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Shinsou Hitoshi pushed the shopping cart full of spray paint down the street. It was cool today, not many people around. Well, most of them were probably at work or whatever.

The young man came to a stop by a vending machine and debated whether or not to buy one of those canned coffees. There was a huge possibility they would be as cold as the weather but he did not care. He places a few coins in the slot and selects the french vanilla one. He takes it from the bottom of the machine and- huh it's still warm.

He wipes the top of the can with his sleeve a few times, pops it open and drinks from it.

It's quiet during this time in the morning. Not the eerie quiet, the comforting quiet.

Hitoshi soaks it in.

There was a time when this area was once one of the most dangerous spots in Japan. However, over the course of three years, the crime rate took a nosedive.

Thanks to one person named Bunny.

Bunny was apparently marked down as a 'vigilante' by the police force and multiple heroes. The persona came around when the crime rate was at its all-time high and villains were practically patrolling certain areas where the known heroes rarely came to.

How did this happen, one might ask?

Easy, the fight between All Might and All For One.

It was broadcasted throughout Japan- hell maybe throughout the whole world.

On that day, the world's symbol of peace defeated the world's strongest villain and retired.

All Might retiring was basically free for all the villains were looking for. One would think that with all the professional heroes Japan has that they would be able to keep the crime rates and villains low.

All Might was the symbol of peace for a reason. With that symbol gone it was just chaos.

Well, that's what the masses might say, but Hitoshi thinks differently. To him, it was already chaos. Yes, pro heroes and All Might were there to fight villains, the supervillains.

However, there was still the common thief, the serial killer, the rapist, the mugger etc. They were always overlooked because the bigger and flashier they are the faster they can become a target.

The police force does their best but with uncommon quirks and the symbol of peace retiring, it was enough to shake the damn world awake.

Hitoshi finishes the coffee and throws it in a nearby recycle bin. Then he thumbs the red wristband on his hand before returning back to his shopping cart. He's done his morning patrol. He needs to report back for his next shift.

He pushes the cart down the street.


Tsukauchi Naomasa sighs through his nose. It's too early in the morning and he's not fully woken yet but his mind is already buzzing.

Another criminal captured, gagged and damn near unconscious on their doorstep.

This one they had been tracking for the last month or so. Wanted for turning people into stone and then just smashing them. It was inhumane.

Moving on.

The true reason that Naomasa is here because there was a witness, one that was very much alive and slightly traumatized.

A twenty-eight-year-old woman, named Mikura Shizuka. She was a target but before the criminal could get to her she was rescued.

"Good Morning Mikura-san," Naomasa tries his best to put on a smile despite how tired he is.

The blonde woman gives a small smile. Her hands are trembling and fidgeting with the blanket they gave her a few moments ago.

"My name is Tsukauchi Naomasa, I am the current detective assigned with this case and I would like you to answer some questions. Any information is greatly appreciated.

Mikura-san shifts but nods Naomasa takes this as a sign to continue.

"There have been rumors of some vigilantes going around Mikura-san. I realized as I walked in that the captured criminal was not the work of the hero since they only subdue." And not beat someone to near death was left unsaid.

"May you please give me any information about who saved you? Anything is helpful."

Mikura-san bites his bottom lip and shifts again, she's still fidgeting with the blanket. "There were two of them, definitely men."

"Anything specific."

"They both had collars on," She points to her neck. Naomasa doesn't feel his quirk going off just yet so he nods. "Red collars, like the ones you give dogs.. and...and one had on gloves, but only one finger was covered.'

Naomasa raises an eyebrow, "Only one?"

She nods, "The pinky, I didn't get to see much of him. The other one had on a black coat, his sleeves were rolled up so I was able to see his arms. It looked like burnt skin that didn't heal correctly..." She shifts once more with an uncomfortable expression.

"That's," She takes a deep breath, "That's all I could see of them. I'm sorry."

Naomasa gives her a small smile, "You have nothing to apologize for Mikura-san. The information you have given is actually quite helpful."

Naomasa leaves her to be looked at by a few paramedics as he looks at his notes.

God, he's been on this case for how long now?

He's heard the description of these two many times. A man with dark hair and burn marks, and another with light colored hair that keeps his fingers covered. Both of them wearing red collars and going around dropping criminals, villains and the occasional hero on the police's doorstep. Sometimes they even went as far as killing.

Naomasa doesn't like it. Vigilanteism was one thing, but this was confusing.

He sighs, places his hat on his head and heads back to work.