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From Each Grain of Sand...

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Prince Subaru dares not to look at the hopeful looks of his suitors face, and his eyes scan for escape routes since it seems sister looks ready to pair him up with someone. His eyes landed on a lithe figure he hasn’t seen before at the balcony, his dark chocolate hair sways in the wind, and his back is towards him, and he couldn’t help but be curious about.

He gently pushes through the crowd, walking towards the figure and unnoticed by the crestfallen and curious looks on him as he walks towards the person. Now that Prince Subaru is a bit closer, he can see that the person in front of him is a young man. He wore a cream color coat with a black wings design and a red cross. Red belts seem to hold his sleeves to the jackets, and above the collar looks to be a torn black shirt collar. Never the less, the outfit appears to enhance how unfairly attractive the young man looks. As he draws closer, the Prince catches a glimpse of a bittersweet expression on the young man’s face. The Prince’s heart ached at seeing it for unknown reasons. Now that he’s a few feet away, he can see the color of the young man’s eyes, a startling violet. The Prince has never seen a shade of violets for their eyes like this lithe young man, and now that Subaru is a few feet away, he could continue watching the young man, yearning in how to get to know him.

The Prince coughs politely behind his hand, startling the young man, and he smiles apologetically for disturbing him. “Hello, um, pardon me for saying this, but you don’t seem to enjoy the party.“ Prince Subaru said, and the young man looks at him before quirking a slight smile. A smile that has the Prince’s heart thudding at seeing it. “I’m not. I’m not a particular fan of crowds.” The young man said, but it intrigues the Prince.

“Then, if you don’t mind for me being blunt, why are you here?” The Prince asks curiously, and the young man hums before closing those beautiful violet eyes. “I guess I just wanted to be me without the stress of work from demanding people.” The young man said, and the Prince could easily relate to, the amount of proposals and paperwork seems never to end.

“Then if you don’t mind for me being straightforward, may I have this dance?” Prince Subaru asks, surprising both himself and the young man. The young man looks at him before blushing shyly. “I never danced before, and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable about that.” The young man said, but the Prince, undeterred and feeling a little braver, wants to stay in the young man’s company.

“That’s fine. I’ll teach you as we dance.” The Prince offered, holding out his black glove to him. The young man looks at the offered hand, looks back at him then at his hand again, hesitates for a bit before shyly laying his white-gloved hand over his. The Prince felt his heart leap at this, gently taking his now dance partner to the dance floor and dance with him. He quietly instructs his dance partner how to dance, there were a few mishaps, and Prince Subaru quickly discovers on how his partner is a quick learner. The Prince doesn’t want the night to end, not when he’s beginning to enjoy the night or having someone like this beautiful dance with him on this very night.

“What is your name?” The Prince whispers the question into the young man’s ear, the young man hesitates before he stood on his toes, lips close enough to almost touch his ear and the Prince could barely suppress a shiver going through him.

“My name is Hasumi.” Hasumi said, however, the name didn’t seem to fit the young man. Subaru frowns inwardly, wondering if its possible that the young man is hiding from someone. Subaru ignores the beaming smile aim at his back by his twin sister, gently tightens his hold around Hasumi’s waist. If they parted for the night, then Subaru will try to find the person hiding behind the name ‘Hasumi,’ and asks for his hand in marriage.

“Hasumi.” Even though the name felt odd, it rolls off the Prince’s tongue easily, and he could feel the shiver going through his dance partner. No, he doesn’t want to apart from Hasumi. He’s the only person in the ballroom that he could get along easily beside his twin sister, Hokuto, and her husband, Kakyo.

‘Hasumi, if you leave with the night, I’ll come and find you. I want to get to know you more, my Hasumi.’ However even happiness have to end at some point, everything felt still as the clock tower sounded for midnight and Hasumi had fled from his arms and into the night. Heartbroken, but determined to find his beauty, the Prince issued the order when he realized a white glove is left behind. If someone manages to wear the glove without breaking it, then it’s that person, Subaru hopes its the actual person who was Hasumi during that night, shall be wedded to him.