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Foreign Affair

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You let yourself sink back down on the bar stool and take a deep breath. You can't believe this is happening. It's not like you and your best friend haven't had fights before, but never quite like that. You bury your face in your hands and try to calm yourself. Did this really have to happen? Now? The trip to New York had been everything you've been looking forward to for months. And so far, everything had been perfect. And now this. A stupid fight over nothing.

You order yourself another Gin & Tonic. This night is fucked up already, so you might as well get drunk. The cute but very gay bartender puts your drink in front of you and you take a first sip. And all of a sudden you realise something. It's not just that your friend took off. She's the one with the hotel key card in her purse. So chances are that you won't be able to get back into your hotel room tonight.

„Well, fuck this!“, you say to yourself.

The situation is so strange, that you can't help but laugh. You shake your head and then down the drink in front of you. More alcohol will be required to make it through the night. In your desperation, you let your head fall onto the bar, your forehead resting on your crossed arms. You close your eyes and try to figure out what to do next.

With your eyes still closed, you can hear that someone is sitting down next to you. „Hi“, you can hear a male voice say in a heavy Aussie accent. „You look like you could need another drink.“

You take another deep breath. „Look, I don't know what you're after. But you sure as hell won't get it from me“, you snap at him, your head still buried in your arms.

„That's too bad. Because I was really hoping I could buy you a drink.“

You realise that he won't go away, so you look up to tell the guy off. But everything you wanted to say just disappears from your mind as soon as you lay eyes on him. He is fucking gorgeous. He seems to be rather tall and has muscles that make him look like some Greek god. You can see his biceps bulging under his shirt and you really have to force yourself to not stare. He has thick blonde hair, a killer smile and is staring at you through piercing blue eyes. You just look at him, completely lost for words.

„So, are you up for another or not?“

You clear your throat. „Sure, why not.“

He gives the bartender his order and then turns to you again.

„I'm Chris, by the way. Very nice to meet you.“ He holds out his hand.

Slightly shaking, you put your hand into his. They're so big that they make yours look tiny. After the rather formal greeting, you tell him your name and where you’re from. The bartender interrupts your conversations by putting your drinks in front of you. You both grab your glasses and toast each other.

„To tonight“, you say.

„To new friends.“ You both sip on your drinks, never taking your eyes off each other. „So what brings you to New York?“

„I'm here on vacation with my friend“, you reply. „And I take it you are from Australia?“

He smiles. „Yes, I am. I just got here from a surfing competition in Florida.“

„Surfing in Florida, huh? Do you do that often?“

He shakes his head. „No, it's actually the first time. I mean, I am a surfing instructor and I have basically been out on the ocean all my life. Just never in the States before. So this is a first. And I figured, while I'm here, I might as well check out the Big Apple.“

„Lucky you did.“ Now you're the one smiling at him.

„Your friend...the one you're in New York with...where is she?“

„If only I knew. But I take it she's back at our hotel. We got into a fight ealier and she just ran off.“

„A fight?! What about?“

You laugh. „A dress.“ Chris looks at you with disbelief. „I know, men will never understand. But we both saw this amazing dress today. We both wanted it, but they only had one left. So we agreed that neither of us would buy it. Only she went back and bought it anyway. When I found out, I flipped and yelled at her. And now she's gone. With the key card to our hotel room.“ You take another sip from your drink and then just stare at the glass.

Suddenly you feel a warm hand on yours. „I am sorry.“ Chris' thumb is gently brushing over your knuckles, sending sparks through your entire body. You look up to him through your lashes and smile shily. „So what are you going to do now? About the hotel room, I mean?“

„Well, I'm gonna go back and see if she's still up. I highly doubt it, though.“

„Have you tried texting her?“ You shake your head. „Well, then why don't you do that and then join me on the dancefloor while you wait for her reply?! This is, after all, a club.“

You can feel your insides stir. Just the mere thought of any kind of physical contact with that man is almost too much to handle. But you take out your phone and send out a quick text. Then you put your phone away and look at Chris. He empties his drink and then gets up in one smooth move. You realise that he's even taller than you thought he was.

„Come with me“, he whispers in your ear. Happy little shivers are traveling down your spine.

You down the rest of your G&T and then allow him to lead you to the dancefloor. As you start to move your body to the rhythm of the music, he positions himself behind you. You close your eyes and try to drink in the beat, as you feel a warm body approaching you from behind. Chris lets his hands wander to your hips and pulls you against him. You can feel his body rubbing against your back and it feels heavenly. He is so tall that, even though you're wearing high heels, your head rests against his pecs when you let it fall back. The heat generated by his body along with the firmness of his muscles as wellas his scent make you want to rip his clothes off right there.

You lose track of time as your bodies move in unison to the music. His hands gently caress your hips, arms and stomach. You reach back and put your arm around his neck, pulling him even closer. You feel a light scruff rubbing against the side of your neck as he plants light kisses on it. Just as you notice a certain wetness in your panties, the music is interrupted by the DJ informing everyone that the club is going to close for the night.


A few minutes later you find yourselves standing on the sidewalk. There is a moment of awkward silence as you both don't know how to act after your little foreplay on the dancefloor. It is Chris who breaks the silence.

„So have you heard from your friend?“

You pull out your phone and check. „No, nothing.“

„Which hotel are you staying at?“

„At the Hotel Pennsylvania on 7th Avenue. Between West 32nd and West 33rd Street.“

Chris looks at you with big eyes. „That's where I'm staying.“

„You're kidding!“

He shakes his head. „No, I'm not. Come on, lets get a cab.“


Another few minutes later, you're sitting in the back of a cab. You decide to give your friend another call but she doesn't pick up. Once again, Chris reaches out for your hand.

„You can always stay with me. Make use of the King Size bed I'm paying for.“

„Okay.“ That's all you can say. Your mind is all over the place. Could it really be possible that this gorgeous man is interested in spending the night with you?!

The two of you remain silent until you reach his hotel room. As he opens the door you take a deep breath and try to prepare for what might be happening next. Chris invites you in and closes the door behind you. He switches on the light and you take a look around.

„So, which side of the bed to you want?“, he asks you.

„I don't care. What do you prefer?“

He gives you a dirty smile. „Well, I'd prefer you naked on top of me, screaming from multiple orgasms. But hey, that's just me.“

In that moment, you feel the last doubts inside your head vanish. You throw your jacket and purse on the floor and then basically jump on Chris as you wrap your arms around his neck and press your lips against his. A moan escapes his mouth as your tongue pushes into it. You pull his shirt from his pants and then over his head. His body is even more muscular than you would've imagined. You can feel a tingling between your legs and you know that you want this man inside you. Chris grabs your dress and peels you out of it. His large hands wander all over your body as he pushes you back up against the wall.

You don't know whose body part hit the light switch but all of a sudden, the light in the room goes out. Neither of you bother to turn it back on. Chris' lips and tongue are devouring yours as he unhooks your bra and throws it to floor. He immediately cups your breats. Your hard nipples are pressing against the palms of his hands and you can't help but moan. He expertly uses his thumbs and index fingers to make them even harder, causing you to moan even louder.

You start to trail kisses all over his neck and chest as you reach for his pants to unbutton them. You open the fly and can feel his erection waiting to spring free. Almost hastily, you pull down his pants and his boxers and hungrily grab his cock with both hands. The fact that his manhood is big enough to actually wrap both hands around it makes you smile a little. You slowly begin to stroke his penis and Chris lets out low moans that turn you on even more. You can feel pre-cum leaking from his rock hard cock and it is only in that moment, that you realise that you're dripping wet and more than ready to welcome him inside you.

„I want you to fuck me“, you moan against his neck.

But Chris only chuckles and shakes his head. He pulls away from you to step out of his pants and then hooks his fingers into your panties.

„Let me play with your pussy a little bit first.“ And with that, he strips you naked. Before you prepare yourself for what's happening next, his hand is between your legs, his fingers rubbing over your dripping wet slit. He lets out a groan. „Look at how wet you are. It seems like that pussy is ready for me.“

„Yes“, you gasp, as you want nothing more than a cock inside you. His cock.

His fingers on your pussy feel heavenly and you moan loudly. Suddenly you realise that you're standing with your back to the hotel room door. And you are pretty sure that everyone on the other side of it would be able to hear your sounds of arousal. You want to protest and tell Chris to get on the bed, but before you can say anything, you feel two fingers pressing against your clit.

„Oh fuck“, you hiss.

Chris lets his digits roll over your clit expertly. Your hands grab his biceps as you can feel your orgasm build up inside you. Chris' other hand finds your breasts again and gently pinches your nipples. You moan even louder but still remember that anyone could be on the other side of that door.

„Oh god, Chris...I...I want you inside me.“

He chuckles again. „Is that so?“

„Yes, please.“

With that, Chris' fingers abandon your clit, only to push inside your wet pussy. You let out a whimper. His fingers are curling as he pushes them in and out of you. You're getting closer and closer to your climax.

„Please, Chris, make me come.“

Without saying a word, he presses his thumb on your stiff little pearl and starts to rub it in a relentless rhythm. You no longer care about who might be on the other side of the door and start to scream as you surrender to your orgasm. Your pussy in clamping around Chris' fingers that still drive in and out of you. Your whole body is hit with spasms. You shake as he's pressing kisses on your neck. And then the sensation becomes too much and you can feel your knees getting weak. You are so overwhelmed by your orgasm that you can no longer support yourself. As you're starting to sink to the floor with exhaustion, Chris wraps his strong arms around you and lifts you up. In an instinct, you wrap your legs around his hips. He pushes your back up against the door and lifts you up a bit higher. Then he positions his hips and lowers your body onto his cock. You whimper as his massive manhood stretches you open. You can't remember anyone that huge ever being inside you. And although it's slightly painful, it's also the most heavenly feeling on earth.

Your pussy is still pulsing with the aftershocks of your orgasm, squeezing his cock inside you. „Oh fuck, you're so tight“, he moans.

„Please fuck me“, you beg him.

He obliges without hesitation. He uses his muscular arms to slowly push you up and down, allowing your pussy to glide over his cock. With every thrust, he pushes into you deeper. You feel so stretched out and so full and it feels so fucking good that you almost feel like passing out. But can already feel the build-up inside you again and you know you're on your way to another orgasm.

Chris is moaning into your ear as he nails you against the door. Suddenly, he grabs you tighter and carries you over to the bed. He carefully puts you down on the mattress, his cock never leaving your pussy. You spread your legs wide to allow him to push into you even deeper. He lets his body sink down onto yours and then starts to move his hips. His penis drives in and out of you in a quick, relentless ryhthm. You run your hands along his back, your fingernails digging into his flesh. He moans and starts to fuck you even faster. You know you're close and more than ready to come. So you let one hand wander between your legs and start to circle over your clit. Within seconds, you are hit with your second orgasm. You moan loudly as your whole body trembles. Chris stays deep inside you, moaning, as your pussy tightens around him.

As you're coming down from your climax, he pulls out of you. You let out a small whimper full of desperation. You want him back inside you. But he doesn't give you time to think. He quickly moves down between your legs and buries his face between your wet folds. He lets his tongue wander over your slit and then latches on to your clit. His tongue is flying over your little pearl as you rock your hips to get even more friction.

„Oh my god...I...ohh...Chris, I...oh god, I'm gonna come again“, you stutter, not capable of thinking straight any more.

Without letting go of your clit, Chris pushes two fingers inside you again. Only this time, he's hitting your g-spot. You can no longer hold back and give into another screaming orgasm, his tongue assaulting your clit the whole time. The spams in your body don't want to seem to end until Chris finally pulls away from you. You're panting and in desperate need to catch your breath. And you realise that even though you are already exhausted, he hasn't found his realease yet.

Chris slowly kisses his way up your stomach, lets his tongue flick over your nipples, before kissing you deeply. He pushes his tongue inside your mouth and you can taste your own juices. You moan as you feel his erection pressing against your centre. He pulls away from you and cups your face.

„Are you alright?“, he asks in a soft voice.

You can't help but laugh. „I've never been better.“

„Do you think you have one more orgasm in you?“ Shivering with anticipation, you simply nod. „Then ride me, baby. Ride me until you milk my cock with that sweet, tight pussy of yours.“

He kisses you passionately and then rolls onto his back, pulling your body on top of his. You straddle his hips and position his cock at the entrance to your pussy. And then you sink down. The look on his face as his huge dick slowly stretches you out is divine. Once he's completely inside you, you place your hands on his firm chest to support yourself. You push your hips up so that his cock almost slides out of you. But in the last moment, you relax your thighs and practically fall back onto him. His dick pushes inside you deeper than it has all night.

„Oh fuck!“, he moans.

You can see that he's panting. So repeat the motion over and over until you've established a steady rhythm. His hands grab your hips as you start to cirlce them faster. Chris is moaning louder and louder now and you can feel his cock swelling inside you a little bit. You know that he's close. You know that he's ready to come. So you lean a bit backwards and put your hands on his thighs, never interrupting the rhythm in which you're fucking him. You moan at the slightly new angle of penetration and lean back a little bit more, allowing Chris access to your clit. You don't have to say anything. He reaches out immediately and lets his thumb brush over your most sensitive spot. Your orgasm is rushing towards you at full speed.

„I'm ready, baby. Come with me. Please.“ Chris is almost incapable of speaking now.

You don't say anything either. You simply increase the speed in which you're fucking him a little, causing him to pick up the same speed with the thumb that's still treating your clit. As your strongest climax of the night hits you, you start to tremble and your pussy clamps tight around Chris' cock. That is enough to push him over the edge. You can feel his cock pulsing as he comes deep inside you.

You fall forward onto his chest and he pulls you in for a deep kiss. As you’re trying to catch your breath, you let your head rest against his chest, listening to his rapid heartbeat.

And then exhaustion takes over. Without being able to fight it, you fall asleep in his arms, his cock still buried inside you.