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The pub door closes and you take a look around. And it's just in that moment that you realise what's actually going on. Now that the rest of the production team left, you're alone with them.

Tom and Aidan.

Your stomach drops immediately. You still can't believe that you scored the job as a production assistant on this film. Sure, it involves a lot of running around and fetching people coffee. But you get the chance to work with an amazing cast. In London. And besides, evenings like this make the effort so worth it. You never expected this turn of events, though. You're halfway through filming and the whole team decided to hit the pub for a night. Especially since you all have a day off tomorrow. And what an evening it's been – full of jokes, laughter, and singing. You hadn't even realised how late it already is. The rest of the team left, one after the other. And now you're sitting here. With Tom and Aidan, two of the most handsome and most charming men you've ever met.

You really don't want them to notice how nervous you are in this moment. It's not like you haven't talked to them before, on the contrary. You in particular recall some wonderful conversations with Tom over tea. But this is different. You all had a little bit to drink and you're worried your inner fangirl might come out. So you try to play it cool.

„Well, are you gonna bail on me too, or are you up for another round?“, you ask. They both look at each other and smile.

„Count me in“, Tom replies.

„Alright, I'm on it.“ Aidan gets up and orders another round of Gin and Tonic for the three of you.

Thanks to the fact that you're on your fourth drink, you're becoming more and more relaxed, which makes the conversation with those two hotties a lot easier. And they really are a delight. They seem very comfortable around you and you're very grateful for that. There's even a bit of flirting going on. Some of the looks they give you cause a certain tingling between your legs. You're trying to ignore it, but boy, they're just so sexy.

At 4 am in the morning, you're thrown out of the pub. You're standing out on the street and even though it's a lovely summer night, you're shivering a bit. Tom, being a perfect gentleman, takes off his jacket and puts it around your shoulders. You smile shyly and flush a bit. Mostly because the jacket smells like Tom. It's irresistable. And again, there's that tingling between your thighs.

Aidan looks at the two of you. „So, you two wanna call it for the night?“

„Not really. You darling?“, Tom answers and both of them look at you with puppy eyes.

„I wouldn't mind another drink. Not sure where we're gonna get one at that time of night though.“

Tom smiles. „Well, I'm sure we could find a nice bottle of wine at my place. What do you say?“

Your stomach drops immediately. His place?! Tom's house?! You can't believe that this is actually happening. You're mostly surprised that he trusts you enough to take you there. He and Aidan have known each other long before filming started, but he's known you for only 4 weeks. So you feel truly honoured. And really nervous. But you still nod, even though you wonder if any of this can be considered a good idea any longer.

„Let's go then“, he says.

As you start walking, you in the middle, they both put an arm around your shoulders. You could die on the spot and try do drink in every single detail. Their scent, the feeling of their bodies against yours...this is what heaven must feel like.

After a pleasant – and in your opinion way too short walk through the city – you arrive at Tom's place. And you soon realise that he wasn't lying when he said that it's a wall to wall of books. You immediately wish you could move in there for at least a week. Well, forever actually, but that's a whole different story.

„Why don't you two make yourselves comfortable while I go looking for the wine!? And fix us something to eat. Because I don't know about you, but I'm starving.“

„Great idea“, you and Aidan answer in unison.

As Tom leaves you, you both walk over to the couch and get comfortable. Aidan groans quietly as he sits down.

„What's the matter?“, you ask.

„I don't know. I've been having some pain in my back for a couple of days now. Not sure where it's coming from.“

In a moment of courage you just smile . „Well, allow me to take care of that? I've been known to have magic hands.“

„Be my guest.“ He moves over, allowing you to sit behind him.

„Alright, just relax.“ You reach out and start rubbing his shoulders. His broad, muscular shoulders. Boy, that feels good. You can feel the tension leave his body and a small moan escapes his mouth, making you all tingly again.

„Magic hands is right. Honestly, woman, you got some skills.“ Another moan. God, what a tease.

„Thanks. I could do a lot better without that shirt.“ You're shocked the second those words leave your mouth, but you can't help but smile a little. Not for long though. Because Aidan's next move silences you completely.

He stands up, turns around to face you, and takes off his shirt. He's just standing there, barechested. You're completely in shock. You run your eyes over his muscles. His abs. His biceps. His chesthair. Oh boy, that man is perfect. The tingling between your legs is getting impossible to ignore. And now he's the one smiling.

„All these hours, staring at me on set, and you're still not used to me being naked?“ You flush crimson. It's true, you have been looking at him during the nude scenes on set. But you didn't think he had noticed.

„Well, I...I's just...“ You're not capable of forming sentences anymore.

He smiles even more. „You're adorable when you're flustered, you know that?! I mean, you always are, but now even more.“ He leans forward, reaches for your hand and pulls you onto your legs. „So, what exactly has been going through your head all this time you've been watching me?“ Apparently it's possible to be flushed even more than you already are. And still, you're lost for words.

„I wasn't really looking, you know.“

He's still holding your hand. „Yes, you were. Don't deny it. Please. Don't. So tell me. Were you thinking about doing...this...?“

He takes your hand and puts it on his chest. Your heart is about to burst out of yours. And your panties are about to get ruined. His chest is so warm and soft and perfect. It takes everything you have not to move your hand and run it all over his perfect body.

„Well, is this what you want?“ You swallow and nod shyly. „And how about...this...“ He guides your hand over his abs and along his happy trail. You can feel the heat radiating from his pants and the wetness in your own.

You look up and into his eyes. There's a glimpse in them that makes you weak in the knees. This man, this perfect man, looks at you with lust. You can't believe this is really happening and keep thinking that you're going to wake up from a dream any second. But you don't. Instead he pulls you closer, cups your face, and kisses you softly.

You let out a moan and can hear him chuckle. He kisses you deeper and lets his tongue play with yours. Your knees feel like pudding and you wrap your arms around him to make sure you won't actually fall over. You can feel his hand running down your back and finally rest on your butt.

„What the hell is going on?!“ You both almost jump apart.

Crap! You had totally forgotten about Tom for a moment. And now he's standing there, a bottle of wine and a plate full of sandwiches in hands. You are so embarrassed, you want to disappear on the spot. You look over to Aidan and can't believe that he's still smiling.

„Sorry, mate! We got...carried away“, he says.

You expect Tom to say something, to become mad. After all, you two just started making out in his living room. But he just looks at you. You have no idea what to expect of him, but you think you're about to get a glimpse of angry Tom. Which really wouldn't help the state of your panties, to be honest. But Tom just walks over to the coffee table and puts down the wine and the sandwiches. Then he turns around, shaking his head.

„How dare you two start having fun without me?!“ And then he smiles, winks at you, and takes his shirt off.

You cannot believe this is happening. There you are, standing in Tom Hiddleston's living room, with him and Aidan Turner being half naked. This has got to be a dream! You look back and forth between those two excellent specimen and an idea starts to form in your head. A wish. And now you know how you want this night to end. You know what you want. And from the way both of them are looking at you, you might actually get it.

Tom walks over to you. It's that powerful man strut that you adore so much. God, he's even sexier than you would've imagined. He places his hands on your hips, pulls you closer and plants a kiss on your cheek.

„I've been wanting to do that for quite some time, you know that“, he whispers in your ear. „I want you. I want to make you come over and over and over. Until you beg me to stop. And I'm sure Aidan is more than happy to help me with that.“

Aidan doesn't say anything. Instead he steps behind you and starts to push his crotch against your ass. You can feel that he's hard. He starts to rub his cock slowly against your behind and you are more and more turned on with every second.

„So, what do you say, darling?“, Tom asks. You're incapable of speaking at that point. So you just pull him in and kiss him passionately.

His kiss feels even better than you had imagined. You are scared out of your mind that this is actually happening. But at the same time, you know that you want this. Your tongue pushes into his mouth and starts to play with his. You can hear him moan and it's the sweetest sound you've ever heard. His hands start to wander and he places them on your breasts. Your nipples are already rock hard and you know that he can feel it.

"Oh baby", he moans and starts to unbutton your blouse.

Once all the buttons are open, Aidan pulls it from your shoulders and helps you out of it. While he still throws away the blouse, Tom has already unhooked your bra. You just let everything happen. It's like a dream. You can't really move. The thought of what might be about to happen is too much. But it's exactly what you want. You want them. Both of them.

Tom's mouth wanders down your neck until it reaches your nipple. His tongue starts to slowly circle around it. You moan slightly because it feels heavenly. Aidan cups your other breast and rolls the nipple between his fingers, while gently kissing your neck. Your panties are toast by now. You're so wet, you feel like you're already dripping.

Tom pulls away and smiles at you. "You have no idea how sexy you are."

Suddenly, as if they had some secret signal, they change places. Tom moves behind you and pushes himself against you. Just like Aidan, he's already hard. Raging hard. And you already know that what you've always suspected is true. His manhood is huge. You can't help but imagine how it's going to feel when he pushes inside you and you moan. You can feel Aidan's hands and tongue all over you breasts. His tongue is playing with your nipples, his hands are squeezing them gently. You let out another moan. And just as you think the feeling couldn't get any better, you feel a hand between your legs. Tom's hand. Another moan. You immediately start to move your hips against him. This is what heaven must feel like.

Tom is still rubbing his cock against you. His mouth is right next to your ear and you can hear his breathing getting heavier and heavier. Aidan starts to unbutton your pants and slowly pulls down the zipper. You can feel Tom letting go of you, but you're too aroused to really care. In one smooth move, Aidan pulls down your jeans and panties and helps you to step out of them.

You're butt naked in Tom Hiddleston's living room. You try to wrap your mind around that fact, but Tom doesn't leave you much time to think about anything. His hand flies right back between your legs.

"Oh god, you're so wet babe", Tom whispers in your ear.

And then he presses himself against you from behind once more. And now you know why he let go of you earlier. He's naked. You can feel his cock pressing against your ass and without hesitation, you reach back and grab it.

"Fuck", he moans.

In the meantime, Aidan has taken off his pants as well and is standing in front of you in all his glory. He has his hand wrapped around his cock and strokes it gently, watching as Tom rubs his fingers over your stiff clit.You look at him. You look at his cock. All while still stroking Tom's. They both look and feel so perfect.

"You wanna suck it?", Aidan asks. All you can do is nod.

So Tom lets go of you and Aidan steps right in front of you. You drop down to your knees and wrap your hands around his shaft. He moans deeply.And then you just open your mouth and let Aidan's cock slide in slowly.He lets out another moan and pulls your head in closer. You just keep licking and sucking his beautiful cock.And all of a sudden you feel Tom's hands on you again. He's kneeling beside you. His right hand on one of your boob, rolling the nipple between his fingers. His left hand between your legs, rubbing your clit.

You moan. His fingers skillfully play with your little pearl. And then, without warning, he slides two fingers into your wet pussy. The feeling causes you to wrap your hands and mouth around Aidan's cock even tighter.

Tom kisses your neck and puts his mouth right next to your ear again. "I want you to come for me, darling."

His words are your undoing. An orgasm like you've never experienced before hits you. You stop sucking off Aidan and just surrender to the feeling. Your whole body is shaking and you moan so loud, that you're actually a bit embarrased.

"Good girl", Tom whispers in a low voice.

He kisses you softly and then leans back on the living room floor. You try to drink in how beautiful and hot he looks, but Aidan doesn't give you much time. He pushes you over so that you're on all fours.

"Now that's what I call a beautiful pussy", he says. And then his voice changes. "Suck him", he says in a commanding tone.

You wouldn't dream of resisting. Because all you want right now is to wrap your mouth around Tom's beautiful and huge cock.So you crawl over to him and start to tease him with your tongue. He moans and you lose the last bit of shyness.Hearing that man moan is all you ever wanted. Being the cause for his moans is heaven on earth. The feeling of Tom's cock in your mouth is amazing. He tangles his fingers into your hair and guides your movements, causing him to moan even harder.

Then you feel a slight spank on your ass, followed by the feeling of a cock rubbing against your wet pussy. You turn around to look at Aidan, but make sure that your hands never leave Tom's cock.

Aidan smiles at you. "Are you sure you want this?"

"Yes! I want you to fuck me."

And with one move, he thrusts his cock inside you.You moan loudly as he stretches you open.And then he starts to move, slowly picking up a rhythm.

"Fuck me harder", you command him.

So he starts to move faster and continues to push his dick in and out of you. God, it feels good!You turn back around to attend to Tom's cock again.There you are, being taken from behind by Aidan Turner, while sucking off Tom Hiddleston. This is life at it's best.Both of them are moaning and breathing heavily. So are you.

And then you can feel it...another orgasm coming on. Your pussy in clenching even more around his cock. You want to come so badly. And as if Aidan has been reading your mind, he reaches around and starts to rub your clit.

He brings his mouth close to your ear. "Your pussy feels so fucking amazing.“

And once again, you surrender to the power of words. Your whole body starts to shake and you give into your orgasm.

You already feel exhausted, but the boys don't even think about giving you a moment to recover. You're still coming down from your orgasm, as Tom pulls you up to him. You're now straddling him and you know what's going to happen. He raises you up a little and brings his cock into position. Then he puts both hands on your hips and slowly pushes you down onto his huge cock.You can feel as it fills you up and stretches you open inch by inch.

"Fuck, you are so tight", he moans. And with one last push, you sink onto him completely.

You start to slowly move your hips. Your eyes never leave his face. Pleasure is written all over it. So you pick up the rhythm and start riding him. Just like you've always wanted to.Fucking Tom is amazing. His cock is so huge and so hard and it feels so amazing sliding in and out of you.

Then you feel Aidan behind you again, his hands reaching around and grabbing your boobs. He gently tugs on your nipples.You have never been so turned on in your life. You can hear Aidan moaning in your ear. At the same time you look at Tom and listen to his moans. And in that moment you know that whatever is going to happen next, you're willing to go with it.

"Are you ready to make tonight surely unforgettable?", Aidan asks the two of you.

A huge smile appears on Tom's face and he just nods. Then he looks at you. "Say yes, darling! I know you want it."With those words he places his thumb over your clit and starts to rub it while he keeps fucking you.

You moan out loud. „Y-yes.“ That's all your capable of.

Tom's thumb is moving faster over your clit and you know you're close to another orgasm.And then, without a warning, you feel Aidan pushing a finger inside your ass. You're completely taken by surprise, but you still moan because it feels so fucking amazing.Usually you don't like it at all when you're hit with any kind of anal penetration without a warning. But this time it's different. The feeling of Tom fucking you and Aidan pushing his finger in and out of you is just too much. God knows you're wet enough to not need any lube for this.You keep riding Tom, his thumb still rubbing your clit, his other hand on your boob, playing with your nipple. Fuck, you want to come. And then the third orgasm of the night hits you. And it's even more intense than the others before.

You collapse on Tom's chest, trying to catch your breath. He pulls up your head and kisses you passionately.

"Are you sure you want this, babe?", Tom asks.

You can still feel his hard cock inside you. And you can feel Aidan's cock pressing against your ass. And you know that there is no going back for you now.

"Yes, give it to me", you answer.

"Don't forget to breathe." And with that, Aidan starts to slowly push inside you.

Tom is holding your hips steady, as Aidan's cock enters your ass. It is a tiny bit painful but in that moment, you embrace it. Because at the same time, it feels fucking amazing.

And then both of their cocks are buried deep inside you. You feel so full. It's an incredible feeling. You don't know what to do. Do you move? Do they move? You've never done anything like that before. But you know you want something to happen.As if they could read your mind, they both start to move very very slowly.You immediately know that you won't last very long. And you also know what all the fuzz about DP is about. Because feeling two hard cocks move inside you is more than you can handle. You know that you're no longer in control. They are. They're both moving in and out of you and you just let it happen and enjoy the feeling of completely letting go.

You moan.Loudly.And then you tell them to fuck you harder.You want to feel them pushing in and out of your holes. And both of them are more than happy to fulfill that wish. They pick up the pace abd you're losing the last bit of control over your body.They're fucking you hard now.You can hear them both moan and you know they're getting closer to their orgasm as well.The sensation of two cocks is just so amazing and you know you won't last much longer.

And then it hits you. You come, you're whole body is shaking. You're ready to collapse and you tell them to stop. But they don't. They just keep fucking you.Aidan reaches around you and puts his hand on your clit, rubbing it faster and faster. Tom's mouth finds one of your nipples and he start's to suck on it.You come again. It's all just too much.Again you tell them to stop and again they ignore it.You all just moan and groan right now. And as the next orgasm hits you, they both finally give in and surrender to theirs as well, both coming inside you.

You all collapse on top of each other, totally out of breath.Then they both slowly pull out of you.

"You alright?", Aidan asks you.

"I have no idea.“

Aidan kisses you gently. "That was incredible. You were incredible."

Tom pulls you onto his chest and gently strokes your hair, while Aidan rests his head on your back. You're still shaking, but you know you've never felt more amazing in your life.

"Guess we didn't need those sandwhiches after all", Tom says.

You all laugh and then just enjoy the feeling of your bodies resting on top of each other. You just lay there, listening to each other breathe. And finally, exhaustion takes over and you all fall asleep. Naked, tangled up, in Tom's living room.