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Devils Duo

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“Okay, okay. Let me tell you the story. Imagine a record scratch- I’ll give you a moment...Okay, now look at me?”
The guard doesn’t budge and Minhyuk pouts to the jingle of Kihyuns mocking laugh.
“Fine, I get it. Ki, look at me.” Kihyun complies, meeting eyes with his friend from the bench he sat upon. He tries to keep his smile hidden.
“Freeze frame.” Minhyuk freezes, Kihyun almost sputters. “You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation-“ he grins madly, cut off by his friends laughter that rings out of their cell and throughout the jail. He swore he could even hear the guard in front of the bars eyes hit the back of his skull.
“Well, have I got a story for you!”

The two now sit upon the bench, Minhyuks legs crossed over each other as one foot sways, both arms moving dramatically as he speaks. He was most likely loud enough that if anyone a few cells down wanted to listen to his fairy tale they could. Kihyun sits beside him, legs in a basket and head resting against the cobbles of the wall and his eyes closed, ears listening to every word.
“We’ve been together for longer than I can remember- actually, I do remember. We met in early high school. We’ve always been stuck to each other’s hip, you see…
We were good kids, the worst I at least ever did was get sand in a kids eye during a play-date. You?” He pauses, moving his clenched fist to just below Kihyuns mouth as though he held a microphone. The younger lifts his head and wraps his hand around Minhyuks, smiling still.
“I stole a butter knife to carve my shitty clay figurines.”

“Ooh! We’ve got a creative type!”
Minhyuk tugs his hand away again, bringing it to his own lips to continue, gaze on the guard as if he expected a reaction. None was given, so he continued.
“When we met in high school, worlds collided. We were both of the same blood; mischievous, looking for a spark. We wanted something fun! Something to do; life is boring as hell.
It started as little things, you see. We had a friend in high school, went by the name Wonho. He was a softie and maybe we smothered him a little.” He shrugs, Kihyun snorts. “Anyways, our little friend Wonho has a sweet tooth but didn’t come from the most well off family. Well, neither did we, but he never got to find that one out. We would ‘buy’ him whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. I personally loved it, the adrenaline hit me as soon as we picked up a chocolate bar from the nearest market. It was brilliant. Even the few times we were caught and we had to run, run, run until there was no one behind us anymore. It took Kihyun here a little more to get into it, he was scared.” The male in question hits Minhyuks shoulder, shooting him a scowl as the other laughs at him.
“Wonho unfortunately moved school after Kihyun threatened him. He’d caught onto that we were stealing for him and really wasn’t for it, Ki just didn’t want our efforts to go to waste.” Kihyun mutters something about Wonho being a quote on quote, ‘ungrateful prick’ before Minhyuk speaks.

“I know, babe, it’s awfully sad. If only we could’ve stayed friends,” he jokes, wrapping an arm around Kihyuns shoulders and leaning into him with a sharp laugh. As expected, he was pushed away but his mad laughter didn’t subside, in fact it was contagious enough for Kihyun to grin over at him. “So, that started us off at least. We were quiet for a bit after that incident until one period of English Kihyun fucking lost it. I wouldn’t suggest you instate a debate with kiddy Kihyun, because that time ended in him shoving pencil through the poor kids hand. Damn thing wasn’t even sharp, I’m surprised you managed that as a fifteen year old.” Kihyun shrugs, messing with the holes in his battered shoes. They took the laces away from him before they were locked up. “I’ve always had a strong hand,” he suggests. Minhyuk takes it with a nod, and continues his spiel. He doesn’t care for anyone not listening to him, nor does Kihyun.
“He was expelled for a week, and I didn’t go in because Kihyun wasn’t there. It was no fun without him. We both gained a little taste for blood that week though, I for one have a thirst for screams nowadays. College was when the real fun started.”
Minhyuk stands up, stretching down to his toes as he did so. He heard the guard sigh in exasperation and his smirks lightly. His ability to annoy was one he’d always treasured.

“I spent most of my college years higher than a kite, if I’m honest with you. Not that we had many years in college. We actually planned things out in college though, schemed our way through stealing wallets and cheating exams. Ki has always been more hands on than me; he works on the frontline whilst I direct him, if you like. It didn’t always work like that, though. We often both ended up on said frontline, which was fine too. An example would be when we tailed some rich neurology major into a club-“
Kihyun groans and hangs his head, running a hand through his hair. “Hyungwons story? Really? That’s hardly important. You just wanted to see me in a skirt that night, you didn’t need a date to get in the damn place,” he recounted, brows furrowed at the memory. Minhyuk pats his friend hard on the back, chuckling.

“You’ve totally got me there, I did just want to put you in a skirt. Since, Kihyun isn’t a fan, I’ll keep it short.” He sends Kihyun a blown kiss his direction, grin never subsiding even if the man pretends to grab the kiss, throw it to the ground and stamp on it with his boot.
“We tail this- what did you say his name was? Hyungwon? We follow him to this huge club, sweet Kihyun dressed in the cutest skirt my sister owned. Basically, we got the kid drunk as all hell, and then started a riot in the club. We knocked him the fuck out and left him with the bartender, Kihyun danced awfully sensually with some old man that try to pay him into having sex in the bathroom stalls, I smashed a bottle over his head and it’d turned he was both Hyungwons father and one of the owners of the club. I was dragged out the place kicking and screaming after I hit the guy again and Kihyun got the same treatment after doing the same thing when the dude tried to get a hand under his skirt.” Minhyuk clapped his hands once to signify the end of that particular story, his quiet steps the only sounds for a moment as he paced back and forward in the small cell. He convinced himself that the silence was a sign of the whole jail listening in.
“That night was the night the fame started chasing us. We’d made quite the name for ourselves, even if we were just fucking around for good fun. That’s all we’ve been doing, y’know…” he hums happily, stopping his walk to instead lean again the bars of the cell, reaching in between two to lightly run a finger against the guards cheek. He could feel Kihyuns gaze on him, watching to ensure nothing bad comes of the impulsive action of his friend. It wouldn’t be the first time they’d gotten in even more trouble because Minhyuk can’t keep his damn hands to himself. The guard still gives no answer, clearly trying to convince both himself and the convictions that he wasn’t listening. The light shiver Minhyuk felt when he’d touched him told him otherwise. He pulled his hand back inside and pressed his back against the wall, opposite where the guard would be standing outside.
“That’s all, dearie. We didn’t mean for so much bad to come from it, we just wanted some fun… There’s no hard feelings from us, surely you can-“


He huffed, pout returning to his lips as he slips down the wall in order to sit down on the cold floor. When he glances at Kihyun, he shakes his head despite his fond smile. If he were honest, he loved to hear his friend chatter like this, but someone had to keep him in check.
“I hear you, I know.” Minhyuk hangs his head, letting it hit the cobbles. Even he was getting bored now, and he considered himself good at keeping himself pacified. It was quiet again for a while as the brunette on the floor picked at his fingers, his teeth pulling at his bottom lip. It wasn’t long before Kihyun moved to sit beside him, shuffling as close to him as possible before taking hold of his hand. Minhyuk hums and Kihyun squeezes his hand, whispering a suggestion for him to keep talking.
“The press caught up, and we became pretty well known, right?” Kihyun starts before holding his fist beneath Minhyuks chin, of whom let out a soft chuckle. “Yeah, sounds about right. We had a name, but I never did care for the news. We got on with what we always did, a little more carefully now. Until yesterday.” Kihyun snorts and shakes his head, grinning to himself at the thought of what the duo had tried to pull together.
Minhyuks laughter also chimes as he pushes Kihyuns fist back to his own face.
“Why don’t you tell, then. If it makes you so happy.”

“It’s just stupid. I can’t believe I let you convince me into doing that shit. Doing all this shit.”

“You love me.”

“Yeah, I guess so.”
He grins lightly, resting both their hands against Minhyuks thigh. He let the silence beat for another few moments before putting his invisible mic to his lips once again.
“Yesterday was the wildest little excursion we’d ever faced.” Minhyuk nods along, eyes closed. “We were hired, which was new to us. We’d always denied the idea of working under someone, having worked perfectly well as just one another. We should’ve stuck to that, if we had we wouldn’t be in this fucking place,” he grumbled, ignoring his friends laughter from beside him. The brunette in question takes over from him.
“The job itself was far funner than the consequences, we know.-”

His voice ceases as Kihyun shushes, the sound of footsteps entering his ears. They both listen carefully although they’re unable to actually decipher what the guard is whispering down the ear of the one that stands watch on them. Whatever it was, it convinced him to turn and push a key into the lock on the bars. Minhyuk was in his feet in an instant, Kihyun follow suit with a frown to combat Minhyuks bright expression.
“What’s going on?”

“Someone’s come to get you both.” Came the blunt answer as the cell swung open. Minhyuk claps his hands excitedly, but Kihyun still isn’t convinced. “Who? No one would,” he said, his frown never letting up. He scrunches his nose as his arms were forced behind his back and the cold metal of cuffs attached itself to his wrists. Minhyuks expression fell as he was also tugged into handcuffs, his brows furrowing in annoyance. The question was never answered but Kihyun figured neither of them had a choice but to follow after the two and so he nods his head in their direction to signal the distressed Minhyuk to come with them. “I know you don’t like them, but come on. The faster you follow, the faster you can get them off,” he explains, voice hushed as they walked side by side. They walk silently through the short corridor, Minhyuks fingers fiddling with themselves as they went. He squints at the bright light of the main police station and the expression never did falter when he lay eyes on two boys that stood by the front desk. They looked younger than both him and Kihyun, one black haired and one blonde. Minhyuk has never seen either of them in his life.
One by one the two are unlocked and let go, a curt nod sent to the black haired boy before a whisper of ‘I hope to never see you again’ is sent down Kihyuns ear and then the two guards are gone. They disappear back down the corridor without another word.
Kihyun steps in front, pointed stare directed at the two in front of them, the two that have bailed them out for reasons unknown. They didn’t have many connections any longer, having decided they were finished with trying after almost having Hyunwoo killed in their place. Neither of them wanted to put someone so important in jeopardy, so they cut off from most besides anyone absolutely crucial to their own plans.
These two were new, and the fact that they were the ones happy enough to poke their noses into the wreckage of the pairs lives put Kihyun on edge. It wasn’t everyday they met someone that acted without fear.

The dark haired outstretches a hand for Kihyun to take, the blonde doing the same toward Minhyuk who took hold almost immediately. Sighing, Kihyun did the same, and the two introduced themselves.

“Im Changkyun.”

“Lee Jooheon. Fuck you two are hard to track.”