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Soft, smooth, pale, and untouched. Peter’s body moved and bent anyway he wanted it to without restraint. And that was the best part wasn’t it? The lack of restraint. Peter’s chest moved slowly, rhythmically. His eyelashes brushed his pale perfect cheeks. He looked safe, soft, warm. Completely unaware that Tony loomed over his naked form.

He set up the camera beside the bed and turned it on. Tony thanked technology that Peter looked equally as beautiful through the lens. He wanted the recording to be perfect.


The frame was so large, the quality so pure, that there was no mistaking a single detail of what was happening. Peter saw himself naked and asleep on top of the covers. He didn’t even remember going to bed but he woke up in the same room as the one in the video. Nothing happened for about a minute. There was only silence and the gentle rise and fall of his chest. Then Tony stepped into frame.

He wasn’t naked like Peter was, but he was… stroking himself. His dick was hard and outside of his pants and definitely not something that belonged in the image Peter was seeing. Icy fear shot through him as he realized the sticky substance he’d found on his face when he woke up. He’d wiped it away without a thought. Monster goo was a part of the job after all… Tony wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t do that. Not Tony.

He knelt on the end of the bed and spread Peter’s legs apart. His hands caressed Peter’s skin. He swore he could feel his hands as if they were there now. Peter pulled the blanket around his shoulders as if he could shield himself from the man. Those hands kept roaming around touching every part of him. Peter whimpered to see how Tony caressed his face as if he were a treasure. Meanwhile, his cock brushed against Peter bare skin as he leaned over him.

“You’re so beautiful, Peter.” Tony’s voice was crystal clear in the video. Peter whimpered. His hand shot up to cover his mouth in horror.

“You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.” He trailed light fingers down Peter chest and placed a kiss on his cheek. “You sleep so peacefully… you look so pure.” There was something in his voice Peter had never experienced before. He’d never been spoken to with so much desire.

Tony ran his tongue up the column of Peter’s throat and moaned. “You taste amazing, too. I imagined you would. Sitting alone in my office, watching the security feed in the training room. Watching you flip around in that deliciously tight suit.”

His mouth move down Peter’s chest. He couldn’t tell exactly what Tony was doing, but he could feel the marks aching in his skin.

Tony’s hands were running over his chest and down his arms now. “I built that suit just for you. My creation. Built to caress every inch of your body. It’s like I’m touching every part of you when you put it on.” Tony moaned again.

Peter wasn’t sure when he’d started to cry but the tears where running down his cheeks. His trusted mentor… his beloved spider suit…

“Oh, Peter,” he sighed. The sound was filled with longing. “I’ll never stop protecting you. Taking care of you. In every possible way.”

His lips had made their was down to his hips now. That’s where Peter felt the deepest bites.

“I’ll cover you in me and then I’ll work my way inside. You won’t know where you end and I begin. Until you forget how to exist without me.”

Peter burrowed into the blanket until his eyes barely peeked out. He wanted to turn off the video but he couldn’t stop watching.

Tony crawled back up Peter’s body until the were sharing every breath. “You’re mine, Peter.” The sound almost seemed to echo through time as if Tony were in the room again. Peter glanced around the room feeling paranoid, but he was alone.

“You are mine, Peter,” Tony said again. The weight of his words fell so heavily that there was so no need to elaborate. Peter could feel in his gut what Tony meant. He could feel that it was true and inescapable.

He watched Tony rock his hips against Peter, grinding his cock down between Peter’s thighs almost as if he was… He watched Peter’s face as he humped his limp form. He stroked his hair. After a few minutes of humping and quiet moans, he crawled up onto Peter’s chest. He reached over and grabbed the camera as well.

Peter had a perfect view of his own sleeping face. He watched as Tony spattered it with his cum. He watched Tony’s finger scrape of some of it from his skin. He pushed open Peter’s mouth and wipe the cum off on his tongue. Peter, watching the video, swallowed. He wasn’t sure if that’s what he tasted in his mouth or if he imagined it. Now Tony was inside him too just like he’d said. Peter’s head spun. He had to put it between his knees to keep from passing out.

He heard Tony whisper loud and clear into the mic on the camera. “Good morning, Peter.”

Peter’s eyes flicked back up to the screen to see Tony smiling, his usual self into the lens. “You did a great job last night.” He winked.

Peter felt sick. That was no different than what Tony told him most mornings after a mission.

The sounds of morning came through the door. Chatter, soft footsteps, pans being set on the stove.

He couldn’t risk losing everything he had. His rank as both a superhero and an Avenger. The mutual respect and trust between him and the others. The worst Peter of it was, he desperately didn’t want to lose Tony. He needed him liked never needed anyone else. All he could think to do was act like this had all been dream. He couldn’t let them find out about this.

Peter went to the laptop set up across from the bed. He deleted the video.

After going to the bathroom and washing his face he got dressed. Then, Peter joined the Avengers in the kitchen.

They all smiled to see him. Peter only had eyes for Tony. He felt so far away, like staring through a fog. It wasn’t real. It was all a nightmare.

Tony put a hand on his shoulder. “Good morning, Peter. You did a great job last night,” he smiled.

Peter smiled back. He was glad that his stomach was empty.