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Mine at last

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“I’m home.” Announced Xiǎo XīngChén as he unlocked the door and entered the house. It was dark. Strange… thought the seventeen-year-old as his parents would usually be home. His hand reached out to the side of the wall to turn on the lights.


What greeted his sight was a total massacre – his parents were splayed on the floor with blood all over. Their faces contorted into horrified expressions. His whole living room along with the worshipping altar for the deities were trashed.


Huge words were splashed across the wall written by blood or some sort of red paint, XīngChén could not tell. It read “FRAUD!” The boy was on his knees, trembling at the sight. He could not understand why or how this had happened.


His parents were good devotees of Taoism, worshipping multiple deities. They even had their house converted to a Gōng Miào (Temple) so that they could aid people with spiritual troubles.


Xiǎo XīngChén shook his head as he closed his eyes. “This must be a dream. This must be a dream.” He took deep breaths as he opened his eyes. Nothing had changed – his parents’ dead bodies still laid in the pool of blood. He let out an anguished scream.





Xiǎo XīngChén did not remember how many days had passed. He was transported from the police station to the hospital…the interrogations were wearing him out. His best friend – Sòng ZiChēn stood by his side, helping him out as best as he could.


Xiǎo XīngChén’s house was no longer habitable and so ZiChēn had helped him move into an empty room next to his own.


Every night, ZiChēn would be awakened to the screams coming from the next room. Nightmares plagued XīngChén as he kept seeing the images of his parents' death over and over again .


The boy had become a recluse – not wanting to talk to anyone. He would stare into space with a blank expression. It broke ZiChēn’s heart seeing his best friend in this state. However he still had to move on with life – he had school to attend. Hence, XīngChén was left alone in the house whenever ZiChēn goes to school. ZiChēn made sure to keep anything sharp or dangerous out of XīngChén’s sight, in fear that the boy would end his life when ZiChēn was not around.


However, the boy never made any suicidal attempts and the food that ZiChēn prepared every day would be finished up. This gave ZiChēn some relief.


One day, ZiChēn heard laughter coming from XīngChén’s room. It was as if he was talking to somebody. Curious, he knocked on his friend’s door. “Come in.” Came the reply. ZiChēn was surprised, having not heard his friend’s voice for so long.


He entered the room. XīngChén was sitting on his bed and smiling at him. It was his usual smile – as if XīngChén had recovered from the traumatic incident. He made a motion for ZiChēn to sit next to him.


ZiChēn complied. “How are you feeling?” He asked.


XīngChén did not reply as he looped his hands around ZiChēn and pulled him in for a hug. ZiChēn froze upon contact – having been someone who disliked being touch, but ZiChēn did not make any motion to push his best friend away lest it caused XīngChén to breakdown again.


“Thank you.” XīngChén said earnestly. “But it’ll be all over soon.”





Sòng ZiChēn did not understand what his friend had meant. The worriedness in him grew as he watched the news – the news about the murder of XīngChén’s parents. The culprits were caught apparently – two drug addicts who also had a habit of gambling. They had probably came to XīngChén’s house temple and asked for lottery numbers, and upon losing, got angry and killed the DàoZhǎng of the temple along with the wife.


Apparently the two culprits had died in their cells before the trial in an extremely gruesome way. No one knew how their skin were shaved off or how their eyes were gouged out. It gave ZiChēn the chills when he was listening to the description of the horrific deaths.


Suddenly he heard something tumbling down the stairs. It all happened so fast and when ZiChēn got to him, XīngChén was already laying at the bottom of the stairs with blood seeping out of his head.


It was a frenzy as ZiChēn called the ambulance while trying to keep his friend alive as best as he could with limited knowledge he had on first aid and whatnot. The ambulance took XīngChén away.


It was days of torture waiting for his friend to wake up. And when XīngChén did wake up, he was left without eyesight. ZiChēn was frantic and trying to get answers from the doctor who was unable to explain further besides that the trauma from the fall might have caused it.


XīngChén seemed unusually calm by the whole incident. He merely reached out to ZiChēn and tugged his sleeve, saying, “It’s alright. It’s alright.”




It had been seven years since it happened. XiǎoXīngChén still had not regained his eyesight.


“My husband is cheating on me. How can I make him come back?” A lady sobbed as she sat across the table from Xiǎo XīngChén.


Xiǎo XīngChén had decided to continue his family business – reopening his house-temple. And he was quite good at his job. Through word-of-mouth from people he managed to help, XīngChén had gained himself quite some repute in this field.


XīngChén was listening to the woman speak when suddenly he felt a breath on his left ear. A voice spoke, “Ah, DàoZhǎng. Can I have this one?” The voice had a hint of boyishness in it. The DàoZhǎng did not reply. The voice continued, “Tsk, she’s a real bitch, you know? Cheating on her husband and wondering why he left. She even threatened to kill the pregnant mistress.” There was a sulkiness in the voice, “DàoZhǎng…” His eye suddenly caught something, “Eh?”


Xiǎo XīngChén passed the lady a talisman. The lady could not see the being that was currently standing next to Xiǎo XīngChén. Said being had the form of a twenty year old man with a charming smile that would show its canine-teeth. It floated in mid-air overviewing the entire session. It was smiling from ear to ear as it looked at the talisman that had been handed over.


A mark. The being thought.


The woman took the talisman. “Thank you, DàoZhǎng.” And she left, closing the door behind her.


“Guess that was the last one for today.” The being spoke again. “DàoZhǎng, DàoZhǎng, can I have a candy today?” It sounded excited as it landed on its feet and closed in on Xiǎo XīngChén.


“Alright, alright.” XīngChén opened his drawer. It was filled with sweets of all sorts. He placed his hand in and was trying to pick one of the candy. Being without sight was really a setback as he fumbled around trying to pick the candy.


“I want that one.” Said the being and suddenly XīngChén felt his hand being guided to a caramel candy which laid next to the lemon-flavoured one. He picked it up and handed it to the being. “Unwrap it for me.”


XīngChén complied, carefully unwrapping it as he held it in midair – without his sight, he was unable to see where the being was. Said being took the candy into its mouth along with the DàoZhǎng’s fingers. It gave the fingers a few lick seductively as it eyed the DàoZhǎng with eyes filled with lust.


“Xuē Yáng, not now.” Scolded the DàoZhǎng as he pulled away his hand. “Regarding that lady…”


The being known as Xuē Yáng cut in, “Yes, yes. I know. I will ensure very minimal suffering.” Xuē Yáng watched as a pained expression appear on XīngChén’s face for a brief moment then disappeared. “It’s all part of the contract, DàoZhǎng.”


“I know.” Replied Xiǎo XīngChén coldly. “I know.” Despite knowing that, the man could not help the guilt that was eating him from the inside.




Xuē Yáng had come to XīngChén when he was at his lowest. It started with whisperings…then slowly the teenager was able to see a strange dark figure looming above him.


He had no fight left in him at that moment, merely staring blankly at the dark figure. “Are you here to kill me?” He asked. The dark figure did not reply and slowly dissipated.


That night, Xiǎo XīngChén begun seeing the dark figure in his dream. It appeared to him in a form of a silhouette without a face.


“I could help you.” It said.


“How?” XīngChén asked.


“Do you want to make a deal with me?” It asked.


Xiǎo XīngChén remembered warnings by his parents not to associate with spiritual beings – the various deities were fine though. This being in front of Xiǎo XīngChén however had a sinister aura – it was definitely not one of the deities. However XīngChén was not afraid of it.


“What’s the price?” XīngChén asked.


“Hmm…an unlimited supply of candy.” The being said. “Those eyesight of yours.” It got closer to XīngChén and suddenly the boy was able to make out the face of the being. It had a face of a man with boyish charms. “A monthly sacrifice…and lastly…” It smiled. “Your soul.”


The deal was so one-sided but XīngChén was too clouded by hatred and vengeance that he actually agreed.


The being was taken aback, expecting a haggle of sorts. “Pft…you really don’t change do you?” The being said as it closed in for a kiss, XīngChén’s eyes widened in shock. The being pulled away, “A safety deposit.” It said. “We’ll have to properly sign the contract when you awaken.”


XīngChén woke up to find a face staring at him. It was the being from his dream. Said being smiled, showing canine teeth. “Good morning~” It said cheerily. “Now don’t forget to complete the contract.”




It was only days later that XīngChén finally ‘signed’ the contract with this demonic being known as Xuē Yáng. Before that, Xuē Yáng had been hovering in his room, watching him all day long and pestering him to hasten up in signing the contract.


“I’ll need a vessel. That friend of yours look reasonably fit for this.” It said with a Cheshire-cat smile. It reached out to XīngChén, wanting to touch his hair but the hand went through the man just like air. Frowning, Xuē Yáng looked at his own hand.


XīngChén froze. “No. You will not touch ZiChēn.”


“Aww…but I promise no harm will come to him.” Xuē Yáng said, “You have my word. Besides, he won’t even remember a thing. I promise.”




Despite cutting everyone off, XīngChén had been following the news of his parents’ murder on his phone. Anger boiled in him when he saw the faces of the men responsible for their deaths.


“One of them is still on the loose though.” Xuē Yáng chirped in. XīngChén looked at him, trying to comprehend his words. “Let’s see…a politician’s son. Daddy has the means to wipe his slate clean.” XīngChén felt dizzy all of a sudden. This can’t be happening…this is so- “Unjust, isn’t it?” Xuē Yáng having read the boy’s thoughts asked.


The boy merely stared at him blankly.


“It will be over soon, the moment you sign the contract.” He flashed the boy a salesman smile as it did a somersault in mid-air and was hovering just a few inches away from XīngChén’s face.


XīngChén did not know if it’s the angle in which the being was looking at him or his mind had just snapped, but he burst out laughing. It seemed to attract ZiChēn who was outside his door. His friend entered the room and XīngChén lured the man onto his bed…





Xuē Yáng looked at his newfound body, examining it. Then, he looked back at XīngChén. The boy had guilt written all over his face as he clutched onto a pillow.


“Shall we begin?” The demon asked. Despite being in ZiChēn’s body – the voice that came out was different. It was that mischievous kid-like voice that had been pestering XīngChén for the past few days.


XīngChén had expected a mere kiss to seal the contract. Hence he was baffled when he was suddenly pinned down onto the bed as Xuē Yáng began licking on his collarbone.


“Wa-wait…” XīngChén pushed the demon away. “What are you doing?!”


“Sealing the contract, of course.” He noticed that XīngChén had been averting his eyes from his face – ZiChēn’s face. The demon interjected, “It doesn’t end with a mere kiss, you know?”


XīngChén blushed at the words as he shook his head furiously. “Can I-”


“No, you cannot change your mind.” Xuē Yáng cut in. He passed XīngChén an eye-mask which he had found next to the bed. “Wear this if you are feeling awkward seeing your friend’s face.” He said, “I’ve already possessed this body. It’ll only be released once the contract is sealed.” A grin appeared on his face – an expression that would never ever show up on the original host’s face. Once it’s done, I won’t need a medium anymore to do whatever I want with you.


XīngChén nodded slowly as he wore the eye mask. He felt himself being pushed back down onto the bed as his shirt was removed. His heart was beating fast as he was feeling dreadful for having to lose his virginity for something like this.


However the thoughts left XīngChén’s mind when hot tongue and lips were all over his body, seemingly knowing exactly where his sensitive spots were.


XīngChén was already moaning and panting from the sensation. “Ngh…stop…” Cheeks flushed, as XīngChén tried to fend the demon away from his already oversensitive nipples. He failed as Xuē Yáng gave the nipple a lick and proceeded to suck on it, another hand was playing with the left nipple, giving it a pinch which caused XīngChén’s entire body to jerk forward.


Pre-cum already leaking out of his hard member that was being painfully confined in his pants. Xuē Yáng skillfully removed the pants along with the underwear while moving lower and lower until he was in front of the hardened shaft, watching it with intent eyes. He licked his lips as he watched droplets of pre-cum dribbling out of it, then in one fell swoop he put the entire length into his mouth.


“Ah!” XīngChén screamed at the sensation. Xuē Yáng was licking and sucking at the length as he looked at XīngChén’s expression. Too bad he was unable to look at those beautiful eyes – but the thought of XīngChén watching ZiChēn’s face while being fucked doesn’t seem to sit well with Xuē Yáng despite himself being the one possessing the body at the moment.


“Ngh…comin-” Xuē Yáng stopped suddenly. He smirked at the squirming boy beneath him – begging for release.


“Why did you stop?” Asked XīngChén as he was about to use his own hand to relieve himself. Xuē Yáng quickly caught the disobedient hand and moved it away from the throbbing cock. He quickly placed fingers inside XīngChén mouth.


“Suck.” He commanded as he watched the boy meekly comply. Satisfied at the wetness he pulled out of the boy’s mouth and proceeded to prepare him. XīngChén gasped as he felt a strange sensation when a finger was being pushed into his hole.


The dripping pre-cum from his own hardened cock also acting as lubricant as it trickled down the hole. Xuē Yáng’s expertly fingered the boy, making scissoring movements as his digits brushed his sensitive spot.


“Ah…” XīngChén subconsciously moved his hips in rhythm with the thrusting of the fingers. Just as he felt like he was about to climax, the fingers were abruptly pulled out. XīngChén whimpered at the sudden emptiness.


Xuē Yáng smirked, enjoying the view in front of him as he hastily removed his own pants. Not too bad. But mine’s better. He inwardly commented at the size and girth of his host. He positioned himself at the hole that was presented in front of him, licking his lips as he pushed in.


“Ahh…”XīngChén’s body jerked forward from the mixture of pain and pleasure. Xuē Yáng pulled out slightly then slammed his entire length back in, ensuring that he aimed at that sensitive spot causing XīngChén to tighten up whenever it’s hit.


Suddenly, Xuē Yáng pulled the boy up while still inside of him, the ongoing thrusts never faltering. Surprised by the suddenly movement, XīngChén gasped as Xuē Yáng was carrying him while thrusting into him at the same time. XīngChén quickly looped his arms around the other’s neck to avoid from falling when Xuē Yáng moved him around the room.


He felt hot lips on his own while his back was being pushed against the wall as Xuē Yáng mercilessly pounded into him. He came at the overwhelming pleasure, but the demon was still not done with him.


He was suddenly hurled back onto the bed, this time with his back facing Xuē Yáng. Said demon peppered kisses down his spine as it continued thrusting into the boy who despite having come just moments ago was already feeling the heat pooling in his stomach again.


Xuē Yáng played with XīngChén nipple simultaneously and XīngChén felt his mind go blank as a wave of pleasure brought him to another climax.


How many times had he come already? XīngChén probably lost consciousness halfway through and was only awakened when he felt something warm gushed into his stomach. He felt soft kisses on his forehead down to his nose and mouth.


“So sweet.” The demon had said.


XīngChén did not have the strength to reply.





“Good morning~” It was that chirpy voice again. XīngChén jolted up, noticing that he had been cleaned and clothed and there was only Xuē Yáng in sight. The demon reached out and traced the outlines of the boy’s face.


A realization dawned on XīngChén that the demon was now able to touch him. He gulped. “I…”


“Check your phone.” The demon said, pointing at the phone that laid next to the bed. XīngChén took it and read the news. Next to the headline of “Two convicts found dead before trial” was the news that read “Politician’s son died in car-crash.”


Tears formed the corner of XīngChén’s eyes as he broke off into a fit of laughter and cries. The demon watched the boy silently, giving him his space and time to grieve or rejoice…whichever one the boy was feeling.


After the boy had settled down, the demon hovered next to him. “Hmm…I’m feeling a little generous today.” It said. “So I’ll grant you a gift.” Saying this, it placed two fingers on the boy’s forehead. It probably felt that the entire deal was too one-sided and had decided to compensate the boy by giving him a small boon.


XīngChén blinked, not understanding what the demon had meant. “You'll see.” The demon’s grin grew wider. “And now, I’ll be taking this…” the last thing XīngChén saw was a hand moving closer and eventually covered his eyes.


It all went dark from then on.




The demon was true to its words to ensure that ZiChēn did not recall any of the incident that happened during the contract ‘signing’.


Things were beginning to fall into place for XīngChén as he moved back into his own house after finally getting discharged from the hospital.


His best friend would still drop by every day to check on him and was surprised that XīngChén had gotten used to life as a blind person with such ease. The house was always spotless and he even managed his own meals.


After some time, XīngChén opened up his house as a temple again. At first there were only a few people who came for spiritual aid in which XīngChén managed to help them with ease.


XīngChén soon realized the ‘boon’ that the demon was talking about. It was a sort of ‘empathy’ as he was able to read the person’s life-story just by a mere touch. Hence, had used the newfound skill to aid people...and also to judge the guilty and mark them as offerings for the demon.




“DaoZhang, I’m back~” Xuē Yáng declared as it appeared behind XīngChén who was cooking something in the kitchen. It was feeling very energetic after having consumed the ‘offering’ moments ago.


Said ‘offering’ had died from a heart-attack upon reaching home and seeing the divorce letter on the table…or so it seemed to the human world. Xuē Yáng had made sure to be as ‘gentle’ as possible as requested by his human lover.


XīngChén felt arms being wrapped around his waist as the demon took a whiff of his scent. “Sweet.” It commented, smiling lazily as it closed its eyes.


Xiǎo XīngChén had always been untouchable to Xuē Yáng since the past few lifetimes – a pure white lotus. Back then, he had tried to pull him down to the same level…to dirty him; but in the end Xuē Yáng lost him – his soul shattered and scattered into the wind.


After that life, Xuē Yáng had become a demon, and he waited in his realm to find Xiǎo XīngChén again. He did…many times but was unable to reach the man as he was still that pure white lotus – unable to be tainted...and the Gods would smite him for even trying to dirty him.


It was only until this lifetime that the demon was able to reach out with his claws and bind him.


Mine at last… 

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“DaoZhang, get me that one~” The demon sulked as it hovered nearby his DaoZhang who was doing his grocery shopping at the mall.


Said DaoZhang was holding up a cabbage, examining it. Without his eyesight, the man could only rely on his other senses to determine if the produce he was holding was good or not.


The demon looked at his DaoZhang’s serious expression as he held up his third cabbage and examined it with full focus. The scenario was almost comical that it elicited a “Pft.” from the demon. “DaoZhang, the one you are holding is slightly yellowish.” It said.


“Ah.” Xiao XingChen placed the cabbage down and was about to pick a fourth one when Xue Yang tugged on his hand and guided him to a much more reasonable-looking cabbage.


“DaoZhang, what would you do without me?” Xue Yang casually commented with a flirtatious tone.


Xiao XingChen picked up the cabbage, a satisfied smile appeared on his face as he placed it gently into the shopping basket. He did not reply to the demon, else it would seem like he was talking to himself. The demon was after all invisible to everyone else.


Bored by the lack of attention, the demon got closer to XingChen’s ear. It smiled mischievously, “DaoZhang….don’t be so cold to me.” The close proximity of the sultry voice sent a pleasant shiver down XingChen's spine as he subconsciously raised his hand to swat the demon’s face away.


Xue Yang flinched after having a hand almost whacking his face. He glared at the man. “Oh? So you want to play it like that, huh? Let’s wait when we get back~” He hummed nonchalantly as a smirk appeared on his face – plotting whatever mischief that comes to his mind.


“XingChen.” A voice suddenly called out. Xiao XingChen turned, recognizing the owner of the voice. A smile graced his face immediately.


“Ah, ZiChen. What a coincidence.” 


The demon watched in annoyance as the two friends greeted each other and proceeded with some small talk – totally ignoring Xue Yang’s existence. The smile that never left XingChen’s face throughout their conversation stirred an irritating feeling inside Xue Yang’s stomach. He knew the feeling all too well – jealousy.


“I’m going over to the aisle over there for some sweets.” XingChen announced. With a guide cane in one hand and a basket in the other, the man steadily made his way to the designated destination.


“Wait, I’ll help you carry this.” Song ZiChen said as he was about to take the basket away from the blind man but was stopped by XingChen’s firm grip on the basket, the smile suddenly gone from his face.


“No need.” The tone was bit colder than usual.


It caught Song ZiChen off guard as he let go of his hand. Upon realizing his words might have sounded a bit harsh, XingChen quickly flashed a smile and said, “Ah, I mean. You don’t have to trouble yourself.”


ZiChen let it slide. “Alright.”


Xiao XingChen nodded slightly as he walked past his friend. Xue Yang’s was laughing, somehow amused by the scenario played out before him. Of course ZiChen could not hear the demon as it mocked “Aww…DaoZhang doesn’t need you here.”


Xiao XingChen heard the words clearly, but was unable to tell the demon off. He merely sighed at the childishness being displayed as he continued his walk to the junk food aisle. Xue Yang brightened up knowing that they were about to be at his favourite aisle, he quickly zoomed over and was next to the blind man in a flash.


“DaoZhang, get me the strawberry one~” Saying this, the demon guided the DaoZhang’s hand to the goods that it was eyeing.


In the end, the basket was at least three quarters full of the demon’s items as they lined up at the cashier. Xue Yang was humming a happy tune – pleased by the outcome of today’s shopping. He was sticking very close to his DaoZhang, his head resting on the man’s shoulder, smirking as he noticed XingChen suddenly tensed up upon contact.


A smile was plastered on XingChen’s face as the cashier scanned the goods from the basket. “That’s a lot of sweets you have there. Go easy.” The cashier – a sweet young lady said.


“Haha. It’s not for me.” XingChen merely said.


“Oh? For your kids?”


XingChen was silent for a while. “Uh…you could say that.” Xue Yang raised a brow when he heard the words. Cheekily it blew into XingChen’s ear which caused the man to tremble slightly.


“Woah, are you alright there?” The concerned cashier asked.


“Ah. I’m fine. Haha.” XingChen quickly regained his composure as he elbowed the demon in the gut. “It’s just getting cold lately.”


Xue Yang definitely did not appreciate being elbowed in the gut as he shot the blind man a glare. Suddenly a thought crossed the demon’s mind as the grimace gave way to a smirk. It closed in and gave the man a hug around his waist. XingChen froze but had to maintain his composure.


“Oh.” The cashier nodded, letting the whole thing slide.


XingChen carried the bags of grocery and exited the place. Apparently his friend was waiting for him at the exit. Xue Yang puffed up his cheeks upon the sight of ZiChen, feeling annoyed at the ‘pest’. He hugged his DaoZhang tighter around the waist. XingChen was unable to peel him off without looking weird, so he let the demon hang there.


“Those.” Song ZiChen eyed the bag in XingChen’s hand. “Are a lot of sweets.”


“Ah.” XingChen was surprised – not expecting his friend to be waiting for him. “Oh, these…”


Song ZiChen frowned. “Are you keeping a Xiǎo Guǐ?”


He was referring to one of the occult practices where some shamans would keep the remains of stillborn babies and summon their spirit to do their bidding. These practices were common in the Southeast Asian region and some people would actually go to these shamans for a Xiǎo Guǐ to help them with their wealth or love-life…at a price. The word Xiǎo Guǐ literally translates to ‘little ghost’ – it was also used as an insult for cheeky brats.


“Who are you calling a Xiǎo Guǐ?” Somehow Xue Yang was feeling offended by Zichen’s comment. But of course Song ZiChen was unable to hear him.


“Pft.” XingChen laughed suddenly. He had always been someone who was very weak to even the lamest jokes and somehow he found ZiChen’s comment and Xue Yang’s reaction towards it hilarious. “Hahahahaha…No of course.” He reassured ZiChen. “The candies are for kids who come by the temple.” He lied…well half-lied. He does give some candies to kids as well when they come by the temple. Xue Yang would pout whenever that happened, and the poor DaoZhang had to comfort him until he’s appeased.


“I see. That’s good to know that you are not practicing the dark arts.” ZiChen nodded.


The smile on XingChen’s face froze. Ah…but I did sell my soul. But he didn’t say it out-loud. “Alright, it seems to be getting late. I’ll need to head back soon.”


“I’ll walk you home.” ZiChen offered. Before XingChen could refuse, ZiChen quickly added. “It has been a while.”


“Ah.” Xiao XingChen paused for a while, contemplating. “Alright.” He nodded.


Ever since Xiao XingChen moved back to his own house, life had been busy for the both of them. Song ZiChen went to university while XingChen did not.


Both of them had walked different paths.


It has been seven years since then, Song ZiChen was now a police officer whereas Xiao XingChen continued his family business. Both were busy with their own lives hence it really has been a while since they last spoke to each other.


“DaoZhang!” Xue Yang yelled, his hands loosened from the DaoZhang’s waist and started wandering up the man's body. He glared at ZiChen as he muttered something under his breath. Xiao XingChen ignored him.


ZiChen couldn’t help but notice red marks on his friend’s pale neck –obvious love bites. Does he have a girlfriend? He thought to himself but didn’t say it out loud.







Song ZiChen looked at his friend who had been acting strange ever since they stepped out of the mall.“Are you alright?” He asked, truly concerned for his friend.


“I’m…fine.” XingChen said between pants. Face flushed as he elbowed the demon who had been harassing him ever since he agreed to let ZiChen walk home with him.


Xiao XingChen desperately wanted to yell out for the demon to stop but had to contain himself. No one could see the demon and it would look strange if he started yelling. ZiChen would definitely looked at him weirdly.


Hence he endured the harassments while trying hard to maintain his composure. He shuddered when a hand lingered around his clothed nipple, giving it a pinch. Xiao XingChen had to bit his lip to avoid screaming out.


“You don’t look too well.” ZiChen commented as he looked at the man’s flushed face.


“Ah…I’m fine. Haha…” Xiao XingChen forced a laugh. He took in a deep breath as he continued walking normally. But Xue Yang was still not done with him.


“DaoZhang…” Xue Yang’s voice was husky in the man’s ear as he let his hand slide down the man’s back, stroking it lightly. “Look, DaoZhang. Your friend might be suspicious if you don’t keep walking.” The demon teased as it rubbed its own hardened cock at the back of the DaoZhang.


Xiao XingChen was able to feel something hot nudging at him through his clothes. It horrified him to be humiliated in this manner in front of his friend. He wanted to cry and beg the demon to stop but he was unable to do so without looking weird.


The last straw was when the demon’s hand lingered over his already hard member and started stroking it. He felt his legs go weak as he staggered forward. The guide cane in his hand fell and rolled onto the floor. “Ngh…Ha….” The moans escaped his lips, Xue Yang watched with glee. “…I think I might be having a stomachache.” Lied XingChen as he was now squatting down, clutching onto his stomach.


“There’s a public toilet nearby.” Song ZiChen said as he tried to help his friend stand up. His body passed through the demon’s figure that was currently sticking closely on the DaoZhang’s back.


The demon watched in annoyance at Song ZiChen who had his hands around his DaoZhang. “Tsk.” It let go of the DaoZhang and hovered a small distance away.


Jealousy engulfed Xue Yang as he glared at the ‘pest’. “Get your hands off him!” He screamed. But of course only Xiao XingChen heard it. The man quickly pulled away from ZiChen, fearing that the demon would do harm to his friend.


His intense movement to pull away startled ZiChen. “I’m sorry. But, I’m alright now.” He said, making sure the tone he used was as polite as possible to avoid his friend thinking badly about him.


“Oh.” Song ZiChen blinked once. Suddenly his eyes caught sight of something...down there. He took in a deep breath. He’s having…an erection? He quickly shifted his gaze away. He cleared his throat as he picked up the guide cane, and passed it to XingChen not daring to look at his friend’s face.


There was an awkward silence.


XingChen’s face was still flushed but he felt his erection slowly dying down once the harassment had stopped. “Um…I think it’s best if I go back by myself.”


“But are you sure you’ll be alright?!” Song ZiChen exclaimed.


“Yes! I’m sure!” Xiao XingChen said with a firm voice. “Goodnight, ZiChen.” He said as he turned to leave, tapping the guide cane on the floor to guide him.


A puzzled and worried Song ZiChen stood in his spot, unable to comprehend what had just happened. He wanted to follow behind his friend but the fear in him stopped him. What am I supposed to do even if I do catch up to him? Indeed, the entire situation was bizarre…and unapproachable.





“Ah, your friend has left.” The demon said with a mocking tune as it hovered closer to Xiao XingChen. “Shall we continue?” It asked seductively and was about to reach out for the blind man but was stopped when a hand swatted across its face.


“Stop it!” Xiao XingChen yelled, swinging his hand along with the grocery bag. He might have swung it too hard as the bag escaped his grasp resulting in the goods scattering onto the ground.


They were passing by a small park in their neighbourhood. It was quite late at night and the only person there was Xiao XingChen. The man had finally snapped and let out his frustration by yelling at Xue Yang. The demon was visibly displeased by the treatment as it eyed XingChen with cold eyes.


Upon realizing the groceries were flung out by accident, the blind man frantically kneeled down, trying to pick up the goods. The process was slow and it was really frustrating for a man who was unable to rely on his sight.


The demon landed on its feet. “DaoZhang…those were my candies….How could you just toss them.” Xue Yang said with a piteous tone as it walked over to the DaoZhang.


“Then help me pick them up!” The tone Xiao XingChen used was not a pleasant one – having just been put through a humiliating situation, the demon was really getting on his nerves.


“Oh? I don’t like that tone, DaoZhang.” The demon’s usual kid-like humour was gone, replaced by a harsh coldness. It was visibly displeased as it kicked the blind man who toppled over.


“What are you doing?!”


“Well, showing you who is the master here Xiao XingChen DaoZhang.” It hissed. And suddenly Xiao XingChen felt a weight on his back – pushing him down.  His face rubbing at the ground as the smell the grass invaded his nose. “Never use that tone on me.” Xue Yang said as he tugged on the DaoZhang’s ponytail and proceeded to bite him on the neck – a teasing bite that was enough to send shivers down Xiao XingChen’s spine.


“Wh-what are you doing? Stop! We are in public!” XingChen pleaded.


“Aww…don’t worry. The park is empty.” Said the demon. “It’s just the two of us now.” Saying this while it licked the DaoZhang’s neck. “Should we try something exciting?”


“Please…Xue Yang. Stop…” Xiao XingChen dreaded at whatever perverse plans the demon had in mind. “Please, not here.” He was almost crying. “I’ll let you do anything to me when we get home.”


The demon stopped. “Oh? Anything?” Its Cheshire grin grew wider as it released the man. Xiao XingChen scrambled to pick up the fallen groceries. “We should hurry up then. I can’t wait~” The demon said with a kid-like tone again as it licked its lips in anticipation.




They finally reached home after spending almost half-an-hour picking up the scattered groceries and another five minutes to walk home. Xiao XingChen was fearful of whatever plans the demon has for him when they get home, but still…it’s better than getting fucked in public, right???


“We are home~~~” The demon announced as soon as the door closed behind them.


Xiao XingChen gulped. “So…what do you want to do?” He was visibly nervous as his lips quivered slightly. Xue Yang noticed it as his grin widened.


“Aww…don’t look so nervous, DaoZhang.” He purred. “I promised I won’t hurt you…much.” Saying this, the demon kissed the man on his lips. It started slow then became rougher as Xue Yang bit down hard enough to cause the lips to swell but not enough to draw blood. The ponytail from XingChen’s hair came undone from the intensity of the kiss.


Xiao XingChen winced in pain as his body shuddered. Xue Yang pulled away, eyes glancing through the glistering saliva that formed a thread between them. The DaoZhang was panting heavily, face flushed. Xue Yang was able to see his own reflection from those listless eyes – those eyes despite losing their function for sight remained as beautiful as ever.




“Come.” It said huskily as it led the DaoZhang into the kitchen. Xiao XingChen felt himself being lifted up and placed onto the kitchen counter. Xue Yang had an evil gleam in his eyes as he watched the DaoZhang’s confused face.


“DaoZhang.” It said sweetly. Xiao XingChen heard ruffling noises coming from the grocery bag. Finally finding what it was looking for, the demon placed the item in XingChen’s hand.


XingChen felt the texture of the item. “A cucumber?” He asked, still puzzled.


“Mm Hm~” Xue Yang’s smile widened.


“Oh…” A realization dawned on Xiao XingChen suddenly. His face flushed redder. “Yo-you mean you want me to…” He was slow, but definitely not dumb. He had watched his share of porn during his teenage years. He gulped. “Bu-but…” He felt his mouth go dry.


“You said you would do anything.” Xue Yang purred. “Are you going back on your words?”




Xue Yang opened up the bottle of olive oil and poured it all over the cucumber that Xiao Xingchen was holding. It overflowed as stained the man’s hand. “Now get to work.” The demon said. “Put on a show for me.” It closed in and bit on the man’s earlobe. “And I’ll reward you if you manage to entertain me.”


Xiao XingChen’s hand was trembling. His ears flushed red at the embarrassment. To do something like this…Of all things…


Despite having multiple sexual experiences with the demon, it was always initiated by Xue Yang. Hence, Xiao XingChen had always assure himself that he was not the one who wanted it despite the slutty moans, the multiple orgasms just by taking it from the back… Xiao XingChen had convinced himself that it was all the demon’s doing. Xiao XingChen had totally nothing to do with it. He was not a slut.


The fear in the man grew as he sat at the kitchen counter. Patience was wearing thin for Xue Yang as the demon rolled its eyes. “Are you going to start?” It grinned. “Or do you prefer we have our fun at that park over there?”


Xiao XingChen shook his head. That would be shameless. He could not live with himself if that were to happen. Hence, with shaky hands, he unzipped his pants and slide it off along with his underwear. The pants plopped right onto the kitchen floor as XingChen fiddled uneasily at the nakedness.


“DaoZhang~” The demon pouted with its childish tone. “I can’t see anything if you keep your legs closed.”


Xiao XingChen slowly opened up his legs. His hardened shaft in full view already. The demon chuckled. “Aww…DaoZhang. Look at you already so excited.”


No I’m not. Xiao XingChen was in denial at his body’s betrayal. He felt so ashamed that he wanted to die. He took in a deep breath. Might as well just get over it. He gingerly place the tip of the cucumber at his hole and started pushing it in.


“Ah.” His body tensed at the pain as he was unable to push the cucumber in further. His hole was tightly clenched shut at the intrusion.


“Tsk.” Xue Yang rolled his eyes. “Must I tell you everything?” He sighed. “Oh well, can’t be help.” He eyed the man. “Now do whatever I tell you to.” Tracing a finger at the tip of Xiao XingChen’s hardened cock.


Xiao XingChen shuddered as pre-cum oozed out. “Ngh…”


“Take off your shirt.”


Xiao XingChen complied. His oil-stained hands dirtied his white shirt when he unbuttoned it. His heartbeat was racing fast. Soon the shirt was on the floor along with the pants, leaving the man totally naked.


“Ah.” He felt cold suddenly when something was splattered onto his body. It was the olive oil. He felt uncomfortable at the slipperiness.


“Now, I want you to touch your nipple.” The demon said watching intently.


Despite having no eyesight, Xiao XingChen was somehow able to feel the intensity of the gaze. His heartbeat was racing fast as his hand moved slowly to his right nipple. He touched it softly.


“Do both.” Said the demon.


Xiao XingChen dropped the cucumber to the side of the counter as his left hand was on his other nipple. His hands were trembling, unmoving on his nipples.


“Now pinch them.” The demon commanded. The man complied once. Unable to hide the shame further, he let his hands drop to the side. “DaoZhang, don’t stop.” The demon was getting irritated.


Xiao XingChen took in a deep breath and continued. Pinching himself multiple times. Oh God, he must’ve looked very unsightly. The thought itself almost made him cry but his movements continued. He started feeling the warmth spreading from his aroused nipples down to his groin. More pre-cum started leaking out.


Then as if in a trance, his fingers moved by themselves, rubbing, pinching and his mouth opened to let out a moan. Xue Yang was drinking in the sight in front of him – Xiao XingChen with his legs spread wide open, playing with his own nipples while moaning.


“Such a slutty display. DaoZhang.” Xue Yang chuckled.


Xiao XingChen felt himself shudder at the words. Xue Yang raised a brow, noticing that his words had given the DaoZhang some sort of gratification. If only you could see yourself like this. Then a thought struck the demon. Oh…well, why not? He smirked as it leaned it and gave the DaoZhang a kiss on his forehead, muttering a few words that were unfamiliar to Xiao XingChen’s ears.


Xiao XingChen gasped when suddenly he was able to see, but something was not quite right. The angle…the…was that himself he was seeing? Xiao XingChen was mortified as he tried shutting the image out. His movements halted immediately.


“DaoZhang. Don’t stop.” The demon scolded.


“What is happening?!”


The demon grinned. “I’m lending you my sight.” It explained. “So you could see what I’m seeing.”


Xiao XingChen flushed at the embarrassment. He closed his legs as he tried to get his clothes. The demon stopped him. “DaoZhang…” It pleaded. “You promised…”


“I…” He was almost tearing up but obediently he complied, getting himself back into the compromising position. It was as if he was watching himself in front of a mirror. The thought itself seemed to arouse his body further, despite his mind constantly trying to deny it.


He watched himself through the demon’s eyes – his face contorted with lust as his hardened shaft kept oozing out liquid, dripping down his visible hole and onto the kitchen counter. Xue Yang licked his lips with excitement.


“Now, move your right hand away.” Xue Yang continued his command. “And put your index finger into your hole.” He watched as the human complied. “Don’t stop your left hand.” It reminded. “Now, start stretching yourself out.”


“Ngh…ah…” Xiao XingChen was unable to contain his moans. His finger went deep inside his hole, slowly stretching himself out, the olive oil acted as lubricant and he easily slid in three fingers within minutes.


Through the demon’s eyes, he looked obscene – stretching out himself for the demon while playing with his own nipple. “It’s ready~” The demon said, placing the cucumber back in his hand. “I want you to come just from this.”


Xiao XingChen froze, but he still complied. Pulling out his fingers, he replaced the emptiness with the cucumber. It slid in easily this time. Feeling the coldness from the foreign object, his muscles tensed up slightly. Then slowly, he begun moving the vegetable inside of himself.


Through the demon’s eyes – he watched his own flushed face and wanton expression…it somehow arouses him as the pre-cum kept spilling over. He brushed the spot that sent him chills and continued hitting it over and over again, his mind clouded and he no longer contain his moans.


“Ngh…ah….” The pleasure building up and was about to topple over when suddenly the doorbell rang. He let out a gasp and his movement stopped.


“XingChen? Are you in?” Noticing that there was no response, the visitor had decided to knock and call out to him.


Xiao XingChen clearly recognized the voice – it was Song ZiChen.


Panicking, Xiao XingChen jumped off the counter, the cucumber sliding out and dropping to the floor. He frantically tried to get clothed when a firm hand grasped his wrist.


“Did I say you could stop?” The voice was cold – clearly losing patience from the interruption. Xiao XingChen wanted to break free but the demon merely pinned him down onto the floor. It whispered in his ears, “Do you want me to open the door and let your dear best friend see you like this?”


Xiao XingChen felt his heart sunk as he shook his head. “Please…don’t.”


Xue Yang kissed him on his forehead. “Good, then pleasure me.” The demon’s pants were already off. It let go of the man and guided him into a sitting position. His cock was already aimed at the man’s hole, sliding in easily as Xiao XingChen bit his lips to refrain from screaming.


“Now, move.”


Xiao XingChen obediently complied, rocking his body back and forth. Xiao XingChen covered his mouth with his hands so as not to make sound yet despite his attempts, soft moans still managed to escape his lips.


Xue Yang ravished that pretty mouth, his tongue diving into the wet cavern, intertwining with the other man’s. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh and the wet sounds made from the open mouth kisses excited Xiao XingChen as he moved his hips more, drowning in pleasure.


He wondered if one day he would go mad from this and be reduced to nothing more than a sex slave for the demon. The imagination itself excites him as his pace quickened, trying to get the demon’s cock to aim continuously at that sweet sweet spot that would send him off the edge.


It was not long before Xiao XingChen got what he wanted, the orgasm that was so overwhelming he let out a scream, totally forgetting about his friend who might still be standing outside his house. He collapsed onto Xue Yang who held him up while biting into his neck as he spurted his seeds inside the man. The demon took a whiff at the man’s scent, holding him tightly.




The demon’s eyes caught sight of a figure standing in the dark at the kitchen entrance unmoving. The whole house was dark and all one could manage was silhouettes –but not for the demon. He was clearly able to see the person who was standing there.


Though of course, the man was unable to see him. From the man’s perspective, he probably saw someone lying on the floor, naked.







Song ZiChen woke up in his own bed with a terrible headache. There was no recollection of what happened after he left the mall with Xiao XingChen. He tried to remember but his headache grew worst. Deciding that it was pointless, the man covered his head with a pillow and went back to sleep.



“DaoZhang~” Xiao XingChen felt hands being wrapped around his waist as the demon buried his face into the man’s hair. “Hurry up, I’m hungryyyy.” It said with his kid-like tone.


“Xue Yang. If you keep holding onto me, I can’t focus.” He was in the midst of preparing breakfast for the both of them when the demon decided to interrupt him – acting all child-like and trying to gain the DaoZhang’s attention.


Xiao XingChen blushed slightly from the touch as he remembered the event that took place last night in the kitchen. He remembered passing out right after that and had woken up in his bed – all cleaned and dressed.


Despite throwing childish tantrums sometimes (Okay…most of the time), Xiao XingChen found the demon to be quite…endearing. Especially when it was clinging onto him and using that sweet voice to call out to him.


He loves Xue Yang – the one who was there for him when he was at his lowest. Despite the fact the he did take away a lot from XingChen – his eyesight for one. Though, being able to feel this warmth every single day, perhaps it was a fair deal after all?



Chapter Text

The demon watched excitedly as the Xiao XingChen kneaded the dough and making it into tiny balls – preparing a dessert for Dōngzhì festival – also known as the Winter solstice festival. The Tāng Yuán these days were no longer the boring white of the past – it comes in all sorts of colors now.


Despite losing his sight, Xiao XingChen had still manage to ensure that the Tāng Yuán were of vibrant colours by mixing the colouring from edible flowers and leaves. He made the dessert based on what he learnt during his younger days from his late mother.


The demon hovered next to the man, flashing a smile as it said, “DaoZhang~ I want mine especially sweet.” Then it added in a teasing tone, “as sweet as DaoZhang~”


Xiao XingChen laughed, “Xue Yang, stop making me laugh! I can’t knead the dough properly.”


Xue Yang’s smile widened as he closed in on his DaoZhang. A finger reached out towards the DaoZhang’s face as he rubbed away the flour stain on Xiao XingChen’s face. “Look at you, you got flour all over your face.” He sighed, “You didn’t use to be this clumsy in the past.”


Xiao XingChen stopped kneading the flour as Xue Yang continued rubbing his face. He had noticed that sometimes Xue Yang would talk about this stranger affectionately, linking XingChen with that stranger. But whoever Xue Yang was talking about, XingChen had no clue. He would ponder sometimes. Did that person also made a contract with Xue Yang? What happened to him in the end? Endless questions…but he dared not ask the demon.


“DaoZhang?” Xue Yang noticed that XingChen seemed to be in a daze of sorts as he tried getting his attention by poking his face.




“What are you thinking?” Xue Yang asked as he let his hand slide down to the man’s waist.


The boiling pot alerted XingChen as he quickly turned to turn off the stove. The kitchen smelled sweet with a mild spiciness from the ginger. Xue Yang picked up the smell once the soup meant for the dessert boiled over.


“DaoZhang! You said you would not add ginger!” The demon pouted.


“But ginger has ‘wind-relieving’ properties.” Xiao XingChen reasoned with his knowledge about Chinese herbal properties. “You could add more sugar to cover the ginger taste.”


Xue Yang tugged the man’s hand as he laid his head on the man’s shoulder. Then with a sulky voice, said. “But I would still be able to smell the ginger…”


Xiao XingChen smiled as he shook his head. Just like a kid. He thought as he let out a small chuckle. “Oh…right, I need to tell you something.”






“FUCK! NO WAY!” Xue Yang kicked over the stool at the corner of the kitchen. “Why?!”


Xiao XingChen placed a hand over his own forehead. “Xue Yang, please…” He sighed deeply. “ZiChen’s family is not in...”


“So you invited him over?!” Xue Yang was very annoyed.


“Xue Yang…it is Dōngzhì.” Xiao XingChen felt a headache coming up as he gingerly rubbed on his temples. “Don’t be so-”


“Childish?” The demon interjected. “Pft. So what if I’m being childish?!”


“I didn’t say that.” Xiao XingChen’s voice was calm – almost cold. The demon looked at him, waiting for him to continue but he did not. Xiao XingChen knew that it would be pointless to argue with Xue Yang, hence he went silent. He ignored the demon completely and went about his task making Tāng Yuán.


“Xiao XingChen.” The demon called out his name but the man had his head lowered as he continued kneading the dough. It felt annoyed being ignored and wanted to demand some attention but then it caught sight of the man’s trembling shoulders. Alarmed, it reached out its hand and tilted the man’s chin trying to catch a glimpse of the man’s expression.


Xiao XingChen’s lips were quivering, face flushed as tears were threatening to pour out those listless eyes. Xue Yang was surprised, unable to understand how a simple fight had managed to rile the DaoZhang to the brink of tearing up.


Could it be because of that Song ZiChen? Xue Yang felt a pang of jealousy as his mind came to multiple assumptions.


Unbeknownst to him, Xiao XingChen was actually feeling weary at his over-controlling attitude which had piled up over the years. Xue Yang was always acting like a brat – constantly demanding attention, and getting jealous over petty things. At first XingChen thought it was a little endearing, but it soon grew very tiring for Xiao XingChen after being put through various embarrassing situations.


It had finally boiled over today. And deciding that he would really need to sort things out, Xiao XingChen placed a hand over Xue Yang’s and slowly moved it away from his chin. With his free hand, he wiped away the tears as he took a deep breath. “Xue Yang, are you perhaps jealous of ZiChen?”


“Heh, and what’s wrong with that?” Xue Yang rolled his eyes, wanting to pull away but the man’s grip remained firm. He looked straight at the man who was looking at him with his listless eyes. Despite having no sight, Xiao XingChen’s eyes still manage to show a certain form of sternness which caused Xue Yang to freeze on the spot.


“You don’t have to feel so insecure.” XingChen continued, “Because you are special to me. So…” His felt his face begun to flush as he shook his head. “Ah…I mean, ZiChen is just a friend. There’s nothing going on between us.” He broke off into a ramble as he let go of Xue Yang’s hand and turned away. Oh God…what did I just say?


Xue Yang froze – totally caught off guard by the blind man. Then slowly a smile spread across his face as he leaned in next to the man’s ear. “DaoZhang, I didn’t hear you properly. Could you repeat that again?” His voice the usual teasing tune.


“ZiChen is my frie-”


“Not that one.” Xue Yang rolled his eyes as he wrapped his arms around the man’s waist. He hummed a happy tune, waiting patiently for XingChen to speak.


“Special…” Xiao XingChen muttered.


Xiao XingChen felt his back hit the wall as the demon ravaged his mouth. His knees felt like they were about to give in, but the demon had their bodies pressed together – somewhat giving XingChen support.


They finally pulled away after a long moment. XingChen was panting heavily from the lack of air. He stood, anticipating more but the demon merely chuckled. “I’ll give you lots of love tonight.” It said seductively. “But for now, I’ll be borrowing a little something.”


Xiao XingChen was feeling a little light-headed after the kiss and a little tired as if something had been drained from him. However he did not really understand what the demon had meant by ‘borrowing something’, but he did not question further.




That evening, Song ZiChen came over for dinner and was surprised to find a stranger opening the door for him. Said stranger smiled, flashing his canine teeth.


“Ah, you must be Song ZiChen.” Said the stranger.


“Yes, I am.” ZiChen replied almost monotonous, “And you are?” Song ZiChen noticed that the stranger was wearing a shirt that looked awfully familiar, though at that moment he was unable to figure out where he had seen it.


The stranger did not reply and instead turned his head. “Xiao XingXing, your friend is here~” He announced.


ZiChen felt his skin crawl at the disgustingly sweet tone the stranger was using to address his friend. Xiao XingXing?!! His mind had questions…a lot of questions but his face remain stoic as ever when he was led into the house.




Xiao XingChen had questions…a lot of questions. For one, how was Song ZiChen able to see the demon? Though, thinking that it would be weird to suddenly ask this question out loud, Xiao XingChen decided it was wiser to play along.


“Ah, ZiChen. This is my cousin – Xue Yang.” Xiao XingChen introduced.


“Cousin?!” Xue Yang pouted, though XingChen was unable to discern the demon’s expression. But the voice came out showed that he was displeased. 


Xiao XingChen faked a cough, dropping the topic. “Ah Yang, please go prepare the bowls.”


“Oh, alright…” The voice sounded reluctant. However Xue Yang still complied as he disappeared into the kitchen.


Noticing that the ‘stranger’ was finally gone, ZiChen turned his attention towards XingChen. “Who is that?” He asked.


“Ah?” XingChen noticed that his lie was probably not convincing enough, so he feigned ignorance instead, hoping that ZiChen would drop the topic.


‘Cousin’ just would not cut it for Song ZiChen. Especially when this ‘Xue Yang’ was being way too affectionate in addressing Xiao XingChen – Xiao XingXing. That tone was creepily stuck in ZiChen’s mind even though he tried to erase it. Moreover, ZiChen had met almost everyone in Xiao XingChen’s family and the only cousin XingChen ever has was a girl almost a decade younger that XingChen.


“XingChen, you do not have to lie to me.” Said Song ZiChen. His friend did not reply. ZiChen continued, “He’s your…” there was a long pause. “…partner, right?” Finding it difficult to utter the word ‘boyfriend’, the man had resorted to using another word.


Song ZiChen had almost guessed that XingChen has someone in his life after that coincidental meeting with the man at the mall a few months back. He had always thought that XingChen has a girlfriend…and hence was truly surprised that he had gotten it wrong.


“Xiao XingXing~ where do you want me to put them?” Xue Yang emerged from the kitchen, almost breaking the awkwardness in the air. He made eye contact with ZiChen, the smile never left his face – however there was something about that glint in his eye that made ZiChen feel…annoyed.


Song ZiChen decided he did not like the man at all.





Dinner was awfully silent…on ZiChen’s end as he was forced to listen to Xue Yang talking to XingChen, with a flirtatious tone. He was also constantly shoving food into XingChen’s bowl. It was almost like a zone on its own, where Song ZiChen was totally invisible.


Song ZiChen started to regret having coming over – he felt like the third wheel as he watched the couple flirting right in front of him. He almost wished he was blind at that moment so he would be spared from all this. This really is Shǎn xiā gǒu yǎn. Thought Song ZiChen. It literally translates to ‘blinding the dog’ – or in a sense to mean a sort of jealousy which stemmed from looking at a couple being too lovey-dovey right in front of one’s eyes.


XingChen still made effort trying to talk to him though, but half of the time the topic would be hijacked by that brat man with his way-too-bubbly attitude and low-class jokes which always elicit laughter from XingChen.


Song ZiChen wanted to stab the man with the chopsticks in his hand but had restrained himself. He really did not understand what XingChen sees in the brat. Like…some of the jokes were borderline obscene. Unbelievable… ZiChen thought.


He suddenly remembered why the shirt on Xue Yang looked so familiar! It was a present he had gotten for XingChen for his birthday years ago! Does XingChen even knows the brat is wearing the shirt he got him? Then again XingChen was unable to see and it would be inappropriate for ZiChen to even ask this question.





After dinner, Xue Yang brought out the bowls of Tāng Yuán on a tray. He took a bottle of sugar and begun sprinkling on his own bowl of sweets – trying to eliminate the taste of ginger. Despite not being able to see, Xiao XingChen was able to hear the sound of sugar being shaken out from the bottle.


“Ah Yang, that’s enough.” He scolded.


Watching the scene unfold in front of him, Song ZiChen wanted to roll his eyes but that it would seem rude, hence he stopped himself. He scooped a spoonful of the dessert and brought it into his mouth. His eyes widened as he coughed and spat out the Tāng Yuán. The spoon fell onto the table with a clang which alerted Xiao XingChen.


“ZiChen? What happened?”


“Salty…” He stood up and made his way to the kitchen for a glass of water. On his way, he noticed the way Xue Yang was looking at him with that annoying…almost threatening glint in his eyes.


Once ZiChen was gone, Xiao XingChen immediately turned his attention towards Xue Yang. His expression cold. “What did you do?” His voice came out even icier than the face he showed. His fingers tapping on the table, waiting for the demon to give an explanation.


“Pft…it’s just a prank. Not like he would die from it.” Xue Yang rolled his eyes.


With that, Xiao XingChen finally snapped.


He pulled the demon closer to him and whispered something into the demon’s ears. At that moment, Song ZiChen had come out of the kitchen to witness the scene where Xue Yang’s eyes widened in horror – probably from something XingChen had said.


XingChen had an almost mischievous smile on his face after that – yet another expression Song ZiChen had never expected from his best friend – despite growing up together. He did not know what XingChen had said to the brat, but for the whole night Xue Yang looked gloomy.





Song ZiChen felt like he did not want to stay in this house any moment longer. Even though Xue Yang had toned down significantly after whatever Xiao XingChen had said to him.


ZiChen was supposed to talk with his friend on this festive day – catching up and reminiscing about their younger days but the presence of this Xue Yang person had made things very awkward for ZiChen.


Too bad for Song ZiChen, the gods seemed to have other plans for him. He was forced to stay in due to a severe typhoon warning. Xiao XingChen had prepared the guest room for the man and had retired for the night, bringing along his ‘cousin’ with him.




“DaoZhang…you are so mean.” Xue Yang’s voice sounded pitiful as he clung onto the man. “Only one candy per day?”


Xiao XingChen sighed. “Yes.”


“But…but that’s against the contract!” Xue Yang explained. “You promised an unlimited supply of candy!”


“Well, I’m still supplying the candy to you on a daily basis.” Xiao XingChen retort. “The supply is unlimited. It’s just that I get to choose when I give it to you.” He smiled. Besides, I have nothing to fear. My soul is already yours, even if you want to ‘collect’ it right now…there’s nothing I could lose from this


Xiao XingChen had found this ‘loophole’ on accident one day – he had noticed that the demon was unable to consume anything unless it was ‘offered’ to him. And hence, had decided to use this as a sort of leverage if the demon was being too unbearable – like today.


“Hng…” Obviously displeased, the demon pushed the DaoZhang onto the bed roughly. “Looks like someone is getting cheeky these days.” It smirked – flashing those sharp canine teeth. “Wonder how I should punish him, hmm?”




Song ZiChen really wished he was deaf right now. Or at least…he wished he had brought his earphones along. The walls were thin and he was able to hear almost everything happening in the other room.


Feeling frustrated, he took the pillow and covered his ears with it, praying that sleep would take over.