

“I think you’re going to like the way my cock stretches you open. And you’re already so pink and puffy from Sasha that you’re going to be extra sensitive,” Nicke teases, sucking a soft mark into the place where Sidney’s hip meets his thigh and then leaning in to place a wet kiss right on his hole. The string of curses Sid lets out is loud and colorful, like what he lets loose on the ice when he thinks you aren’t paying attention. Nicke grins to himself and licks a broad stripe over his hole before he presses his tongue against it. Sid tangles his hands in Nicke’s hair again when he finally pushes past his rim and Nicke’s response is a low groan, digging his fingers hard into Sid’s thighs.

“Don’t pull too much Sidka,” Sasha warns, “he likes having his hair pulled and you gonna make him come too soon.”

Sid swears again and scratches lightly at Nicke’s scalp, panting and whining when he gets his tongue all the way in. Nicke rolls his hips down against the mattress and groans against Sid’s skin, feeling the way Sid tenses at the vibrations but being too focused on his own cock to enjoy it.

“No, Kolya, breathe. Know you can be good and wait. If you want him come first you can come ride me until you come, or you can blow me if you want, but you have to be good,” Sasha says, soothing and filthy all at once. Nicke pulls back and rests his head on Sid’s thigh for a second so he can breathe. Instead of answering, he taps the bed twice to acknowledge Sasha’s words and closes his eyes.

“Good boy,” Sasha praises, shuffling his sweats down so Nicke can see him slowly stroking himself if he looks. He nudges Zhenya and tugs on his shorts, “show them you like.”

Zhenya makes a noise and pushes his shorts down, letting out a low groan when Sid turns his head to look and bites down on his bottom lip, swollen and red from Nicke’s kisses. Sasha flashes an ‘I told you so’ grin and catches a drop of precome on his finger, waiting until he knows Nicke is watching to pop it into his mouth. Nicke licks his lips and then presses his tongue back into Sidney without any warning, making him shout and thrash against the bed.

“See, gonna ruin Sidney for you. You gonna have to step up your game, work for it,” Sasha teases, smirking while Sidney groans and pulls on Nicke’s hair. Nicke rubs against the bed again without realizing he’s doing it and wraps his arms around Sid’s thighs to dig his fingers in hard.

“Fuck. Nicke, fuck,” Sidney screams, voice already shaking. He yanks hard on Nicke’s curls and drops his head back, eyes closed tight.

“Be careful Kolya, you come first and you not gonna get what you want,” Sasha warns, not meanly but stern enough that Nicke knows better than to argue. He raises up onto his knees so that Sasha can see that he isn’t rubbing off and goes back to eating Sid’s ass, pressing one long finger in alongside his tongue and making him scream again almost immediately. Sid pushes his hips down to meet Nicke’s mouth and lets out a choked off sound when Nicke pulls back to swallow his cock down, taking him in all at once and relaxing his throat until he has his nose buried in curls. He presses another finger in gently and uses both to rub small circles into Sid’s prostate, barely remembering to hold Sid’s hips down and keep himself from choking.

“Fuck, fuck, gonna come if you keep going that,” Sid pants, fisting one hand in the sheets and exhaling in relief when Nicke slows down a little. He stops rubbing at Sid’s prostate but keeps working him open and swirling his tongue around the head of Sid’s cock. Nicke, remembering what Zhenya told Sasha about Sid liking the stretch, makes sure he doesn’t open him up too much and digs his tongue into his slit when he starts trying to swallow his noises.

“Does Sid let you take pictures?” Sasha asks Zhenya, keeping his voice low like he’s trying to keep from drawing Nicke’s attention, “they’re gonna look so pretty, please say he does.”

Zhenya nods and tells Sasha he has to be the one to ask Sid, but he gets cut off when Nicke pulls off of his cock with an obscene pop and picks up the lube.

“Sid, Sasha wants pictures. Actually, he’ll probably decide he wants a video instead, but Zhenya wants him to ask you,” Nicke says, voice already wrecked. Sid groans and grips the base of his cock, licking his lips and following the flush of color all the way down Nicke’s belly to where he’s rolling a condom over his length. Sid stretches out luxuriously and looks back at their husbands, looking deliciously rumpled and both breathing hard.

“He won’t show them?” Sid asks Nicke, watching as he slicks himself up and spreading his thighs to make room for Nicke’s hips. Nicke shakes his head.

“Never. He takes pictures of me all the time, videos too. Sometimes they’re for him to watch and sometimes they’re so I can see what I look like when he’s done with me. They’re encrypted and he wouldn’t ever share them with anyone but me,” Nicke says, reaching down to rube Sid’s hole with his slick fingers.

“Used to keep me company during the off season, now just because Nicke look too good not to take them,” Sasha adds. Sid looks back and forth between them for a minute and then nods, licking his lips again.

“Okay, but… Can you send them to us too? Y’know, after?” Nicke grins at Sasha and lines himself up so Sid can feel him, but doesn’t push in.

“There’s the little slut again. You don’t have to hide it in here, you can be as slutty as you want,” Sid grins.

“Make me,” is all he says and he barely finishes the words before he’s letting out a string of half-screamed curses as Nicke pushes into him. Nicke says something that sounds like ‘great idea’ and bites a dark mark into Sid’s ribs as he sinks into him, breathing hard and forcing himself to focus.

“Holy fuck,” Sid swears, breathless and punched-out. He looks like Nicke’s pinning him with more than just his hips and is pulling hard on the sheets, “don’t move yet.”

“Bossy and slutty? Zhenya, where have you been hiding this Sid? He’s very fun,” Nice teases, flashing Zhenya a playful smile to hide the way he’s panting and running his fingers gently up and down Sid’s sides.

“I’m don’t think I ever see this Sid before,” he says, looking serious and seriously turned on. Sasha grins and points at his phone, fixed directly on them.

“I’m have video for you to see, make sure I get a close up too so you don’t forget. How’s he look Kotenok?” Sasha asks, still working his cock with his free hand and watching as Nicke rubs soothing circles into Sid’s belly.

“Good enough to eat,” Nicke says, licking his lips and smiling down at Sid with a predatory look in his eyes. When he gets permission to move, he does, pulling out slowly and pushing back in in one smooth motion. Sid wails and Sasha has to take his hand off of his cock to keep from coming. There’s some friendly back and forth about Nicke ruining Sid for other men and Sasha being hopelessly in love that Nicke doesn’t really follow, but in the end Sasha turns his attention on Nicke again.

“Think we can come closer? Think Zhenya should get to see how far you stretched his Sid open and I’m feel very far away if I stay back here by myself,” Nicke laughs a little breathlessly and nods, watching Sasha kick his sweats away and help Zhenya drag the coach across the floor.

“Jealous Zhenya? Come look and Sasha will have pictures so Sid can remember being fucked properly,” Nicke chirps in Russian, holding Sid’s hips in a bruising grip. Zhenya squawks in a very undignified way and Sasha cackles, the sound dying only when Nicke finds Sid’s prostate again and nails it on the next thrust to make him scream.

“So noisy Sidyusha, is good thing Sasha have to have soundproof walls for Nicke or you might wake the neighbors,” Zhenya says, reaching out to ruffle Sid’s curls and gripping his own cock when Nicke fucks into Sid just right and draws a filthy sound from his mouth.

“Maybe I should just keep kissing him so you don’t get to hear,” Nicke counters, leaning in and drawing Sid up into a bruising kiss. Sid sighs and melts into the bed, opening up with his whole body and letting Nicke take what he wants.

“Sid gonna be second person in the whole world to ever fuck you and Kolya. What you gonna do if he think Kolya better too?” Sasha asks, eyes following Nicke’s mouth as he bites down the column of Sid’s throat and over his chest. They both sound close, letting out desperate sounds every time Nicke snaps his hips forward. Sid turns his head and looks at them.

“Who’s…” he starts, pausing to curse and grabbing Nicke’s hair when he closes his mouth around one of his nipples, “who’s the first?”

“Sasha,” Nicke says simply when he lets go of Sid’s nipple and rubs over it with the pad of his thumb. He can see Sid getting ready to repeat the question, so he says it again, “the answer is Sasha. He’s the other person. You didn’t know that?” Sid’s eyes widen and he shakes his head, twisting around so he can see them both and holding on to Nicke’s arms. He takes every push of Nicke’s hips and groans when he nails his prostate, trying to keep asking questions and stopping when Nicke grabs his chin to make him look only at him.

“Look at me,” Nicke says softly, kissing him once and then pilling back so he can see his face, “I want you to come for me. Do you want me to touch you? Bite? I can choke you if you trust me,” Sid sucks in a sharp breath and nods, tightening down on Nicke’s cock and clawing at his shoulders.

“Whatever you’ll give me,” Sid whimpers, shivering when Nicke curls his fingers around his throat and presses down.

“Try not to come until he say, Sidka, gonna feel better if you can wait,” Sasha says, walking around to get a clear shot of Sid’s face. Sid manages a short nod, then sucks in a breath and grabs at Nicke’s wrist, looking a little panicked and a little floaty as he reaches out for Zhenya’s hand. Nicke slows and then stops, relaxing his hand a little and pushing Sid’s curls back away from his face so he can see his eyes.

“It’s just subspace, Sid, it’s okay. I can stop you from going down if you want. Has Zhenya ever made you go under before?” Nicke looks to Zhenya instead of waiting for Sid to answer because he knows words aren’t going to be easy. When Zhenya shakes his head, Sasha reaches out to touch Nicke’s face.

“Zhenya don’t play like this, Kotenok. Be easy with him, see if he like. Zhenya know we not gonna break him,” Sasha says, pressing his thumb into Nicke’s bottom lip and waiting until he nods to take his hand away. Nicke holds Sid’s throat gently, mostly just letting his hand rest, and strokes the thin skin with his thumb, barely moving the rest of his body at all.

“Slow, just, slow,” Sid finally manages, resting his hand on top of Nicke’s and holding on.

“Nicke gonna take care of you Sidyusha, you say stop and he gonna stop and not gonna be mad at you, just have fun, we right here,” Zhenya soothes, kissing Sid’s hand and sitting back to watch, still holding on but letting himself fade back into the background some.

“You look so good, so pretty and pink and needy,” Nicke says, voice soft as he rakes his eyes over Sid’s chest. He leans in to kiss the little marks he left on Sid’s neck and starts to move his hips, slow and steady. “I think you like giving up control. Hard to be Captain, always leading, always having someone need something from you. Nice to give it up, isn’t it?”

Nicke’s voice is low and smooth, pitched only for Sid’s ears. Sid whines and nods, hooking a leg around Nicke’s hip and urging him to go faster, give him more.

“I like it, feels good,” Sid says, eyes glazing over more the farther under he goes, “are words supposed to be hard?”

“They can be. If you want, I can have Sasha put me under later so you can see what it looks like,” Nicke offers, giving Sid the long, hard thrusts he wants and biting gently on the top of his shoulder. Sid whimpers every time Nicke presses in and nods, dragging him in for a filthy kiss. When he pulls back, he presses his fingers into Sid’s throat and leans down to sucks gently on one of his nipples.

“Think you gonna make Sidka come, Kotenok,” Sasha says, leaning in from behind Nicke to kiss his shoulder.

“He not good at coming without a hand,” Zhenya says, stretching out across the couch while Sasha’s not there to crowd him. Nicke smiles against Sid’s skin and comes up to kiss him again.

“Zhenya says it’s hard for you to come without someone touching your pretty cock, but I think you can do it for me. Will you try?” Nicke asks, keeping the pace of his thrusts steady and watching Sid’s face.

“I-I… I might be able to. Will it be bad if I can’t?” Sid asks, mumbling a little and turning red down his chest. Nicke shakes his head and kisses his forehead.

“No, I promise. If you can’t do it, that’s okay, I just want you to try for me because I think you can,” Sid whimpers and nods and Sasha lets out a low groan, leaning on the wall so he can watch.

“You’re being so good, taking it so well. I want you to come for me, try without me touching you and if you can’t do it, I’ll help, I promise,” Nicke whispers, making it sound like an order without changing his voice much at all. He kisses Sid’s chest and catches the precome that has pooled on his belly to taste, closing his mouth around his thumb while he knows they’re all watching.

“Oh fuck,” Sid whines, grabbing at every part of Nicke he can reach and holding on tight. Nicke nails his prostate a few more times and Sidney barely has time to curse again before he’s coming with Nicke’s name on his tongue. Zhenya startles and Nicke leans down to kiss him, whispering soft praise when they break to breathe and kissing the tears from Sid’s cheeks when they finally spill over.

“You did so good, Sidney, I’m proud of you. I knew you could do it,” Nicke praises, kissing Sid’s face and shaking a little himself from trying to hold his hips still. Sid whimpers and rubs at his face, giving Nicke a wobbly smile and pushing his face into Nicke’s hand when it comes up to play with his curls. When he eases out, Sid whimpers, his rim sensitive when it catches on Nicke’s still-hard cock. As soon as Nicke’s out of the way, Zhenya scoops Sid up and Sasha sits down on the bed to drag Nicke into his lap.

“You wanna go under for me Kotenok?” Sasha asks, carding his fingers through Nicke’s sweaty curls and wrapping one arm around his waist to pull him in closer. Nicke closes his eyes and nods, squirming a little.

“Want him to see how it looks. Please take the condom off before you love on me, I don’t like it,” Nicke begs, tucking himself against Sasha’s chest so that he can see Sid, curled up and spaced out in Zhenya’s lap.

“Was going to Princess, know you not like and I’m not like either,” Sasha soothes, reaching between them and easing it off. He tosses it into the bin next to the bed and pulls Nicke in for a kiss, purring and squirming desperately. “Tell me how you want, Kotenok. Can ride my cock if you want, or can let you blow me, or can eat your pretty ass until you make a mess, you pick.”

Sasha wraps his fingers around Nicke’s cock and strokes him once, slow and too loose to be enough. Nicke whimpers and fucks up into the circle of his hand, burying his face in Sasha’s neck and breathing hard. On the couch, Sid makes an impressed little noise and shifts so that he can see better, forcing Zhenya to move with him.

“I wanna ride you, Sasha, please?” Nicke begs sweetly, back to being Sasha’s sweet submissive and begging for attention. Sasha smiles fondly and pushes his curls back to kiss his forehead.

“If that’s what my Kotenok want, that’s what he get,” Sasha says simply, squeezing his ass and switching to Russian so Sidney won’t understand, “you want me to eat your pretty ass, Kotenok? Come twice and show them how needy and slutty you are?”

Nicke nods emphatically and whimpers, gripping Sasha’s shoulders hard.

“Stand up and bend over for me Kotenok, somewhere Sid can see,” Sasha orders, squeezing Nicke’s ass one last time and giving him a long kiss before he lets him go. Sid blinks owlishly as Nicke gets up, following his movements as best he can. Sasha stops next to Sid and ruffles his curls, “can touch, if you want. He trust you. Can even give him kisses while I’m make him cry,” Sasha tells him, reaching out to run his fingers down Nicke’s spine and watching the full bodied shiver that goes through him. Nicke offers Sid his hand and when he takes it, he leans in to kiss Nicke’s knuckles.

“You gonna make sure we give Sidka a good show, Princess? Gonna show him how good you can be? How slutty and filthy and easy my Kotenok is for me?” Sasha asks, pushing his fingers into the bruises on Nicke’s thighs so that he grips Sid’s fingers hard.

“Yes, Sasha,” Nicke says, wiggling his ass a little. Sasha gives him the swat he’s looking for and Nicke melts against the sheets, “please let me have your mouth.”

“Ask so pretty, Kolya, how I’m say no?” Sasha says, kissing his lower back and pressing on his bruises again to make him groan. He gives Nicke’s ass another smack for good measure and leans in to press a wet, messy kiss against his hole.

“Fuck, Sasha,” Nicke moans, dragging out Sasha’s name as he leans forward onto his hand and closes his eyes. Sasha hums against Nicke’s hole and pulls back just enough to pinch his thigh and tease him.

“Hole already so pretty and pink, Kotenok, think maybe I’m let Sidka pick what plug I’m give you after too,” Nicke opens his mouth to answer and then breaks off to whine when Sasha nips at his sensitive rim and presses his tongue in all at once. Nicke screams and squeezes Sid’s hand so hard he whimpers. Zhenya whispers something Nicke doesn’t catch and Sasha presses his tongue in deeper, holding his hips in a bruising grip.

“Looks like you’re going to cry, Nicke,” Sid whispers, voice rough. He leans forward and touches Nicke’s cheek with gentle fingers, looking concerned and amazed. He bites his lip when Sasha makes Nicke scream again.

“Can come, Kotenok. Did so good, I’m not make you wait. Can you make a mess for me?” Nicke nods and his tears spill over when Sasha presses his tongue back in. Sidney gasps when he sees, squirming in Zhenya’s lap and watching as Sasha pulls back to trace his rim with his tongue, finally forcing Nicke’s orgasm out of him with a desperate scream of his name. Sasha shifts and hauls Nicke into his lap facing Sid, kissing his neck and squeezing him tight as he runs his fingers through the mess on his belly.

“Why is he crying?” Sid asks softly, looking overwhelmed and amazed and licking his lips as he watches. Sasha offers Nicke his fingers and smiles happily when he licks at it, resting his head on Nicke’s shoulder to see Sid’s face.

“He’s… what’s the word for feels too good? Overwhelmed?” Sasha asks, Zhenya nods, “Is good thing, I’m promise he’s okay,” he jostles Nicke a little to get his attention, making him whine a little and grip Sasha’s hand like he’s afraid he’ll try and take it away.

“How you feel Princess?” Sasha asks, kissing above his collar and watching him lick his fingers clean.

“Good. Happy and subby. I’ll feel better after you fuck me,” Nicke manages, finishing cleaning up Sasha’s fingers and then pulling his arm down around his belly so he can hold on while he pushes back against Sasha’s cock, trapped between them and hard.

“How you want baby? Know you wanted to ride me, but think maybe you should let me put you on your back,” Nicke tilts his head to give Sasha room to bite the side of his neck and nods, squirming and rubbing against Sasha’s cock.

“Please Sasha, put me on my back and fill me up, I need it,” Sasha tugs with his teeth and then pulls off to admire the bruise.

“Want me to bring Sid up so you can hold on to him while I love on you, baby? Have extra hands to play with your pretty curls and an extra mouth to kiss all your pretty skin?” Sasha asks, raising up on his knees so he can turn Nicke around and put him down on his back all in one smooth motion. Sasha catches his mouth in a searing kiss before he gives him time to answer and uses his full weight to press him down into the mattress. Nicke cries out against Sasha’s mouth and wraps around him with his whole body, pulling on his hair and scratching at his shoulder. Sid squirms in Zhenya’s lap, making him groan and Zhenya taps at his hip to get his attention.

“Go, Sidyusha, sit with Nicke. He want, you want, I’m be here when you come back,” Sid kisses him and scrambles up onto the bed so he can tuck himself against Nicke’s side.

“Not allowed to come without permission this time, okay Kotenok?” Sasha says, slicking himself up and rubbing soothing circles into Nicke’s belly while he puts him where he wants him and lines himself up.

“Already?” Sid gasps, throwing one arm over Nicke’s ribs and watching Sasha as he pushes in. Nicke screams and claws at Sid in desperation, settling a little when Sid catches his hand and squeezes. Sidney looks genuinely concerned for a minute, looking back and forth between Nicke’s face and Sasha until Sasha tuts and leans over to touch his cheek.

“Kotenok, I’m think Sidka thinks I’m hurting you,” Sasha says, amusement in his voice. He runs his thumb over Sid’s cheek and turns his head so he can see Nicke’s face again, eyes open and locked on them, “he likes, I’m promise. I’m never hurt him. He even gonna get hard again, wanna see?”

Sid nods, still not convinced but curious enough not to argue it. Sasha steals Nicke’s hand from Sid and pins both of them firmly to the bed, filling Nicke’s full field of vision so he doesn’t have to think hard about focusing on him.

“Kotenok, know words are hard, but need you to show Sidka you okay. Want him to see pretty cock leaking all over your belly so I’m sit up, okay? I’m right here, though, gonna keep touching your pretty skin so you know I’m take care,” Sasha kisses Nicke long and slow before he sits back and starts to move again, fucking into him just right. When Nicke doesn’t start talking, Sasha prompts him again, swatting the inside of his thigh until he pouts and takes a deep breath.

“’m okay, Sidka,” he manages, watching Sasha until he smiles and then looking back at Sid. Sasha draws little sounds out of him between words, but he manages to finish, “feels good. I like when… fuck, when he doesn’t let me rest.”

“You sound so good,” Sid says after a minute, wrapping one arm around Nicke and resting his head on his chest so he can watch Sasha fuck into him. Nicke flexes the muscles in his belly and whines.

“He like that Sidka, like compliments and being talked to,” Sasha explains, reaching down to take one of Nicke’s hands and kissing his fingers.

“Like attention,” Nicke adds, smiling a little and turning his face to Sid so he can see how gone he is. Sid’s breath stutters a little and he reaches out to touch Nicke’s cheek. Sid looks at Nicke’s eyes and watches how he struggles to focus and bites his lip, unsure again.

“He really okay, Sidka,” Sasha promises, leaning over just long enough to give them both a kiss, Sid’s on the head, and Nicke’s on the mouth. Nicke tries to get him to draw it out and whines when he pulls back, “In a minute Kotenok, want Sidka to see your pretty cock when you make a mess for me.”

Nicke whines but nods, licking his lips and pushing down to meet every thrust of Sasha’s hips.

“Isn’t he pretty, Sidka? Can poke bruises if you want, makes his pretty cock jump and leak against his belly and makes him make pretty sounds,” Sasha says, gripping Nicke’s thighs hard and changing his angle just enough to nail his prostate on every thrust. He reaches down between them to trace Nicke’s hole where it’s stretched around his cock and Nicke whines desperately, reaching for whatever part of Sasha he can get and settling for holding Sasha’s hand in a death grip as he begs for more.

“Don’t want you to come yet Solnyshko, want Sidka to get to touch a little first, know you waited a long time but wait just a little more for me and I’m let you have,” When Nicke nods and whines, Sid reaches out to press on one of the dark bruises on Nicke’s thigh. The sound he gets in return makes him press harder and bite his lip.

“He tell you if he not like, can kiss and touch all you want, just don’t clean up mess,” Sasha says, running his hand up Nicke’s thigh to push hard on the pressure point in the crease of his hip. Sid licks his lips and shifts to push on the bruises on Nicke’s ribs. Sasha nods encouragingly and speeds up, fucking into Nicke harder and nailing his prostate on every thrust to force desperate sounds out of him.

“Being too nice,” Nicke whines, trying to push down and make Sasha give him what he wants. Sasha tsks and pins his hips, keeping his pace steady.

“Don’t want you to come yet Kotenok. Haven’t given you permission and don’t wanna make you be bad,” Sasha says, not quite scolding, but getting the point across. He reaches up to press on a dark bruise just above Nicke’s collar and Nicke swallows any protest he might have had in favour of melting back into the mattress and letting himself be loved on. Sasha catches Sid staring at the pool of precome building on Nicke’s belly and laughs when his tongue darts out to run over his bottom lip.

“Kolya, think Sidka wants a taste, looking at you like he gonna eat you. What you think? Can he have?” Sasha asks, watching Sid turn pink when he realises he’s been caught. Nicke doesn’t answer at first, too distracted by the feeling of Sasha stretching him open and pushing him down to realise that he’s being spoken to. Sasha curls his fingers around Nicke’s throat and squeezes just enough to get his attention, a fond smile on his face. “Kotenok, you listening to me? Said Sid looking at you like he wanna eat you. Think is okay to let him taste as long as he don’t clean you up?”

Nicke’s eyes dart to Sid and he turns pink, cock jumping against his belly and leaking another drop of precome onto his skin.

“Have to say yes or no, Kotenok. Can tap if words are hard,” Sasha says, voice changing to indicate that it’s an order and getting a small gasp out of Sid. Nicke moans and nods, tapping yes against Sasha’s arm and making an unhappy noise when Sasha leans back to give Sid room. Sid checks with Zhenya first, then leans in and laps at Nicke’s belly, groaning at the taste when it hits his tongue and watching Sasha push Nicke down into the bed by his throat.

“Kiss him so he can taste too, Sidka,” Sasha orders, knowing that he can’t kiss Sid with Nicke under unless he wants to upset him. When Sid climbs up to kneel next to Nicke’s shoulders, Sasha catches a drop of precome for himself and licks it off of his finger.

“Can I kiss you, Nicke?” Sid asks, brushing his curls away from his face and waiting for Nicke to nod before he leans down and catches him in a bruising kiss. Nicke moans into Sid’s mouth when he tastes himself and yanks on Sid’s curls when Sasha hits his prostate, needy sounds flowing out of him.

“What you think Sidka, should I let him come?” Sasha asks, stroking Nicke’s hips and speeding up to fuck into him exactly as hard as he knows Nicke wants. Nicke whimpers and nods, desperate for it even though he knows Sasha isn’t asking him.

“He’s been good,” Sid says, holding on to Nicke’s hand and watching his face light up when Sasha nods. Sasha reaches out to pat Sid’s curls and then gives all of his attention back to Nicke, digging his fingers into Nicke’s hips and fucking into him hard enough to have a new wave of tears rolling down his cheeks. Nicke begs in a mix of languages for permission to come, getting louder and more desperate by the second until finally Sasha leans in and kisses his collar.

“Come for me, Solnyshko,” he orders. Nicke screams and arches up under him, sinking his fingers into Sasha’s hair and pulling him down. Sasha comes with a curse, filling Nicke up and fucking into him just as hard until he feels him come between them, hot and sticky and messy on their skin.

“Oh Kolya,” Sasha says when he pulls back, voice breaking with fondness when he sees the way he’s shaking, “should see how good you look. Did so good for me, waiting so long. Such a big mess. I’m proud of you,” Sasha praises. Nicke hiccups and makes grabby hands, squirming until Sasha comes to him, wrapping around him and kissing all over his face until he sighs and relaxes again. Nicke mumbles an ‘I love you’ in soft Russian and rubs his nose against Sasha until he smiles.

“Think you deserve a plug, Kotenok, keep you full while I spoil you. Don’t wanna leave you alone, so gonna let Sidka pick, you want big or small?” Sasha asks, cradling Nicke against him and kissing him between words. Sasha smooths his curls and wipes the tears off of his face while he waits for him to decide.

“In the middle?” Nicke asks, voice small and rough from the combination of blowing Sid and screaming. He leans into Sasha’s touch and closes his eyes.

“Sidka, go pick plug for Kotenok. Medium ones in the middle, second drawer,” Sasha instructs, half an order and half a request. Sid looks a little startled at first, but then gets up and goes with no argument. “You gonna let me kiss pretty hole when I’m give you plug Kolya? Know is gonna be pink and puffy. I’m even take picture for you to see and show Sid if you want?” Sasha says, scratching behind Nicke’s ear and using his weight to keep him pinned and settled. Sid comes back holding the plug he picked and looking shy, like he’s afraid he did wrong or needs permission to get back on the bed. Sasha looks at it and smiles, tugging on Nicke’s curls to make him look too.

“Think that one be perfect, Kotenok. Didn’t he do good?” Nicke nods and motions for Sid to climb back up next to him. He pull Sasha down and whispers something in his ear as he nuzzles against him. Sasha nods and kisses his forehead.

“Kolya say Sid welcome on the bed and wants him to watch me put plug in. Say Zhenya can come up too, but doesn’t want him to get to close,” Zhenya makes a noise of fond amusement and Nicke scowls at being quoted exactly. Zhenya climbs up and stretches out behind Sid, far enough away that Nicke would have to try to touch him.

“Hold big part between your hands so is warm,” Sasha tells Sid, turning the plug around so he isn’t wielding it like a weapon and closing his hands around it. He kisses Nicke’s face as he eases out and soothes him when the head of his cock tugs at his rim. Nicke whimpers and immediately tries to tighten down so he won’t lose any. Sid scoots closer and leans in to look.

“Why’s he doing that? Is he hurt?” Sid asks, “I thought he wanted…”

“He wants,” Sasha says, cutting him off gently and rubbing Nicke’s thigh, “he wants to keep all my come, doesn’t like when he loses any, so he try to keep, but too stretched out from being fucked.” Sid scrunches his nose up and rests his chin on Nicke’s knee so he can see more clearly. Sasha reaches for his phone and takes a picture for Nicke, still rubbing his thighs so he knows he’s close and then handing him the phone as he takes the plug from Sid’s hands. Nicke whimpers when he sees the picture and wiggles, nudging Sasha with his foot and getting an a fond smack in return

“Working on it, Kolya,” Sasha promises, slicking up the plug and pressing it gently against Nicke’s hole until he relaxes. Sasha uses it to gather up the come that was leaking out and then presses the plug in, slow and steady until it’s past Nicke’s rim and in place. Sasha runs his fingers over Nicke’s hole to get any come he missed and then holds them up so Nicke can lick them clean.

“Have to shower layer, but won’t make you yet. You gonna let me clean you up for cuddles and kisses? I’m use wipes instead of licking clean because I’m think it be too much for you,” Sasha says. Nicke nods and stretches out lazily, like a cat.

“You usually lick him clean?” Sid asks, still looking floaty and soft under his rumpled mess of curls. Sasha nods and rubs the dry part of Nicke’s belly.

“He like and I’m think taste good, so I’m not waste. Sometime he too overstimulated so I’m use wipes, make sure I’m not hurt him or give more than he can take,” Sid’s eyes widen and he looks at the mess again.

“But there’s so much,” he says, licking his lips without realizing it and not understanding Sasha’s chuckle when it comes. Sasha sends him for the wipes and turns to Zhenya when he gets up.

“I’m tell you Kolya gonna ruin your husband, but you don’t listen, now you have your own subby husband and gonna need more vodka,” Sasha says. They chirp back and forth until Sid comes back and hands the wipes over. Sasha smiles. “Can lay with him and play with his hair while I’m clean him up, that way he know we right here,” Sasha says. Sid nods and stretches out along Nicke’s side, using him as a pillow and curling up so he looks even smaller than he really is.

“Why do you call him Princess? And what’s Kotenok? I know Solnyshko,” Sid asks Sasha while he wipes Nicke’s belly clean.

“Kitten. Kotenok means Kitten,” Zhenya supplies helpfully, tugging on Sid’s curls to make him turn and kissing him softly.

“Can you tell Sidka why you like being called Princess, Kolya? Can go slow,” Sasha prompts, kissing the inside of his knee and wiping gently around his plug to clean up the lube that’s left. Nicke makes a noise and blinks a few times until he can focus on Sid’s face.

“Spoiled,” he says, words slow and rough, “means I’m pretty and spoiled.”

“And little bit brat,” Sasha adds with a smile, kissing his thigh. Sid repeats the word to himself and raises an eyebrow, squeaking when Zhenya pulls him back to hold onto him like a little teddy bear. “He like to make trouble, don’t always listen, is fun sometimes,” Sasha explains, finishing up and laying down so Nicke can climb halfway onto his chest and snuggle up. Sasha sinks his fingers into Nicke’s curls and kisses his temple, wrapping around him and smiling when Nicke starts to purr.

“He’s purring? Nicke purrs?” Sid says, too spacey to remember his manners and too curious to restrain himself. Sasha laughs and Nicke turns pink, hiding against his chest.

“Is big kitty. Is why I’m have tattoo. He like to cuddle, love to sleep, demand attention always. Like a big blonde kitty,” Sasha says, tugging on Nicke’s curls when he feels him giggling against his shoulder and kissing his temple.

“Isn’t not doing what you say mean he’s being bad?” Sid asks, scooting in closer to Nicke and dragging Zhenya with him. Nicke makes a distressed noise and hides his face against Sasha’s chest.

“Sometimes,” Sasha says seriously, smoothing Nicke’s curls with one hand and rubbing his back with the other, “Sometimes he bad or mean because something is wrong and he not wanna say. Only punish for that if is big. Usually if he bad he get spanked or have to sit in the corner or not allowed to have ice cream.”

“Sometimes he refuses to touch me when I’m bad. It’s the worst,” Nicke adds, face red when he turns his head so he can see Sid and Zhenya. His eyes are wide and glassy and the look on his face makes Sid giggle. Sasha curls around him and kisses his forehead.

“He have to be very bad for that. Usually spank him for be a brat because he like enough for be fun too. When something is wrong I’m usually wrestle with him until he ready to say what it is and let me love on him until he feel better,” Sasha says, stretching out under Nicke’s weight and getting comfortable. Nicke makes a soft noise and nuzzles against Sasha’s throat to make Sasha lean down and give him a kiss. “Been so good for me Kotenok, think you should tell Sidka about your collar, he keep looking at it.”

Nicke reaches up to touch it on reflex, tracing the line of it around his throat and letting a pleased smile spread across his face.

“It’s Sasha’s but it’s mine. It means he’s mine,” Nicke says, sounding a little floaty and equal parts sweet and sleepy. Sasha laughs and kisses his head.

“Yes, means I’m yours. Means you mine too. But should tell him why you have, maybe why you have so many,” Sasha urges, squeezing Nicke’s middle and watching him absently trace the line of his collar with the hand Sid isn’t holding.

“It means that I’m Sasha’s submissive. We have a contract and rules and it’s serious, like a kinky wedding ring,” Nicke says, pausing to smile conspiratorially at Sasha, “and I have so many because I’m a spoiled Princess and Sasha likes to buy me pretty things I can wear for him.”

“My pretty Princess deserves pretty things,” Sasha says with a laugh and a shrug. Nicke asks Sid if he has questions and then waits, watching Sid’s face shift from overwhelmed to curious and back again. Sid makes a face like he’s thinking hard and rolls onto his belly so he can use his arm as a pillow. He doesn’t let go of Nicke’s hand.

“You said you’re submissive, right? Just with him? You weren’t with me,” Sid says, glaring and wiggling his ass until Zhenya gets the picture and drapes himself over his back. Sasha smiles down at Nicke and waits, watching him sting words together in his head. It takes a minute and Nicke scrunches his face up a few times before he finally gets it right and opens his mouth.

“I do both. Sometimes Sasha bottoms for me for things, and sometimes we play with other people, but mostly I’m Sasha’s good boy,” Nicke explains, looking proud of himself for what he said—or didn’t say. Sasha laughs.

“Sometimes I let him be a pillow princess and do all the work. Would be a waste not to use his pretty cock, so sometimes he fuck me, but he don’t have to be in charge to do that. Usually I get to have my sweet Kotenok and help him be good and spoil him and love on him until he cry,” Sasha adds, kissing Nicke’s shoulder and running his fingers possessively over Nicke’s tattoo, low on his hip. Sasha is paying attention to Sid when Zhenya pokes him in the ribs.

“Look like you have more questions Sidyusha, they not gonna make fun, ask,” Zhenya says, hooking his chin over Sid’s shoulder and stretching out so that he covers Sid with his whole body. Sid hums and wiggles against him, squeezing Nicke’s hand as he thinks. When he finally decides which question to ask, his cheeks turn adorably pink.

“How long have you been… in a relationship like this?” Sid asks, “Are you always like this or are you… vanilla... sometimes?”

“Usually like this, Kolya like to be under whenever he can. But he always husband first just like he was boyfriend first. Take him out, show him off, listen when he talk, make sure I’m take best care,” Sasha says, biting softly at Nicke’s neck to get a happy hum out of him and smiling when Nicke starts talking.

“I asked him about kink the day we finally realized we liked each other, but he’s never made me be submissive if I don’t want to be,” Nicke says, resting his chin on Sasha’s chest and digging it in until Sasha pokes him in the ribs and calls him a brat.

“Kolya was all squirmy and I’m finally get him to say why. Was because he wanted to play. Always kind of knew he was kinky but needed him to tell me,” Sasha says, going back to playing with Nicke’s already-fluffy curls.

“That’s the secret. The submissive is always the one really in charge,” Nicke says dreamily, eyes closed. Sasha nods dramatically.

“I’m always do what Kolya say, even if he say stop. I’m almost never tell him no because he spoiled and I’m love. He almost shake apart trying to say he want to kneel for me and I’m never want him be that nervous again,” Nicke hums and rolls to lay on his side, tugging at Sasha’s hand until he plasters himself against Nicke’s back and tucks his knees up behind Nicke’s legs.

“Kneel?” Sid asks, voice a little squeaky. Nicke pulls his hand over and kisses his knuckles.

“I can show you later, if you want. You’re tired and subby and you look comfy, so we don’t have to do it now,” Nicke says, reaching over to boop him on the nose and returning his soft smile when it comes. Nicke yawns suddenly and snuggles back into Sasha as close as he can get, using him like a human blanket. “Can we nap?”

Sasha nods and Nicke smiles, leaning in to whisper something in Sasha’s ear. Sasha laughs and kisses him.

“Yes Kotenok, can hold Sid if you want. Were curled up like kitties earlies, why I’m say no now? He little enough to be your teddy bear,” Sasha says, teasing a little to make Sid’s face turn red.

“Cuddle with me? You can bring Zhenya with you,” Nicke asks, voice hopeful and excited. Sid doesn’t ask for permission this time, just lets Nicke pull him in and bury his nose in his curls/ Sasha and Zhenya both wait until they’re comfortable to move closer, Nicke holding Sid like a teddy bear and Sid tucked comfortably under his chin looking ready to fall asleep immediately. Sasha snuggles up behind Nicke again when they’re settled, draping an arm over Nicke’s waist and resting his hand on the bone of Sid’s hip. Zhenya does the same, draping himself over Sid’s back and closing his eyes. Nicke sighs when they stop moving and makes his happy purring sound again.

“There Kotenok, hold on tight and get some sleep, we all be right here when you wake up,” Sasha soothes, kissing the parts of Nicke he can reach without moving away and rubbing little circles into Sid’s hip with his thumb. Zhenya whispers a goodnight to Sid and gets a hum in response. They’re both asleep in seconds.